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Czech Republic

What is Chlorite?

chlorite on dark granite platform x 4

Chlorite ranges from light green to light emerald green. The layers of these crystals are foliated or platy and can be pulled off. When lit up, some Chlorite crystals make a beautiful design resembling ferns. Some people like the color, feel, and design of these crystals.

Minerals like magnesium, iron, aluminum, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen are all found in Chlorite. Its phyllosilicate structure makes its crystal layers thin and flexible. The softness and flexibility of Chlorite come from this mix. Knowing about Chlorite’s chemical and physical qualities, you can better understand its complicated structure.

In 1851, Chlorite was identified as a mineral for the first time. The Greek word “chloros,” which means “green,” is where its name comes from. In traditional medicine, Chlorite has been a healing stone for a long time.

Crystal collectors are interested in Chlorite because of its bright green color and unique qualities. In addition to being beautiful, it is thought to bring balance and unity to the spirit world. Some people use Chlorite rocks to help them become more spiritual when they meditate. 

Did you know that, in ancient times, Chlorite was often associated with the Goddess Venus and considered a symbol of love and beauty? The green color of Chlorite stood for nature’s renewal and growth, which connected it to ideas of fertility and renewal. 

Chlorite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

The Heart Chakra is linked to bright green Chlorite. Chlorite’s green tones reflect nature’s life and connect us to the Earth. The different colored types of Chlorite can also give off different energies with different meanings. Golden Chlorite might be linked to solar energy, which makes you feel stronger and more confident.

Its link to the Root Chakra stabilizes people physically. In the Solar Plexus Chakra, Chlorite enhances self-confidence and expansion. Additionally, it clears Third Eye Chakra obstacles, boosting intuition and clarity. Chlorite balances the Sacral, Throat, and Crown Chakras, providing self-discovery seekers with spiritual and emotional assistance.

Earth controls Chlorite, which grounds its energy and links it to nature. According to Feng Shui, putting Chlorite, which is associated with Wood, in the East will help with growth and new starts. Earth makes Chlorite more stable and balanced, which is good for mental and spiritual growth.

Some spiritual groups believe that Chlorite is connected to Pachamama, an Incan Fertility Goddess and Mother Earth. Pachamama helps Chlorite connect with nature and grow roots in it. The societal and spiritual meaning of the crystal comes from honoring the Gods who rule.

Chlorite Healing Properties & Benefits

Courage and Confidence

  • Giving people courage and confidence by opening the Heart Chakra is one of Chlorite’s benefits.
  • For these traits to strengthen, charge the crystal by putting it under the full moon and wishing for more courage and confidence.

Creativity and Intelligence 

  • Some of Chlorite’s properties are boosting intelligence and originality by opening the Third Eye Chakra.
  • Program the crystal by holding it and picturing your intellectual or creative goals. This will fill it with your wishes to be more creative and smart.


  • Chlorite encourages empathy by balancing the Heart Chakra, which makes the energy more kind and understanding.
  • To program it, put the crystal on a Rose Quartz stone and focus on wanting to feel more connected and empathetic.

Fertility and Strength 

  • Helping with pregnancy and strength by making you stronger physically and emotionally are some of Chlorite’s healing properties.
  • To benefit from this, charge the crystal by burying it in the ground, which stands for strength and growth, and set wishes for fertility and inner strength.

Grounding and Stability

  • This crystal connects with the Root Chakra and aligns the body with Earth’s forces. This makes you feel stable and grounded.
  • As you put the crystal on top of the Black Tourmaline, picture roots going down into the ground and set wishes for stability and grounding to strengthen these qualities.

Chlorite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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  • Chlorite helps with cleansing by removing negative energy and clearing energetic blockages.
  • Putting the crystal in a saltwater basin will help remove any impurities. Set spiritual clarity and regeneration goals to get the most out of its cleansing powers.


  • Working with the energy of the Solar Plexus Chakra to boost mental strength and help you set goals are more of Chlorite’s metaphysical properties.
  • To help your goals come true, put the crystal in the Sun, think about them, and set clear plans for how you want them to appear.

 Wealth and Success 

  • This crystal is connected to the Root Chakra and helps bring in more money.
  • To use these energies, program the crystal by putting it on a Citrine crystal, picturing your money goals and wishing yourself success and wealth.

Intuition and Clairvoyance 

  • Raising mental awareness by opening the Third Eye Chakra, which improves intuition and clairvoyance, is another Chlorite benefit.
  • Focus on your instincts, charge the crystal on an Amethyst cluster, and set goals for clarity and perception to improve these skills.

Karmic Healing and Wisdom

  • The crystal works with the Crown Chakra to help with life lessons and karmic repair.
  • Place the crystal on a Selenite charging plate, meditate on karmic healing, and establish spiritual understanding and growth goals to access this facet.

Side Effects of Chlorite

  • Overstimulation: This can cause energy and restlessness. Use Chlorite in shorter sessions with grounding crystals, like Hematite, to avoid this.
  • Restlessness: Being restless could make you feel bad because you have too much energy. Hold Chlorite and breathe deeply to channel and balance energy to relieve it.
  • Arrogance: If you use too much Chlorite, you might become arrogant. To avoid this, be humble, think about your past, and use more grounding objects.

Chlorite Meaning: What Does Chlorite Symbolize?

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Chlorite symbolizes “renewal and growth.”

The primary metaphysical benefit of Chlorite comes from its connection to the Heart Chakra, which helps with mental healing and balance. It makes you feel love, kindness, and renewal, which makes it a useful crystal for people who want to feel better emotionally.

This crystal is sometimes called by its mineral names, like “Clinochlore” or “Penninite,” showing its makeup can differ. People who are interested in geology and crystals use these other names equally.

Throughout history, Chlorite has been seen as a sign of fertility and linked to natural gods. Today, people value its many psychological benefits, such as its ability to heal emotions, ground people, and help them grow spiritually.

Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz are two gems that work well with Chlorite because they help it heal and ground you. Rose Quartz and Chlorite can also work together to create a heart-healing energy field that is stronger and more balanced.

One interesting thing about Chlorite is its history with the Goddess Venus, which connects it to love and beauty. Some people in the past thought that Chlorite was a sign of fertility because it was linked to the Goddess of Fertility and the processes of life and growth.

Types of Chlorite Crystals

  • Oxychlorite: Its bright green color is linked to higher mental awareness, and it’s thought to clean and purify the energy field, making you feel refreshed and clear.
  • Prasolite: It has a pale green color and is often called “Green Amethyst.” It helps people heal emotionally and calm.
  • Tatarkaite: It is a greenish color that grounds and balances. This type of Chlorite is useful because it can improve safety and link to the Earth.
  • Clinochlore: Dark shades of green are in tune with the Heart Chakra and improve energy flow and mental health. People want it because it helps them relax.
  • Cookeite: Displaying green or white, this Chlorite version may help with self-discovery and greater awareness.
  • Chamosite: It is known for grounding and stabilizing properties, thanks to its deep green color. 
  • Baileychlore: It has shades of green to black and is connected to the Root Chakra, which gives stability and power. 
  • Borocookeite: This type looks greenish-brown and is linked to balance and flexibility. 
  • Donbassite: It is revered for its purifying and cleansing qualities. Its colors are usually greenish-gray. It’s thought to help eliminate bad energies and bring about mental clarity and a sense of renewal.
  • Franklinfurnaceite: It is linked to mending and change, and its color is often green. People think this type of Chlorite can help them deal with problems.
  • Glagolevite: It exhibits green and is linked to psychic insight and intuition. 
  • Gonyerite: It is linked to mental healing and balance and usually has green tones. Some think it can help them overcome past traumas and find inner peace.
  • Nimite: It comes in dark green to black and is thought to ground and defend. People believe this type of Chlorite can make an energy wall that protects against bad things.
  • Sudoite: It is often a greenish-gray color and is linked to mental growth and understanding. 
  • Pennantite: It shows greenish-gray colors. It is known for its ability to calm and soothe. 
  • Green Chlorite: A type with bright green colors connected to heart-centered energies and helps with mental healing and building a strong bond with nature.
  • Circular Chlorite: Its deep green color makes it stand out, and the unique circles it forms are thought to represent constant energy flow.
  • Chlorite Balls: It has shades of deep green and are loved for their circular shape, which stands for balance and unity.
  • Chlorite Caterpillar: It is also called Chlorite Worm or Vermiform Chlorite. It is a stone that comes in shades of green and represents growth and change.
  • Platy Chlorite: This type’s dark green to earthy colors and flat, layered shape connect people to the Earth and make them feel stable.
  • Etched Chlorite: It shows different shades of green and has unique surface designs that are thought to boost its energy.
  • Chlorite-Garnet: It is linked to balancing the Root and Heart Chakras and bringing together energies. Its colors are a mix of deep red and green.
  • Chlorite in Muscovite: It has green spots on a silvery-white background. It is thought to combine the energies of two crystals to create a balance of psychic connection and grounding.
  • Chlorite-Andalusite: It is connected to grounding and security and has green and brown tones.
  • Chlorite-Biotite: It is respected for its power to change things. Its color is a mix of dark green and black.
  • Chlorite-Cordierite: It is thought that showing green colors with violet or blue ones will improve your psychic skills and intuition.
  • Chlorite-Staurolite: This stone has green in its brownish-black Staurolite matrix and is linked to grounding and expression.
  • Chlorite with Synchysite-Ce: It shows green in a lattice of Synchysite-Ce and is thought to make Chlorite’s healing powers stronger.
  • Chlorite with Fluorapophyllite-(K): It displays green in its matrix and is linked to mental growth and heart-centered energies.
  • Chlorite-Talc: It showcases green tones with a talc matrix and is thought to bring a calming energy that helps with mental healing and relaxation.
  • Chlorite-Hematite: Having a green and metallic sheen of Hematite in one stone is linked to grounding and expression.
  • Chlorite-Quartz: It has green Chlorite particles in Clear Quartz, which is thought to help with spiritual growth and boost the cleansing energies of both crystals.
  • Chlorite-Grossular: Putting together green Chlorite and a greenish type of Garnet is linked to wealth and making things happen.
  • Chlorite-Diopside: It features green Chlorite within Diopside crystals. It helps with mental healing because it has green Chlorite in Diopside crystals. 
  • Chlorite-Orthoclase: Having green Chlorite in an Orthoclase matrix is linked to balancing forces and helping people heal emotionally.
  • Chlorite-Clinozoisite: It displays green Chlorite with Clinozoisite crystals, thought to help with mental growth and insight.
  • Chlorite Perimorphose after Aragonite: It exhibits green Chlorite formations replacing Aragonite crystals. It brings transformational energies.
  • Chlorite with Calcite: It is green and white and linked to clean and purifying forces.
  • Chlorite after Axinite: It is thought to bring rebirth and change because it has green Chlorite crystals instead of Axinite crystals.
  • Chlorite-Fluor: Having green Chlorite crystals with Fluorite crystals in your jewelry improves your intuition and mental sharpness.
  • Chlorite with Rutile: It has green Chlorite and golden Rutile needles. It is thought to improve energy flow and strengthen the crystal’s cleansing effects.
  • Chlorite-Titanite: It displays green Chlorite crystals and golden Titanite crystals in a piece that improves intuition and spiritual understanding.
  • Chlorite-Albite: Putting green Chlorite and white Albite together is thought to make the emotional and mental worlds more balanced and clear.
  • Chlorite with Serpentine: It showcases green Chlorite in combination with Serpentine’s shades of green. It balances energies and helps with mental healing.
  • Chlorite-Chalcopyrite: It is thought to boost manifestation powers and encourage abundance because it has green Chlorite and golden Chalcopyrite.
  • Chlorite after Magnetite: It displays green Chlorite replacing Magnetite crystals. It brings transforming energies and helps people get through tough times.
  • Chlorite-Datolite: It has green Chlorite and Datolite crystals, and it’s linked to heart-centered energies and mental healing.
  • Chlorite-Pericline: Putting together green Chlorite and milky-white Pericline Feldspar is linked to stability and mental balance.

How to Cleanse Chlorite?

An incense that is burning on a dark background

  • Sunlight: Put the crystal out in the Sun to cleanse it naturally. Imagine that the Sun’s energy is cleaning the Chlorite and giving it back its bright energy.
  • Incense: Pass Chlorite through sage or palo santo smoke. Imagine the fragrant smoke refreshing the crystal by removing stagnant energy.
  • Meditation: Hold Chlorite while you think. Wrap it in your thoughts of renewal and purity, and let your focused energy clean and heal the crystal’s properties.

Questions and Answers

How is Chlorite Formed?

The green Chlorite crystals are made when minerals, like Biotite or Hornblende, change shape because of heat and pressure. This process is called metamorphism.

Is Chlorite a Type of Amethyst?

No, Chlorite is not a type of Amethyst. It is called Chatoyant Chrysoberyl, also known as Chatoyant Quartz.

Can Chlorite Get Wet?

Yes, Chlorite can get wet. It’s usually safe to clean it with water, but leaving it wet for a long time might dull its shine, so pat it dry.

Is Chlorite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Chlorite is safe to be in the sun. Long-term sunlight, on the other hand, might fade its color, so short contact is best.

How Can You Tell if Chlorite is Real?

Real Chlorite usually has unusual green colors and a unique crystal structure. Check its features and source to make sure it’s real.

Interactions with Chlorite

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