Main Origins:
Italy, New Zealand, the United States, Australia, Indian Ocean, Algeria, Namibia, Iceland, Angola, Cambodia, Armenia, Iran, China, Israel, Chile, Fiji, Chad, Germany, Cuba, Greenland, Costa Rica, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Mali, France, Guatemala, Finland, India, Japan, Madagascar, Oman, Peru, Spain, and Saudi Arabia.

What is Analcime?


analcime chunk on crystal slab

Analcime can be white, gray, brown, or have no color at all. It is vitreous, but its crystal structure is cubic or trapezohedral, and the edges of some of them have lines running through them.

This crystal is a tectosilicate material made up of atoms of Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminum, and Sodium. It has a lot of different chemicals, like Calcium, Potassium, and water molecules. The way these ingredients work together gives Analcime its unique look and properties.

In the early 1800s, Analcime was found in the volcanic rocks of the Faroe Islands. It has been found in volcanic places in Italy, the US, and Russia since then. Its discovery and study helped us understand how minerals are made in volcanoes.

Crystal collectors admire Analcime because it has cube-shaped or trapezohedral crystals and can be very small or very large. Mineral owners are interested in its subtle color changes and connection to volcanic areas.

Did you know Analcime is sometimes called “White Garnet” due to its cubic crystal habit and occasional association with Garnet crystals in volcanic rocks? This nickname draws attention to its unique look and the interesting geological processes that helped make it.

Analcime Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

The colors and energy of Analcime are in tune with spiritual and metaphysical health. The white Analcime flower represents innocence and clarity, and it helps with mental growth and inner peace. The brown Analcime makes you feel stable and balanced. Blue Analcime makes people more likely to talk and present themselves honestly and passionately.

Many chakras are linked to Analcime. The Root and Heart Chakras protect and stabilize. By the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, Analcime boosts intuition and consciousness. Lower abdomen Sacral Chakra controls emotions and creativity. Solar Plexus Chakra symbolizes power and self-esteem. Meanwhile, the Throat Chakra controls communication and honesty.

Regarding its ruling element, Analcime is associated with Air, which stands for freedom, intellect, and communication. According to Feng Shui principles, mental clarity, creativity, and harmonious energy flow can be enhanced by positioning Analcime in the Northeast or Center zones of your space.

Mercury is the planet that rules the Analcime crystal, giving it traits like intelligence, adaptability, and communication. Mercury’s impact makes the crystal better at helping people think, communicate, and make quick decisions.

Several Gods are related to Analcime in mythology. Ganesha, the obstacle-remover, is summoned for protection. The Celtic God of Craftsmanship, Lugh, represents the crystal’s creative qualities. Bragi, the Norse God of Poetry and Music, encourages creativity. Finally, Minerva, the Roman Goddess of Wisdom, helps people access their brains and intelligence.

The number 3 is Analcime’s numerical vibration. It stands for creativity, connection, and manifestation. The energy of the number 3 makes it easier for Analcime to spark imagination, build relationships, and bring about the results you want in your life.

Analcime Healing Properties & Benefits

Clarity and Communication Skills 

  • One of Analcime’s benefits is that it makes people communicate and think clearly by opening the Throat Chakra.
  • To program the crystal, hold it in your hand and picture a blue light around it to set it up for clear contact.


  • Making you more creative and imaginative by opening up the Sacral Chakra are one of Analcime’s properties
  • During a full moon, put Analcime under the Moon’s light and imagine that your creative ideas are amplified and coming out through the crystal.

Harmony and Universal Connection

  • By connecting with the Heart and Crown Chakras, Analcime promotes peace and a sense of being connected to all living things. It helps all living things become one. 
  • While you meditate with Analcime, picture a bright light coming from the crystal. This will create a peaceful energy field around you and all living things.


  • One of Analcime’s healing properties is calming the nervous system. Gentle energy eases stress and tension, which leads to calm.
  • To use Analcime to help you relax, put it in a bowl of clean water and add a few drops of a quiet essential oil. The crystal will then take in the relaxing energy.

Bonding and Relationships 

  • Analcime fixes imbalances in energy and helps people understand each other to build relationships. It makes you feel better and heals connections.
  • Create a crystal grid with Rose Quartz edges and Analcime in the middle. Then visualize love and togetherness spreading to activate Analcime for healing and bonding.

Analcime Spiritual Properties & Benefits

a person doing manifestation practice in an outside setting


  • By eliminating bad energy and fostering human growth, Analcime aids change. Its moderate vibration promotes self-reflection and change.
  • To program Analcime, put it in a bowl of sea salt overnight to clean its energy. Then hold the crystal and think about the changes you want to make.


  • This crystal raises intentions and lines up the energy with the flow of everything. Its energy frequency helps things come into being and brings in plenty.
  • Write down your goals on paper, place the crystal on top, and focus on it to charge Analcime for making them come true.

Spiritual Destiny

  • Helping people reach their spiritual goals by making them more aware and encouraging spiritual growth are some of Analcime’s metaphysical properties.
  • Place Analcime on an Amethyst cluster and meditate while picturing your spiritual path unfolding before you. This will activate your spiritual fate.

Psychic Protection

  • Analcime uses light to protect the aura from bad energy and psychic threats. Its strength keeps the spirit safe from bad forces.
  • Hold Analcime under running water and picture a shield protecting you and the crystal. This will teach Analcime to protect your psychic energy.


  • The Third Eye Chakra and higher wisdom channels, activated by Analcime, boost intuition. Its relaxing energy makes mental abilities and inner vision better.
  • Left overnight on a Selenite charging plate, Analcime will receive the purifying energy of Selenite and improve its intuition.

Side Effects of Analcime

  • Overstimulation: Stimulation from receiving too much energy can make you antsy and irritable. Ground yourself with Black Tourmaline or the outdoors.
  • Fatigue: Working with the crystal for long periods may make you lethargic. Rest and recharge in a quiet, peaceful place to get over being tired.
  • Distraction: Being more sensitive to energies can make concentrating and staying on task hard. To stay focused and centered, use mindfulness methods, like deep breathing.

Analcime Meaning: What Does Analcime Symbolize?

A beach that has clear water and good weather

Analcime symbolizes clarity and transformation.

Its main metaphysical benefit is that it can help people think more clearly and change themselves. It gives them the knowledge and wisdom to deal with life’s challenges. 

This crystal is also known as Analcite,” “White Garnet,” and “Cubizite,” all of which come from the fact that it has a cubic crystal structure and is white.

Traditionally, Analcime was connected to cleansing and spiritual awareness. Nowadays, it is valued for its ability to help people communicate clearly and be creative.

Crystals like Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Amethyst work well with Analcime because they boost its energy and metaphysical qualities.

An interesting fact about Analcime is that it was thought to have healing powers and was worn as a charm to protect against psychic attacks and negative forces. People also thought it would help keep the peace between neighborhoods and people.

Types of Analcime Crystals

  • Common Analcime: This crystal usually comes in shades of white or gray. People value its ability to improve conversation and make thinking clearer.
  • Cream Analcime: Its soothing cream color helps keep your emotions in check and calms you down, making it perfect for meditation and stress release.
  • White Analcime: This variety has a milky color and stands for purity and clarity. It is often used for spiritual cleansing and meditation.
  • Pink Analcime: It has a soft pinkish tint and is admired for its calming effects. This type is known to ease mental pain and promote love and compassion.
  • Red Analcime: It exhibits a fiery color and is linked to life and desire. It is thought to spark creativity and increase energy flow in the body.
  • Orange Analcime: Its bright color reminds people of a sunset and is valued for making people happy and excited. It is often used in traditions to boost motivation.
  • Yellow Analcime: Its color is glowing with the warmth of sunlight. It is praised for its energizing power and is thought to boost confidence.
  • Cesian Analcime: Its unique blue-green color makes it stand out. People think it can balance the chakras, bring inner peace, and help spiritual growth.
  • Cluthaline: This variety has a mysterious purple color, which is linked to intuition and wisdom, and it is thought to improve psychic skills.
  • Clear Analcime: Transparent like crystal water, it stands for clear thought and intention. 
  • Cubic Analcime: It is light pink and thought to help with mental balance and clarity. It is often used in meditation.
  • Trapezohedron Analcime: It has a clear white look and is said to help people find inner peace and spiritual growth.
  • Platy Analcime: It showcases a milky-white color and is thought to help calm people down. It is often used in meditation and stress-relieving practices.
  • Druzy Analcime: This type has a shimmering light blue tint that artists and other creative people like because they think it boosts inspiration and intuition.
  • Euhedral Analcime: It often appears as transparent to translucent white crystals, making it easier for people to communicate and get along.
  • Anhedral Analcime: This variety comes in cloudy white or pale gray shades. It helps with mental healing and brings peace and calm to the mind.
  • Twinned Analcime: It has two color patterns that are thought to bring balance and harmony. They are often used in Feng Shui to make living areas more balanced.
  • Analcime with Granite: It displays tints of white to gray that ground energy and help people stay strong and stable during times of change.
  • Analcime with Diabase: Its colors are usually gray or black, which helps you let go of old patterns and make room for change and growth.
  • Analcime with Basalt: This type is dark gray to black. It provides grounding energies and encourages toughness and persistence when things get hard.
  • Analcime with Gneiss: This combination takes on shades of light gray and green, which are thought to help mental growth and get closer to nature.
  • Analcime with Serandite: Soft pink tones help with mental healing and encourage self-love and kindness.
  • Analcime with Natrolite: Its creamy white colors offer calming energies and make it easier to connect with higher places.
  • Analcime with Aegyrine: It gives off dark green to black light that grounds and protects against negative energies while building inner power.
  • Analcime with Prehnite: This variety has shades of light green that help people let go of their feelings and make it easier for them to accept and forget.
  • Analcime with Calcite: It features shades of white and light yellow that help you think clearly and boost your mental energy.
  • Analcime with Phonolites: It displays different shades of gray, which helps keep relationships and surroundings in balance.
  • Analcime with Nepheline Syenite: This fusion shows colors from gray to light blue, which helps you think more clearly and trust your gut.
  • Analcime-Pollucite Series: Its colors range from clear to pale pink, which helps keep emotions in check and harmonizes energies.
  • Analcime with Thomsonite-Ca: It possesses soft peach to orange colors that make you feel creative, happy, and hopeful.
  • Analcime with Chabazite: This type has bright orange and brown tones that help you get through tough times and make you feel safe and stable.
  • Analcime with Microcline: It features shades of pink and green that balance emotions and improve relationships.
  • Analcime with Mesolite: Its white colors help with spiritual awakening and make it easier to connect with higher places.
  • Analcime with Siderite: This variety has earthy brown tones that ground energy and help with steadiness and endurance.
  • Analcime with Petolite: It gives off clear to pale blue light that helps mental growth and inner peace.
  • Analcime with Rhodochrosite: Its pink to reddish colors help with self-love, kindness, and healing emotions.
  • Analcime with Laumontite: This combination of white to light pink colors makes you more spiritually aware and helps you find deep inner peace.

How to Cleanse Analcime?

a woman sitting on the grass doing meditation

  • Sunlight: Leave the crystal out in the Sun for a few hours to let the light naturally cleanse and restore its energies.
  • Candle: Put the crystal through a candle flame while picturing the flame’s energy washing away any bad things or impurities.
  • Meditation: Imagine pure white light encircling and purifying the crystal in your hands during meditation, restoring its brightness and purity.

Answers and Questions

How is Analcime Formed?

Analcime is made in volcanic rocks when fluids high in silica crystallize or when other minerals change.

Can Analcime Get Wet?

While Analcime is usually harmless when it contacts wetness, its appearance may be altered with time due to continuous exposure.

Is Analcime Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Analcime is safe in the sun, but long-term contact may fade or change its color.

How Can You Tell if Analcime is Real?

Check by looking at the crystal structure, toughness, and other minerals in it. If you need more clarification, talk to a professional.

How Do You Take Care of Analcime?

To keep its appearance and purity, keep it away from harsh chemicals, clean it with mild soap and water, and store it somewhere dry.

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