Paraiba Tourmaline

(pah-rah-ee-bah tour-muh-leen)
Main Origins:
Brazil, Nigeria, and Mozambique.

What is Paraiba Tourmaline?

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With its vivid colors and smooth texture, Paraiba Tourmaline is an intriguing gemstone. Found in blues and greens, it resembles tropical waters, with each stone having a unique pattern. It is highly sought after by gem lovers.

This gemstone mixes Aluminum, Boron, and Silicon, along with hints of Copper and Manganese. These minerals make it have bright colors, like electric blues and vivid greens. That’s why it’s adored worldwide.

In Brazil’s Paraiba state, Paraiba Tourmaline was discovered in the late 20th century, boasting its radiant colors. People love this gem for its beauty, making it a treasure in jewelry. Despite being new, it’s already famous worldwide.

Crystal fans and collectors love the Paraiba Tourmaline because it’s rare and has beautiful colors. Since it’s hard to find and has amazing hues, many people want it for their gem collections. They think it looks unique and consider it a sign of being fancy and luxurious.

Did you know the Paraiba Tourmaline can change colors? In natural light, it looks blue, but in artificial light, it turns into vibrant greens. This ability amazes and delights, making it fascinating.

Paraiba Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Paraiba Tourmaline comes in different colors, and each has its special meaning. Neon blue helps you talk honestly. Vivid green makes you feel healthy, and turquoise helps you feel calm inside, which is good for thinking and reflecting.

Having Paraiba Tourmaline affects various chakras in your body differently. It’s great for the Throat Chakra, improving your ability to talk and express yourself. It also benefits the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing understanding. Moreover, it supports the Heart Chakra for love and the Crown Chakra for spiritual growth.

This gem balances stability and change, connecting with Earth and Water energies. It helps us feel grounded yet flexible emotionally. In Feng Shui, placing it in the East, Southeast, North, or Southwest can bring good energy, making things peaceful and abundant.

Paraiba Tourmaline’s powers come from planets like Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. Jupiter brings lots of good stuff, Venus adds love, and Mercury helps us think better.

In old stories, Gods such as Indra, Poseidon, Neptune, and Njord revered Paraiba Tourmaline. Indra wore it to stay safe, while Poseidon and Neptune liked it because it reminded them of the sea. Njord used it to help him travel safely on the ocean.

Finally, Paraiba Tourmaline is affected by numbers such as 5 and 9, which boost its abilities. 5 stands for trying new things and feeling free, while 9 means completing tasks and achieving big goals.

Paraiba Tourmaline Healing Properties and Benefits

Protection Shield

  • Paraiba Tourmaline benefits include making a shield around you and keeping away bad vibes and harmful stuff. It blocks out negativity, making you feel safe.
  • To program Paraiba Tourmaline for protection, hold it and imagine a shield of light around you, then repeat regularly for continued protection.

 Energy Amplification

  • With Paraiba Tourmaline properties, it boosts energy, creating a lively space. Its unique qualities tap into cosmic energies, enhancing positivity and vitality.
  • To power up the Paraiba Tourmaline, let it soak up sunlight or moonlight. When you meditate, picture it close, brightening your energy.

 Chakra Alignment

  • When you use the Paraiba Tourmaline, it balances your energy, making you feel good. Its unique properties connect with your body’s energy, making you feel better.
  • To align your chakras with Paraiba Tourmaline, place it on each chakra point and focus on your breath. Visualize a gentle light from the crystal balancing your energy.

 Creativity Boost

  • Paraiba Tourmaline boosts creativity and helps you think of new ideas. It gives you the energy to express yourself freely and be artistic.
  • To boost creativity with Paraiba Tourmaline, keep it close during creative work. Take breaks and imagine your ideas flowing easily, inspired by its vibrant energy.

 Balance Restoration

  • With Paraiba Tourmaline, you feel good all over as it calms your body, mind, and spirit. Its peaceful energy helps you unwind, reduces stress, and brings inner peace.
  • Arrange some Paraiba Tourmaline crystals around your space to restore balance. Sit in the middle, focus on your breath, and feel the calming energy around you.

Paraiba Tourmaline Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Stack of stones that are balanced near the beach

Psychic Abilities

  • Paraiba Tourmaline makes psychic abilities stronger by linking the physical and spiritual worlds. It helps you feel things better by making your gut feelings stronger.
  • With Paraiba Tourmaline around, imagine a light connecting you to universal energy. Then meditate to awaken intuition and enhance psychic abilities.


  • With Paraiba Tourmaline, you can learn deep stuff by shining light on the path to wisdom. It makes you think about big ideas, helping you learn more about yourself and grow spiritually.
  • In meditation, rest Paraiba Tourmaline on your forehead, or Crown Chakra. Imagine a bright light spreading through you, guiding you to be wiser.


  • Paraiba Tourmaline keeps your emotions and mind in balance, making you feel better and stronger. It helps you overcome life’s difficulties.
  • For Paraiba Tourmaline’s balancing power, set up a meditation spot with the crystal in the center. Sit quietly, focus on your breathing, and feel the crystal’s energy bring harmony to you.

 Inner Peace

  • It brings peace by calming your mind and soothing your feelings. Its calm energy makes a quiet place inside you, helping you feel better when life gets chaotic.
  • To find peace, allow the crystal to be present and imagine peace around you. Breathe out stress, and feel calm and peaceful with the crystal’s energy.

 Emotional Healing

  • To calm feelings, Paraiba Tourmaline gently eases past hurts and bad thoughts. Its caring energy boosts self-love, helping people heal and feel good inside.
  • To heal emotionally, position the crystal over your Heart Chakra while sitting or lying comfortably. Close your eyes, and picture its energy entering your heart. Then feel it easing away emotions, bringing balance.

Side Effects of Paraiba Tourmaline

  • Restlessness: Feeling restless can happen when you take in too much energy. To help, spend time outdoors or do deep breathing exercises to calm down.
  • Overstimulation: If the crystal’s energy is too much, take breaks and don’t use it for too long. 
  • Arrogance: When using the crystal’s power, feeling too important can lead to arrogance. Stay humble and grateful by reflecting on yourself and being mindful.

Paraiba Tourmaline Meaning: What Does Paraiba Tourmaline Symbolize?

A woman clasping her hands as a sign of her inner peace

Metaphorically, Paraiba Tourmaline symbolizes “inner peace” and “emotional clarity.”

This gem helps people talk better, express themselves, and be more creative. It makes them feel confident about sharing their thoughts and feelings. It is also known as “Cuprian Tourmaline” due to its Copper content. It is sometimes also called “Neon Tourmaline” for its vibrant hues that seem to emit light.

In the past, people believed Paraiba Tourmaline brought safety and wellness. Nowadays, it’s a symbol of luxury, seen in elegant jewelry, pleasing many gem lovers. 

Pairing Paraiba Tourmaline with Clear Quartz amplifies its energy, while Amethyst makes it more spiritual. Rose Quartz helps with love and healing.

Throughout history, this crystal has been revered for its mystical qualities. It was thought to bring luck and shield against negativity. Even today, people are captivated by its beauty and charm.

Types of Paraiba Tourmaline

  • Neon Blue Paraiba: With its bright blue color shining like the ocean, it mesmerizes. It’s believed to help with talking and understanding.
  • Vivid Greenish-Blue Paraiba: It captivates with its blend of green and blue hues. It’s thought to bring freshness and energy, helping with healing and feeling refreshed.
  • Sky Blue Paraiba: Bringing peace and calm, it enchants with its serene blue tones. It helps soothe the mind and uplift the spirit, offering calm in life’s chaos.
  • Deep Blue Paraiba: In its deep, oceanic blues, it shows wisdom and depth. It helps you explore your inner depths, find out more about yourself, and become wiser.
  • Turquoise Blue Paraiba: It feels calm with its peaceful blue shades, like the sky and sea. It makes you feel stable and peaceful inside.
  • Mint Green Paraiba: With its minty green color, it is refreshing and makes you feel renewed. It sparks creativity and imagination, making things exciting.
  • Teal Paraiba: It has a mix of blue and green, bringing balance and harmony. It helps restore order in messy situations, making things calm.
  • Indigo Paraiba: With its deep blue color, it represents intuition and insight. It helps you understand things better and guides you toward enlightenment.
  • Ocean Blue Paraiba: Capturing the sea’s essence, it captivates with its rich blue tones. It boosts courage, helping people face life’s challenges with confidence.
  • Electric Blue Paraiba: Stunning with its bright blue color, symbolizes energy, it motivates people to chase their dreams with passion and determination.
  • Sapphire Blue Paraiba: This variety shines with deep blue hues, showing wisdom. It helps communication and clear thinking, giving insight and understanding.
  • Windex Blue Paraiba: It catches attention with its bright blue color, like clear skies. It calms, bringing peace and emotional steadiness.
  • Pastel Blue Paraiba: With its gentle blue shades, it brings calm and peace. It soothes, bringing healing and relaxation to the mind and body.
  • Bluish-Violet Paraiba: Enchanting with its blue and violet shades, it shows intuition and insight. It helps psychic abilities and deepens spiritual connections.
  • Greenish-Yellow Paraiba: It shines with its lively green and yellow shades, symbolizing growth and energy. It brings abundance and attracts success and good luck.
  • Canary Green Paraiba: With its sunny yellow-green shade, it brings joy and optimism. It uplifts with positive energy, spreading happiness around.
  • Lime Green Paraiba: Shines with its fresh green color, it signals renewal and new energy. It sparks creativity and encourages fresh starts.
  • Forest Green Paraiba: This variety mesmerizes with its lush green shade, evoking the calm of a dense forest. It brings stability and security, fostering balance and peace.
  • Emerald Green Paraiba: It shines with its vibrant green shades, like precious emeralds. It’s cherished for opening hearts and bringing love, compassion, and emotional comfort.
  • Olive Green Paraiba: The green color represents growth and prosperity, bringing abundance and vitality to your life. It attracts success and opportunities for growth, nurturing both personal and financial well-being.

How to Cleanse Paraiba Tourmaline?

woman cleansing crystals with palo santo

  • Sound Cleansing: Put your Paraiba Tourmaline near sound vibrations from a singing bowl or tuning fork to restore its vitality. It ensures the gemstone remains bright and beautiful.
  • Breath Technique: Hold Paraiba Tourmaline close, breathing in good energy and breathing out bad. It absorbs good vibes and releases bad, making you feel better and promoting well-being.
  • Sunlight: Put Paraiba Tourmaline in the sunlight for a while to boost its energy. This clears away any bad feelings, making it feel better and look brighter.

Question and Answers

Is Paraiba Tourmaline Safe?

Yes, it’s generally safe to wear and handle Paraiba Tourmaline. Just make sure to buy it from trusted places for real quality.

Can Paraiba Tourmaline Charge in the Sun?

Yes, Paraiba Tourmaline can soak up energy from sunlight to feel better. Just put it in the sun for a few hours.

How Can You Tell if Paraiba Tourmaline is Real?

You can verify Paraiba Tourmaline by its bright neon-blue color and Copper content. Also, certification from trusted gem labs ensures its authenticity.

Who Should Wear Paraiba Tourmaline?

People who want to feel emotionally balanced and spiritually connected can wear Paraiba Tourmaline. Its calming energy helps bring peace and harmony.

How Do You Take Care of Paraiba Tourmaline?

To care for Paraiba Tourmaline, keep it in a soft pouch or box to avoid scratches. Clean it gently with soap and warm water, and avoid harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

Interactions with Paraiba Tourmaline

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