Main Origins:
India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Myanmar (Burma).

What is Siberite?

siberite on purple chopping board

Siberite is a captivating gemstone, known for its lovely hues. This crystal displays a stunning pallet of deep purple to reddish-violet colors at sunset. It has a glassy luster that makes it sparkle when light dances across its surface. Each piece of this crystal is like a unique work of art, with patterns that swirl and blend in an entirely different way.

Delving into its makeup, this crystal is a variety of Tourmaline, which means it’s made up of a complex borosilicate mineral. It’s composed of iron, magnesium, and other metals that give it its rich color. Jewelers love its toughness and beauty because they can build exquisite items without damaging them.

The enigmatic, enormous, and gorgeous Ural Mountains of Russia are where it was discovered. This gem took off when jewelers and stone collectors saw its potential in the 19th century. The name also reflects its discovery location and the surprise of people who observed its dazzling colors.

For those who adore crystals, Siberite holds a special place in their collections. Its deep purple to reddish color range distinguishes it from other crystals and makes it valuable. Collectors and crystal enthusiasts often seek out the best specimens, admiring how each stone tells its visual story.

Did you know that this crystal is often wrapped in legend and lore? One of the most enchanting stories suggests that the stone can foster creativity and artistic expression. Wearing it can help unlock the imagination, inspiring poets, artists, and dreamers to create their most profound works. 

Siberite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Imagine holding a rainbow in your hand, with colors whispering secrets deep within the Earth. Indigo, the deep blue-purple you see at twilight, is often found in this stone. It stands for intuition and wisdom.

This gemstone is a beacon for the upper chakras, bridging the higher realms of consciousness. The Throat Chakra benefits from the stone’s influence, promoting honest and transparent communication. Moving upwards, this gem can improve intuition and thinking clarity from the Third Eye Chakra on the forehead. The stone glows brightest at the Crown Chakra, promoting a connection to the divine and a better comprehension of the cosmos.

Water is traditionally linked with this stone, embodying fluidity, emotional release, and renewal. Like Water, which carved canyons and soothes souls, this stone promotes emotional flow and purification. 

In Feng Shui, this stone parallels the Southeast, representing wealth and abundance, the North, which corresponds to life’s journey, and the Northeast, a spiritual growth and knowledge sector. The stone’s water-like qualities help navigate life’s currents, bringing tranquility and insight to its bearer.

Jupiter, known as the planet of growth and expansion, governs this crystal. This massive planet’s energy symbolizes the pursuit of wisdom and the desire to explore beyond the horizon. 

It is watched over by a pantheon of mighty Gods from various mythologies. Odin, the Norse All-Father, is associated with wisdom and knowledge. Poseidon, the Greek Sea God, imbues the stone with his power and intuition. The Irish deities, Lir and Manannán mac Lir, both Sea Gods, offer healing and protection.

Numerical vibration is like the heartbeat of a crystal, and this one vibrates to the numbers 7 and 21. 7 is a highly spiritual number, often linked with introspection and inner wisdom. 21, a multiple of seven, emphasizes these attributes by symbolizing the end of a cycle and the benefits of self-discovery. 

Siberite Healing Properties & Benefits


  • Siberite is believed to connect with the Crown Chakra, the gateway to higher states of consciousness. This connection helps to clear the mind and enhance mental clarity, allowing for focused thought. 
  • Visualize a bright light cleansing the stone and infusing it with the intention of clear thinking.


  • Connected to Jupiter, the planet of growth and perseverance, the energies of Siberite will empower you to face challenges head-on. It encourages a resilient spirit and the ability to stay the course. 
  • Recite your goals to the stone in a quiet space, imagining it absorbing your determination.

Inner Wisdom

  • Associated with the element of Water, Siberite enhances intuition and connects you to your inner wisdom. Water symbolizes depth and fluidity, mirroring the journey inward to access deep insights. 
  • Place the stone on your nightstand to promote insightful dreams, or hold it during contemplation to foster a deeper understanding of yourself.

Stress Relief

  • The soothing blue color of Siberite is linked to calming energies, which can help alleviate stress. Blue is often associated with serenity and peace, helping to soothe an overactive mind. 
  • Breathe deeply while holding the stone, and with each exhale, envision stress leaving your body and entering the stone.

Memory and Concentration

  • Siberite is tied to God Odin’s legend, synonymous with wisdom and focus. This connection aids in improving memory and concentration. 
  • Draw a symbol of knowledge on paper, place the stone on top, and leave it overnight to absorb the intention.

Siberite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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Higher State Consciousness

  • Siberite is believed to connect with the Third Eye Chakra, the center of intuition and foresight. This connection can help the mind become more conscious, enhancing self- and universe-knowledge. 
  • Carry the stone with you as a reminder to remain open to higher wisdom throughout your day.

Spiritual Awakening

  • Siberite’s properties resonate with the element of Water, which is associated with emotion and transformation. This connection can facilitate a spiritual awakening, helping one to flow with life’s changes and recognize one’s spiritual path. 
  • Immerse the crystal in a bowl of spring water overnight, intending to cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit.

 Astral Travel

  • The Crown Chakra is linked to Siberite and is the gateway to higher states of consciousness and heavenly realms. Siberite enhances astral travel by promoting a deep connection to the cosmos. 
  • Create an altar with Siberite as the centerpiece to focus your intent on astral projection.

Shamanic Journeying

  • Siberite is associated with the expansive energy of Jupiter, encouraging growth and spiritual exploration. It aids in shamanic journeying by supporting the quest for wisdom and truth. 
  • Form a circle with several stones around you while you perform your journeying rituals, ensuring a protected and sacred space.


  • The color violet, often linked with Siberite, is associated with spiritual insight and clairvoyance. This stone stimulates the mind’s eye, allowing for clearer visions and psychic insights. 
  • Gaze into the stone, allowing your vision to soften and your mind to become receptive to images or messages.

Side Effects of Siberite

  • Intense and Vivid Dreams: Your dreams may feel unusually real and apparent. To lessen this, establish a calming bedtime routine.
  • Hypersensitivity: You might react more strongly to emotions and sensations. Try grounding exercises, like deep breathing, to help manage this.
  • Difficulty Concentrating: Staying focused could become challenging. Break tasks into small steps and take frequent breaks to improve focus.

Siberite Meaning: What Does Siberite Symbolize?

woman raising her hand on a cliff depicting empowerment

Siberite represents “transformation and personal empowerment.”

This crystal induces change, helping people let go of old patterns and confidently accept new prospects. It’s like having a personal cheerleader for your soul, encouraging growth and resilience.

Known as “Lilalite” or “Purple Tourmaline,” this gemstone carries alternative names that highlight its unique coloration and composition. Each name adds a touch of mystique to the crystal’s identity.

Historically, this stone was valued by shamans and healers for its purported ability to protect during spiritual journeys. Today, it’s a stylish and significant accessory that enhances one’s style and promotes personal growth.

Pair it with Lepidolite for clarity or Kunzite to amplify its effects to foster self-love. These companion stones enhance focus and amplify intentions, making the perfect crystal cocktail for transformation.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: This crystal is linked to the Crown Chakra, the energy point at the top of the head, which is why it boosts spiritual and mental health. This connection has led people to believe its power heightens intuition and psychic abilities.

Types of Siberite

  • Purple Siberite: Radiating a royal hue, this variant is treasured for its captivating color. It inspires creativity and is often associated with mysticism.
  • Blue Siberite: This type shimmers with a cool, serene shade, reminiscent of the ocean. Old tales suggest it symbolizes wisdom and can provide mental clarity. 
  • Transparent Siberite: Clear as a pristine glacier, this one is sought after for its purity and beauty, making it perfect for high-end crafts and optical instruments. Legend has it that it embodies truth and clarity.
  • Green Siberite: Echoing the lushness of a forest, this kind is cherished for its natural, soothing aesthetic. It can promote physical well-being and harmony with the environment.
  • Yellow Siberite: This variant is often used in accent pieces and stained glass because of its vivid hue. It brings prosperity and has been linked to historical tales of wealth.
  • Red Siberite: Bearing the boldness of a fiery sunset, this one is admired for its striking appearance and is often seen in statement jewelry. It carries a legacy of passion and courage, with many legends attributing protective qualities.
  • Black Siberite: Mysterious and powerful, this deep-colored version is a staple in fashion accessories and grounding objects. It absorbs negativity and is shrouded in tales of protection. 
  • White Siberite: Resembling a blanket of snow, this pure variant is beloved for its simplicity and is used in various artistic crafts. It symbolizes peace and tranquility in many cultures.
  • Star Siberite: Exhibiting a captivating play of light, its hues range from deep violet to rich purple. This stone brings clarity to its wearers, guiding them through decision-making.
  • Cat’s Eye Siberite: This variety has stunning chatoyancy, resembling an eye in tones of lilac to plum. It is typically carved into cabochons for jewelry to ward off evil spirits.
  • Watermelon Siberite (bi-color): Its unique combination of pink and green resembles the fruit it’s named after. Tales speak of its ability to balance the heart and mind, promoting harmony.
  • Pink Siberite: Soft blush tones define it, favored for delicate jewelry designs and considered a symbol of love and gentleness. It fosters emotional healing and brings comfort to the heart.
  • Orange Siberite: Gleams with warm sunset hues, making it a vibrant choice for accessories that inspire confidence and joy.
  • Gray Siberite: With its subtle, smoky shades, it offers versatility in fashion and is often associated with stability and sophistication.
  • Brown Siberite: Radiates earthy tones, providing a natural aesthetic for statement pieces. It is revered for connecting one with nature and enhancing concentration.
  • Color Change Siberite: A fascinating gem that shifts from blue-green in daylight to purplish-red under incandescent light. It brings about transformation and aids in revealing one’s true path.
  • Parti-Colored Siberite: Boasts a mix of colors in one stone, creating bold and unique jewelry as individual as its wearer. It’s associated with versatility and adaptability.

How to Cleanse Siberite?

A person holding a burning dried sage

  • Sage: Light the sage and waft the smoke over the stone, envisioning impurities dissolving away for a fresh, purified state.
  • Reiki: Channel Reiki energy through your hands, focusing on the stone infusing it with healing vibrations to reset and clear its energy.
  • Sound: Play a singing bowl or chime near the stone. This allows the penetrating sound waves to cleanse and harmonize their energetic frequency.

Questions and Answers

How is Siberite Formed?

Siberite is a secondary mineral formed when lead and chromium oxidize in lead ore deposits. Its formation typically requires the presence of other chromium minerals from which chromium can be leached. The process can occur in the zones of alteration of chromium-containing rocks or the oxidation zones of lead deposits.

Are Siberite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Siberite is generally safe in the sun for short periods. Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can cause the vibrant red color to fade.

How Can You Tell if Siberite is Real?

Examine the crystal structure. Siberite typically forms elongated, prismatic crystals with a distinct orange-red color.

What Stones Go Well with Siberite?

Stones that pair well with Siberite include Lepidolite, Kunzite, or Black Tourmaline, which can accentuate its vivid color.

Is Siberite Rare?

Yes, Siberite, which refers to high-quality specimens of the mineral Crocoite, is considered rare.

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