14 Hematite Pairing: What Crystals Go Well With Hematite

  1. Hematite and Rose Quartz Together
  2. Hematite and Black Tourmaline Together
  3. Carnelian and Hematite Combination
  4. Clear Quartz and Hematite Together
  5. Hematite and Selenite Together
  6. Hematite and Red Jasper Together
  7. Hematite and Citrine Together
  8. Hematite and Sardonyx Together
  9. Hematite and Bloodstone Together
  10. Hematite and Malachite Together
  11. Hematite and Amethyst Together
  12. Hematite and Lapis Lazuli
  13. Hematite and Labradorite Together
  14. Hematite and Aquamarine Together

Whether you are a gem expert or new to the world of healing crystals, you will know that there is so much to learn about the stones. Healing crystals have been used for centuries, with all stones having unique metaphysical and spiritual properties that enhance our lives. But did you know that healing crystals can be paired together?

Combining crystals allows you to bring the exact energy you need into your life. When paired together, the stone’s powers will be amplified, and they will work together to bring you positivity and healing. However, it is essential to know which stones can be paired with one another and which stones should not. Certain stones have opposing energy or astrological conflictions that can bring misfortune into your life. Thankfully, we are here to tell you the best stones to pair together!

This article will look at Hematite pairing and the best crystals to use with Hematite. If you have a Hematite stone in your collection, you will know that it is an incredible grounding and protective crystal. Its powerful energy helps us feel balanced and safe, deepening our connection with planet Earth. Hematite transforms negative energy and enhances mental focus. 

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Hematite and Rose Quartz Together

Rose Quartz Crystal on a white background

Rose Quartz is a soothing Heart Chakra crystal that promotes compassion, love, and gentleness. Ruled by the planet Venus, this wonderful stone brings kindness and romance into our lives and helps us see the beauty that surrounds us. 

The gentle, feminine energy of Rose Quartz may seem different from the masculine energy of Hematite. However, their different vibrations make them fantastic stones to pair together. 

Hematite will absorb any negativity within you or around you, while the Rose Quartz enhances your positive energy. Hematite and Rose Quartz together will also give you the courage to practice self-care and to love yourself for who you truly are. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Hematite and Rose Quartz

  • Wear a bracelet with Hematite and Rose Quartz to protect yourself from negativity and attract positivity. 
  • Meditate with Hematite and Rose Quartz while repeating affirmations of strength, authenticity, and self-love. 

Hematite and Black Tourmaline Together

black tourmaline on a white background

Black Tourmaline is a Root Chakra stone that blocks negative energies and purifies the mind and soul. It brings balance to the emotions, allowing you to see things clearly. 

A Black Tourmaline and Hematite pairing is a potent blend of protective and powerful energy. Together, they will protect you from psychic attacks and release any negative emotions within you, allowing you to overcome sadness and anger. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Black Tourmaline and Hematite

  • Create a spell jar of protection using Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and protective herbs, such as sage and lavender. Place your jar at the entrance of your home. 
  • Meditate with your Black Tourmaline and Hematite together, holding them as you bring balance to your emotions. 

Carnelian and Hematite Combination

Carnelian Polished Gemstone on a white background

Carnelian connects with the Sacral Chakra and the Root Chakra to boost your sense of self and confidence. Its powerful vibrations provide us with an understanding of our path in life and give us the courage to follow our dreams. 

Because they are both ruled by the planet Mars, a Carnelian and Hematite combination boosts action and progression. We can use these two stones together to bring us clarity and strength, helping us to move forward with our goals and dreams. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Carnelian and Hematite

  • Wear a bracelet of Carnelian and Hematite to unlock your inner strength and power. 
  • Hold your Carnelian and Hematite when you are setting intentions of transformation and progression. 

Clear Quartz and Hematite Together

Clear Quartz on a white background

Clear Quartz purifies and amplifies energy, unblocking the chakras and restoring balance. It releases any built-up energy in your auric field, promoting positivity and light. Clear Quartz also enhances our intuition, allowing us to trust in ourselves and our wisdom. 

When using Clear Quartz and Hematite together, the trust and courage you have in yourself are given a boost. Hematite strengthens the will, whereas Clear Quartz strengthens the intuition.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Clear Quartz and Hematite

  • Use Clear Quartz and Hematite for problem-solving, holding both as you reflect on your current situation. 
  • Meditate with your Clear Quartz and Hematite to tap into your intuition and inner strength. 

Hematite and Selenite Together

polished selenite on a white background

Selenite activates the Crown Chakra to connect you with universal truth and consciousness. Ruled by the Moon, this wonderful crystal promotes spiritual understanding and inner truth. 

Hematite and Selenite work together, as they are both stones of purification. Together, their vibrations cleanse the soul and aura. Furthermore, as a Root Chakra stone, Hematite can keep us grounded as we explore the higher realms of consciousness Selenite opens up. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Hematite and Selenite

  • Keep your Hematite stone in your pocket while you use Selenite to open up the Crown Chakra and explore universal consciousness. 
  • Meditate with your Hematite and Selenite while repeating affirmations of cleansing and renewal. 

Hematite and Red Jasper Together

Red jasper on a white background

Red Jasper is a stone of courage and confidence, boosting personal power and strength. It provides you with the faith you need to believe in yourself and move forward with your goals. Working with Red Jasper also allows us to let go of negative behavior and thoughts to enter a new, more positive phase of our lives. 

As both stones gain their powers from the planet Mars, we can use Hematite and Red Jasper together to boost personal transformation and growth. We can also use them for manifestation, as Hematite and Red Jasper are associated with the element of Earth. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Red Jasper and Hematite

  • Hold your Red Jasper and Hematite stones as you send your intentions of personal growth and abundance into the universe. 
  • Wear a bracelet of Red Jasper and Hematite to amplify your confidence and courage. 

Hematite and Citrine Together

A heart shape citrine crystal on a white background

Citrine is a high-vibration stone that cleanses the Solar Plexus Chakra to enhance self-esteem and confidence. It amplifies feelings of wonder and happiness, allowing us to enjoy our lives and feel fulfilled with what we have. It is also a powerful manifestation stone, helping us to send intentions of abundance out into the world.

A combination of Hematite and Citrine brings balance to our feelings and enhances the positivity within us. This mix of energies helps us to step out of our comfort zone and follow our dreams. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Hematite and Citrine

  • Wear a bracelet of Hematite and Citrine to boost confidence and action.
  • Hold your Hematite and Citrine as your send intentions of abundance and prosperity into the universe. 

Hematite and Sardonyx Together

A polished Sardonyx crystal on white background

A stone of discipline and grounding, Sardonyx helps you make your dreams a reality. Governed by the planets of Mars and Venus, this gemstone promotes action and manifestation. 

The energies of Hematite and Sardonyx work together to heal the Root Chakra and promote grounding and stability. They also amplify your power and strength, allowing you to move forward on your path in life with confidence and courage. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Hematite and Sardonyx

  • Meditate with your Hematite and Sardonyx crystals on your Root Chakra while repeating affirmations of security and stability. 
  • Place your Hematite and Sardonyx on your desk at work to amplify focus and strength in your career. 

Hematite and Bloodstone Together

Bloodstone on a white background

Bloodstone is a powerful cleansing stone, transforming negative energy in your auric field and the environment around you. It enhances mental well-being and clarity, helping you unlock your full potential. 

The combination of Hematite and Bloodstone creates a potent blend of protective energy. It also enhances balance and harmony, providing you with the space to focus on your goals. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Hematite and Bloodstone

  • Wear a bracelet of Hematite and Bloodstone for protection. 
  • Place a crystal grid of Hematite and Bloodstone in your home to promote harmony and peace. 

Hematite and Malachite Together

A polished malachite crystal on a white background

Working with the Heart and Throat Chakras, Malachite allows you to speak your truth with honesty and integrity. It enhances understanding of emotions and opens you up to growth and transformation. 

When paired with Hematite, Malachite’s powers are amplified. These two stones bring courage to your truth, allowing you to truly be yourself without hesitation or shame. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Hematite and Malachite

  • Hold your Hematite and Malachite as you reflect on your truth and what integrity means for you. 
  • Meditate with Hematite and Malachite on the night of the new moon, asking the universe to help you let go of baggage and anxieties. 

Hematite and Amethyst Together

Fragment of an amethysts geode on a white background

Amethyst is a powerful healing crystal that opens up the Third Eye and the Crown Chakras to boost spiritual growth and awareness. It also enhances inner peace and tranquility.

Hematite and Amethyst together bring a balance to emotions and dispels negativity. This pairing is perfect if you suffer from anxiety or stress. It also enhances your spiritual awareness, allowing you to develop your connection with higher powers and guides. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Hematite and Amethyst

  • If you are feeling stressed, hold your Hematite and Amethyst stones as you inhale and exhale deeply while visualizing anxiety leaving your body. 
  • Use a combination of Hematite and Amethyst while you pray to your spirit guides and guardian angels to enhance your connection. 

Hematite and Lapis Lazuli

a raw lapis lazuli crystal on white background

Lapis Lazuli opens up the Throat Chakra to help us speak our truth and communicate with others. It also boosts our inner strength and power, allowing us to be truthful to ourselves and have faith in who we are. 

You can combine Hematite and Lapis Lazuli to amplify your power and find the courage to be yourself. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Hematite and Lapis Lazuli 

  • Wear a Hematite and Lapis Lazuli necklace to speak your truth with power and honesty. 
  • Use your Hematite and Lapis Lazuli when doing shadow work, as the energies of both will help you explore yourself and find the courage within. 

Hematite and Labradorite Together

Labradorite on a white background

Labradorite opens up the Third Eye Chakra to boost your intuition and spiritual understanding. It amplifies personal growth and change, helping us to leave the past in the past and embrace the future. 

When paired with Hematite, you can use Labradorite to expand your spiritual awareness while staying grounded on planet Earth. This pairing is also great for releasing worries and negativity within to enhance personal growth. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Hematite and Labradorite

  • Place your Hematite crystal on your Root Chakra and your Labradorite on your Third Eye Chakra while exploring your psychic powers. 
  • Meditate with your Hematite and Labradorite to release stress and worries. 

Hematite and Aquamarine Together

Aquamarine on a white background

Aquamarine is a peaceful stone that promotes harmony and tranquility. As it works to open up the Throat Chakra, it is often used for truth and communication. 

Hematite and Aquamarine together boost inner peace and harmony while also providing you with the strength to speak your truth. The mix of these two stones allows you to express yourselves from a place of courage and conviction. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Hematite and Aquamarine 

  • Wear a necklace of Hematite and Aquamarine to enhance your communication skills and dare to speak your truth. 
  • Place a crystal grid of Hematite and Aquamarine in your living room to boost peace and tranquility. 

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