Chrome Chalcedony

(krohm kal-SED-uh-nee)
Main Origins:
Turkey, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Russia, Australia, and the Balkans.

What is Chrome Chalcedony?

Chalcedony on white abackground
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Chrome Chalcedony is a Chalcedony mineral in various shades of green, colored by Chromium. Due to its discovery in Mtoroshanga, Zimbabwe, and Chiquitanita in Bolivia, the stone is called Mtorolite, Matorolite, Mtorodite, besides Chiquitanita. 

The color of these Chalcedony varies from dark to pale greens. It may show spotted, swirly, banded, or streaky patterns. It is popular in jewelry and decor because of its waxy and glossy luster.

Matorolite is also known as Mtoroshanga Chalcedony, Chromium Chalcedony, Chrome Chrysoprase, African Jade, Emerald Chrysoprase, and Aquaprase. 

This type of Chalcedony typically forms masses, slabs, slices, nodules, and layers within host rocks like Limestone, Chert, Agate Geodes, volcanic rocks, and hydrothermal deposits.

Chrome Chalcedony Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Chrome Chalcedony is primarily linked to the Heart Chakra as it’s seen in shades of green, signifying deep peace, inner strength, love, wisdom, and abundance. 

This type of Chalcedony exists in many more colors with many minerals, awakening the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Earth Star, Lunar Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras

These chakras are responsible for ancient wisdom, karmic healing, protection, mind power, fertility, and sleep health.

According to astrology, Jupiter and the Moon govern Chrome Chalcedony, fostering intelligence, beauty, acceptance, luck, and success. That’s also why it’s best for the signs Sagittarius and Cancer, known to bring abundance, critical thinking skills, and calmness. 

The Earth and Fire elements are associated with Mtorolite, bringing stability, fertility, power, health, manifestation, transformation, courage, and self-discovery.

Therefore, keeping this Chalcedony in the Northeast and Southwest areas of your home attracts knowledge, success, luck, growth, and love.

Chromium Chalcedony benefits also come from Gods, like Perun, the Slavic God of Strength; Vishnu, the Hindu God of Protection; Mami Wata, the African Deity of Fertility; and Phra Mae Thorani, the South Asian Deity of Nurturing.

Mtorolite resonates with the number 9 according to numerology, fostering courage, leadership, awakening, and enlightenment. 

Chrome Chalcedony Healing Properties & Benefits

Problem-Solving Skills

  • Did you know Chrome Chalcedony improves mind power and learning skills? For this benefit, charge and keep an Orange or Yellow Chromium Chalcedony on your dominant side.
  • Hold your Chalcedony in your palms, close your eyes, and meditate on your intention for a few minutes to charge it for problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 

 Peace and Harmony

  • Some Mtorolites in pale green, olive green, and botryoidal varieties bring inner peace, acceptance, and stability. You can charge and carry it like a worry stone for healing past trauma. 
  • For a few minutes, charge your crystal by chanting seed mantras LAM and RAM into it. 

Love and Fertility

  • If you’re looking to improve fertility and love, consider wearing or carrying Pale-Green, Blue, Reddish, Bolivian, or Opal-included Chrome Chalcedony.
  • The best way to enhance fertility and love is by consuming a crystal elixir made by indirectly infusing this Green Chalcedony. You can do this by placing your crystal near a glass of water for 4 to 6 hours. 

 Introspection and Self-Discovery

  • Are you looking for crystals that can help you find your most authentic self? Charge Blue, Orange, Druzy, Slice, and Bicolor Chromium Chalcedony varieties with sound for this. 
  • Chant this affirmation for self-discovery, “I am open to challenges and trust my spirit to reveal my true self.”

 Sound Sleep

  • Did you know many physical and emotional issues arise from sleep issues? If you’re worried about the same, charge a Blue, White, or Mtoroshanga Mtororlite, and place it under your pillow before sleep. 
  • Light a sage smudge stick and circle the sacred smoke over your crystal for a minute while visualizing the healthiest sleep. 

Chrome Chalcedony Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Crystal Grid for Abundance

Ancient Wisdom

  • Matorolite varieties, like Red, Druzy, and Botryoidal, help you tap into the history of the universe and ancient wisdom. You can also find universal consciousness from the same.
  • The best way to charge your healing stone for ancient wisdom is with zen gardening. For this, keep your stone next to a health plant for 4 to 12 hours before keeping it in your bedroom.

Manifestation and Psychic Powers

  • Did you know White, Druzy, Bicolor, and Agate-included Chrome Chalcedony manifests intentions? You can also use them for activating psychic powers, like intuition and clairvoyance. 
  • For manifesting dreams or awakening psychic abilities, set a crystal altar with your crystal in the center, surrounded by sacred objects. You can add lotus, jasmine, rosemary, and frankincense for this. 

Karmic Penance

  • Use Brown, Olive-Green, and Quartz-included Mtorodite varieties to find guidance on resolving your karmic debts. They can also help you find your spiritual destiny. 
  • The best way to charge crystals for karmic penance is by scrying with the stone under the moonlight. You can then carry the charged stone always on your person. 


  • Chromium Chalcedony varieties, like Dark Green, Olive-Green, Bolivian, and Serpentine attract prosperity, luck, success, and abundance to you by clearing the blockages. 
  • For attracting abundance, charge your crystal using a Citrine wand and carry it in your wallet or purse. 


  • Did you know you can ground away worries and repel psychic attacks with Black, Brown, Slab, and Agate-included Chrome Chalcedony varieties? 
  • Infuse the energies of this healing crystal by soaking in a gem bath with a glass of Chromium Chalcedony crystal elixir (indirectly infused) before sleep. 

Side Effects of Chrome Chalcedony

  • Isolation: Using this healing crystal without a break may lead to detachment from the current reality and people around you.
  • Oversleeping: While this Chalcedony resolves sleep disorders and health, it might lead to hypersomnia in the process. Use an awakening stone in tandem if this is happening to you. 
  • Vanity: As this healing Chalcedony variety boosts the chance of luck, success, and prosperity, you may get too materialistic and invested in wealth. 


Chrome Chalcedony Meaning: What Does Chrome Chalcedony Symbolize?

a stone with the word "strength" written on it.

The meaning of Chrome Chalcedony is inner strength. 

They are also believed to help you tap into psychic guidance and divine intervention that leads you to karmic penance, forgiveness, ancient wisdom, psychic abilities, grounding, mind power, abundance, and fertility

Chrome Chalcedony is popular among jewelers today and in ancient times. Did you know it was widely used in the Roman Empire? 

Pliny the Elder wrote about it as a beautiful gemstone that came from India. Although, Chrome Chalcedony isn’t found in India and he might have been referring to Chrome Chalcedony that came from Anatolia or today’s Turkey.

Fun Fact: Mtorolite disappeared in the 2nd century due to a lack of mines but sprung back into the mainstream after the discovery of deposits in Zimbabwe in the 50s. 

Types of Chrome Chalcedony Crystals

  • Dark Green Chrome Chalcedony: Most Chrome Chalcedony is dark green and activates the Heart Chakra, leading to inner strength, wisdom, luck, and universal consciousness. 
  • Pale Green Chrome Chalcedony: Some varieties of Mtorolite are pale green with white patterns, leading to love, fertility, willpower, immunity, and new beginnings.
  • Blue Chrome Chalcedony: This is a Chromium Chalcedony with sky-blue to indigo hues and a waxy luster. It’s also called Aqua Chalcedony and is ideal for awakening intuition, manifestation, and sound sleep.
  • Yellow Chrome Chalcedony: Matorolite with beige to pale yellow hues opens the Solar Plexus Chakra, leading to prosperity, physical strength, and sleep health.
  • Olive-Green Chrome Chalcedony: Chrome Chalcedony in olive-green hues is a prosperity stone that clears blockages in your career and destiny by solving karmic debts. 
  • Black Chrome Chalcedony: Chromium Chalcedony with a high amount of black inclusions is a grounding stone that repels psychic attacks, negativity, and evil vibrations from touching you. 
  • Brown Chrome Chalcedony: A Mtorolite variety with dark to pale brown hues opens the Root and Earth Star Chakras. Use it for karmic healing, resolving past trauma, and transforming your perspective. 
  • Orange Chrome Chalcedony: This type of Chrome Chalcedony shows bright to pale orange hues, overshadowing the green hues. They’re good for manifestation, problem-solving skills, introspection, fertility, and creativity.
  • Reddish Chrome Chalcedony: Also known as Iron-Stained Chrome Chalcedony, this variety shows red to maroon hues. It’s good for universal connection, knowledge, love, fertility, and spiritual awakening.
  • Whitish Chrome Chalcedony: With many white to gray inclusions, this type of Chrome-Colored Green Chalcedony opens your Crown and Stellar Gateway Chakras. It’s also called Frosty Chrome Chalcedony and is best for manifestation and psychic abilities.
  • Multicolor Chrome Chalcedony: When you notice most of the above colors, even with purple hues in Chromium Chalcedony, it’s a multicolor variety. Use it for chakra alignment and simultaneous activation of higher and lower chakras.
  • Druzy Chrome Chalcedony: Showing a sparkling crust of silver and gold, this type of Chrome Chalcedony exhibits almost all colors of the Chakra spectrum. It’s a manifestation stone, ideal for ancient wisdom and self-discovery. 
  • Chrome Chalcedony Slab: Mtorolite Slabs are large and thin, exhibiting dark green with several other colors with varying patterns. It’s ideal for grounding, balance, peace, and critical thinking skills.
  • Mtoroshanga Chrome Chalcedony: Also called Mtoroshanga Chalcedony, this variety is often translucent with pale green, blue, white, and brown hues. It is good for earth connection, karmic penance, and sound sleep. 
  • Bolivian Chrome Chalcedony: Also called Chiquitanita after its origin, this variety shows a bright emerald-green color, often sans any other inclusions. Use it for fertility, love, relationships, abundance, and self-discovery. 
  • Botryoidal Chrome Chalcedony: Matorolite with botryoidal or grape-like formations on one side is categorized this way. It’s an emotional healing stone that helps you find acceptance, move on, ancient wisdom, and deep peace. 
  • Chrome Chalcedony Slice: Mtorodite with a faint single termination or triple terminations exhibit internal patterns of the stone and constitute this variety. They are good for self-discovery, luck, grounding, problem-solving, and sleep health. 
  • Bicolor Chrome Chalcedony: In this type of Chromium Chalcedony, you’ll notice a well-defined set of two colors: purple-red and green-yellow. They awaken psychic abilities, manifest intentions, and help with introspection.
  • Chrome Chalcedony with Serpentine: Matorolite with light Serpentine areas, sometimes even transparent, constitute this variety. Use this variety for health, inner peace, strength, and abundance. 
  • Chrome Chalcedony with Opal: Mtorodite sometimes forms naturally with common Opals, earning the nickname Chrome Opal and showing pale green, brown, and orange hues. It’s mostly found in Australia and is best for fertility and manifestation.
  • Chrome Chalcedony with Quartz: Chromium Chalcedony with Quartz merges the best of both worlds, showing Quartz veins in white and gray. They are good for psychic abilities, karmic healing, and inspiration.
  • Chrome Chalcedony with Agate: Chrome Chalcedony with lines, striations, and layering of contrasting hues is an indicator of Agate. Use this variety for decisiveness, inspiration, creativity, psychic powers, and grounding. 

How to Cleanse Chrome Chalcedony?

a red lit candle in black background

  • Soil: Bury your crystal under the soil for a day or up to 7 days for thorough cleansing. 
  • Meditation: Hold your crystal in the dominant hand and imagine your thoughts clearing the negativity absorbed by the crystal.
  • Fire: Light a candle and hold your mineral safely near the flame for a minute or two to reset it to the original powers of the crystal. 

Questions and Answers

Is Chrome Chalcedony Safe?

Yes, Chrome Chalcedony is safe and not dangerous to handle with bare hands. 

Can Chrome Chalcedony Get Wet?

Yes, Chrome Chalcedony can get wet without any damage. However, soaking it for long periods may not be healthy for the crystal.

Is Chrome Chalcedony Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Chrome Chalcedony is safe in the sun and doesn’t fade easily in the sun. However, prolonged exposure may lead to loss of color. 

Is Chrome Chalcedony the Same as Chrysoprase?

No, Chrome Chalcedony is not the same as Chrysoprase, as the latter is colored by nickel while the former gets its color from chromium.

How Can You Tell if Chrome Chalcedony is Real?

The best way to confirm the authenticity of Chrome Chalcedony is its white streak and uniformity of color. You can also do a scratch test to be sure. 

Is Chrome Chalcedony a Type of Chromite?

No, Chrome Chalcedony is not a type of Chromite because the latter is a Chrome Oxide mineral while the former is a Chalcedony colored by Chromium.

What Stones Go Well with Chrome Chalcedony?

The best stones to combine with Chrome Chalcedony are Smoky Quartz, Peridot, Moonstone, Sunstone, and Clear Quartz

Is Chrome Chalcedony Expensive?

Yes and no; you can get Chrome Chalcedony for as low as $5 per specimen, but it can cost as high as $1,500 depending on the color, origin, patterns, and size. 

What is the Biggest Difference Between Chrome Chalcedony and Green Chalcedony?

Green Chalcedony can be colored by impurities other than Chromium, like nickel. On the other hand, Chrome Chalcedony gets its color from Chromium.

Is Chrome Chalcedony Good Luck?

Yes, Chrome Chalcedony is a good luck stone. 

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