Agate Jasper

(uh - gate jass - per)
Main Origins:
Mexico, Argentina, Italy, the UK, Germany, Iran, Austria, and the United States.

What is Agate Jasper?

polished Agate Jasper on a white background
Image Source: Instagram x beautygemstones

To fully understand what Agate Jasper is we first need to understand what Agate, Jasper, and Chalcedony each are. Chalcedony is an overall term for microscopic Quartz, encompassing a few varieties. Agates and Jasper are different types of Chalcedony that each form in numerous varieties. 

Crystals classified as Chalcedony are translucent, dull, or waxy in luster. They often form in a single color. Jaspers are a type of Chalcedony that is entirely opaque due to containing mineral impurities that result in the stone’s inability to let light pass through it. 

Agates are a translucent or transparent variety of Chalcedony. They are often banded with layers or intricate moss-like patterning in various colors and shades due to different levels and types of mineral impurities.

Agate Jasper is a stunning combination of Jasper and Agate within a single specimen. Agate Jasper is also classified as microcrystalline Quartz, meaning that you can not see defined crystal structures without a microscope. 

This conglomeration offers the healing and metaphysical benefits of Agate and Jasper combined within a single stone. Agate Jasper is grounding and nurturing. It helps bring us into inner and outer harmony and alignment on energetic, emotional, mental, and physical levels.

Agate Jasper Metaphysical Properties

Agate Jaspers’s metaphysical properties are ruled by its chakras, elements, deities, and numerical vibration. It benefits all seven primary chakras, providing a holistic balancing and energizing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual manifestations that each chakra affects.

It works from the base up, helping us plug into the energy of Mother Earth from the Root Chakra, moving up through each chakra and up to the Crown, connecting us with the eternal source of energy and consciousness. 

Agate Jaspers that are predominantly a single color will strongly affect a related chakra according to color. For example, Orange Agate Jasper energizes all chakras but has a particularly potent focus on the Sacral Chakra.

The ruling elements of Agate Jasper include all the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether). This reflects the full spectrum of natural power held by this crystal as it offers the energetic activation of all earthly and spiritual aspects.

Some metaphysical qualities or themes of the ruling deities that are associated with Agate Jasper include Ceres (agriculture, fertility, and mothering goddess), Tlaloc (fertility and connection with plants and water), Danu (abundance, wisdom, and nature), Gaia (Mother Earth), and Geb (Earth and healing).

The numerical vibration of Agate Jasper is 4. It represents the balance of the four natural elements and the 4 directions. It also resonates with stability, support, strength, endurance, and focus.

Agate Jasper Healing Properties & Benefits

Letting Go and Inner Healing

  • Agate Jasper allows us to connect to the healing and supportive vibration of Earth. It brings our focus to our inner world and our spiritual source, enabling us to access this energy in order to let go of non-resonant energy and to heal deeply.
  • Connect with your crystal by holding it and practicing deep breathwork. This will help you to integrate the crystal’s vibration, leading to the deep cleansing and healing that ripple effects from the inner to all levels.

Courage and Charisma

  • Agate Jasper activates all chakras. The Sacral and Solar Plexus activation empowers our will to create and embody without fear. The Heart and Throat Chakra activation aligns us with the purest intent and ability to communicate in a charismatic way.
  • Activate your energy with Agate Jasper by holding your stone and repeating affirmations or mantras corresponding with the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Chakras. Agate Jasper specimens that display yellow, oranges, greens, or blues are best for this purpose.


  • As Agate Jasper is grounding, it can help to clear mental and emotional chaos and bring us more fully into the present moment, improving our focus in each moment.
  • Set your intention to connect with Agate Jasper for improved focus. Wear your stone daily or keep it nearby in your work, home, or creative spaces. 


  • Agate Jasper connects us to the wisdom of Earth and opens the higher chakras, which connect us to the knowledge of the cosmos. With improved focus, access to our natural wisdom leads to increased intelligence and mental capabilities.
  • Meditate with Agate Jasper daily to attune to your most natural state of divine and earthly intelligence.


  • Agate Jasper has a powerful grounding effect as Agate and Jasper are powered by a connection to Earth’s energy. The grounding effect of this crystal is beneficial for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Experience the profoundly grounding effect of Agate Jasper by meditating in nature, allowing your bare feet or hands to touch the Earth’s surface. If you can’t be outdoors, hold your crystal, visualize roots from your feet entering deep into the land, and receive the grounding energy into your body.

Agate Jasper Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Woman meditating on a field of grass background

Natural Power

  • Jasper Agate helps you attune to your natural power, which is the divine combination of earthly physical power and cosmic and infinite source energy.
  • Include a daily meditation practice with Agate Jasper. During meditation, intentionally visualize or focus upon your connection to Earth’s energy and a connection to a state of oneness where you can channel energy from an infinite source that we each express.


  • Agate Jaspers has an energetic cleansing effect, nurturing and grounding energy, as well as resonance with the four elements that have cleansing properties. This allows it to guide us through deep purification to become a clear channel of natural power.
  • Practice intentionally purifying deep breathwork while holding or connecting with your Agate Jasper. When used with clear intent or visualization, the breath combined with this crystal allows you to move stagnant energy and welcome fresh energy. 

Mediumship and Psychic Vision

  • The inner alignment and activation of the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra from working with Agate Jasper can be intentionally channeled to call in or clarify psychic abilities.
  • Agate Jaspers that contain blue, purple, or white coloration are preferable for this purpose. Hold your Agate Jasper near your Third Eye Chakra and chant the seed mantra AUM before entering into a meditation or mediumship practice.


  • Agate Jasper is a variety of microcrystalline Quartz. It is made up of numerous microscopic Quartz crystals, so it innately has the powerful amplifying effect that all Quartz crystals have. 
  • Simply program your Agate Jasper with any specific intention that you wish to amplify.

Blissful Meditation

  • Meditating with Agate Jasper is such an enriching and blissful experience. You will likely have to work through some energy blocks at first, but as you meditate with it often, it will attune you to your innate natural power. This interconnected and divine energy powers everything.
  • Commit to consistent meditation practice with your Agate Jasper for at least 40 minutes daily. 

Side Effects of Agate Jasper

  • Purging: As Agate Jasper has the effects of purification, letting go, and deep healing, you will likely experience the release of nonresonant energy when working with this stone as part of this process of healing and alignment.
  • Suppression of Feelings: If you resist or abandon the process of purging and shadow work that will likely arise when you first work with Agate Jasper, it can lead to an unhealthy suppression of feelings.

Agate Jasper Meaning: What Does Agate Jasper Symbolize?

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The meaning of Agate Jasper is Natural Power.

The origin of the name Agate is linked to the Achates River in Sicily, and one of the origins of the name Jasper is from the old French word “Jaspre” meaning spotted or speckled stone. 

Agate Jasper is often also referred to as Jasp-Agate. It offers the properties and meanings associated with both Jasper and Agate. The key Agate meaning is natural harmony while the meaning of Jasper is grounding.

Jasper contributes its symbolism of deep connection with the Earth, and Agate symbolizes the deeper layers of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental resilience, healing, and harmony. 

Types of Agate Jasper Crystals

  • Common Agate Jasper: It can form in a combination of many colors, most commonly reds, yellows, oranges, browns, white, or colorless. They contain sections of opaque Jasper and translucent Agate formed in various combinations. Agate and Jasper blended in this way are profoundly supportive and energizing
  • Orange Agate Jasper: Specimens of Agate Jasper that are predominantly shades of orange in color and include areas that are opaque as well as translucent sections that have a typical Agate patterning. Orange Agate Jasper energizes the Sacral Chakra.
  • Brown Agate Jasper: Agate Jasper that is brown to yellow or red-brown, displaying opaque colored sections and translucent colored or colorless sections. Brown Agate Jasper has a powerful grounding effect.
  • Blue Agate Jasper: Blue to dark teal, sometimes with brown, green, ochre, white, or colorless sections. Specimens can display a Moss Agate patterning.
  • Green Agate Jasper: Opaque Green Jasper in combination with translucent green, white, or colorless Agate, sometimes displaying a moss-like pattern. Green Agate Jasper stimulates the heart and a deep connection with the Earth.
  • Red Agate Jasper: Deep to bright or light red combined with white, colorless, gray, brown, or yellow. It has sections of complete opaqueness and sections that are translucent and are banded, moss-like, dendritic, or plume-like. Red Agate Jasper is grounding and energizing. 
  • Banded Agate Jasper: An Agate Jasper that forms in any of the typical colorations but displays prominently the Agate feature of detailed banding. Banded Agate Jasper is excellent for deep layers of healing and will help to restore balance to your being.
  • Pink Agate Jasper: Mauve, light pink to whitish pink, combined with a little darker pink or red. Some sections of this stone are translucent Agate, and some are opaque Jasper. Pink Agate Jasper is a powerful emotional support stone. 
  • Plume Agate Jasper: It has translucent sections with feathery, cloudy, or smoke-like cloud plume inclusions that can be green, yellow, red, brown, white, or orange combined with opaque Jasper. Plume Agate Jasper nurtures our emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.
  • Bicolor Agate Jasper: Agate Jasper specimens displaying two distinct colors as sections of opaqueness and translucency. The colors can be a variety of combinations, including yellow and dark green or milky-white and orange-red, and they can be layered or mottled throughout the stone or in two distinct sections. Bicolour Agate Jasper encourages balance on all levels. 
  • Burn Anne Agate Jasper: A brightly colored Scottish Agate Jasper found along the Burn Anne River. It often has greens, grays, yellows, and browns in opaque and translucent sections with moss or dendritic patterning. Burn Anne Agate deepens our connection to nature.
  • Brecciated Agate Jasper: Agate that is translucent and contains sections of opaque pieces of Jasper in yellows, browns, oranges, or reds. Brecciated Agate Jasper is deeply nurturing and grounding.
  • Amygdale Agate Jasper: Usually green in various shades, light blue, white, gray, brown, tan, or colorless translucent Agate and opaque Jasper. It displays moss-like patterns within a small cavity in igneous rock. Amygdale Jasper Agate can help to energize communication and heart-based expression.
  • Agate Jasper with Quartz: Sections of opaque-colored Jasper and translucent-colored or colorless Agate with sections of Clear Quartz shapes that can be seen clearly. Agate Jasper with Quartz offers all the grounding, energizing, and nurturing benefits of Agate and Jasper amplified.
  • Agate Jasper with Chalcocite: Dark gray to black opaque Chalcocite formed with Agate Jasper. Agate Jasper with Chalcocite is strengthening, protective, and energizing.
  • Agate Jasper with Mahogany Obsidian: Glassy red and black Mahogany Obsidian formed with Agate Jasper. Agate Jasper with Mahogany Obsidian is protective and encourages reflection and focus.
  • Agate Jasper with Calcite: Colorless to creamy white or brown translucent or transparent Calcite formed with Agate Jasper. Calcite amplifies the energy of Agate Jasper and also offers its positive vibration. 
  • Agate Jasper-Zeolite: Zeolite minerals that form in various colors, including black, white, orange, pink, purple, red, and green can form together with Agate Jasper. Agate Jasper-Zeolite is a stone of harmony and inner peace
  • Multi-Colored Agate Jasper: Agate Jasper specimens combine many colors due to different mineral inclusion in translucent Agate and opaque Jasper. Multi-colored Agate Jasper are excellent stones to meditate with.

How to Cleanse Agate Jasper?

Incense sticks that are burning on a big pot

  • Soil: Bury your Agate Jasper underground for 4 hours to allow the Earth to cleanse it energetically.
  • Moonlight: Set your intention and set your Agate Jasper under the moonlight at any stage in the moon cycle for a whole evening.
  • Incense: Circle the smoke of your incense around your Agate Jasper 4 times in a clockwise direction to energetically cleanse it with the vibrational effects of smoke and scent.

Questions and Answers

What Type of Rock is Jasper-Agate?

Jasper-Agate contains two variations of a type of microcrystalline Quartz known as Chalcedony.

Is Agate Jasper Rare?

Yes, Agate Jasper can be considered rare. Both Agate and Jasper are reasonably common as standalone crystals but the combination of these two varieties is of Chalcedony, and the unique formations that are found make Agate Jasper pieces rarer.

What is the Difference Between Agate and Jasper?

The primary difference between Agate and Jasper is that Agates are translucent while Jasper are opaque, letting through no light. Agates also have particular pattern habits, such as banding, moss, dendritic, and plume inclusions.

Can Agate Jaspers Get Wet?

Yes. At 7 on the Mohs scale, they are hard and can be exposed and submerged in water for reasonable periods.

Are Agate Jaspers Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Agates are safe to be in sunlight for a fair but limited time.

How Can You Tell if Agate Jasper is Real?

Look at your stone in the light to see that it has both opaque sections of Jasper and translucent areas that contain Agate patterning, such as banding, moss, or plumes.

What is the Difference Between Agate Jasper and Moss Agate?

Agate Jasper is a combination of Jasper and Agate. It can contain sections of Moss Agate. Moss Agate is a type of Agate with moss-like or dendritic patterns, and it does not include sections of Jasper.

How Do You Take Care of Agate Jaspers?

Agate Jasper is quite hard, so it is easy to care for. You can cleanse it using water or mild natural soap. Within reason, you can store and display it as you wish.

Is Agate Jasper Expensive?

No. Agate Jaspers range greatly in pricing depending on the size, clarity, formation, cut, and the unique combinations of minerals and patterning that each specimen offers.

What Stones Go Well with Agate Jasper?

Some of the stones that pair well with Agate Jasper are Clear Quartz, Chalcedony, and any of the other many varieties of Agates or Jaspers.

Interactions with Agate Jasper

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