Black Pearl

(blak per-ul)
Main Origins:
French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Mexico, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Micronesia, and Japan.

What is Black Pearl?

black pearl situated on top of a shiny shell

Black Pearls are truly captivating gems. They’re not your typical pearly white but showcase a striking dark hue. Their smooth surface and elegant luster make them a wonder to behold. Unlike traditional Pearls, these gems have a mysterious beauty that appeals to crystal enthusiasts.

They are made up of layers of a material called nacre, just like their white counterparts. What sets them apart is the presence of dark-colored pigments in their nacre layers, which gives them their unique color. This is why they’re often called “black,” but they can range from deep green to gray.

The history of Black Pearls is fascinating. They’re often associated with the South Pacific, especially the waters around Tahiti. Diverse societies have valued these Pearls as emblems of luxury and success for millennia.

For crystal enthusiasts and collectors, Black Pearls hold a special place. They’re seen as gems of mystery and elegance. People are drawn to their dark, alluring beauty and often use them to create stunning jewelry pieces.

Did you know that Black Pearls are linked to legends of love and protection in some cultures? Some believe they bring good luck and guard against negative energy. These myths have only added to the charm of these unique gems.

Black Pearl Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Black Pearls carry a fascinating energy that’s closely connected to various colors. The most common color energies associated with Black Pearls are black, green, and pink. Black represents protection and mystery, green symbolizes growth and healing, and pink is linked to love and harmony.

They work with the Root Chakra to anchor and connect you to Earth’s energy, bringing stability. It also resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra, in the abdomen, empowers your self-confidence and inner strength.

The Heart Chakra, situated in the chest area, is another chakra that aligns with Black Pearls. These pearls help foster love, compassion, and emotional healing. They soothe your heart, letting you nurture meaningful relationships.

It connects with the Third Eye Chakra, the center of intuition and inner wisdom. Working with Black Pearls can enhance your intuitive abilities and promote inner clarity. Lastly, the Crown and Throat Chakra are influenced by Black Pearls. This greater spiritual connection brings enlightenment and knowledge.

Water rules Black Pearls, which are put in the North sector of a space in feng shui. Like ocean tides, Water energy represents change and mental healing.

The Moon is the ruling planet for this gem, which brings a sense of intuition and emotional depth. This connection to the Moon’s cycles can enhance your emotional awareness and link to your inner self.

Several important Gods are associated with Black Pearls, each bringing unique benefits. Yemaya symbolizes maternal love and protection, and Selene represents lunar energy and intuition. 

Tiamat symbolizes primordial chaos and invention, Nuwa stability, Chandra serenity and lunar deities. Nanna relates to the Moon’s soothing energy. These connections offer guidance and blessings in various aspects of life.

This gem holds numerical vibrations of 6, 8, and 9. 6 indicates harmony and balance, 8 abundance and infinity, and 9 spiritual progress and wisdom. These numerical vibrations offer a sense of completeness and fulfillment when working with Black Pearls.

Black Pearl Healing Properties & Benefits

Tranquility and Balance

  • It fosters calm and balance by connecting to the Throat Chakra, which regulates emotions. Black Pearl benefits are growth and healing which is associated with the color green.
  • Hold a Black Pearl and take a few deep breaths, allowing its calming energy to flow through you.


  • It enhances self-esteem by resonating with the Crown Chakra, associated with higher understanding. This helps you gain self-confidence and a sense of worth.
  • Wear it as a pendant or earrings to feel the boost in your self-esteem. 

Compassion and Empathy

  • This gem encourages kindness and sympathy by connecting with the Heart Chakra, where love and acceptance are nurtured. Black Pearl properties like pink color energy represents love and harmony, making it easier to relate to others.
  • Place it in a water bowl and let it soak in moonlight, then sprinkle this water around your living space.


  • Connecting with the Root Chakra, which anchors and stabilizes your energy, Black Pearls inspire originality. This allows your creative juices to flow more freely.
  • Place it on your desk while working on creative projects. 

Emotional Awareness 

  • This stone enhances emotional awareness by linking to the Third Eye Chakra for emotional balance and water for adaptation. 
  • Place it in a water bowl on your bedside table to encourage self-reflection and insight into your emotions.

Black Pearl Spiritual Properties & Benefits

a man sitting by a body of water with a cosmic object in front depicting cosmic wisdom


  • Black Pearl enhances wisdom by connecting with the Third Eye Chakra, which governs insight and understanding. Their blue color energy signifies depth and insight, promoting a deeper connection to inner wisdom.
  • Meditate with a Black Pearl placed on your forehead between your eyebrows to stimulate your Third Eye Chakra and access higher wisdom.

Angelic Assistance

  • Invoking the archangels requires a Black Pearl to communicate with Selene, the Moon, and one’s intuition. This connection heightens your ability to receive guidance and support from the angelic realm.
  • Place it on your bedside table to invite angelic presence and assistance during dreams and meditation.

Psychic Protection

  • This gem provides psychic protection by channeling their lunar energy from the Moon. The connection protects against negative energies and psychic intrusions, ensuring your spiritual well-being.
  • Wear it as a necklace or pendant to keep it close to your energy field, acting as a protective barrier.


  • The cleansing properties of Black Pearls stem from their affinity with Water, the dominant element in the universe. This cleansing energy washes away negativity and purifies your spirit, allowing for a fresh start.
  • Place your Black Pearl in a bowl of saltwater and leave it overnight to cleanse its energy. Then wear it or carry it to experience its purified energy.


  • This gem stimulates intuition by opening the Crown Chakra, which is related to wisdom and insight. This fosters a deepened sense of inner knowing and intuitive understanding.
  • Hold a Black Pearl in your dominant hand while meditating to strengthen your intuitive abilities. Trust the subtle messages that may come to you during this time.

Side Effects of Black Pearl

  • Oversensitivity: Excessive sensitivity may occur when using this crystal. Take short breaks from Black Pearl to rebalance your emotions to alleviate this.
  • Stagnancy: A sense of feeling stuck or stagnant can happen. To avoid this, combine Black Pearl with other crystals that promote movement and change, like Amethyst.
  • Overconfidence: Overconfidence may lead to hasty decisions. Counteract this by seeking advice from others or practicing mindfulness for better judgment.

Black Pearl Meaning: What Does Black Pearl Symbolize?

A man in formal wear with legs crossed sitting on a black sofa

Metaphorically, Black Pearls symbolize “mystery and elegance,” akin to the enigmatic depths of the ocean.

These exquisite gems are known by alternative names, including “Tahitian Pearls” or “South Sea Pearls.” It always symbolized richness and success, but now they symbolize elegance and eternal beauty.

Black Pearls pair exceptionally well with crystals like Lapis Lazuli for spiritual growth, Opalite for love and harmony, and Gyrolite for emotional healing.

Interesting fact: Black Pearls were considered to shield from evil energies and provide luck in some cultures. This makes them highly sought after by sailors and explorers.

Types of Black Pearl Crystals

  • Tahitian Black Pearl: Known for its deep black color, it is often associated with wisdom and emotional healing. They are believed to bring tranquility and balance to those who wear it.
  • South Sea Black Pearl: With a rich, dark color, it symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. It is used to enhance self-confidence and attract abundance.
  • Iridescent Black Pearl: These Black Pearls display a captivating iridescence, with various hues like green, blue, purple, and more, representing the magic of transformation and change. It is said to inspire creativity and personal growth.
  • Golden Black Pearl: Featuring a stunning golden hue, it is connected to success and achievement. Those who wear them will supposedly feel empowered and at ease.
  • Pink Black Pearl: These Pearls have a soft, rosy shade, symbolizing love and compassion. It is said to help people connect on an emotional level and work together more peacefully.
  • Greenish Black Pearl: It showcases a greenish tint, signifying growth and healing. This gem provides a sense of renewal and balance.
  • Purple Black Pearl: With a regal purple color, these Pearls symbolize spiritual awareness and wisdom. Many people swear by them to help them tap into their innate wisdom and insight.
  • Silver Black Pearl: It exudes a silvery luster, representing clarity and intuition. One uses them to gain mental and emotional clarity.
  • Bluish Black Pearl: These gems have a soothing bluish tint, signifying calm and serenity. People who use them report feeling more at ease with themselves.
  • Grayish Black Pearl: It’s associated with neutrality and balance. Emotional and mental steadiness are aided by their regular use.
  • Whitish Black Pearl: These Pearls display a delicate whitish tint, signifying purity and clarity. It is often associated with emotional healing and inner peace.
  • Peacock Black Pearl: As with a peacock’s tail, these Pearls feature a variety of hues, with black serving as the dominant tone. It’s possible that they’re multicolored and iridescent.
  • Round Black Pearl: They are spherical and typically have a solid black or very dark hue, symbolizing balance and symmetry.
  • Baroque Black Pearl: They have irregular, organic shapes and are usually black. Uniqueness and originality are represented by them.
  • Black Seed Pearl: These are exceptionally tiny Pearls and are usually dark in color. As a sign of new beginnings, they reflect latent potential and the strength of growth.
  • Black Potato Pearl: The round shape and dark color of these Pearls set them apart. As a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and fertility, they are often used in economic forecasting.
  • Black Button Pearl: Small and flat, like buttons, they are typically black in color. It symbolizes simplicity and modesty.
  • Black Biwa Pearl: These Pearls have a distinct elongated shape, are black, and are associated with adaptability and resilience.
  • Black Coin Pearl: These are flat and round, resembling coins, and are usually black. As such, they represent abundance and success.
  • Black Oval Pearl: It has a classic oval shape and is black. These gems epitomize the classic beauty and grace that will never go out of style.
  • Black Mabe Pearl: It is semi-spherical and typically dark black in color. This symbolizes protection and emotional security.

How to Cleanse Black Pearl?

moonlight reflection on water

  • Moonlight: Place your Black Pearls under the gentle light of the Moon overnight. The moonlight purifies their energy, making them ready for use.
  • Soil: Bury your Black Pearls in a pot of clean soil. Leave them for a day or two. The Earth’s energy will cleanse and refresh the crystals.
  • Meditation: Hold your Black Pearls in your hands during a peaceful meditation. Visualize any impurities leaving, and fill them with your positive intentions. This personal connection cleanses their energy.

Questions and Answers

What Type of Rock is Black Pearl?

Black Pearl is not a rock; it is an organic gem formed inside certain species of oysters.

Is Black Pearl Lucky?

Yes, Black Pearls are often associated with luck in various cultures.

Is Black Pearl Rare?

Yes, Black Pearls, especially high-quality ones, are relatively rare.

How Can You Tell if Black Pearl is Real?

The luster of a Pearl refers to its shine and reflection of light. Authentic Black Pearls have a deep, mirror-like luster with a subtle iridescence. If the surface appears dull or too shiny, it may be a sign of a fake or imitation Pearl.

Can Anyone Wear Black Pearls?

Yes, anyone can wear Black Pearls; it’s a matter of personal preference and style.

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