Star Moonstone

(stahr moon-stone)
Main Origins:
Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, and Myanmar (Burma).

What is Star Moonstone?


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Star Moonstone is considered a mesmerizing gem, famous for its distinct appearance. This stone is a milky-white or translucent in color with a unique glow that contains various chemicals, like potassium, aluminum, and silicate.

Its hardness, measured on the Mohs scale, ranges from 6 to 6.5, which makes it delicate, requiring careful handling. Star Moonstone has a rich history that symbolizes femininity. In India, this gemstone is considered sacred and can bring good fortune to its users. 

Did you know that the Star Moonstone is connected to love and passion in Hindu mythology? This gem is believed to be formed by the Moon Goddess, Chanda’s,, who loves a mortal, tears. The crystal’s meaning represents the goddess’s eternal love and emotions.

Star Moonstone Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The diverse color energies of Star Moonstone carry different unique meanings. The blue hues of this stone are known to connect with tranquility and emotional balance. White Star Moonstone signifies purity and spiritual connection. Moreover, the peach hues represent warmth, gray symbolizes neutrality, and yellow embodies vitality.

About primary chakras, Star Moonstone is associated with the Third Eye, which is known to enhance your intuition and insight. This crystal is connected with the Heart Chakra, which promotes your emotional healing and compassion for others. Furthermore, it resonates with the Sacral Chakra for creativity, the Crown Chakra for wisdom, and the Solar Plexus Chakra to foster a sense of personal power.

Its connections to the Air element and the planet Venus symbolize communication and intellect. Feng Shui recommends placing your Star Moonstone in the Northwest or Center of your space to radiate clarity of thought. 

Several ruling Gods contribute to Star Moonstone’s properties. They include Selene, Diana, Chandra, and Thoth. Selene and Diana are known to bring lunar energies that infuse the crystal with feminine intuition, while Chandra and Thoth harness the crystal with divine wisdom and insights.

Star Moonstone resonates with vibrations of 4 and 6 that are known to stabilize, harmonize, and promote balance.

Star Moonstone Healing Properties & Benefits

New Beginnings

  • Star Moonstone is renowned for enhancing self-discovery and clarity, which fosters an environment for new beginnings. It aligns your energy with a fresh life perspective. 
  • Hold your crystal under the light of a new moon, and visualize your intentions for a new start. Remember to breathe in the positive energy present in the crystal.

Inner Growth

  • Since the crystal encourages self-reflection, it is also known to promote your inner growth. This crystal aids in releasing emotional baggage, which fosters your journey to self-improvement. 
  • It is recommended to place your gemstone on a windowsill during sunrise as you envision your goals for personal growth. Let the crystal absorb all the empowering morning light.

Love Attraction

  • This crystal is associated with love and passion as it enhances your emotional connection by opening the Heart Chakra. 
  • Carry your crystal in a pouch with a small Rose Quartz for maximum effect. Visualize a pink light enveloping the crystal while you set your intention for attracting love. 


  • The crystal is known to remove negativity and provide emotional balance; thus, it has the power to instill a sense of hope. It can create an environment for an optimistic mindset. 
  • Hold the crystal close to your heart and under the light of a full moon as you breathe in positivity. Always visualize a bright future ahead while using the crystal.


  • Star Moonstone benefits include attracting good fortune as it aligns your cosmic energies and resonates positive vibrations. 
  • Place your Star Moonstone on a bed of Green Aventurine crystal and visualize a flow of prosperity as you express gratitude. 

Star Moonstone Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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Energy Amplification

  • When held or worn, Star Moonstone can align with your energy field and create a harmonious aura. 
  • Hold the crystal and visualize a light expanding from within, covering you with a protective and uplifting energy field.

Lucid Dreaming

  • This enchanting crystal opens a channel between your conscious and subconscious realms, aiding lucid dreaming. It is used for dream recall and to enhance your dream awareness. 
  • Before going to bed, place a Star Moonstone under your pillow as you focus on entering the state of lucid dreaming.

Astral Travel

  • Did you know that one of Star Moonstone’s benefits is its ability to guide you to astral realms? This is possible as this stone fosters your connection between your spirit and the cosmos. 
  • Meditate with the crystal on your Third Eye, or forehead, to align your consciousness. Imagine your spirit leaving your body and envision it soaring into the ethereal planes. 

Goddess Energy

  • Star Moonstone is known to embody the essence of divine feminine and goddess energy into your being. It allows you to have compassion, inner goddess, and feminine power. 
  • Wear the gemstone close to your heart and affirm your intention to embody the divine feminine all day. 


  • One of Star Moonstone’s properties is its power to activate tranquility by aligning your emotional center and soothing your emotional turmoil. The stone’s energy helps remove stress and allows you to experience peace. 
  • Hold the Star Moonstone as you close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine a calming wave of light flowing from the crystal and a peaceful aura enveloping your being.

Side Effects of Star Moonstone

  • Overwhelming: As you use the stone, you may experience sensory overload and heightened emotions. Avoid this by doing deep breathing exercises. 
  • Vivid Dreams: Star Moonstone may activate your dream intensity. Alleviate this by placing an Amethyst crystal near your bed to balance dream experiences. 
  • Psychic Fatigue: Too much reliance on the stone may lead to mental exhaustion. Prevent this by doing meditations and taking breaks.

Star Moonstone Meaning: What Does Star Moonstone Symbolize?

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Star Moonstone’s meaning is hope. 

The crystal can enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. Star Moonstone’s metaphysical properties include stimulating inner wisdom and heightening spiritual awareness. 

Adularia” and “Selenite” are the various alternative names of Star Moonstone. These names show the crystal’s relationship with the Moon, highlighting its innate mystical power. This gemstone is traditionally connected with goddesses and lunar deities. 

What does Star Moonstone symbolize? This crystal represents emotional equilibrium, which aids individuals in navigating their flow of feelings. It is best to pair with other crystals, like Amethyst and Labradorite, as their combination is believed to create harmony, intuition, and spiritual growth. 

Historically, people believed that Star Moonstone could capture the Moon’s rays. This belief fostered a sense of reverence, making it a sought-after crystal among enthusiasts.

Types of Star Moonstone

  • White Star Moonstone: Radiating a milky-white hue, this type of crystal is often associated with purity and clarity. This also promotes emotional balance and intuition. 
  • Peach Star Moonstone: This features a warm peachy glow that is believed to inspire creativity and compassion. Make sure to harness its gentle energy that fosters self-love and emotional connections. 
  • Gray Star Moonstone: A Star Moonstone that possesses a subtle shade of gray that is known for its grounding properties.
  • Rainbow Star Moonstone: As the name suggests, this crystal showcases a vibrant spectrum of colors that symbolize joy and positivity. 
  • Blue Star Moonstone: Capturing the essence of the blue hue of the night sky, this Moonstone promotes communication and self-expression. 
  • Green Star Moonstone: Exhibiting a green tone known to soothe is linked to growth and abundance.
  • Chocolate Star Moonstone: This boasts a rich chocolate hue connected with grounding and stability. You can use its power to find strength in challenging times.
  • Black Star Moonstone: The crystal’s dark coloration is believed to remove negativity. It can create a protective barrier and promote spiritual growth. 
  • Yellow Star Moonstone: This stone is linked with vitality and joy, exhibiting a warm yellow glow. 
  • Pearlescent White Star Moonstone: This crystal has a pearly white hue that embodies elegance and grace. 
  • Silver Star Moonstone: Glistening a silver sheen, this Star Moonstone symbolizes reflection and self-discovery. 
  • Champagne Star Moonstone: Possessing the color of champagne, this gemstone is associated with joy and abundance. 
  • Opaque White Star Moonstone: With a solid, opaque nature, this crystal promotes a sense of security and stability. 
  • Cat’s Eye Star Moonstone: This crystal is associated with intuition and protection, displaying a golden yellow hue. 
  • Asterism Star Moonstone: It showcases a range of colors, like white, gray, and blue. It is a star-like pattern Moonstone that guides and inspires.
  • Smooth Star Moonstone: This crystal is a creamy white color, known to calm and ease the stress of its users. 
  • Textured Star Moonstone: The surface of this stone has brown and beige tones that symbolize resilience and strength. 
  • Glassy Star Moonstone: Often exhibiting colors like white, clear, or light blue, this crystal is associated with clarity and insight. 
  • Silky Star Moonstone: This stone enhances emotional balance and harmony by exhibiting milky-white and silver colors. 
  • Crackled Star Moonstone: This crystal symbolizes transformation and growth and comes in various colors, like brown, gray, and black. 
  • Silver Ray Moonstone: It has a radiating silvery sheen that is associated with feminine energy that brings in mind clarity. 
  • Golden Glow Moonstone: As the name suggests, this crystal has a warm, golden hue and glow that is connected to prosperity and abundance. 
  • Lavender Mist Moonstone: Featuring a delicate lavender mist associated with peace and spiritual insight, it deepens meditation practices and connection to higher realms of consciousness. 

How to Cleanse Star Moonstone?

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  • Moonlight: Place your crystal under the moonlight and allow it to cleanse its energy. Let the crystal absorb the lunar vibrations overnight for purification. 
  • Sound: Surround your crystal with soothing sounds, like chimes and bells to cleanse its energy. The sounds of waves will remove any negativity present in the stone. 
  • Flower Petals: Place your Star Moonstone in a bed of fresh flower petals for enhanced energy. Allow the petals to infuse your stone with positivity. 

Questions and Answers

How is Star Moonstone Formed?

This crystal is formed through a natural process called exsolution. In this process, the minerals are separated from the stone, which creates a stunning star-like effect.

Can Star Moonstone Get Wet?

Yes, Star Moonstone is generally safe in water. However, avoid prolonged exposure, which may affect the stone’s quality and longevity.

Is Star Moonstone Safe?

Yes, this crystal is safe to wear. However, some are sensitive to certain minerals, so check for possible allergies before using them. 

Can Star Moonstone Charge in the Sun?

Yes, the sun can enhance the energy of your Moonstone. However, too much sun exposure may cause the color to fade. 

How Can You Tell if Star Moonstone is Real?

A genuine Star Moonstone displays a unique glow effect. Look for this phenomenon and be aware of imitations lacking this distinct feature.

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