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What is Meteorite?

A person holding fragments of a meteorite

Meteorite is a rock that has come from our solar system, charged with cosmic power and abilities. They fall from space to Earth and can be found all over the globe. Meteorites are incredibly old, with many of them orbiting the Sun for millions of years before falling to Earth.

These incredible rocks can be made from a range of cosmic objects. Many Meteorites are asteroids that have come from the asteroid belt, which is located between Mars and Jupiter. However, certain specimens are actually pieces of rocks from other planets or the Moon.

Because Meteorites come from all across our solar system, there are many different types, and they can be made up of various elements and minerals. Some actually contain crystals that are found on Earth! Peridot gemstones have been found in Meteorites, adding to the amazing metaphysical properties of the stone.

Meteorite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Because these astounding rocks come from outer space, Meteorites enhance our connection to other worlds and planets. We can use these stones to better understand ourselves in relation to the Universe, deepening our sense of self. They are also great to work with to develop our psychic abilities, with their cosmic powers boosting our own. 

Meteorites work with the Crown and Root Chakra, allowing us to stay safely connected with Earth as we explore higher realms of existence. It brings us grounding and protection, helping us feel safe and secure. Meteorite also brings us illumination and understanding in our lives, guiding us forward on our true path. 

Did you know that Meteorites gain their power from the Sun? Because they have spent years orbiting the Sun, they soak up its energy. This means that we can use Meteorites to boost positivity and courage

Meteorites are connected to the elements of Earth and Fire. These rocks bring a balance to these different elements, creating a connection between the center of the Earth and higher cosmic bodies. Meteorites can bring change and transformation into our lives when we use them to connect with the element of Fire. 

Did you know that Meteorite opens our minds to new ideas and theories? Its amazing cosmic energy reminds us that we have so much to discover about ourselves and the Universe, helping us to open up to new ways of thinking. Their energy illuminates higher truths and allows us to understand the world on a deeper level.

Meteorite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Connected to the element of Fire, we can use Meteorites to bring change and transformation into our lives.
  • Charge your Meteorite stone with a candle. Then meditate with it while visualizing the changes you wish to see in your life.


  • Meteorite brings us a fresh perspective on life, allowing us to find patience and tranquility within.
  • After charging your Meteorite rock with positive affirmations of calmness and patience, place it in your living room to bring you peaceful vibes.

Stress Relief

  • We can use Meteorite to relieve day-to-day stressors and worries. Its high energy boosts positive thinking and helps us to put things into perspective.
  • Charge your Meteorite rock with music or chanting. Then place it somewhere in your home to help you overcome stress and worries.


  • Meteorite boosts concentration and clarity. Its vibrations enhance mental growth and awareness, helping us to focus on projects or work.
  • Place your Meteorite rock on your desk at work to boost your concentration.


  • Connected to the Root Chakra, we can use Meteorite to bring stability and security into our lives. Its vibrations ground us in the here and now.
  • Charge your Meteorite rock with soil, leaving it submerged overnight. Then meditate with it while visualizing a burst of energy flowing out of the rock, through you, and down into the Earth.

Meteorite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A man is sleeping on the fields

Dream Recall

  • Meteorite opens our minds to deeper understanding and spiritual awareness. This means we can use these stones to boost dream recall.
  • Have a Meteorite rock by your bed when you sleep. When you wake up, hold it in your hands while reflecting on your dreams.


  • Containing cosmic energy and higher powers, Meteorite provides us with protection against negative energy.
  • Charge your Meteorite with positive affirmations of protection. Then wear it as a necklace at all times.

Life Path Discovery

  • Meteorite brings us clarity and enlightenment regarding our true path in life, helping us move forward on our journey.
  • Meditate with your Meteorite while exploring where you are in life and where you wish to be. Allow its energy to guide you, bringing you new ideas regarding your life path.

Spiritual Connection

  • Connected to the Crown Chakra, we can use Meteorites to enhance our spiritual understanding and bring forth enlightenment.
  • Charge your Meteorite rock with incense. Then meditate with it placed on your Crown Chakra.

Cosmic Guidance

  • The Moon, the planets, and the Sun all provide us with guidance and enlightenment in life. We can use a Meteorite rock to connect with these cosmic objects to guide us in life.
  • Hold your Meteorite rock in your hands while connecting to the spiritual energy of a specific planet, the Moon, or the Sun. Reflect on their unique powers and how you wish to bring them into your life.

Meteorite Side Effects

  • Intense Change: Meteorite rocks trigger changes in your life. These transformations are intense, and you may feel overwhelmed at times.
  • Unwanted Realizations: Meteorite stones bring us clarity and spiritual realizations regarding our life path. These may not be what you want to know, but it is important to listen to the truth Meteorite rocks bring you. 
  • Psychic Abilities: Meteorites may trigger psychic abilities by opening up the Crown Chakra and unlocking spiritual growth. Only use Meteorites if you feel prepared for this.

Meteorite Meaning: What Does Meteorite Symbolize?


The milky way galaxyThe meaning of Meteorite is cosmic enlightenment

Meteorite rocks connect us with other planets and cosmic bodies, allowing us to learn so much about ourselves and our place in the Universe. They bring us illumination and understanding on many different levels, opening us up to new ways of thinking and being. 

The name Meteorite comes from the Greek term meteo, which means “high in the sky.” These incredible stones come to the Earth from so far away, bringing us spiritual guidance and enlightenment. 

Many cultures around the world believe that Meteorites are gifts from the heavens and can send us messages from higher realms of existence. These stones hold supernatural powers, and we can use them to develop our own psychic abilities

Many people also believe that because they fall from the skies, we can use Meteorites to send intentions out into the Universe. Holding a Meteorite while manifesting helps the Universe listen to our intentions and wishes.

Types of Meteorite

  • Lunar Meteorite: This variety of Meteorites are rocks that have come from the Moon and are brown and red in color. Lunar Meteorites are great for bringing peace and tranquility into your life.
  • Martian Meteorite: Martian Meteorites come from Mars and are mainly made up of silicon. Use Martian Meteorites to boost your personal power and inner strength. 
  • Canyon Diablo Meteorite: This variety comes from an asteroid that hit Arizona and appears black, brown, and silver. They are dark brown in color and are great for protection. 
  • Iron Meteorite: Iron Meteorites are made up of iron-nickel metal and sulfide and carbide minerals. They are black and silver and provide us with grounding and protection.
  • Stony-Iron Meteorite: This variety of Meteorites is made up of iron-nickel metal and silicate minerals. They appear black with gold or red inclusions and are perfect for developing spiritual understanding. 
  • Stony Meteorite: A light gray variety, Stony Meteorites are made up of silicate minerals. Use Stony Meteorites for concentration and focus. 
  • Pallasites: This rare variety appears gray with light green Peridot crystals within. Pallasites bring harmony to our emotions and relieve stress and anxiety. 
  • Mesosiderite Meteorite: This variety appears gray with white markings and forms when two Meteorites crash together. Mesosiderite Meteorites are great for cosmic guidance and understanding. 
  • Chondrite Meteorite: This variety is a type of Stony Meteorite that appears gray or black. Use a Chondrite Meteorite to open up the Crown Chakra.

How To Cleanse Meteorite?

Crystals and Candles on the table

  • Positive Affirmations: Hold your Meteorite rock in your hands while repeating positive affirmations of cleansing and spiritual guidance. 
  • Candles: Light a candle and let it burn for a few moments. Then take your Meteorite stone and carefully hold it in the smoke. 
  • Soil: Submerge your Meteorite rock in the soil, ensuring it is completely covered. Leave it there for 12 hours. 

Questions and Answers

What is a Meteorite made of?

Meteorites can be made up of a range of minerals. Most Meteorites consist of iron and nickel, but some consist mainly of silicate minerals. 

How much is a Meteorite worth?

Meteorites may be worth as little as five dollars to as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars. It depends on what type of Meteorite it is and its size.

How do you tell if it's a Meteorite?

If you have found a rock and want to know if it is a Meteorite, you can do a few tests. First, check its weight–most Meteorites are relatively dense and will be pretty heavy. Meteorites will also have a thin crust on them, which is where it has melted when traveling to the Earth. Meteorites are also usually magnetic.

Do Meteorites contain diamonds?

Yes, Meteorites can sometimes contain diamonds, though this is pretty rare.

Do Meteorites stick to magnets?

Yes, Meteorites attract magnets because they contain iron-nickel metal.

What's the rarest type of Meteorite?

Pallasites are the rarest type of Meteorite, with only 61 specimens ever being discovered.

Are Meteorites and Asteroids the same thing?

No. The word Meteorite refers to rocks from space that have landed on the Earth, whereas Asteroids are rocky bodies that are still in space.

What Zodiac signs should wear Meteorite rocks?

All zodiac signs can wear Meteorites.

Can Meteorites go in the water?

No, moisture can really damage Meteorites, so they should not go in the water.

Can Meteorites Go in the Sun?

Yes, Meteorites can go in the Sun for short periods of time.

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