Kashmir Sapphire

(cash-meer sa-fahyuh)
Main Origins:
Paddar Valley, Jammu, and Kashmir, India.

What is Kashmir Sapphire?

kashmir sapphire on wood plank

Kashmir Sapphire is a type of blue Corundum found in the remote Zanskar Range of the Himalayas in Jammu and Kashmir, North India. Hence, they are called Zanskar Sapphire, Kashmiri Neelam, Blue Velvet Sapphire, Velvet Blue Sapphire, Indian Sapphire, Srinagar Sapphire, and Himalayan Sapphire.

Kashmiri Neelam crystals usually have a high clarity and light color. Still, many varieties also show dark blue to pink, purple, and beige hues. 

Psychics, astrologists, and healers say this type of Himalayan Sapphire fosters mental, emotional, and spiritual health, in addition to wealth. 

One of the interesting things is there are Kashmir Sapphires from old mines and new mines. The older mines boast lighter blues, high clarity, and a velvety appearance. In comparison, crystals from the newer mines are similar to Ceylon Sapphires, coated in white clay, and lack higher clarity.

Geologists attribute the change in characteristics of Kashmiri Sapphires from new and old mines to corrosion. Most of these Sapphires contain inclusions that show stacked dust bands, dust tracks, Zircon, and blocks. 

Kashmir Sapphire Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Kashmir Sapphire is typically seen in shades of blue, and hence activates the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. They foster confidence, harmony, enlightenment, angelic contact, and psychic benefits, such as intuition and clairvoyance. 

Blue Velvet Sapphire also exists in other colors, opening the Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown, Earth Star, Solar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. They attract luck, peace, clarity, love, divination, and karmic healing to users. 

Saturn governs Kashmir Sapphire, promoting good fortune, discipline, stability, and patience. Therefore, it’s good for the zodiac signs Sagittarius, Libra, and Virgo, aiding in focus, balance, and cosmic consciousness

Kashmiri Neelam draws into the heavenly energies of Shiva, the Hindu God of Meditation and Destruction; Juterna, the Roman Goddess of Springs; Vishnu, the Hindu God of Creation; Indra, the Hindu God of Thunder and Storm; and Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth.

The element of Air and Spirit governs Kashmir Sapphire, symbolizing manifestation, wisdom, divination, spirituality, and intelligence. Keeping it in the Northwest area of your home attracts helpful people into your life.

This type of Sapphire resonates with the vibration of the number 3, signifying youthfulness, joy, creativity, and communication skills. 

Kashmir Sapphire Healing Properties & Benefits

Mental Health 

  • If mental burdens and issues are halting your progress in life, try Cornflower Blue or Pale Blue Kashmir Sapphire. They awaken your emotional intelligence and maturity. 
  • The best way to charge your stone for mental health is by holding onto it under the early morning sunlight for a few minutes. Remember to meditate on your intention at the time. 

Clarity and Intelligence 

  • Bright Blue and Chlorite-Included varieties of Kashmiri Neelam clear brain fog and confusion by boosting your intelligence. After charging, keep them on your dominant side to aid the decision-making process.
  • Consume indirectly made crystal elixir from your crystal by placing it next to a glass of water for 4 to 6 hours. Repeat it whenever you need an intelligence or creativity boost.

Self-Esteem and Charisma 

  • Did you know Zanskar Sapphire empowers your aura? It activates latent skills in your psyche, increasing your confidence and awareness. You can use Trapiche or Bright Blue varieties for this.
  • Light a candle and hold your crystal near the flame for a few minutes while meditating on your intention to set it.

Relationship Harmony

  • Varieties of Blue Velvet Sapphire, like Lavender and Magnetite-Included crystals, are reservoirs of peace, love, and balance in relationships
  • Chant this affirmation while holding your crystal near the lips then place it on your bedside table to activate it for harmony in relationships, “I release all expectations and embrace acceptance with love, kindness, and trust. 


  • Are you looking for a crystal to boost your detox regimen? Get a Bicolor or Green Tourmaline-Included Indian Sapphire crystal today. 
  • Place your crystal nearby while showering or taking a bath to enjoy a gem bath energized by the crystal. You can also pour a glass of indirectly made crystal elixir and soak in it for 10 minutes for this. 

Kashmir Sapphire Spiritual Properties & Benefits

hand planting coins on the ground

Wealth and Luck

  • If you’re searching for that perfect crystal to attract wealth and luck into your life, give Pink, Yellow, Star, and Magnetite-Included varieties of Srinagar Sapphire a try. 
  • Set up a crystal altar with your Kashmir Neelam in the center, surrounded by herbs, flowers, and scents that attract financial luck. You can get cinnamon, bay leaves, and lucky bamboo. Light a golden candle daily to manifest wealth.


  • Pale Blue, Whitish, and Star Sapphire varieties of Kashmiri Neelam are portals of spiritual awakening and awareness. Bond with it under the light of the new moon for this.
  • Sit under a moonlit night and meditate on your intention while holding your crystal over your head for a few minutes. Do this every night before bed for a month to find enlightenment.

Clairvoyance and Intuition

  • Dark Blue and Whitish Himalayan Sapphire activate dormant psychic abilities if you use them with sacred herbs.
  • Light a sage smudge stick and waft the smoke over your crystal while visualizing your intention after dusk to charge it for divination powers. 

Angelic Contact

  • Violet Velvet Blue Sapphire connects your earthly chakras with those high above, connecting you to guardian spirits and angels. It’s great if you’re searching for answers or divine assistance.
  • Scrying at night with your crystal is a good way to find help from angels. For this, hold your crystal at eye level and stare into it while meditating on your thoughts and intentions. 

Dream Recall and Karmic Healing 

  • Indian Sapphire with crystals of Zircon and Copper Carbonate are dreamwork stones that also guide you to karmic penance. 
  • Recall dreams from your current and past lives using a crystal spray. Make it by placing your crystal next to a bottle with 80% water, jasmine, chamomile, and lavender oil. Spray this infusion on your pillow before sleep to manifest dreamwork and karmic healing.

Side Effects of Kashmir Sapphire

  • Arrogance: You may experience an intense superiority complex due to wealth, abundance, and luck. In such cases, ground with a Morganite crystal before starting.
  • Sleep Disturbances: Sleeping with this crystal may interfere with relaxation and disturb slumber through vivid dreams or visions.
  • Fatigue: You may feel extremely tired when the detoxification effects of Kashmiri Neelam start working. Keep a Black Tourmaline if this is affecting you adversely.


Kashmir Sapphire Meaning: What Does Kashmir Sapphire Symbolize?

Hands holding together as a sign of forgiveness and trust

The meaning of Kashmir Sapphire is renewal. 

This type of Sapphire from the Himalayas in India grows your perspective, attracts wealth, clears confusion, and connects you with the etheric realm. 

While we don’t know when exactly Kashmir Sapphire was discovered, most historical accounts place it between 1879 and 1882. Interestingly, they were found after landslides around the same time in the Zanskar Valley. 

Another peculiar story surrounding this crystal is the disappearance of the 65.16-carat Kashmir Sapphire bracelet from Cartier when auctioned in Geneva around 1996. 

Priced at $1.8 million, it was stolen twice more, with endless twists akin to an action movie plot. Ultimately, when a 59.57-carat Kashmir Sapphire popped up at an auction in New York in 2015, insurers found it was repurposed from the Kashmir Sapphire stolen 20 years ago. The crystal was withdrawn from the auction and returned to the original owner. 

Types of Kashmir Sapphire Crystals

  • Common Kashmir Sapphire: Most Kashmiri Neelam stones have a velvety blue hue and a hexagonal prism shape. They are good for attracting luck, clearing the mind, and improving your self-esteem. 
  • Bright Blue Kashmir Sapphire: This Indian Sapphire variety boasts a vivid and intense blue color and stimulates intelligence, clarity, and charisma. 
  • Cornflower Blue Kashmir Sapphire: In this variety, you’ll notice a soft cornflower blue hue with a harmonious and peaceful energy. You can also use it for mental health and wellness.
  • Dark Blue Kashmir Sapphire: A type of Zanskar Sapphire with a blackish tone all over constitutes this variety. Use it for balancing the higher and the lower chakras or tapping into psychic abilities. 
  • Pale Blue Kashmir Sapphire: This is a Srinagar Sapphire in a soothing blue color of sky blue, ideal for releasing hurt, pain, and guilt. Using it also leads you to karmic healing and enlightenment.
  • Pink Kashmir Sapphire: In this type of Neelam stone from Kashmir, common hues are rose, mauve, and other bright and dark shades of pink. It’s ideal for immunity, luck, and love. 
  • Violet Kashmir Sapphire: One of the rare varieties of Zanskar Sapphire, this healing crystal features a rare mix of dark blue and violet hues with specks of brown and black colors. It’s great for awakening, intelligence, and angelic contact.
  • Lavender Kashmir Sapphire: This type of Indian Sapphire may be lilac, pink, purple, blue, or a mix of all. It’s ideal for harmony in relationships and spiritual destiny, especially related to karmic healing.
  • Brownish Kashmir Sapphire: A variety of Himalayan Sapphire with patches of brown with dark or royal blue hue constitutes this variety. You should use it for grounding, nature connection, relaxation, harmony, and mental clarity. 
  • Whitish Kashmir Sapphire: Featuring white to cloudy hues, this is a Kashmiri Neelam variety that’s even colorless at times. Use it for activating psychic abilities, enlightenment, self-esteem, courage, and luck. 
  • Yellow Inclusions Kashmir Sapphire: Yellow Srinagar Sapphire in bright hues makes up this variety and is best for health, wealth, prosperity, karmic healing, and relaxation. 
  • Bicolor Kashmir Sapphire: Usually seen in purple-blue, pink-blue, white-blue, and yellow-purple color combinations, this type of Zanskar Sapphire is a rarity. It’s great for Reiki, karmic penance, detox, and divination.
  • Kashmir Star Sapphire: Boasting six-rayed, star-like patterns across blue and purple varieties of Indian Sapphire from Kashmir, this is a good crystal for finding your destiny, tapping into wealth, and finding enlightenment. 
  • Kashmir Trapiche Sapphire: This type of Blue Velvet Sapphire is a powerhouse of spiritual guidance, courage, and charisma. It mostly appears in blue, pink, rose, and purple hues with six spokes. These spokes are usually in a lighter color, like white. 
  • Kashmir Sapphire with Zircon Inclusions: Technically seen with corroded Zircon crystals, this type of Himalayan Sapphire empowers emotional healing, harmony, love, courage, and dream recall. 
  • Kashmir Sapphire with Green Tourmaline: In this variety of Srinagar Sapphire, you’ll notice light-green crystals of Tourmaline. They lead to love, detox, wealth, and inner peace.
  • Kashmir Sapphire with Copper Carbonate: In this variety, traces of Copper Carbonate exist with Zanskar Sapphire, enhancing its blue hues. Use it for dream recall and activation of psychic gifts, like clairvoyance and intuition. 
  • Kashmir Sapphire with Magnetite: Indian Sapphire from Old Mine often features tiny Magnetite crystals in black and gray. This type of natural combination is ideal for detox, harmony, and wealth.
  • Kashmir Sapphire with Chlorite: Imperfect crystals of Chlorite form naturally with Himalayan Sapphire in this variety. Use this type of Sapphire from Kashmir for spiritual awakening, intelligence, clarity, and intelligence.

How to Cleanse Kashmir Sapphire?

The sun is shining over the mountains

  • Moonlight: Keep your healing crystal in a room with an open window on a moonlit night to eject the negativity stuck to you. 
  • Smudging: Light a sandalwood incense and circle it over your crystal to eject the negativity absorbed by it. 
  • Sunlight: Holding your healing crystal for a few minutes to soak up the rising sun is a quick and easy way to cleanse it or remove the bad energies it soaked up during rituals. 

Answers and Questions

What is Kashmir Sapphire?

Kashmir Sapphire is a variety of Sapphires that come from the Himalayan region of Jammu and Kashmir in India. 

How is Kashmir Sapphire Formed?

Kashmir Sapphire is formed from the collision of the Indian subcontinent against the Eurasian plate. This geological process began 64 million years ago.

Can Kashmir Sapphire Get Wet?

Yes, Kashmir Sapphire can get wet without sustaining damage. 

Is Kashmir Sapphire Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Kashmir Sapphire is safe for short periods under the sun. However, you shouldn’t expose it to prolonged exposure to light and heat from the sun.

How Can You Tell if a Kashmir Sapphire is Real?

Real Kashmir Sapphire can be identified by its velvety blue hue and silky or fibrous inclusions. You can also do a scratch test, density test, or streak test to confirm its authenticity. 

Are Kashmir Sapphires Still Being Mined?

No, original Kashmir Sapphires are not being mined today, as the mine was depleted in 1887.

Why is Kashmir Sapphire so Expensive?

Kashmir Sapphire is expensive due to its rarity and uniqueness of color. With no new mines existing to mine this crystal, the existing stones are extremely pricey and valuable. 

How Much is a Kashmir Sapphire Worth?

The highest qualities of Kashmir Sapphire may fetch up to $60,000 per carat. 

What Stones Go Well with Kashmir Sapphire?

The best stones to combine with Kashmir Sapphire are Pearl, Diamond, Coral, Black Tourmaline, and Garnet

What is the Difference Between Ceylon and Kashmir Sapphire?

The biggest difference between Ceylon Sapphire and Kashmir Sapphire is the color. The former is found in a wide range of shades, and the latter shows a velvety hue. 

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