Girasol Quartz

(jee - rah - sol kwarts)
Main Origins:
South Africa, Madagascar, India, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.

What is Girasol Quartz

polished girasol quartz being held by a woman hand
Image Source: Facebook Stillwater | Hearth

Girasol Quartz is a Quartz or silicate mineral. A bluish-white opalescence or luminescence from different sides mostly accompanies its colorless hue. Hence, it’s sometimes called Clear Quartz with Opalescence, Girasol, Blue Opal, Blue Opal Quartz, or Girasol Pearl Quartz. 

The luminescence within Girasol Pearl Quartz comes from its microscopic inclusions, high-grade refractive abilities, and Aluminum’s presence. 

The color and appearance of Girasole have earned it other names, like Moon Quartz and Foggy Quartz. This Quartz has a prismatic habit and may be transparent, translucent, or opaque. 

Reiki practitioners, psychics, and healers say the Girasole stone opens the mind’s eye and fills it with clarity. As a result, it also awakens many psychic gifts, knowledge, skills, and awakening. 

Fun Fact: There is another stone called Girasol Opal, which is a variety of Opal, and it mimics the opalescence, but it’s different from Girasole Quartz. 

Girasol Quartz Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Girasol Quartz is commonly seen in clear, white, and blue hues. Hence, it’s linked to mental clarity, enlightenment, communication skills, creativity, focus, balance, and divination because it opens the Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. 

However, it can naturally form with other stones, awakening the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Earth Star, and Solar Star Chakra. So, you’ll find dedication, psychic vision, chakra alignment, divine assistance, manifestation, joy, and dreamwork. 

Did you know the Moon rules Girasol Quartz? That’s why you’ll feel intelligent, empathic, wise, decisive, and emotional stability. 

On top of it, the influence of the Moon makes Girasole Quartz beneficial for those born under the Cancer zodiac sign. If you’re a Cancer, you’ll find well-being, kindness, and intuition by bonding with this stone. 

The ruling element of Moon Quartz is Wind or Storm, representing rebirth and transformation. You can tap into the metaphysical benefits of feng shui, such as harmony, positivity, and prosperity, by placing your stone at the Entrance of your house. 

Moon Quartz is associated with deities like Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom; Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon; Tara, the Buddhist Mercy Goddess; Frigg, the Norse Fertility Goddess; Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams; and Brigid, the Celtic Poetry Goddess

Girasol resonates with the energy of the number 4, signifying emotional stability, awakening, and angelic help. 

Girasol Quartz Healing Properties & Benefits

Communication Skills

  • Blue Girasole contains the power of Vishuddha, which helps you communicate and express your truth effortlessly. It will remove the chakra blockages in your higher energy centers to enhance your communication skills. 
  • Chant this affirmation while holding your stone near your lips: My inner voice encourages me to listen and speak gracefully.


  • Glowing varieties of Girasole are excellent for boosting creativity by opening your psychic centers. You can also use Girasol-Pyrite to increase intelligence and brain power. 
  • Build a crystal altar in the Northwest corner of your home or room with your crystals in the center. Try to add a purple or blue candle and circle the altar with a few drops of peppermint oil or rosemary twigs. 

Empathy and Dedication

  • Pink Girasol stones attract compassion, love, joy, and care by connecting you to the universal energies of plants, animals, souls, and ancient wisdom. 
  • To tap into empathy with your stone, sit in a lotus pose and meditate every day after waking up for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also face the sun if you wake up in the mornings to amplify your intentions.

Focus and Clarity 

  • Clear and Phantom Girasol stones shun distractions and help you concentrate on your studies, work, or tasks. They also remove physical blockages in your mind to improve brain power. 
  • Place your crystal next to a glass of drinking water and leave it undisturbed for 2 to 4 hours. Make such a crystal elixir daily and consume it before working or studying for the best effects. 

Emotional Stability and Release

  • Rutile Star Girasol is an excellent stone for finding balance and harmony in life through deep healing. You can also use the natural combination of Girasole with Hematoid Quartz for letting go and moving on.
  • Keep your stones next to a singing bowl and play the bowl for a few minutes while visualizing your purpose to manifest stability and release. 

Girasol Quartz Spiritual Properties & Benefits

woman doing enlightening and meditating by the beachside

Intuition and Psychic Vision

  • Many varieties, like Blue, Glowing, and Optic Girasol Quartz, activate dormant areas of your soul, which then activate psychic gifts. Your intuition will become crystal clear, and you may see into the past and future once this happens. 
  • Activate your stone for psychic gifts by meditating with the stone while facing the rising or setting sun.

Chakra Alignment 

  • Using Brown Moon Quartz is a good way to ground chakra blockages. Using the Moon Quartz with Hematoid Quartz variety will nourish and rejuvenate your higher and lower chakras. 
  • Take your stone in the right hand and hold it near your lips. Close your eyes and take deep inhalations and exhalations. Once you’re done, place it for a few minutes on each chakra while repeating the seed mantra YAM


  • Phantom Girasole Quartz connects your physical body to the etheric realm and leads you to higher consciousness. You’ll access the Akashic Records and find spiritual awakening. 
  • Make a crystal elixir of your stone and add the concoction to your bathtub. Soak in it for 5 to 10 minutes to enlighten your mind, body, and soul. 

Divine Attunement

  • Lavender Girasole Quartz is the stone of spiritual regeneration via higher powers. You can also use the Optic variety to find your soul mission and spiritual destiny. 
  • Build a crystal grid in your room with Girasol in the center and 12 other compatible stones around it. Once the grid is complete, activate it by touching a Clear Quartz wand on all the crystals daily. 


  • Pink, Lavender, and Phantom varieties of Girasole Quartz are the stones for dream recall, dream analysis, and divine love. They can help you tap into your subconscious and manifest your deepest desires. 
  • Sit in the open air on a moonlit night and hold your crystals above your head while meditating on your intention for a few minutes. Then place the charged stones under your pillow. 

Side Effects of Girasol Quartz

  • Fatigue: People new to this stone may experience burnout and weariness. In such a case, take a break for a few days after restarting your bonding rituals.
  • Dependency: Overusing this stone can lead you to depend too much on others or the material reality. If this is happening to you, cleanse yourself with a Clear Quartz and keep it for balance whenever you use Girasol stone.
  • Overwhelmed: Some may feel oversensitive or saturated from using this stone, but it’s not bad. It’s a sign that your chakras are adapting to the new reality toward your spiritual destiny.

Girasol Quartz Meaning: What does Girasol Quartz Symbolize?

female meditating by the lake

The meaning of Girasol Quartz is clarity.

Did you know the word “Girasol” is Italian? It means sunflower. The stone is so named for its radiant glow, like sunflowers in the midday sun. It originated in the 16th century from gira, meaning to turn, and sol, meaning the sun

Psychics define it as a stone that reflects light with a bright luminescence. 

Silky Quartz, or Girasol, has been called the “Stone of Illumination” for ages. It’s believed to enhance mental clarity, wisdom, intelligence, and divine connection within the user. In the new era, Opalescent Quartz also activates psychic gifts, like intuition and psychic vision. 

It’s also associated with the Moon due to its radiant bluish sheen; hence, it’s called Moon Quartz or Blue Opal Quartz.

Types of Girasol Quartz

  • Clear Girasol Quartz: The colorless variety of Girasole is the most common type and is often used for tapping into brain power, focus, and psychic gifts. 
  • Pale Yellow Girasol Quartz: Showing pale yellow hues like new rays of the sun, this variety is good for finding financial freedom and health. 
  • Blue Girasol Quartz: Resembling Opalite stones, this variety of Girasole is clear with a bluish tint. Use it for activating psychic gifts, like intuition, communication, creativity, and clairvoyance. 
  • White Girasol Quartz: A variety of Moon Quartz with majorly white inclusions, this stone is also called Girasol Romantic Quartz. Use it for divination and spiritual love.
  • Brown Girasol Quartz: This is a unique variety with various hues of brown all over it, sometimes with white or yellow inclusions. Use it for grounding, courage, and chakra alignment.
  • Pink Girasol Quartz: Technically, this is a Rose Quartz with a bluish sheen that attracts love, light, and empathy into your life. It’s also good for dreamwork. 
  • Lavender Girasol Quartz: A gentle-energy stone that awakens the Crown Chakra, this crystal shows lilac to deep lavender hues. It’s a powerful tool for serenity, dreamwork, and divine attunement. 
  • Glowing Girasol Quartz: With a sparkly glow of white or silver, this is a powerful healing rock for wisdom, intuition, psychic powers, and imagination. 
  • Rutile Star Girasol Quartz: When the white inclusions in Silky Quartz look like a star, it’s a divine tool for enhancing clarity, wisdom, and emotional stability.
  • Phantom Girasol Quartz: This spiritual awakening stone enhances dreamwork and leads you to enlightenment. The phantoms in this variety may look terraced in white, yellow, brown, or silver.
  • Optic Girasol Quartz: Another Moon Quartz variety for higher powers like perception, intuition, and divine attunement, this stone ranges from clear to blurry appearance in white. 
  • Dendritic Girasol Quartz: If you notice black dendrites or leaf-like patterns on your stone, use it for universal connection, growth, and emotional balance. 
  • Girasol Quartz with Hematoid Quartz: Showing vivid orange to dark brown inclusions scattered in a clear stone, this Girasole Quartz is recommended for clarity, willpower, and chakra alignment. 
  • Girasol Quartz with Golden Healer: When the inclusions in your stone have a golden or vivid yellow hue, it is of the Golden Healer variety. Use it for inner healing, stability of hormones, and cosmic consciousness.
  • Girasol Quartz with Pyrite: The perfect stone of ambition, imagination, and manifestation, this natural Girasol formation often shows golden flecks, sometimes with black or gray patterns.

How to Cleanse Girasol Quartz?

Person using his hand to get water from wooden pipe

  • Moonlight: Place your stone in a room with an open window on a Full Moon for 4 to 6 hours to reset its positivity. 
  • Water: Sprinkle a few drops of tap water on your crystal and imagine the negativity it absorbed vanishing away.
  • Selenite: Circle a Selenite wand thrice over your stone clockwise to cleanse it and return it to its original state.

Questions and Answers

Is Girasol Quartz Safe to Touch?

Yes, Girasol Quartz is safe to touch and handle

Can Girasol Quartz Get Wet?

Yes, Girasol Quartz can get wet and isn’t damaged by water. However, prolonged soaking can lead to discoloration or damage.

Is Girasol Quartz Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Girasol Quartz is safe in the sun for a short period, but prolonged or direct exposure leads to the stone’s loss of color and luster. 

Is Girasol Quartz the Same as Milky Quartz?

No, Girasol Quartz is not the same as Milky Quartz because the former has an opalescent glow missing in the latter.

How Can You Tell if Girasol Quartz is Real?

The best way to identify if Girasol Quartz is real is by rubbing it against porcelain. Real Girasol will leave a white streak

Is Girasol Quartz an Opal?

No, Girasol Quartz is not an Opal but a variety of Quartz. They’re distinct in appearance and composition. Opal is the hydrated form of amorphous silica, while Girasole is silicon dioxide. Moreover, the Opal has an obvious play of color, unlike the subtle opalescent sheen in the latter. 

What is the Difference Between Opalite and Girasol Quartz?

Opalite is a manmade stone with opalescence, whereas Girasol Quartz is a naturally occurring stone displaying opalescence. Against a dark background, Opalite will show a blue sheen, and red against a light background. 

The sheen in Girasol stays consistent against various backgrounds, featuring a subtle play of color and milky-blue glow from the gas bubbles in it.

What is the Difference Between Girasol Quartz and Rose Quartz?

Girasol Quartz and Rose Quartz are varieties of Quartz. However, the former has a milky-white hue with opalescent sheen, while the latter has a uniform pink color. 

Moreover, Rose Quartz doesn’t show any opalescence and opens the Heart Chakra, unlike the higher chakras opened by Girasol.

Interactions with Girasol Quartz

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