Main Origins:
Afghanistan, the United States, Germany, Madagascar, Italy, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

What is Elbaite?

Elbaite on quartz
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Elbaite is a Tourmaline variety, technically a Borosilicate with sodium, iron, lithium, potassium, and aluminum. It has a complex crystal structure and naturally occurs in pegmatites and miarolitic cavities or caves. 

It may be translucent, transparent, or opaque and forms prismatic, acicular, columnar, tabular, twinning, and many other shapes. Elbaite is an umbrella variety of Tourmaline in red, blue, pink, purple, gray, black, orange, yellow, golden, and various shades of green, besides other colors.

Due to its varied color palette, it was often confused with Ruby, Tanzanite, or Citrine in the earlier times. It’s also known as Lithia Tourmaline, Elbaite of Vernadsky, Elbait, Elbaita, and Elbaite Tourmaline. 

Fun Fact: Did you know Elbaite shows piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity? This means it can produce electricity with heat and pressure.

Elbaite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Elbaite Tourmaline is found in most colors, opening the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Earth Star, Higher Heart, Solar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. They’re responsible for health, personal power, focus, balance, awakening, psychic powers, divination, and growth. 

Venus governs this type of Tourmaline, signifying love, beauty, fertility, emotional balance, prosperity, and universal consciousness. That’s also why it fosters intelligence, analytical thinking, transformation, and decisiveness in the zodiac signs of Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, and Libra. 

Many of Elbaite’s metaphysical benefits also come from deities like Vesta, the Roman Goddess of Family; Odin, the Norse God of Wisdom; Mitra, the Hindu Deity of Trust; Saman, the Sri Lankan Deity of Protection; Ceres, the Roman Goddess of Agriculture, and Zanahary, the Malagasy God of Creation.

The element of Water is linked to Elbaite crystal, promoting emotional balance, ancient wisdom, vitality, purification, and introspection. This elemental connection attracts wealth, romantic harmony, and stability to you when placed in the Southeast and Southwest directions. 

Lithia Tourmaline (a.k.a Elbaite) resonates with the number 6, signifying responsibility, balance, and love.

Elbaite Healing Properties & Benefits

Detox and Immunity

  • Rubellite, Verdelite, and Spray varieties of Elbaite clear blockages in your lower chakras. As a result, you’ll feel energetic, healthy, and strong. 
  • Do sun salutation yoga after waking up with the crystal on your yoga mat to clear toxins from your body. Afterward, carry the stone on your person throughout the day. 

Confidence and Willpower

  • Do you feel like you have low self-esteem? Amp up your confidence and self-respect with a Chrome-Bearing, Orange, or Acicular Elbaite crystal by charging and keeping it in your pocket.
  • Chant this affirmation while holding your stone close by to activate it for confidence, “I grow stronger and more confident with more self-trust.

Mental Clarity and Intelligence

  • Achroite, Paraiba Tourmaline, and Purple Elbaite crystals enhance your focus and concentration. They are also good for improving learning abilities, like comprehension and memory retention. 
  • Make a crystal elixir by placing a glass of water next to your crystal for 4 to 6 hours in daylight. Once it’s ready, consume it throughout the day.

Emotional Healing 

  • Watermelon Tourmaline, Siberite, and Smoky Quartz-Included Lithia Tourmaline crystals are excellent for calming the nerves. They are also good for inner peace when placed near the heart after charging.
  • Chanting the seed mantra of Elbaite’s ruling element, water, VAM, while holding it near your lips amplifies deep healing.


  • Brazilian Emerald, Schorl, and Cookeite clear blockages in the reproductive system of men and women. 
  • Make an Elbaite elixir, pour it into your bathtub, and soak in it for 10 to 15 minutes on full moon nights for fertility issues. 

Elbaite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

woman enjoying the nature surrounded by yellow flowers

Prosperity and Abundance

  • Many crystals, like Champagne, Orange, Muscovite, and Testa di Moro Elbaite, work as lucky charms and wealth magnets. You can use them to bring prosperity and abundance into your life. 
  • Set up a prosperity altar with your crystal in the center and surround it with sacred objects, like rice, wealth symbols, dill, and sunflowers. 

Divination and Spiritual Powers

  • For tapping into spiritual powers, like intuition, clairvoyance, premonitions, and psychic vision, Indicolite, Scepter, Spray, and Apatite-Included Elbaite are the best. 
  • Create a spell jar using a transparent mason jar and place your crystal inside it. You can also add sacred elements, like sage, bay leaves, yarrows, and frankincense, to the jar. Finally, tie a ribbon at its mouth while visualizing the activation of psychic powers. 


  • Black Elbaite, Acicular, Copper-Bearing, and Schorl-Included Lithia Tourmaline crystals create a protective cocoon from evil vibrations. It will repel psychic attacks and keep you in the best spirits. 
  • Bury your crystal three feet underground around the four corners of your house and visualize your intention while doing so. You can also carry the crystal on your person to create a cocoon of protection. 

Purification and Manifestation 

  • The high-vibration varieties of Elbaite, like Achroite, Capped, Orthoclase, and Quartz-Included crystals, are purifying. You can also use them for manifesting intentions when placed over your higher chakras. 
  • Hold your crystal over the higher chakras and visualize your intention to manifest them. For purification, circle the crystal over the object you want to purify. 


  • Chrome-Bearing, Acicular, Spray, Brown, and Yellow varieties of Elbaite can lead to adaptability, transitions, and change. You can also use them to find your spiritual destiny. 
  • Gaze into your crystal for a few minutes while meditating on your intention. Then keep it under the pillow to transform your spirit slowly and smoothly. 

Side Effects of Elbaite

  • Relationship Detachment: Excessive use of Elbaite can lead to detachment from your current reality, causing relationship problems if you aren’t grounded.
  • Overstimulation: Sensitive people may feel overexcited or stimulated from using Elbaite without any breaks. 
  • Drastic Changes: The transforming effects of Elbaite often cause sudden changes in personality and perception that may worry people around you. 

Elbaite Meaning: What Does Elbaite Symbolize?

a man balancing in between two kettle bells depicting natural power

The meaning of Elbaite is unwavering willpower. 

Elbaite is also good for transformation, purification, protection, intelligence, and fertility. Healers often use Elbaite varieties to remove negative energies stagnant in different chakra points. 

Did you know Elbaite is named after its place of origin, the island of Elba? It was first reported in 1913 off the coast of Elba. 

Types of Elbaite Crystals

  • Achroite: Also known as Colorless Tourmaline, this type of Elbaite may be mostly clear and transparent with color zoning of green or brown in certain areas. It’s a high-vibration stone for mental clarity, purification, and cosmic consciousness. 
  • Rubellite: Often mistaken for Ruby, this variety includes the Red and Pink Tourmaline varieties, featuring deep to pale pink and red hues. It’s best for passion, fertility, love, detox, and emotional healing. 
  • Indicolite: Often called Blue Tourmaline, this type of Elbaite may be transparent, dark, light, neon, pink, purple, and indigo hue. It’s an astral travel stone you can also use for mediumship, decisiveness, peace, and health. 
  • Brazilian Sapphire: A variety of Indicolite in deep teal to dark blue hues, this type of Elbaite is a powerhouse of communication skills. You can also use it to amplify manifestation and willpower. 
  • Verdelite: The variety of Elbaite, in pale to dark forest green, is also called Green Tourmaline. Use it for emotional healing, empathy, immunity, and fertility. 
  • Brazilian Emerald: When your Elbaite exhibits a dark green emerald hue, it’s known as Brazilian Emerald. This healing crystal attracts prosperity, success, and immunity.
  • Watermelon Tourmaline: One of the most famous types of Elbaite with a pink core and green edges, this variety may show dark to pale shades of green. It’s good for emotional healing, balance, love, and universal connection. 
  • Chrome-Bearing Elbaite: This type of Elbaite is also called Chrome Tourmaline and is named after the presence of Chromium in it. You’ll notice a vibrant green color, which may be black sometimes. Use it for love and empathy, grounding, transformation, emotional healing, and confidence. 
  • Copper-Bearing Elbaite: Featuring baby, midnight, or powder blue hues, sometimes with a beige, white, or cream crystal growth, this type is good for angelic contact, clairvoyance, intuition, and other psychic powers. 
  • Orange Elbaite: Also called Copper Orange Elbaite, this variety may be vibrant yellow to golden with high transparency. It’s excellent for vitality, health, immunity, and fertility, but it also works for success and luck. 
  • Paraiba Tourmaline: A neon blue-green variety that’s famous, rare, and expensive, this stone is often confused with Blue Topaz and Aquamarine. Use it for joy, luck, health, and mental clarity. 
  • Brown Elbaite: This variety shows beige to earthy brown tones, enhancing your connection to Mother Earth. It’s good for psychic protection, willpower, and transformation. 
  • Yellow Elbaite: Ideal for digestive healing and detox, this type of Lithia Tourmaline shows a pale to golden yellow hue. It’s also good for fertility. 
  • Champagne Tourmaline: A highly transparent champagne-colored variety, this is a good stone for emotional balance, charisma, expression, grounding, and mental clarity. 
  • Purple Elbaite: A dark purple variety of Elbaite Tourmaline, this is a Crown Chakra stone that connects you to the angelic realm. You can also use it for divination, ancient wisdom, and intelligence.
  • Siberite: A dark variety with maroon, red, and brown hues from Siberia, this type of healing crystal protects you from psychic attacks. It’s also great for fertility, confidence, emotional healing, and transformation. 
  • Black Elbaite: This is a charcoal-black variety of Lithia Tourmaline, sometimes with green inclusions. It’s a powerful tool against psychic attacks and an immense source of willpower, harmony, and immunity. 
  • Bicolor Elbaite: Many color combinations exist in Bicolor Elbaite, such as pink-yellow, pink-white, purple-black, brown-green, yellow-green, and pink-clear, to name a few. They target different chakras, enhancing health, love, or psychic awareness. 
  • Tricolor Elbaite: A notch above the bicolor varieties, this type of Elbaite features three colors, such as Purple-White-Green, Brown-Green-Pink, Green-Pink-White, and Green-Pink-Yellow. These varieties target different areas of the mind, body, and spirit by color. 
  • Multicolored Elbaite: Elbaite varieties with more than three colors constitute this variety and help with chakra alignment, grounding, protection, transformation, and luck. 
  • Etched Elbaite: Dark varieties of Elbaite Tourmaline showing rectangular etchings on their sides are part of this variety. They are good for divination, inspiration, communication skills, and fertility. 
  • Capped Elbaite: This type of Lithia Tourmaline may show different colors at its tip, like a cap. Some colors seen in this variety are Blue-Cap, Green-Cap, and Purple-Cap Tourmaline. They are good for manifestation, health, emotional healing, and enlightenment. 
  • Scepter Elbaite: Forming a scepter-like tip, as if two different crystals are joined together, this variety is a unique natural formation seen in Elbaite Tourmalines. They are good for manifestation, purification, abundance, and confidence.
  • Elbaite Spray: In this variety, Tourmaline crystals form a fan or spray-like shape from one center. Use this type of crystal for transformation, fertility, immunity, and psychic abilities. It’s also known as Splayed Elbaite.
  • Acicular Elbaite: Exhibiting thin needle-like crystals, this is a good stone to target your intentions and materialize them. You can also use them for confidence and transformation. 
  • Paintbrush Elbaite: Elbaite crystals that naturally form a paintbrush or hair-like termination constitute this variety. They are seen in a variety of colors and are often used for creativity, intelligence, transformation, and divination. 
  • Cross Elbaite: This type of Lithia Tourmaline forms a cross-like intersecting shape on its own and occurs in many colors. They are great for willpower, enlightenment, faith, and detox and are a type of Twinning Elbaite. 
  • V-shaped Elbaite: Elbaite crystals that form a V-shape are also a type of Twinning Elbaite and are great for psychic abilities, confidence, and emotional healing.
  • Pinacoid Elbaite: Elbaite crystals that end in flat pinacoid shapes with two flat faces form this variety and may be green, pink, brown, orange, or colorless. They are great for manifesting dreams but also improve reproductive health and fertility. 
  • Elbaite with Cleavelandite: Many varieties of Lithia Tourmaline form on host rocks of White Cleavelandite in this variety. This natural crystal combination is great for spiritual gifts, fertility, love, and detox. 
  • Elbaite with Orthoclase: Elbaite forms naturally with pink and orange varieties of Orthoclase. Using it grants universal connection, helps you transform, improves mental clarity, and boosts willpower. 
  • Elbaite with Albite: Lithia Tourmaline is found in many Brazilian mines, forming naturally with White Albite. This is a great crystal for mental agility, focus, divination, and psychic protection. 
  • Elbaite with Apatite: In this type of Elbaite Tourmaline, you’ll notice natural formations with Pink Apatite. Use it for manifestation, emotional healing, and abundance. 
  • Elbaite with Quartz: Achroite Elbaite often forms with White Quartz in this variety. This type of crystal formation is ideal for purifying negativity, adapting to challenges, clearing reproductive blockages, and enhancing intelligence. 
  • Elbaite with Lepidolite: When lavender blocky crystals of Lepidolite are found on Elbaite, the natural crystal is a goldmine of higher consciousness, psychic abilities, creativity, willpower, and immunity. 
  • Elbaite with Microcline: Elbaite on White Microcline is common to Italy and ideal for transformation, emotional healing, and divination.
  • Italian Elbaite or Testa di Moro Elbaite: Prismatic Elbaite in bicolor with a Black cap and Yellow body is called Testa di Moro. It signifies prosperity, abundance, and self-confidence. 
  • Elbaite with Smoky Quartz: A natural combination of Smoky Quartz and Elbaite Tourmaline, this is a rare natural combination that attracts luck, clears confusion, and transforms the spirit. 
  • Elbaite with Muscovite and Sericite: This type of Elbaite is mainly found in the United States and features beige, white, and clear crystals. It’s great for self-reflection, emotional healing, manifestation, and confidence.
  • Elbaite with Schorl: Elbaite forms with Black Tourmaline, or Schorl, in a mix of colors, like purple, blue, green, pink, and white. This variety is excellent for grounding, psychic protection, purification, and fertility. 
  • Elbaite with Cookeite: When Verdite is found with Cookeite in the outer edges, it calms you down, boosts detox, and makes you feel stronger. 
  • Elbaite with Fluorapatite: Fluorapatite with Elbaite is a rarity seen in pale hues of gray, white, cream, and lavender. It’s great for higher consciousness, purification, intelligence, fertility, and spiritual powers. 

How to Cleanse Elbaite?

A tuning fork on a candle and cloth

  • Sunlight: Face the direction of the sun while holding your crystal for a few minutes to cleanse it with sunlight. 
  • Candle: Light a candle and hold your healing stone for a minute safely near the flame to eject the negativity absorbed by the stone.
  • Selenite Wand: Circle a Selenite wand over your crystal thrice in a clockwise manner to reset its original positivity before and after rituals.

Questions and Answers

Is Elbaite and Tourmaline the Same?

Yes and no; Elbaite is a variety of Tourmaline. So, not all Tourmalines are Elbaite, but all Elbaite crystals are Tourmaline.

What Type of Rock is Elbaite?

Elbaite is a silicate mineral and not a rock.

Can Elbaite Get Wet?

Yes, Elbaite can get wet without sustaining damage. However, you shouldn’t soak it in water for a long time to prevent discoloration.

Is Elbaite Safe in the Sun?

Yes and no; while short-term exposure to sunlight doesn’t affect Elbaite, prolonged exposure to heat and light does.

How Can You Tell if Elbaite is Real?

The best way to identify Elbaite is by its white streak, but you can also do a density and hardness test.

What is the Benefit of Elbaite?

The best benefit of Elbaite is confidence, but it’s also good for health, vitality, immunity, and transformation.

Is Elbaite Magnetic?

Yes and no; some types of Elbaite are magnetic. 

Is Elbaite Expensive?

No, Elbaite isn’t usually expensive, but it can get costly based on the size, color, and origin. The cheapest varieties retail for $1, and the costliest ones for $50,000. 

What is the Crystal Structure of Elbaite?

Elbaite has a trigonal crystal structure, forming prismatic and elongated crystals.

Is Elbaite Safe?

Yes, Elbaite is safe to use as it doesn’t contain any harmful or toxic elements. 

Interactions with Elbaite

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