Ceylon Sapphire

(say-lawn saf-eye-er.)
Main Origins:
Sri Lanka

What is Ceylon Sapphire?

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Have you ever imagined the sensation of holding a piece of the sky? That’s the feeling when you have a Ceylon Sapphire in your hand. Its blue hue carries whispers of Sri Lanka’s landscapes and ancient secrets, where legends intertwine with reality.

A delicate mix of iron and titanium bestows upon it a color that’s truly unparalleled. A shade of blue that not only catches your eye but also seems to speak directly to your innermost being.

Ceylon Sapphire Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Taking after Virgo, this stone carries an energy of practicality and healing. Its affiliation with Libra brings forth harmony, balance, and support in relationships. As for Sagittarius, this stone channels wisdom, a quest for truth, and a thirst for knowledge. 

Linked to the Throat Chakra, Ceylon Sapphire enhances communication skills. It assists in expressing your truth and feelings with clarity and confidence. Therefore, it can be immensely helpful for individuals who struggle with communication or self-expression.

The vibrant blue hue of the Ceylon Sapphire resonates with calming and soothing energy. This color brings peace while reducing stress levels and fostering a sense of tranquility. It resembles a sky or an ocean, offering a peaceful escape from life’s chaos.

In numerology, the number 2 symbolizes duality, partnership, and balance; whereas 6 represents nurturing care and family responsibilities. Ceylon Sapphire has the potential to bring balance to relationships and infuse a nurturing energy into your life.

According to feng shui principles, placing a Ceylon Sapphire in the Northeastern areas of a space can enhance its energy. The Northern direction is associated with life’s journey while the Northeastern direction is linked to growth and self improvement. 

Ceylon Sapphire Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Ceylon Sapphire is a confidence booster and a clarity enhancer rolled into one. It amplifies personal power and clear-headed decision-making, and it is perfect for anyone stepping into a leadership role.
  • Wear a Ceylon Sapphire pendant during a big meeting or a tough call. It’s great for boosting your confidence and helping you steer the ship.

Financial Discipline

  • This stone brings a sense of prudence and wisdom to your financial decisions.
  • Pop a Ceylon Sapphire into your wallet or place it on your desk. It’s a subtle reminder to think twice about your spending and investing, keeping you aligned with your financial goals.

 Mental Acuity

  • Ceylon Sapphire is a mental sharpening tool. It enhances focus and clears up mental fog, making complex tasks seem less daunting.
  • Keep this gem nearby when you’re crunching numbers or brainstorming. It will help you see solutions more clearly.

 Emotional Release

  • This gem helps in releasing bottled-up feelings, providing a sense of emotional relief.
  • Hold the Ceylon Sapphire during a quiet moment, perhaps while meditating. Focus on areas of emotional stress and imagine the stone absorbing and clearing these feelings.

 Creative Manifestation

  • Ceylon Sapphire sparks creativity and helps in bringing your artistic visions to life.
  • Place it in your workspace or studio, like a creative charm inspiring you and keeping the creative juices flowing.

Ceylon Sapphire Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Balances Yin and Yang 

  • Ceylon Sapphire brings personal equilibrium. This stone understands the dance of life’s energies, the push and pull, the give and take. Wearing it brings a sense of inner harmony, gently aligning the masculine and feminine aspects within you.
  • Pop this gem in your pocket or wear it as a piece of jewelry. Imagine it whispering to you throughout the day, reminding you to find your balance, to walk the middle path with grace and ease.


  • Ceylon Sapphire brings a journey into the depths of who you are. It wants you to look inward, to peel back the layers and embrace all the unique, beautiful, and complex parts of yourself.
  • Sit quietly with this Sapphire during meditation. Place it over your heart or hold it in your hand, and let it be a guiding light to the treasures buried deep within your soul.

 Compassionate Communication

  • In a world where words can sometimes be sharp and hasty, Ceylon Sapphire encourages you to speak from the heart, to weave empathy and understanding into your words.
  • Keeping this gem close during conversations, either in your pocket or as a necklace, can be a gentle reminder to listen not just with your ears, but with your heart too.

 Dream Interpretation

  • Have you ever woken up from a dream, certain it meant something profound? Ceylon Sapphire helps clear your mind, making the messages in your dreams easier to understand.
  • Slide the Sapphire under your pillow before you drift off to sleep. 

 Mindfulness and Presence

  • In our fast-paced world, Ceylon Sapphire reminds you to pause and breathe. It encourages you to be fully present, to live each moment with intention and awareness.
  • During meditation, or any quiet moment, hold the Sapphire and feel its weight and coolness. Let it be a tactile reminder to come back to the here and now, to savor the beauty of the present.

Side Effects of Ceylon Sapphire

  • Overactive Throat Chakra: Using Ceylon Sapphire can sometimes lead to an overactive Throat Chakra. This might manifest as talking excessively, being overly opinionated, or experiencing physical symptoms, like throat discomfort.
  • Sensitivity: Ceylon Sapphire can sometimes make you more emotionally sensitive. This heightened sensitivity could lead to feeling overwhelmed by your own emotions or being overly empathetic to the emotions of others.
  • Indecision: While Ceylon Sapphire aids in clear thinking and decision making, relying too heavily on its influence could potentially create an imbalance. It might lead to overthinking or overanalyzing situations, causing indecisiveness or confusion.

Ceylon Sapphire Meaning: What Does Ceylon Sapphire Symbolize?


Legend has it that the Ten Commandments were not simply carved onto any stone. They were inscribed upon tablets made of Sapphire. These words were believed to be deserving of a stone that exudes purity and resilience.

Deep within its core lies connotations of purity and wisdom. The idea that the Ten Commandments rested upon Sapphire recognizes that certain words and teachings are so profound that only something as eternal and pristine as a Sapphire could carry them.

So, when you set your eyes upon a Ceylon Sapphire, remember that you’re peering into a realm where spirituality, divine laws, and timeless wisdom converge. This Sapphire is part of a narrative interwoven into the fabric of numerous beliefs and cultures.

While we may never truly know if the Ten Commandments were indeed etched in Sapphire, this legend elevates the stature of Sapphires beyond being precious stones.

It represents a fragment of the heavens that binds us to something beyond measure. The stone’s deep blue is like a calm ocean for the mind, helping you to focus and find a bit of tranquility. 

It’s nearly as hard as a Diamond, which makes it a symbol for resilience and strength, something we all need in our lives.

Types of Ceylon Sapphire

  • Ceylon Blue Sapphire: A deep blue stone that symbolizes wisdom, promotes mental clarity, and aids in decision-making.
  • Cornflower Blue Ceylon Sapphire: Bright and soft blue, this variety helps in calming the mind and relieving stress.
  • Royal Blue Ceylon Sapphire: With an intense and velvety blue, this stone enhances self-esteem and confidence.
  • Silver Blue Ceylon Sapphire (Ice-Blue): This stone is light, almost icy-blue, and encourages clear communication and self-expression.
  • Sky Blue Ceylon Sapphire: Occurring in a soft, light blue shade, the sky blue variety of Ceylon Sapphire aids in tranquility and peaceful thoughts, making it great for meditation.
  • Dark Ceylon Sapphire: Deep, almost inky blue, Dark Ceylon Sapphire provides strength in challenging situations and emotional depth.
  • Purple Ceylon Sapphire: This variety ranges from lavender to deep violet and stimulates imagination and creativity.
  • Pink Ceylon Sapphire: Occurring in pale blush to vibrant pink, this variety nurtures emotional healing and fosters love.
  • Yellow Ceylon Sapphire: A bright, cheerful yellow stone that attracts wealth and joy and fosters a positive outlook.
  • Red Ceylon Sapphire: The Red Ceylon Sapphire promotes vitality and courage and enhances sexuality.
  • Lilac Ceylon Sapphire: A purple variety of Sapphire that encourages spiritual growth and personal reflection.
  • Ceylon Star Sapphire: With a star-shaped formation, this stone aids in focusing thoughts and intentions.
  • Ceylon Padparadscha Sapphire: This variety is a unique blend of pink and orange and helps in balancing emotions and embracing change.
  • Ceylon Parti Sapphire (Teal, Blue-Green): This stone is a mixture of blue and green and promotes emotional balance and relieves stress.
  • Ceylon Orange Sapphire: A vibrant orange stone that stimulates creativity and enthusiasm.
  • Brown Ceylon Sapphire: With brown tones, this variety is grounding and stabilizing, and great for connecting with nature.
  • Green Ceylon Sapphire: Ranging from light to deep green, this stone fosters growth, compassion, and understanding of others.
  • Ceylon Black Sapphire: The black variety of Ceylon Sapphire offers protection and grounding and helps in warding off negative energy.
  • Ceylon Magenta Sapphire (Pinkish Purple): This stone is like a mix of red and blue Sapphires. It mixes the passion and power of red combined with the calm and wisdom of blue, helping you lead a centered and heart-aligned life.
  • Clear Ceylon Sapphire: The clear version of Ceylon Sapphire offers clarity and mental focus, helping to see things from a clearer perspective.

How to Cleanse Ceylon Sapphire?

The water is flowing in the house

  • Water: Gently hold your Ceylon Sapphire under cool, running water for a minute or so to cleanse and rejuvenate its energy.
  • Moonlight: Place the Ceylon Sapphire under the light of a Full Moon overnight, allowing the Moon’s natural energies to purify and recharge the stone.
  • Smudging: Use a sage smudge stick to encircle your Ceylon Sapphire in smoke, which is believed to clear away any negative energies and restore its natural vibrancy.

Questions and Answers

Should Only Blue Sapphires be Called Ceylon Sapphire?

No, all Sapphires that originate from Sri Lanka are considered Ceylon Sapphires, and this name is used to refer to Sapphires that originate from that region.

Are Ceylon Sapphires Valuable?

Yes, Ceylon Sapphires are highly valuable and sought after. Their value stems from their exceptional quality, rarity, and the range of blue tones they display. Ceylon Sapphires are considered some of the finest gemstones in the world.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Ceylon Sapphire?

The spiritual meaning of Ceylon Sapphire entails finding your deepest voice of truth, and building and fostering the confidence needed to share what you believe with the world. It makes you strong and resilient and ready to embark on your deepest ambitions.

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