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Norway, United States, Finland, Mexico, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, Romania, India, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and Austria.

What is Lodestone?

A Lodestone crystal on a grey background

Lodestone is a rare type of Magnetite with the same composition. The only difference is that Lodestone is naturally magnetic, while Magnetite isn’t.

Hence, it’s also known as Permanent Magnet, Natural Magnet, Magnetic Magnetite, Magnetic Iron Ore, and Static Magnet.

Magnetic Magnetite has a strong magnetism and may appear in gray, black, orange, brown, red, or green with a silver or golden hue. Pyrrhotite is the only other naturally magnetized rock, but it has a lower magnetism than Lodestone. 

Do you know where the name Lodestone comes from? It is a Middle English term meaning “course stone” or “leading stone.” 

Also known as the leading stone, Lodestone was used by the Chinese as a love stone. At the same time, the English utilized it for divination due to its magnetic traits.

Also due to its high natural magnetism, this stone was used for navigation on land and sea in many ancient regions, based on Earth’s magnetism. It forms in octahedral and dodecahedral shapes as inclusions on other minerals.

The stone was initially named “Magnet” due to its link with the ancient city of Magnesia. Interestingly, it was also called Loadstone, derived from the meaning of “load” from Old English, meaning “course.” 

Fun Fact: Sir Isaac Newton’s ring was embedded with a Lodestone gem, which had the strength to bear 200 times its weight.

Lodestone Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Naturally magnetized Magnetite crystal opens the Root, Sacral, and Earth Star Chakras because it is typically seen in black, brown, red, and orange. This is a good crystal for inner power, brain skills, balance, dedication, and awareness. 

Static Magnetite appears in green, yellow, white, silver, golden, and gray colors, opening the Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown, Solar Star, Lunar Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. It brings confidence, success, and wisdom to the stone. 

Mars and Saturn, the main rulers of Lodestone, are associated with good luck, success, fertility, love, and wisdom.

Who should wear Lodestone? Aquarius, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aries are the best zodiac signs to wear Lodestone. Bonding with this Magnetite variety will activate hidden psychic abilities, deep healing, and energy for people with these signs. 

Air and Earth elements are associated with the energies of Loadstone. They are why the crystal works for manifestation, protection, success, and power.

Where should you keep Lodestone in the house? According to Feng Shui, you should keep Lodestone in the Northern corner of your home.

Many metaphysical traits and benefits of Lodestone can be traced to the god’s energies it taps into. The crystal draws its powers from the Greek Earth Goddess, Gaia; the Greek Messenger God, Hermes; the Norse Thunder God, Thor; the Japanese Fertility God, Inari; the Hindu Wealth Goddess, Lakshmi; and the Celtic Nature God, Cerrnunnos.

The healing crystal is linked to the cosmic vibrations of 4, linking Lodestone benefits of stability, grounding, support, and strength.

Lodestone Healing Properties and Benefits

Power and Leadership

  • Did you know Lodestone represents inner power in many cultures? As the stone awakens multiple lower chakras, it’ll help you tap into your inner strength and awaken new skills. 
  • Hold the crystal in your dominant hand at sunrise and set your intention by visualizing it in your mind. 

Critical Thinking Skills

  • If objectivity and pragmatism are skills you need, embracing the powers of Lodestone can show you the way. It opens different areas of your consciousness to awaken rationality and creativity.
  • Charge your crystal for thinking power and imagination by chanting this positive affirmation into it: My mind is awake, and I see solutions for everything.

Empathy and Inner Healing

  • Lighter varieties of Lodestone clear negative thoughts like jealousy, envy, hatred, selfishness, guilt, trauma, and revenge. As a result, you’ll feel lighter in the mind and spirit. 
  • The best way to program your crystal for emotional healing and empathy is by holding it before a lit candle for a few minutes. Don’t forget to ask the cosmos for help if so. 

Love and Relationships

  • Did you know Magnetic Magnetite’s red and orange varieties are good for love and relationships? Keeping this charged stone close makes you dedicated, devoted, and committed to your love life.
  • Activate your stone by soaking it for five minutes at sunset and overnight under the moonlight. You can also chant the LAM or YAM mantras to amplify the power.


  • Bonding with the magnetized variety of Magnetite taps into the powers of Goddesses Gaia, Inari, and Cernunnos. They clear blockages in the reproductive system of males and females.
  • Charge your stone by smudging it with an incense stick. Once it’s charged, meditate or do yoga in its presence for reproductive healing and virility. 

Lodestone Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman is scrying a crystal ball

Psychic Protection

  • As the meaning of this crystal is protection, it can be used to repel curses, hexes, spells, and bad mojo. Creating a ring of Loadstone crystals around you and your home shields you. 
  • Take 4 to 6 Lodestone crystals and bury them in each corner of your house. Remember to set the intention of protection by chanting your intentions into the crystals before burial.

Career Success

  • Lodestone taps into the Feng Shui benefits to attract good luck, fortune, and success into your life. You may find unexpected opportunities or wins at your school or office by programming it.
  • Set a crystal grid in the Northern corner of your bedroom or office with Lodestone in the center and Magnetite varieties around it. Activate each crystal with a Selenite wand before setting them. 


  • The Crown Chakra opening from bonding with Lodestone activates psychic abilities like visions and fortune-telling. 
  • Activate the stone by gazing into it for a few minutes under a moonlit night. This will help you scry into the future or the past. 


  • Have you heard Lodestone lets you communicate with angels and spirits? It’s a great stone for activating psychic abilities like clairvoyance and spirit contact, especially when kept under the pillow before sleep. 
  • When you program the crystal with healing sound energies, it permeates different realms. Make sure to meditate, chant, or visualize your intention when you play classical music, singing bowls, tuning forks, and bells near it. 

Wisdom and Enlightenment

  • The mental clarity from Lodestone properties enables it to tap into cosmic consciousness and spiritual awareness. You’ll find opportunities to grow in your spiritual journey. 
  • Activate your stone for higher consciousness and enlightenment by holding the stone before your lips and taking deep inhalations and exhalations. Meditate on your intention at this time.

Side Effects of Lodestone

  • Imbalance: Overuse of this crystal may cause physical balance issues due to the clearing of chakra blockages. Reset your body with a Red Jasper or Bloodstone. 
  • Too Comfortable: Lodestone may make you so powerful and comfortable in your zone that you refuse to take on new challenges.
  • Oversensitive: If you’re a beginner who overused Lodestone, expect high sensitivity that your mind focuses on everything too much. Take a break with Morganite for a few.

Lodestone Meaning: What Does Lodestone Symbolize?

A woman is sitting at the table with a crystal ball

The meaning of Lodestone is psychic protection.

Bonding with this crystal taps into spiritual guidance, visions, protection, and abilities. It’s also used to find balance and harmony in relationships, like a compass navigating the harsh seas and lands. 

The Leading Stone was first found on Mount Ida in 50 B.C. Over the centuries, it has accrued many other names like Magnetic Iron Ore and Magnetic Ore.

Did you know Cleopatra used to sleep on this crystal to maintain youthfulness? The natural variety of Magnetized Magnet was first written about by the Ancient Greek Philosopher Thales of Miletus. 

In Ancient Greece, it was a sign of God Hermes’s guidance, so travelers took this natural Magnetized Magnetite with them. Nordic mythologies say Lodestone is a fragment of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

Other symbolisms related to Loadstone include boosting passion, manifestation, successful opportunities, chances of conception, wisdom, and consciousness.

Types of Lodestone

  • Common Lodestone: Also known as Magnetic Magnetite, it is usually found in dark colors, such as black, red, or brown. You can trust it to repel negative thoughts and evil vibrations by grounding you in the powers of Mother Gaia.
  • Black Lodestone: Raw and polished varieties of Lodestone may have a metallic shine. It’s a psychic defense stone that repels negativity.
  • Red Lodestone: This is a rare occurrence in Lodestone, with patches of bright red between the usual black, brown, and gray. Use it for power, fertility, and kundalini awakening. 
  • Green Lodestone: When gray or black varieties of Loadstone show patches of a dark green hue, it’s a Heart Chakra stone ideal for cleansing the mind, inner healing, and letting go. 
  • Silver Lodestone: Another grounding stone, Loadstone crystals with silver flashes connect you to the Crown and Stellar Gateway Chakras. 
  • Gold Lodestone: When the sheen is golden instead of silver, it’s a Golden Loadstone. Such a crystal attracts good luck and fortune to the user. 
  • Orange Lodestone: If your Permanent Magnet crystal shows bright orange hues between brown, black, or gray base color, use it for opening the Kundalini energy center. 
  • White Lodestone: This type of Leading Stone with patches of white against a dark base color is an enlightening stone that paves the road to destiny and cosmic consciousness.
  • Gray Lodestone: The balancing variety of Magnetic Ore Stone is ideal for clearing confusion, dilemma, and indecisiveness. It’s majorly gray with a black or brown base color.
  • Brown Lodestone: A common type of Magnetic Magnetite with pale to dark or tan brown hues, this is a good stone for strength, willpower, and support.
  • Lodestone Pairs: Traders often sell two parts that were together once as male and female Loadstone pairs. They are great for maintaining yin-yang balance, promoting fertility, and encouraging spiritual development.
  • Meteor Lodestone: Radial or spiky growth of minerals on Lodestone earned it this name. It’s commonly used for mediumship and activation of psychic abilities.
  • Lodestone with Magnetite: Although Lodestone is a variety of Magnetite, it can co-exist with Magnetite showing a mix of colors from both. Use this stone for programming or setting intentions.
  • Lodestone with Chlorite: This stone may show silver, gray, and black with olive green hues. It’s a good stone to attract abundance and success your way. 
  • Lodestone with Pyrite: Pyrite inclusions stand out in this Loadstone variety, giving it a yellowish shade. Use it for psychic protection and good luck.

How To Cleanse Lodestone?

A clear Quartz crystal on a table in nature

  • Seed Mantra: To cleanse your Natural Magnet, hold it at eye level in your palms and chant the seed mantras LAM and YAM. This ritual will cleanse it with the powers of the Earth and Air elements. 
  • Clear Quartz Wand: Circling a Clear Quartz wand over Lodestone efficiently ejects bad vibrations on your stone. Do it after every use to remove the negativity it absorbed. 
  • Smudging: Light a Palo Santo or sage smudge stick and circle the smoky tips over your crystal while channeling cleansing energies into your stone.

Questions and Answers

Is Lodestone a Gemstone?

Yes and no. It’s not technically a gemstone, but a valuable mineral.

Where Can I Find Natural Lodestones?

You can find natural Lodestones in metamorphic rocks, like Gneiss and Schist, and igneous rocks, like Basalt and Granite. It can also occur in sedimentary rocks.

What is the Difference Between Magnetite and Lodestone?

Lodestone is a variety of Magnetite, specifically a magnetized type. So, both stones are Magnetite.

How is Lodestone Crystals Formed?

Lodestone is a natural magnet formed by magnetized lightning bolts because the Earth’s magnetic field is too weak to do it naturally. So, Lodestone is formed from Magnetite struck by lightning.

Is Lodestone Rare?

Yes, Lodestone is an extremely rare stone.

Is Lodestone Safe in the Water?

No, Lodestone will rust when exposed to water, as it’s technically a metal.

Can Lodestone go in the Sun?

Yes, Lodestone is safe in the sun for a short period. Avoid leaving it in the sun for more than 10 to 15 minutes to prevent discoloration.

Is Lodestone Dangerous or Toxic to the Touch?

No, Lodestone is not dangerous or toxic to touch with bare hands. However, keeping it away from electronic devices that work with magnets is crucial.

How to Identify Real Lodestones?

The easiest way to say if you have a Lodestone is if it has a black streak. You can check if it’s a Magnetite based on color, appearance, and luster. Lastly, observe its reaction to iron fillings, nails, and objects.

How Much Does Lodestone Cost?

You can get raw low-quality Lodestone for $7 to $15 per piece and polished ones for $20 to $50. Higher quality pieces might fetch $300 to $2,000 per piece, based on their structure, shape, size, and traits.

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