(hed - n - ber - gahyt)
Main Origins:
Sweden, Japan, Turkey, China, Australia, Italy, Pakistan, United States, South Africa, Greece, and Madagascar.

What is Hedenbergite?

A Hedenbergite crystal on a black background

Hedenbergite is a physically and energetically magnificent crystal. It forms in iron-rich metamorphic rocks in unique natural shades of green as well as brown and black. This crystal is usually opaque and sometimes translucent. 

The surface sheen of Hedenbergite can be glassy, resinous, or dull. It has a range of different varieties and formations. It is classified as part of the pyroxene group of minerals. Hedenbergite is also found as an inclusion in Quartz crystals.

Hedenbergite was named in 1819 by Jöns Jakob Berzelius to acknowledge Anders Ludvig Hedenberg, the Swedish mineralogist who first defined this mineral.

The vibration of Hedenbergite is strengthening and charismatic. Hedenbergite is a stone of transition, assisting greatly in the integration of change, the healing, and the upgrading of thoughts, emotions, and actions.

It is a stone that connects us to earthly wisdom and our heart’s intelligence and power. Hedenbergite is also a crystal of trust, patience, alignment, abundance, manifestation, and transformation.

Did You know? Hedenbergite is more common than it seems, as many specimens are misidentified as Augite or Diopside, which have similar compositions as they are all members of a solid solution chain in the same mineral family pyroxene.

Hedenbergite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The vibration of Hedenbergite upgrades intelligence on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. This crystal guides us through transitions, transformation, and integration that leads to embodied knowledge.

The first primary chakra associated with Hedenbergite is the Root. Aligning with this energy offers grounding, physical embodiment, and manifestations that allows us to experience abundance and cohesion in life as a human.

The Heart is the other chakra that resonates with Hedenbergite’s properties. The knowledge of the heart imbues this crystal with unconditional love, nurturing, and emotional healing. Hedenbergite guides us to the power and alignment of heart intelligence.

The ruling element of Earth expands on the emotive healing energy of Hedenbergite. Earth reflects the natural world and the cycles of constant transformation that we and the Earth undergo as we heal and manifest. 

The Goddess Shakti represents the feminine life force that is responsible for creating, maintaining, and destroying. The God Shiva represents masculine energy, strength, creation, and constructive destruction. They imbue this crystal with the power of transformation, balance, and integration of opposites.

The ruling planets of Hedenbergite are Mercury and Venus. Mercury focuses on intelligence, learning, and understanding. Venus brings our attention to the heart, harmony, attraction, and wealth.

Hedenbergite numerical vibration is 3. This indicates growth and expansion on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. 3 also signifies manifestation and abundance. 

Hedenbergite Healing Properties and Benefits

Emotional Healing

  • Hedenbergite is an energetic guide and support for emotional healing, integrating and transforming trauma held in emotional patterns and the heart space.  Hedenbergite is a stone that is resonant with aligned Heart Chakra energy.
  • Hold your Hedenbergite crystal while taking the time to be present and fully allowing whatever emotions you are experiencing to rise.

Increased Strength and Flexibility

  • The vibration of Hedenbergite leads to the benefit of increased strength and flexibility. Hedenbergite energy strengthens and opens the physical body, mental state, emotions, and spirit.
  • Tune into Hedenbergite energy for increased strength by wearing or holding this crystal and speaking out or writing down resonant affirmations for strength and flexibility.

Boosts Immune System

  • The strengthening energy of Hedenbergite is effective for boosting immunity. This crystal tunes our energy and physical body systems to resilience and the innate body intelligence of healing and adapting to thrive in changing conditions.
  • Commit to practicing any form of breathwork daily while holding or wearing your Hedenbergite crystal to attune and embody an improved state of health and immunity.

Patience and Trust

  • As a stone of transition, Hedenbergite energy leads us to cultivate patience and trust in the natural processes and divine intelligence of our experiences.
  • Hold your Hedenbergite crystal while meditating deeply with full presence and focus on the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that you receive as you connect with the energy of this crystal.

Mental Clarity and Cohesion

  • Hedenbergite crystal also helps to improve focus and organization. Its energy helps us to find inner clarity as well as to reflect this clarity in how our physical body and spaces are organized and cohesive.
  • Keep Hedenbergite crystals in your home and workspaces, or wear a piece of Hedenbergite for an extended period to attune and reflect the clear harmonic energy of this stone. 

Hedenbergite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A girl is reading a book near the window

Natural Intelligence

  • Hedenbergite attunes you to natural intelligence, which includes tapped inner wisdom (intuition and instinct) and the ability to connect with the higher spiritual wisdom (divine wisdom, channeling and accessing of collective consciousness) and earthly wisdom of nature.
  • Work with Hedenbergite in a daily meditation practice to attune to this benefit of activating and clarifying all levels of intelligence through the integration, growth, connection to the earth, and expanded heart-centered consciousness 

Integration of Duality

  • Hedenbergite crystal energy will guide you through the  integration of opposites, bringing deeper wisdom and acceptance into concepts of duality in human experience and nature. 
  • To better understand the value of contrasting experiences and integrate duality. Hold your Hedenbergite stone while practicing synchronizing pranayama alternate nostril breathwork.

Earth Healing Work

  • The vibration of Hedenbergite crystal will accentuate all types of earth healing work. The effects of both physical and energetic practices for the well-being of the Earth have been positively energized with Hedenbergite energy.
  • Wear your Hedenbergite stone to elevate your earth healing work on the ground. Work with Hedenbergite in deep meditation, visioning, and beaming higher vibrational emotions as you connect with Earth.


  • A crystal that empowers manifestations into fruition through balance and attunement of emotions, Hedenbergite helps us easily integrate the transitions that lead to our manifestations. 
  • Spend time visualizing your manifestations while holding or wearing Hedenbergite stone. Focus on the emotions you feel surrounding the manifestation, allowing the crystal energy to guide you through whatever arises in the present.

Connecting Natural Cycles

  • Hedenbergite crystal energy will help us form a deeper connection with the archetypal cycles of nature (life, death, and rebirth). It helps us to understand this in a grander sense and in the transformational experiences we have within daily life.
  • Use Hedenbergite for this purpose by connecting with your stone while observing the natural world or observing your nature, becoming conscious of the natural cycles within you as you evolve.

Side Effects of Hedenbergite

  • Shadow Work: As Hedenbergite is a stone of integration, it can also bring your attention to shadow aspects of yourself and reality. This can be overwhelming for some people, but it is in the interest of deeper understanding.
  • Heightened Emotions: Hedenbergite crystals bring attention to your emotional state. This can be whether you are in a state of healing, bliss, or heartbreak. These stones encourage us to delve into emotions and integrate them to upgrade.

Hedenbergite Meaning: What Does Hedenbergite Symbolize?

A man thinking and thinking expression are on the background

The meaning of Hedenbergite is Natural Intelligence. 

The overall appearance of Hedenbergite is mysterious due to its darker coloration and earthy tones, the stone alludes to hidden power. It can help us to see the value in both light and dark aspects and to integrate the hidden power in any experience.

Hedenbergite can support us through periods of transition and transformation. It most commonly forms in elegant earthy greens, a color energy that contributes to the meaning of connection to the natural world and the heart.

A unique aspect of Hedenbergite is that it forms in metamorphic rock that undergoes natural alterations usually due to changing environmental conditions which results in the dissolving of minerals and the deposit of new minerals.  

The symbolism of transition and transformation in letting go of the old and replacing with the new, evident in this process, is also reflective of the meaning of Hedenbergite. 

The fact that Hedenbergite is an iron-rich mineral fortifies this crystal with the symbolic meaning or energy of iron which is strength, confidence, sharpness of mind and body as well as grounding and protection.

Fun Fact: Hedenbergite mineral has also been found in chondrites, which are a meteorite from the early solar system that have not undergone much alteration.

Types of Hedenbergite

  • Common Hedenbergite: Lighter sage-green to gray-green, brownish green, or dark green. Hedenbergite energy activates the Heart Chakra, helping us to heal emotionally and to perceive and attract abundance.
  • Brown Hedenbergite: Orange-brown, green-brown, or darker brown. Brown Hedenbergite has a grounding energy and clarifying energy manifestations into the physical. 
  • Fluorite on Hedenbergite: Deep green Hedenbergite Quartz crystals formed together with Red Fluorite improves focus and encourages emotional, mental, and physical balance. 
  • Andradite Garnet on Hedenbergite: Burnt orange to brown-red and darker brown Andradite Garnet crystals, together with Hedenbergite and Quartz, including Hedenbergite form a powerful crystal for grounding and increasing strength.
  • Grossular Garnet on Hedenbergite: Orange to orange-red Grossular Garnets form together with Hedenbergite and Hedenbergite Quartz crystals. Grossular Garnet on Hedenbergite will attune your vibration to abundance, growth, and renewal.
  • Green Hedenbergite: Forms in a variety of earthy shades of green, ranging from light sage green, aqua green, forest green, and dark green that can appear almost black. Green Hedenbergite is useful for emotional healing and transforming your relationship to abundance. 
  • Pink Hedenbergite: Green or brown Hedenbergite crystals formed together with light Pink Fluorite assists with  Moving from the old to the new and easily moving through blocks that hinder transformation.
  • Black Hedenbergite: Black Hedenbergite is often an extremely dark shade of green or brown, but it appears visually and energetically as black. It can appear to be metallic in sections as light reflects off it. Black Hedenbergite is protective and strengthening.
  • Clear Quartz Hedenbergite: Clear Quartz with small sections of darker green Hedenbergite clusters included within the crystal. Quartz amplifies the energy of Hedenbergite, making this crystal super powerful for times of transition, emotional healing, and manifestation.
  • Gold Hedenbergite: Bright green, brown-green, and brown specimens of Hedenbergite crystal can appear to have gold tones in certain lighting. Inclusions of other crystals along with Hedenbergite can create the effect of gold-like pigments. Hedenbergite that displays gold will be particularly useful for attracting abundance.
  • Silver Hedenbergite: Dark gray-green or Black Hedenbergite can display a silver or gray reflective effect in the light. Silver Hedenbergite encourages emotional harmony and a clear mind.
  • Hedenbergite-Ferrosilite: Ferrosilite is a transparent or translucent dark brown to black mineral that forms part of the pyroxene group with Hedenbergite. When these form together, the crystal effect is grounding and protective.
  • Hedenbergite-Hypersthene: Hypersthene is a silky white, gray, brown, and dark green mineral that forms part of the pyroxene group with Hedenbergite. These crystals formed together to offer the benefits of increased strength, self-love, and transformation.
  • Step Termination Hedenbergite: Brown, green, or black Hedenbergite specimens display a step termination effect (many naturally formed symmetrical crystal faces as opposed to a polished or broken end). This type of termination amplifies the activation of natural intelligence and all the effects of Hedenbergite.
  • Hedenbergite with Prehnite: Pastel green raw Prehnite with dark green to black Hedenbergite crystallization is soothing and energizing for the heart.
  • Hedenbergite on White Calcite: Dark green to black Hedenbergite crystal formed in a White Calcite matrix is useful for spiritual transformation and growth.
  • Hedenbergite with Felspar: Feldspar, which can form in white, gray, brown, blue, or pink, can be found together with Hedenbergite crystals. This combination of minerals has an energetic effect that will bring you into greater self-awareness and encourage personal growth.
  • Hedenbergite with Diopside: Hedenbergite and Diopside form part of a pyroxene solid solution chain. Green, black, yellow, or brown Diopside forms together with Hedenbergite and has a positive clarifying effect on the mind, including increasing intellect and assisting with mental disorders.
  • Ilvaite with Hedenbergite: Black prismatic Ilvaite forms together with Hedenbergite or Hedenbergite-included-Quartz to offer the benefits of increased patience, grounding, and protection.
  • Hematite with Hedenbergite: Green Hedenbergite Quartz forms together with metallic gray to black or rusty red Hematite. The energy of Hematite with Hedenbergite is deeply grounding and strengthening.
  • Albite on Hedenbergite: Dark Hedenbergite crystals formed together with transparent or translucent pearly white to gray Albite encourages clarity of mind and helps to dispel fear surrounding change.
  • Epidote with Hedenbergite:  Green, yellow-green, brown-green, or black episode formed together with Hedenbergite symbolizes personal power and manifestation. 
  • Arsenopyrite with Hedenbergite: Steel gray to silver Arsenopyrite forms together with Hedenbergite. Arsenopyrite with Hedenbergite is beneficial for moving through fears and anxieties which may arise during a transition period.
  • Hedenbergite with Syenite: Typically light pink to gray Syenite that contains Hedenbergite crystals has a calming effect and encourages truth and self-confidence. 
  • Axinite with Hedenbergite: Axinite in brown, red-brown, purple-brown, or pearl gray together with Hedenbergite Quartz help with grounding and emotional balance as well as access to the wisdom of higher realms.
  • Siderite with Hedenbergite: Hedenbergite can form together with brown, yellow-brown, or gray-brown colored Siderite. Together, Siderite with Hedenbergite crystal can align your energy to prosperity and confidence.
  • Green Hedenbergite Quartz: Also referred to as Prasem Hedenbergite or Seriphos Green Quartz, Hedenbergite as an inclusion within Quartz crystal results in light green to darker gray-green pigmented Hedenbergite Quartz points. Green Hedenbergite Quartz offers all the benefits of Hedenbergite amplified.

How To Cleanse Hedenbergite?

Cleansing sage smudge stick with 3 Amethyst crystals on the background

  • Smudging – Intentionally burn dried sage or a botanical incense and pass your Hedenbergite crystal through the smoke to cleanse its energy.
  • Water – Submerge your Hedenbergite crystal in a natural body of water, such as a creek, river, pond, or pure rain or spring water for just 3 minutes to cleanse it.
  • Soil – Place or bury your Hedenbergite under some fresh soil to allow the natural compositing and transformative Earth energy to cleanse your stone of any

Questions and Answers

Where is Hedenbergite Found?

Hedenbergite is found all around the world, most notably in countries including Sweden, Japan, Turkey, China, Australia, Italy, Pakistan, United States, South Africa, Greece, and Madagascar.

How is Hedenbergite Formed?

Hedenbergite forms in metamorphic rocks, which are rocks that have changed from one form to another due to a combination of environmental factors that can include high pressure, high temperatures, and exposure to mineral-rich fluids.

What are the Benefits of Hedenbergite?

Hedenbergite’s benefits include support during transitions and transformation through emotional healing, mental strength, and clarity as well as connection and a deeper understanding of nature.

What is the Composition of Hedenbergite Mineral?

The composition of Hedenbergite is CaFeSi2O6. It is a calcium-iron-silicate mineral belonging to the pyroxene group.

Is Hedenbergite a Silicate?

Yes, Hedenbergite is a Silicate, as it contains both Silicon and Oxygen, it is a calcium-iron silicate mineral.

Interactions with Hedenbergite

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