(viv - ee - uh - nahyt)
Main Origins:
Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Cameroon, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, USA, and New Zealand.

What is Vivianite?

vivianite on a black granite

Vivianite is an iron phosphate mineral that has small amounts of manganese, magnesium, and calcium in its structure. Vivianite is colorless but oxidizes quickly, which means its color can change. Specimens of Vivianite can be found in shades of deep purple, dark blue, black, and green. 

Because it oxidizes quickly, you should store Vivianite in a dark room. When exposed to light, the stone darkens, which means that certain Vivianite specimens are almost black. 

Did you know that Vivianite crystals are often found inside fossil shells or attached to fossil bones? This is because of how the phosphate in the fossils interacts with iron and water. Archeologists have found exhumed corpses with Vivianite growing on them, making the bones blue. 

Whether you think this is cool or kind of spooky, it definitely makes Vivianite an interesting mineral to learn about!

Vivianite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Vivianite connects with three primary Chakras – Throat, Third Eye, and Heart. By harmonizing these three chakras, Vivianite brings clarity and peace to people who work with it. It allows you to understand your spiritual and emotional truth and express it to the world. 

This fantastic crystal is linked to the planet Earth. This means we can use Vivianite to honor Mother Nature and feel closer to the living world. Plus, deepening our connection with Earth allows us to stay grounded and secure. 

Did you know that the elements of Water and Earth rule Vivianite? The element of Water governs our feelings and subconscious, which means that we can use Vivianite to enhance our emotional life. It also brings forth the energy of cleansing and renewal, allowing us to leave any baggage in the past and embrace the future. 

Vivianite’s soothing vibrations enhance feelings of peace and serenity. It is a wonderful crystal to use if you are working on overcoming emotional pain and trauma. Because it connects with the Heart Chakra, it helps you discover how to love yourself and those around you.

Did you know that Vivianite has a numerical vibration of 3? The number 3 brings the energy of optimism and abundance into your life, enhancing feelings of good health and well-being. It also reflects our social life and the importance of interpersonal connections, which means that Vivianite can heal any rifts you have with other people. 

Vivianite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Because it works to open up the Throat Chakra, Vivianite boosts our communication skills and helps us speak our truth. We can use Vivianite to ease any interpersonal difficulties. 
  • Charge your Vivianite with sage. Then wear it around your neck when you need to enhance your communication skills.

Emotional Healing

  • Vivianite enhances understanding of your emotions and helps you overcome pain or trauma. Its comforting vibrations bring healing and growth to your heart.
  • Charge your Vivianite with a singing bowl. Then place it on your Heart Chakra as you repeat affirmations of healing and renewal. 

Stress Relief

  • A comforting and soothing crystal, you can use Vivianite for stress relief
  • Place your Vivianite somewhere in your home after charging it with positive affirmations. If you are under stress at work, you may wish to bring your Vivianite into your office and place it on your desk. 


  • Connected to the Heart Chakra, Vivianite amplifies self-love and helps you maintain a positive attitude toward yourself. 
  • Charge your Vivianite with moonlight, leaving it under the Moon overnight. Then hold it while you repeat positive self-love affirmations.

Positive Change

  • Vivianite brings positive change and transformation into your life, allowing you to leave the past behind and embrace your future. 
  • Charge your Vivianite with a candle, as the element of Fire enhances change. Then hold it while you visualize your future and what positive change you want to see.

Vivianite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

woman meditating in an outdoor setting and surrounded by yellow flowers

Inner Peace

  • Vivianite amplifies positive energy and provides you with the space to curate inner peace and harmony. 
  • Charge your Vivianite with smudging before meditating with it. As you meditate, ask the Universe to provide you with inner peace. 


  • Because Vivianite is connected to the Third Eye Chakra, we can use it to enhance our intuition. 
  • Charge your Vivianite during the night of the full moon. Then place it on your Third Eye Chakra as you explore your intuition and hidden wisdom. 

Dispels Negative Energy

  • Vivianite’s positive and peaceful vibrations work to dispel any negativity, keeping you safe from psychic attacks and negative energy. 
  • Charge your Vivianite with sage. Then wear it around your neck to provide you with protection against negativity at all times. 

Astral Traveling

  • Vivianite keeps you safe when exploring higher realms of existence and is an excellent stone for astral traveling. 
  • Keep your Vivianite stone by your side when astral traveling


  • Because Vivianite gains its powers from the element of Earth, we can use it to enhance grounding and bring forth feelings of safety and security. 
  • Charge your Vivianite with soil, leaving it submerged overnight. Then hold it in your hands when you do grounding exercises.

Vivianite Side Effects

  • Intense Emotions: Because Vivianite brings emotions to the surface to allow you to heal and grow, it may cause intense emotions. 
  • Over-Honesty: Vivianite opens up the Throat Chakra, allowing you to speak your truth. However, overuse may mean you are over-honest with people, which can cause difficulties. 
  • Overwhelming Spiritual Messages: Because Vivianite activates the Third Eye Chakra, you may receive spiritual messages from guides or angels. These can be overwhelming and confusing at first.

Vivianite Meaning: What Does Vivianite Symbolize?

A young woman is sleeping on the bed

The meaning of Vivianite is comfort.

This beautiful crystal brings calming and soothing energy into your life, allowing you to find comfort and stability. This is a fantastic stone for anyone who needs a boost of positivity and hope

Vivianite also brings comfort to our interpersonal relationships. It enhances compassion and understanding, helping us overcome any issues we have. Its vibrations amplify love and connectedness.

Types of Vivianite

  • Common Vivianite: Common Vivianite is a translucent crystal that appears dark green and black. Use a Common Vivianite to open your Heart Chakra and bring love and understanding into your life. 
  • Purple Vivianite: Purple Vivianite appears in a dark purple shade that is almost black. This variety is perfect to use when working with your Third Eye Chakra and communicating with higher realms of existence. 
  • Blue Vivianite: This variety of Vivianite appears light to dark blue. Use Blue Vivianite to harmonize your Throat Chakra and speak your truth. 
  • Black Vivianite: Vivianite turns opaque black when left out in the sun. Black Vivianite is a great variety to use for grounding. 
  • Vivianite Fossils: Vivianite Fossils are fossils with dark blue or black Vivianite crystals growing inside. This type of Vivianite is great for connecting with the planet Earth. 
  • Spray Vivanite: Spray Vivianite refers to crystal specimens that have grown in needle-like shapes. It is often found in dark blue or black shades and can be used to enhance your intuition and psychic powers. 
  • Transparent Vivianite: Transparent Vivianite is a colorless variety that may have a tinge of blue or green to the crystal. Use this variety of Vivianite when astral traveling or connecting with higher realms of existence. 
  • Emerald Green Vivianite: This variety of Vivianite is bright green and translucent. Use an Emerald Green Vivianite to enhance self-love and emotional healing. 
  • Metavivianite: Metavivianite forms from oxidizing Vivianite and appears dark blue to black. Use this variety to connect with Mother Nature and bring forth grounding and stability. 
  • Vivianite with Ludlamite: This intriguing mix of minerals appears on a matrix with dark blue Vivianite crystals and smaller green Ludlamite structures. Use Vivianite with Ludlamite for change and transformation. 
  • Vivianite Pyrite: Vivianite Pyrite refers to specimens of the crystal that have Pyrite growths surrounding the stone. Use this variety to protect yourself from negative energy. 
  • Vivianite-Siderite: This variety refers to Siderite clusters with Vivianite crystals growing within. Vivianite-Siderite amplifies positive energy and brings forth stress relief. 
  • Vivianite-Pyrrhotite: Vivianite-Pyrrhotite appears as a cluster of Pyrrhotite with green Vivianite crystals growing on it. Use this variety for grounding and protection. 
  • Vivanite-Triphyllite: This variety refers to specimens of Triphyllite with small Vivianite crystal inclusions. Use Vivanite-Triphyllite to heal interpersonal rifts.
  • Vivianite-Rockbridgeite: This mix of minerals appears with light brown Rockbridgeite stones and dark blue Vivianite crystals. Use Vivianite-Rockbridge to uncover your personal truth.

How To Cleanse Vivianite?

A woman meditating outdoor in the forest

  • Soil: Place your Vivianite crystal in a bowl of soil, leaving it there for 12 hours. 
  • Herbs: Create a mix of cleansing herbs and place them in a jar. Then add your Vivianite stone to the jar and leave it for 12 hours. 
  • Positive Affirmations: Hold your Vivianite stone in your hands while repeating positive affirmations.

Questions and Answers

Is Vivianite rare?

Yes, Vivianite is a relatively rare gemstone.

What is Vivianite used for?

Vivianite is used to bring forth positive energy of peace and truth. Connected to the Third Eye Chakra, the Throat Chakra, and the Heart Chakra, Vivianite helps you embrace positive thinking and change.

Where is Vivianite found?

Vivianite is found in Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Cameroon, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, the USA, and New Zealand.

Is Vivianite good for jewelry?

No, Vivianite is not good for jewelry because it is a fragile stone. However, you can make jewelry with it if you place it within vials to wear as a pendant. This means that the crystal is protected from damage.

How much is Vivianite worth?

The worth of Vivianite depends on the crystal size and color. Some specimens can be purchased for as little as $5, with others worth around $2000.

Is Vivianite natural?

Yes, Vivianite is a naturally occurring mineral.

Does Vivianite fade?

Yes, Vivianite’s colors fade under the light. This is because it oxidizes easily.

Is Vivianite poisonous?

No, Vivianite is not considered toxic.

Does Vivianite change color?

Yes, Vivianite changes color when exposed to light because it is quick to oxidize.

What makes Vivianite blue?

Vivianite is blue because of oxidization, which changes the color of the stone.

Is Vivianite light-sensitive?

Yes, Vivianite is light-sensitive. It oxidizes under light, which means its color will change.

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