Main Origins:
Tibet, South Africa, China, Argentina, the United States, Kenya, Japan, Tunisia, Antarctica, Czech Republic, Russia, Canada, Austria, Peru, Spain, Greece, Niger, Turkey, Uganda, and Egypt.

What is Burkeite?

Burkeite crystal close up image
Image Source: mindat.org | Rolf Luetcke

Burkeite is a rare and interesting crystal that people like to gather. It stands out because of its color, texture, and design. These crystals are clear to see through and range in color from pale gray to white. Their prismatic or tabular shape, with clear sides and sharp edges, makes for an interesting geometric symmetry.

This crystal is a material that is made up of sodium, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. This gem is interesting to collectors and experts because of the way it is put together. Carbonate and sulfate minerals are common secondary minerals found in dry places.

It was around the 1920s when it was founded and named for Thomas Burke, a mining engineer and geologist who also sparked interest in the mineral’s unique features. Crystal lovers and fans like it because it can be found worldwide.

Due to its rarity and hue, crystal collectors value Burkeite. Many people love how delicate it is and how it serves as a geological memory. Collectors buy Burkeite pieces for their own collections or as investments because there are few of them. A geological study on Burkeite sheds light on how it formed and the area’s geological history.

Did you know that there is an interesting myth associated with Burkeite? In many countries, these crystals are thought to improve mental clarity and emotional balance. These rocks can be used as charms or as a focus for meditation to help you think more clearly and feel more stable. 

Burkeite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Burkeite is linked to many color energies because of its metaphysical qualities and benefits. Burkeite’s white energy stands for cleanliness and clarity. Clear, which stands for freedom, is another important color energy. It is a good crystal for mental and emotional health because it makes you more clear-headed and insightful.

The chakras associated with Burkeite are the ones located in the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Crown. The Crown Chakra, which is on top of the head, is linked to spirit, enlightenment, and greater consciousness. Burkeite’s relationship to this chakra suggests that it may assist spiritual growth and self-awareness by enhancing the self-spiritual connection.

It concerns South and Center feng shui because Burkeite is ruled by Light, Air, and Water. Putting a Burkeite in the South or Center of your living space can help you see things more clearly and create unity.

The Moon controls Burkeite. The Moon is in charge of emotions, perception, and the mind. Burkeite may help people connect with their feelings and instincts, which can help them learn more about who they are.

The numerical vibration is 1 for Burkeite, which represents new beginnings and self-discovery. This number energy goes with the crystal’s power to help people find themselves, get clear, and start over.

Burkeite Healing Properties & Benefits


  • Making it easier to think clearly and make choices when things get tough by helping survival skills are Burkeite’s benefits.
  • Hold it in your stronger hand and picture a white light shielding you. Say out loud that you want to be clear and wise to survive.

Trauma Healing

  • Some of Burkeite’s healing properties promote emotional balance and understanding to heal trauma. It aids emotional healing.


  • Shielding empathy from emotional stress and helping them set boundaries are some of Burkeite’s properties.
  • This crystal Burkeite can help you feel more love by putting it in your Heart Chakra or in a bag. Say something like, “I am safe and keep my emotional health.”

 Love and Compassion

  • Burkeite teaches people to be self-aware and understand others to spread love and kindness. It lets people find love and share it.
  • Place it on your Heart Chakra during meditation to promote love and compassion. Imagine a warm, loving energy emanating from your heart and around you.


  • Self-esteem is raised by Burkeite, which balances the circadian cycle. It makes sleep better and boosts self-confidence.
  • To boost self-esteem, sleep with it under your pillow. As you wake up, confirm your self-worth and confidence for the day.

Burkeite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

spiritual person performing grounding outdoors


  • Connecting people to the powers of the Earth, which makes them feel safe and stable, is one of Burkeite’s metaphysical properties.
  • Hold it and picture roots going down into the ground to help you feel grounded. To get more done, say grounding mantras over and over.

Divine Connection

  • Burkeite aligns with the Crown Chakra to connect people to higher consciousness and wisdom.
  • To get closer to God, focus on your Crown Chakra with Burkeite and picture divine light flowing through you. Say out loud that you want to connect with faith.


  • Helping people become enlightened by making their thoughts clearer, improving their instincts, and making them more open to new ideas are Burkeite’s properties.
  • Put it on your Third Eye Chakra during meditation to help you see things more clearly. Picture a white light shining on your knowledge and insight.

 Spiritual Destiny

  • This crystal works with the Moon’s energy to help people find their spiritual way.
  • Use it as a talisman and focus on your life’s mission to impact spiritual destiny. Ask for spiritual direction and clarity.

Astral Travel

  • Burkeite helps with astral flight by raising your consciousness and making it easier to have out-of-body experiences.
  • Before bed, place it under your pillow and wish for a safe, enlightening astral journey. Record morning happenings in a dream journal.

Side Effects of Burkeite

  • Isolation: Spiritual seekers who use crystals too much may feel alone. Keep things in balance by making friends.
  • Radical Thoughts: Having intense spiritual experiences with this gem could make you think very deeply. To cool down, you can meditate and talk to professionals.
  • Blind Positivity: Overusing it can lead to naive optimism and unrealistic evaluations. Use judgment and a balanced outlook on life’s obstacles to avoid this.

Burkeite Meaning: What Does Burkeite Symbolize?

A beach that has clear water and good weather

Burkeite symbolizes “clarity of thought and emotional balance.”

Its main metaphysical benefit is that it makes you smarter and more emotionally stable, which makes it a useful tool for personal growth.

This gem is also known as “Sulfate Natron” or “Sodium Carbonate Sulfate.”

Traditionally, Burkeite is considered a mineral that brings purity and balance. These days, it is known for its ability to help people feel better emotionally and spiritually.

When paired with Burkeite, Ajoite can help you become more spiritually aware, and Rose Quartz can boost its clarity-boosting qualities.

An interesting fact about Burkeite is that it was first found in the Calico Mountains of California, USA. It has become popular for its unique beauty and possible metaphysical properties, which some people think can help them see things more clearly.

Types of Burkeite

  • Gray Burkeite: The calm color of gray gives off grounding energy that helps keep your life stable and balanced.
  • Peach Burkeite: It has the soft color of a peach and helps with mental healing and self-love, which leads to inner harmony.
  • Pink Burkeite: The rosy color encourages love, kindness, and understanding, which opens the Heart Chakra.
  • Pale Burkeite: The soft color of pale makes you feel calm and relaxed, relieving worry and tension.
  • Clear Burkeite: It looks like crystal clear glass, is pure, and helps with mental clarity and understanding.
  • White Burkeite: It stands for purity and has the power to clean and cleanse the spirit.
  • Brown Burkeite: By reflecting earthy tones, it grounds and stabilizes you by linking you to Earth’s energies.
  • Powdery Burkeite: The fine texture of Powdery Burkeite, typically in shades of soft lavender or pale blue, helps with mental release and healing, which aids in recovering from trauma.
  • Botryoidal Burkeite: It appears to be bubbles and encourages imagination and making art.
  • Tabular Burkeite: These unique crystals, often in clear or white hues, help people think and talk more clearly.
  • Burkeite Vuggy Masses: People believe that these masses, which are usually light to white in color, boost the crystal’s energy and make you feel full and abundant.
  • Burkeite Nodules: These nodules come in varied colors, including shades of green, pink, and blue. They bring safety and health, promoting a sense of well-being and security.
  • Burkeite with Trona: Ranges from deep blue and green to earthy browns, bringing balance and unity. It helps you feel more centered and harmonious within yourself.
  • Burkeite with Halite: By combining the colors of Burkeite, often in soft pastels, with the clear or white hues of Halite, this crystal strengthens mental connections and meditation.

How to Cleanse Burkeite?

A burned white sage beside a selenite wand

  • Moonlight: Burkeite can be cleansed and re-energized by sleeping under a full moon.
  • Selenite Wand: If you wave a Selenite wand over Burkeite, its cleansing energy will eliminate any bad vibes.
  • Sage: Smudge it by running it through the smoke of burning sage. This will eliminate any negative energy that has built up and make it clear again.

Questions and Answers

How Can You Tell if Burkeite is Real?

Burkeite has a relatively low hardness on the Mohs scale (around 3.5). You can scratch the sample with a fingernail or a copper penny to see if it leaves a mark. If the sample is too hard, it might not be Burkeite.

How Do You Take Care of Burkeite?

Burkeite should be kept out of full sunlight and in a dry place. Wrap it in a soft cloth or store it in a protected box to avoid scratching. When you need to clean it, use a soft, wet cloth.

What Stones Go Well with Burkeite?

Morganite, Ajoite, and Rose Quartz are stones that go well with Burkeite and can strengthen its metaphysical traits.

What is the Difference Between Burkeite and Brookite?

Burkeite and Brookite are two different rocks that have different chemical makeups. Brookite is made of titanium dioxide, while Burkeite is made of sodium carbonate sulfate. Their looks and qualities are different.

Is It Safe to Touch Burkeite?

Yes, it is safe to touch Burkeite. But to keep surface oils and dirt from building up, it’s best to touch it with clean hands and wipe it down occasionally with a soft cloth.

Interactions with Burkeite

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