Cat’s Eye Aquamarine

(Kats eye Ah-kwuh-muh-reen)
Main Origins:
Brazil, Pakistan, Tanzania, China, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Zambia.

What is Cat's Eye Aquamarine?

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A stunning gemstone, Cat’s Eye Aquamarine, has many amazing qualities. Its greatest draw is its beautiful blue-green color, reminiscent of ocean seas. The crystal’s “cat’s eye” appearance is due to chatoyancy. Like a narrow slit of focused light, this effect moves across the gem’s surface in direct light, giving it a delightful dynamism.

The chemical and physical name for Cat’s Eye Aquamarine is Beryl, which is the same name for Emerald and Morganite. The beautiful color comes from iron flaws in the crystal lattice. The perfect mix of parts in the Aluminum Beryllium silicate gem makes it shine even brighter. This crystal is beautiful and will last a long time.

Cat’s Eye history shows Aquamarine’s fabled gem. Ancient sailors believed it could calm rough seas and ensure safety. The stone was popular in Art Deco jewelry for celebrities and aristocrats. History has associated tranquility and sophistication with this gem’s beauty.

Collectors and fans value Cat’s Eye Aquamarine for its spiritual and healing properties. The Throat Chakra is linked to it, which helps you communicate clearly and present yourself. Collectors are drawn to it because of how beautifully artistic and harmoniously alive it is.

Did you know Cat’s Eye Aquamarine is often linked to the ancient Greek Sea God Poseidon? Legend says the gem was produced from mermaid tears, reflecting the sea’s calming power. This mythical connection adds to the gem’s appeal, weaving a story that transcends the physical world into captivating tales from the depths.

Cat's Eye Aquamarine Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Cat’s Eye Aquamarine’s calm blue and green tones emit Throat and Third Eye Chakra energies. Blue tones calm the Throat Chakra, promoting straightforward communication and self-expression. Indigo colors correlate with the Third Eye Chakra, boosting intuition and spirituality. 

The crystal energizes the Root and Crown Chakras’ grounding and enlightenment. It lies in the Root and dances lightly with the Sacral to inspire creativity. It raises Solar Plexus confidence, Heart compassion, and Throat expression. The intuitive Third Eye also provides insight. Crystal’s final connection to Sacral Chakra ethereal forces is spiritual. 

Water is relaxing, and Cat’s Eye Aquamarine reflects its fluidity and suppleness. The aquatic energy of this gem in the Northeast, North, or Center of space brings calm and harmony to feng shui. Water symbolizes purification and restoration, making the crystal represent emotional and spiritual healing.

Saturn, Neptune, and the Moon all have power over Cat’s Eye Aquamarine, which comes from their forces. Saturn brings order; Neptune, inspiration and insight; and Moon, mental balance. These planetary effects give the crystal powerful energies to help you grow spiritually and personally.

Cat’s Eye Aquamarine resonates with Satre, Poseidon, Aegir, and Bastet. Satre, the time and discipline deity, stabilizes the crystal. Poseidon, the Greek sea deity, connotes ocean calm. Aegir, the Norse sea deity, offers mystery and complexity. Finally, Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess of Protection, blesses the gem with nurturing and protecting energies.

In numerical vibration, this crystal has 1 and 7. The crystal can bring new energy and change how you travel, so the number 1 stands for fresh starts and leadership. 7 represents spiritual growth and inner awareness, like the crystal’s ability to open intuition and connect you to other places.

Cat's Eye Aquamarine Healing Properties & Benefits


  • Helping you make decisions by clearing your mind of mental fog and making it easier to think are Cat’s Eye Aquamarine’s healing properties.
  • To use this effect, hold the crystal in your dominant hand and visualize clear, decisive thoughts. Place it under a full moon for a night to boost its decision-making power.


  • Some of Cat’s Eye Aquamarine’s benefits are giving you a sense of inner power and boosting your confidence.
  • Use the crystal to visualize empowering energy flowing through your Solar Plexus Chakra. Use self-confidence mantras and sunlight to replenish the crystal.


  • Clearing the mind by eliminating mental clutter and making concentrating easier is one of Cat’s Eye Aquamarine’s properties.
  • Imagine a serene flood of clarity with the crystal on your Third Eye Chakra. To enhance mental clarity, immerse the crystal in a pitcher of pure water under the moonlight.


  • Cat’s Eye Aquamarine calms mental turmoil by acting as a tranquility conduit.
  • Hold the crystal near your Heart Chakra and breathe its soothing energy. Put the crystal in a Himalayan salt basin with peaceful intentions to purify its energy for a day.

Communication Skills 

  • This crystal balances the Throat Chakra, which makes it easier to communicate.
  • Think of words that are clear and emotional as you wear it. Say your goals into the crystal and leave it on rose petals overnight for a soft charge. 

Cat's Eye Aquamarine Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Manifestation and woman writing a book

Travel Protection 

  • As an energetic shield, Cat’s Eye Aquamarine can be worn as a journey charm to keep you safe.
  • Hold it with some Black Tourmaline in a pouch and imagine a shimmering light bubble around you. 


  • Making goals and desires stronger by using the power of manifestation is Cat’s Eye Aquamarine’s metaphysical properties.
  • Use the crystal to meditate on your goals and picture their fulfillment. To increase the crystal’s manifestation energy, write your wishes on paper, place it under the crystal, and leave it in the sun.

Zen Gardening 

  • Cat’s Eye Aquamarine creates a Zen garden-like calm by balancing the forces in a room.
  • Imagine relaxing energies as you bury the crystal in your yard or potted plants. Leave the crystal buried for a lunar cycle after programming it to thank Earth’s energies to strengthen its connection to nature.

 Reality Shifting 

  • This crystal helps you move between different states of being by letting you change your world.
  • Program the crystal by writing your preferred reality on parchment and placing it under the crystal under a starlit sky to enhance its reality-altering properties.

 Angelic Communication 

  • By attuning the user to higher realms, Cat’s Eye Aquamarine provides doors for angelic communication.
  • Program it by saying a heavenly invocation and leaving it on a windowsill at dawn to soak up energy from the heavens.

Side Effects of Cat's Eye Aquamarine

  • Superiority Complex: Excessive use may cause momentary arrogance. Be humble, acknowledge others’ abilities, and collaborate to balance.
  • Detachment: Prolonged exposure can cause emotional detachment. Grounding activities, outdoors, and meaningful relationships can help emotional reconnection.
  • Burnout: High energy use might cause burnout. Set energy boundaries, practice self-care, and take breaks to refresh your body and mind.

Cat's Eye Aquamarine Meaning: What Does Cat's Eye Aquamarine Symbolize?

tranquil image of waterfall

Cat’s Eye Aquamarine signifies a “tranquil voyage.” 

For spiritual purposes, this stone clears thinking, helping people make sensible judgments and balancing mind and spirit. As a way to communicate, it gives people the freedom to say what they really think.

This crystal is sometimes called the “Stone of Courage,” “Sailor’s Stone,” “Aqua Cat’s Eye,” or “Blue Beryl,” which alludes to its watery look and chatoyant properties.

Cat’s Eye Aquamarine has a long history of use as a protective amulet by seafarers. In recent decades, it has been popular as a gemstone considered to help one communicate one’s true feelings.

Along with Clear Quartz, which makes things clearer, Cat’s Eye Aquamarine works well with Moonstone, making things more intuitive. They work together to make emotional balance and spiritual progress possible.

An interesting fact: this type of crystal was once considered a mermaid’s treasure, linking its origin to the water. Sailors wore this amulet to bring luck and safety to the seas.

Types of Cat's Eye Aquamarine

  • Common Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Its calming blue and green colors make it a flexible and calming crystal. People are able to talk more effectively with one another and make more informed judgments as a result.
  • Blue Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Its soothing blue tones are thought to open up the Throat Chakra and help with speech and self-expression. 
  • Deep Blue Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: This bright blue stone is revered by spiritual seekers for its ability to enhance intuition and spiritual insights.
  • Green Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Displaying green hues is related to the Heart Chakra. It promotes emotional healing and compassion, making it a good stone for relationship balance.
  • Blue-Green Clear Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Its clear, oceanic colors make it very popular. It is thought to help with both mental and emotional balance.
  • Olive-Green Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Its earthy green tint symbolizes grounding energy and richness, making it a rock that brings stability and wealth to all areas of life.
  • White Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: A clean appearance, reflecting purity and clear thinking, and cleaning the mind and encouraging spiritual progress.
  • Smoky Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Featuring a smoky or dark tinted crystal for its protective properties, which keep bad energies away and make people feel safer. Typically a light blue to greenish-blue variety of beryl
  • Yellow Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: The sunny colors of this gem are linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra. It’s a great choice for people who want to find their inner strength.
  • Silver Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: This silver-reflecting stone is believed to connect users to the holy feminine and lunar energies. 
  • Gray Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Its neutral tones stand for balance and neutrality. This makes it a gem that can help you stay balanced in many situations in your life.
  • Purple Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Its royal colors mean spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. It’s a good crystal for meditation and exploring your inner self.
  • Clear or Transparent Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Pure clarity, mental focus, and open communication make it a crystal for clear insights and expression.
  • Teal Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Its unique blue and green colors stand for emotional balance and fluidity. A crystal that can help you handle strong feelings with grace.
  • Bicolor Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Its two colors mean duality and balance, making it a crystal that combines opposite forces and promotes overall health.
  • Double Terminated Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Dual terminated and colored in a soothing blue-green, it boosts energy by sending and balancing energies in both ways.
  • Silky Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: It connects to divine feminine energy and has calming colors and inclusions. It helps with emotional healing, making it a soothing crystal for inner balance. 
  • Cat’s Eye Aquamarine Cluster: It is made of several crystals in a harmonic color blend and promotes cooperation and collaboration, making it great for shared energies and goals.
  • Hollow Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: Its beautiful colors and core cavity are thought to magnify energies and actualize wishes, making it a powerful crystal for energy work.
  • Spotted Cat’s Eye Aquamarine: It celebrates originality and authenticity with its relaxing tones and unique spots or patterns.

How to Cleanse Cat's Eye Aquamarine?

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  • Moonlight: Place beneath moonlight overnight to cleanse and revitalize its natural brightness for maximum use.
  • Sage: Pass the crystal through sage smoke to remove trapped energies and purify its energy.
  • Clear Quartz Wand: Brush a Clear Quartz wand around the Cat’s Eye Aquamarine to purify and energize it for ideal clarity and brightness.

Questions and Answers

Can Cat’s Eye Aquamarine Get Wet?

Yes, water is harmless to Cat’s Eye Aquamarine. It can be cleaned with light soapy water. But staying in the water for a long time is not a good idea.

Are Cat’s Eye Aquamarine Safe in the Sun?

Yes, it is safe in mild sunlight, but the colors may fade if left out for a long time. Keep it in a cool, shady place to keep its color.

How Can You Tell if Cat’s Eye Aquamarine is Real?

Check that it is real by looking at its color, how it floats, and how hard it is. Real Cat’s Eye Aquamarine has a clear cat’s eye look and a Mohs scale rating of 8.

What is the Difference Between Cat's Eye Aquamarine and Cat’s Eye Emerald?

Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral Beryl, belonging to the same family as Emerald. The blue to greenish-blue color of Aquamarine is due to the presence of iron impurities, whereas Emerald’s green color is caused by the presence of chromium and vanadium.

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