(ey - guh - rahyt)
Main Origins:
Malawi, the United States, Kenya, Russia, Zimbabwe, Norway, South Africa, Greenland, Madagascar, Afghanistan, and Canada.

What is Aegirine?

An aegirine crystal on a dark granite

Aegirine is a mineral from the Pyroxene family, which includes crystals like Jadeite, Diopside, Augite, Spodumene, and Enstatite. It’s called Black Pyroxene and Aegirine Pyroxene, showing mostly black or dark green in hexagonal, needlelike shapes.

Did you know Aegirine was used as a talisman or amulet? It’s believed to ward off the worst negativity and evil vibrations due to its purifying qualities. 

Black Pyroxene is technically a sodium-iron silicate mineral, sometimes showing small amounts of Titanium, Aluminum, and Calcium. It’s a prismatic crystal that may be transparent or translucent with a glassy luster. 

Fun Fact: Aegirine exists in many colors with crystals like Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Zircon, Titanite, Riebeckite, Eudialyte, and Charoite.

Aegirine Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Commonly seen in black and dark green tones, Aegirine may show brown, red, yellow, green, and blue hues with other trace minerals, like Riebeckite, Calcite, Albite, Feldspar, and Charoite. 

Black Pyroxene is mostly associated with Heart, Solar Plexus, and Root Chakras. These chakras help in finding love, luck, stability, and protection. 

Black Pyroxene is often called the “Orchid Stone” for showing pink and purple colors. It’s also associated with the Crown, Throat, and Sacral Chakras, attracting Aegirine benefits like wisdom, confidence, and creativity.

The secondary chakra of the Sun or Solar also rules this crystal, bringing fortune and luck.

Did you know Aegirine is named after the Norse God of Sea, Aegir? It’s also associated with the Greek Goddess of Sea Monsters, Ceto; the Hindu God, Saturn or Shani Dev; and the Hindu Goddess of Destruction, Kali.  

Aegirine links to Saturn in astrology and brings blessings, including good fortune, confidence, and wisdom. Pluto is the second planetary ruler of Black Pyroxene, bringing transformation, success, and growth to the stone.

The Earth element rules Acmite, so you can cleanse, charge, program, or activate it by burying it overnight, for a week, or a Full Moon cycle under three inches of soil. 

Do you know what the cosmic vibration of Aegirine is? It vibrates to the number 5, bringing freedom, creativity, brain power, vitality, and growth.

Aegirine Healing Properties and Benefits

Detox and Energy

  • Like most black-colored crystals, Aegirine is excellent for vitality and energy. It clears toxins and chakras to enhance energy, digestion, strength, and endurance. 
  • Activate Aegirine for energy by holding it for up to 30 seconds before a candle flame at a safe distance. This will use the Fire element energy to program the crystal for healing and detox.


  • Clearing negativity isn’t unique to Aegirine, but it’s a powerful way to defeat curses, hexes, envy, and bad energies. If this is your problem, get four Black Aegirine blades for protection.
  • Charge the Aegirine crystals facing the rising Sun for 5 minutes then circle the four corners of your room or house with the charged crystal. 

Dedication and Perseverance

  • Aegirine removes self-doubt and self-pity from your mind. It helps you set goals and achieve them based on how long you spend bonding with Acmite. 
  • The best way to activate this crystal for hard work and passion is by smudging it with sage or incense sticks. Go for purifying sacred herbs, like sage, sandalwood, and cedarwood.


  • Black Pyroxene boosts your brain skills by opening your mind to cosmic knowledge and wisdom. You will work faster and think creatively at work and at home.
  • The best way to activate Aegirine Pyroxene for creativity is through meditation. Hold the crystal against your forehead and silently visualize for a few minutes.


  • No matter the distance or years you cover, destiny isn’t rosy without loving yourself. Black Pyroxene teaches and guides you to respect, love, and recognize yourself.
  • You can soak Aegirine under Moonlight overnight to program it for self-love, empathy, and kindness.

Aegirine Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A psychic reading a person hands

Higher Consciousness

  • Black Pyroxene emanates gentle energies while raising your auric vibration and connecting your subtle body to higher powers.
  • Activate psychic powers with Black Pyroxene by gazing into the crystal for a few minutes and visualizing your intention.

Spirit Communication

  • Do you want to communicate with your guardian angels? Black Pyroxene helps you see, express, and converse with angelic beings.
  • Create a crystal altar with Aegirine in the center of the grid to channel spirit communication. Use stones like Halite, Aragonite, and Angelite for cleansing and programming.


  • Manifesting your intentions is easy if they’re positive and amplified by the universal life force energy Aegirine brings. 
  • For this, write your intentions, such as fame and program Aegirine. Set up a crystal grid with Black Pyroxene in the center to manifest the intentions you wrote.

Good Luck

  • Some varieties of Aegirine help by clearing obstacles in your destiny and lead to success and good fortune. Crystals in yellow and gold are perfect for this purpose.
  • You can attract good luck by activating Aegirine with positive affirmations before carrying it on you. Remember to visualize the good luck a few times during the day.


  • If psychic protection is your top priority, Aegirine can protect you, your family, and your home in a few minutes. They connect with Mother Earth to create an auric shield around you and your family.
  • Chant affirmations for protection into the four Aegirine blade crystals and bury one in each corner of your room or home.

Aegirine Side Effect

  • Draining: Some varieties of Black Pyroxene can make beginners nauseous, woozy, weary, or fatigued. If you’re experiencing any of it, stop using Aegirine.

Aegirine Meaning: What does Aegirine Symbolize?

A knight holding a sword and shield

The meaning of Aegirine is protection.

Black Pyroxene is traditionally associated with safety, grounding, vitality, courage, self-confidence, awareness, and higher consciousness. 

Jens Ensmark is the Norwegian mineralogist who discovered this crystal and chose the name “Aegirine” after the Scandinavian God of Sea, Ægir. Some reports say it was also named due to its discovery with other minerals, like Gneiss on the coastline.

Acmite is another word used to describe Aegirine in geological and scientific circles. It’s derived from the Greek word ἀκμή, meaning sharp or pointed. 

Black Pyroxene is widely used for emotional balance, self-love, kindness, and universal connection. 

Fun Fact: Aegirine is so common in other rocks that a variety of Syenite is called Aegirine Syenite. 

Types of Aegirines

  • Aegirine Blades: Aegirine crystals commonly form blades and needles that resemble Black Tourmaline Schorls. They’re great for protection and vitality. 
  • Black Aegirine: Another common variety, Black Pyroxene, is eponymous in black with yellow and orange crystals. They’re great for inner fire, creativity, and grounding.
  • Blue Aegirine: Riebeckite crystals show up with Aegirine in deep or dark blue hues in Aegirine. Use it for mental clarity, mediumship, or creativity. 
  • Ash White or Snow White Aegirine: Aegirine naturally exists with Microcline, sometimes with Blue Riebeckite crystals. Use this crystal for deep cleansing and peace.
  • Pink Aegirine: This naturally pink variety combines Eudialyte, Titanite, and Aegirine crystals. It’s great for self-love, perseverance, and good fortune. 
  • Green Aegirine: Also called Aegirine-Augite, this variety looks dark blackish-green with a blue or yellow tone. Use it for abundance and decision-making.
  • Purple Aegirine: When Charoite naturally appears in Aegirine, you’ll see purple swirls with brown, dark green, and gray colors. Use this variety for spiritual awakening and higher consciousness.
  • Yellow Aegirine: Titanite Sphene with Aegirine shows honey-yellow, orange, and dark yellow hues. They may be transparent, translucent, or opaque and are great for good luck, positivity, and energy. 
  • Aegirine and Astrophyllite: Popular as Russian Astrophyllite, this variety shows a natural mix of needlelike Aegirine crystals in yellow, white, or black Astrophyllite. Use this healing mineral for purification and manifestation.
  • Aegirine Phantom Quartz: Quartz forms with Aegerine to create phantom crystals inside White and Smoky Quartz. They’re great for mental fog and spiritual unrest. 
  • Aegirine with Calcite: This rare natural crystal formation shows brown, yellow, or tan crystals with black Aegirine crystals. It’s great for emotional intelligence and letting go. 
  • Aegirine in Orthoclase: Black Aegirine crystals form hexagonal pencils or needles on peach, white, and brown Orthoclase. Use this crystal for strength, wisdom, and confidence. 
  • Aegirine in Sanidine: Forming tiny paw-like formations in white, yellow, black, brown, and tan colors, this Aegirine variety works on higher and lower chakras simultaneously.
  • Aegirine in Zircon: Black Aegirine can show up with green, white, beige, and yellow Zircons crystals, attracting health, peace, and wealth. 
  • Golden Rutiles and Aegirine: This natural combination works like magic for lighting your inner fire. It shows yellow, pale orange, black, gray, and yellow hues. 
  • Aegirine and Schorl Tourmaline: This variety shows a brown translucent base color and black needles inside. It is a natural crystal combination for psychic protection and wisdom.
  • Aegirine and Albite: Clusters made of Aegirine and Albite look like snow on tiny black mountains and form wands, towers, and clusters. They’re excellent for security, energy, and immunity.  
  • Serandite and Aegirine: Salmon-like peach and orange crystals are unique to the natural mix of Aegirine with Serandite. Use such a specimen for fertility, detox, and courage. 
  • Aegirine Feldspar: Forming clusters of beige and tan with black needle-like formations, this crystal combination forms spherical shapes and works well for mediumship and psychic abilities.
  • Aegirine Syenite: A variety of Nepheline Syenite, this crystal is mostly made of Aegirine with pink, red, and brown hues. Use the crystal for self-love, dedication, and enthusiasm.
  • Aegirine Spray: Like Aegirine Blades, the fan-like patterns on this crystal have different shapes. They work great for communicating with the angelic realm.

How To Cleanse Aegirine?

A selenite tower in the room

  • Breathwork: Blow into the crystal after taking long breaths or pranayam yoga to clear the negativity absorbed by the crystal.
  • Selenite Tower: Hold Acmite over a Selenite tower for a few minutes and visualize dark green energy cleansing the crystal.
  • Soil: You can bury Aegirine crystals under the soil for a day or two to reset their energies.

Questions and Answers

Is Aegirine rare?

No, Aegirine is commonly available around the world.

How do you identify Aegirine?

To identify real Aegirine, look for its resin-like luster, translucency, and dark green tones. Real Aegirines are cold to the touch and heavy with a yellow or gray streak.

Is Aegirine safe in the water?

Yes, Aegirine is safe in the water and can get wet, but don’t soak it for a long time in the water.

Can Aegirine go in the sun?

Yes, Aegirine can go in the sun for short periods. Don’t hold it under direct sunlight for over 2 minutes to avoid damage or leave it under sunlight.

Is Aegirine safe in salt?

Yes, Aegirine is usually safe in dry salt for short periods. Avoid soaking it in salt water.

What to pair with Black Pyroxene?

Aegirine goes well with Agates, Opal, and Sapphires.

Is Aegirine toxic to the touch?

No, Aegirine is not toxic to the touch. You can handle it with bare hands but avoid ingesting it or inhaling its powders.

How do you clean Aegirine?

You can wash Aegirine with lukewarm water and a soft bristle brush once a month to keep dust and pollution off it.

Is Aegirine a rock or a mineral?

Aegirine is a mineral or alkaline igneous type of rock.

What direction to keep Aegirine in the house?

According to feng shui, Aegirine is best placed in the Northeast or North directions in the house.

What’s the cost of Aegirine?

Aegirine costs $15 to $100 per specimen.

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