Blue Kunzite

(blue kuhn-zite)
Main Origins:
Afghanistan, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, and Madagascar.

What is Blue Kunzite?

blue kunzite on peach background

Blue Kunzite is named for its magnificent blue color. The color of this gem ranges from light to medium blue. It has a clear to see-through texture and a glassy, or glass-like, sheen. It looks beautiful because its crystals are shaped like prisms or long tubes with straight lines running through them.

Its blue color comes from small amounts of manganese in its structure, which is made up of lithium aluminum silicate. Since it has a Mohs hardness of 7, it is relatively strong and can be used to make jewelry. Also, cutting the crystal into thin sheets or splinters is easy because it has perfect two-way cleavage.

In the early 1900s, Blue Kunzite was found in Brazil and Afghanistan. People liked it because it was blue, relaxing, and had magical powers. Gemologist and mineralogist George Frederick Kunz found and promoted the crystal named after him. Since it was founded, Blue Kunzite has been a famous crystal and gem.

Crystal collectors love Blue Kunzite for its metaphysical properties and beautiful look. People think that Blue Kunzite can help with stress, emotional balance, and peace. It is used in meditation to connect with higher spiritual places and feel calmer inside. Because Blue Kunzite is so rare, people use it to make jewelry or keep it as a gem.

Did you know that Blue Kunzite is associated with the Heart Chakra? Many crystal practitioners think this gemstone opens and activates the Heart Chakra, promoting emotional healing, compassion, and self-love. 

Blue Kunzite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

This crystal is known for its metaphysical characteristics and benefits, and its relaxing blue color contributes to its energy. Most of the color powers in Blue Kunzite are blue and indigo. Blue is the color of conversation, self-expression, and relaxation, so Blue Kunzite is great for making peace and communication clear.

This stone strengthens the Throat Chakra, enabling straightforward communication. It also corresponds with the Third Eye Chakra, boosting intuition and worldview. This connection aids in making wise decisions and trusting one’s inner wisdom.

Moving up the chakra system, Blue Sapphire also influences the Crown Chakra. This connection encourages spiritual growth, enlightenment, and a deeper connection to the universe. It also boosts confidence and power by connecting to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Lastly, it touches the Heart Chakra, fostering compassion and emotional healing. It helps individuals develop empathy and nurture loving relationships.

Earth energy is associated with Blue Kunzite. This connection to Earth helps to ground and steady feelings, which makes life more balanced. In feng shui, putting Blue Kunzite in the North or Center of your home will help everyone stay calm down and balanced.

Venus rules Blue Kunzite. It stands for love, beauty, and peace. This stone is a good stone for self-love, kindness, and relationships because of the way it is arranged.

Several ruling Gods and Goddesses are connected to Blue Kunzite, including Aphrodite, Isis, Rhiannon, Apollo, and Freya. These Gods are often linked to love, beauty, and imagination, making the crystal’s ability to improve these areas of life even clearer.

Blue Kunzite has a numerical vibration of 7. In numerology, the number 7 is often linked to spiritual growth, intuition, and thinking about yourself. It fits with the crystal’s power to help people connect more deeply with themselves and with higher spiritual places.

Blue Kunzite Healing Properties & Benefits


  • One of Blue Kunzite’s benefits is helping you find out more about yourself by making you think about and understand yourself better.
  • Close your eyes, hold the crystal in your hand, and think about a question or part of yourself to feel this effect. Think of the answer as a calm, blue field.

 Emotional Balance

  • This crystal brings mental balance by calming down feelings that are upsetting you.
  • During meditation or times of stress, put it on your Heart Chakra to help with this. Taking deep breaths can help you calm down.

 Communication Skills

  • One of Blue Kunzite’s properties is enhancing communication skills by clearing the Throat Chakra.
  • Wear it as a charm if you want to speak clearly and confidently. Before entering into important conversations, hold the necklace and softly convey your goal for improved communication.


  • Blue Kunzite helps you love yourself by getting rid of self-doubt.
  • Keep a small, tumbled stone in your pocket and touch it when you start to talk badly to yourself. Remember your good deeds, and let the crystal help you love yourself more.

Letting Go 

  • Helping heal the circadian cycle and letting go of attachments are some of Blue Kunzite’s healing properties.
  • Put it under your pillow before going to sleep, and imagine the crystal taking in your worries and leading you to surrender one step at a time.

Blue Kunzite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

woman meditating on sunset

Dream Recall 

  • Blue Kunzite helps you remember your dreams by making your connection to the dream world stronger.
  • Put the crystal under your pillow before bed, and promise to remember your dreams. To improve this link, write down your dreams when you wake up.

 Psychic Gifts

  • This gem opens your Third Eye Chakra, strengthening your psychic abilities.
  • While meditating with it on your forehead, picture a clear blue light that strengthens your intuition. Trust your gut and let the crystal help your mental abilities.

 Spiritual Awakening 

  • Helping you awaken spiritually by balancing your emotions is one of Blue Kunzite’s metaphysical properties.
  • Feel a calm blue light around you as you use the crystal to help you relax. Get psychic help from the crystal, and let it awaken your higher mind.

Divine Intervention 

  • Blue Kunzite is considered to facilitate divine intervention by connecting the physical and spiritual realms.
  • Hold it and talk out loud to ask God to help you. Believe that the crystal’s energy will work with greater forces to help you.

Soul Mission 

  • This crystal helps you get in touch with your soul’s purpose. 
  • Carry it daily and focus on your life’s purpose. Imagine the crystal’s blue light guiding you to your soul’s mission.

Side Effects of Blue Kunzite

  • Overstimulation: Overuse may cause emotional overstimulation. Avoid this by limiting crystal exposure or using grounding stones, like Black Tourmaline.
  • Dependency: Reliance on the crystal might cause dependence. Incorporate crystals with self-reliance and self-care for holistic health.
  • Restlessness: Blue Kunzite can make sensitive people restless. Meditation, grounding, and crystal practice can help

Blue Kunzite Meaning: What Does Blue Kunzite Symbolize?

A person meditating by the ocean bay with the sun setting

Blue Kunzite is a stone that can be used to represent “peace and the journey of self-discovery.”

Its main metaphysical benefit is that it helps people feel emotionally balanced and improves their speaking skills, which leads to more harmony and clarity in their relationships.

In addition to its more common name, “Blue Kunzite,” this crystal also goes by “Blue Spodumene” and “Blue Hiddenite.”

Traditionally, Blue Kunzite has been linked to love, kindness, and healing emotions. In current times, it is valued for its ability to help with psychic and spiritual growth.

When combined with Selenite, Blue Topaz, and Aquamarine, the effects of Blue Kunzite are amplified in terms of spiritual insight and emotional peace, respectively.

An interesting fact: Mineralogist and gemologist George Frederick Kunz is the person who gave the stone its name. It can help heal mental wounds and help them live a more peaceful and balanced life.

Types of Blue Kunzite Crystals

  • Common Blue Kunzite: The color of this type is a peaceful blue, and it is thought to improve communication and mental balance.
  • Pale Blue Kunzite: This type, which has a soft, pale blue color, is linked to peace and gentle mental healing. 
  • Greenish Blue Kunzite: With its blue and green tones, it is thought to connect the Heart and Throat Chakras, making it easier to describe yourself with kindness.
  • Indigo Blue Kunzite: Its deep indigo color helps you connect with higher spiritual worlds and boosts your intuitive skills.
  • Dark Blue Kunzite: It is a deep, dark blue color that helps people heal emotionally and think about themselves.
  • Smoky Blue Kunzite: This type is smoky blue and is sought after for its ability to calm and settle.
  • Grayish Blue Kunzite: It features a soft gray-blue color and is linked to letting go of mental baggage and finding inner peace.
  • Blue Violet Kunzite: It has a beautiful blue-violet color and encourages creativity and insight.
  • Lavender Blue Kunzite: It displays a soothing lavender-blue color and is valued for its ability to balance and calm.
  • Brown-Tipped Blue Kunzite: It can be recognized by its brown tips on a blue base, and it helps you put spiritual thoughts into action.
  • Clear Blue Kunzite: This version is clear with a blue tint and is known to make dialogue clearer.
  • Purple Blue Kunzite: It helps with mental and psychic growth because it has both purple and blue tones.
  • Double Terminated Blue Kunzite: This type of Kunzite is typically a beautiful pale to medium blue color. Its pointed ends are believed to promote healthy circulation and equilibrium by stimulating meridian points.
  • Etched Blue Kunzite: Comes in shades of blue, often with unique markings on its surface. It is thought to hold coded information from past civilizations due to these distinct etchings.
  • Blue Kunzite with Hiddenite: In shades of blue and green, this combination is believed to help with emotional healing and spiritual growth.
  • Olive Green and Blue Kunzite: It combines dark green and blue and balances the Heart and Throat Chakras, which helps you express yourself clearly.
  • Blue Kunzite with Spodumene: When Blue Kunzite and Spodumene are mixed, they balance emotions and improve psychic skills.

How to Cleanse Blue Kunzite?

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  • Moonlight: To clean the crystal, leave it out in the moonlight overnight so it can soak up its energy. After that, quickly rinse with water.
  • Meditation: Put it all around your meditation area. Imagine that white light is washing it clean and removing any bad spirits or impurities.
  • Singing Bowl: Hit a singing bowl softly next to the crystal, let the sounds clean, and reset its energy. Keep an eye on purity as the process goes on.

Questions and Answer

How Can You Tell if Blue Kunzite is Real?

Genuine Kunzite is generally transparent to translucent. Hold the stone up to the light and look for any visible impurities or cloudy areas. High-quality Kunzite should have good clarity.

Who Should and Shouldn’t Wear Blue Kunzite?

It can be worn by anyone who wants to improve their mental growth, communication, or emotional balance. People sensitive to energy changes should be careful when using it.

How Do You Take Care of Blue Kunzite?

Keep it away from other stones to keep it from getting scratched. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean. Instead, use a soft, wet cloth. Keep it out of direct sunlight in a box stuffed with fabric.

What Stones Go Well with Blue Kunzite?

Blue Kunzite works well with stones like Selenite, Blue Topaz, and Aquamarine to improve different metaphysical qualities.

What is the Difference Between Blue Kunzite and Hiddenite?

Blue Kunzite is blue, and it is mainly linked to mental balance and communication. Hiddenite is green and linked to the Heart Chakra and healing emotions. They are both types of the mineral spodumene, but their energies and qualities are different.

Interactions with Blue Kunzite

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