Main Origins:
Scotland, Ireland, India, Italy, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Canada, the USA, France, Norway, and Japan.

What is Gyrolite?

gryolite on dark background. Source: Flickr | Ron Wolf
Source: Flickr | Ron Wolf

This phyllosilicate mineral forms in sheets or layers that make up the balls or spherical shapes that we call Gyrolite. It is found in combination with other crystals, such as Quartz, Calcite, or other minerals of the Zeolite family that it is a part of.

Gyrolite is usually translucent or transparent, and it is also fluorescent. Gyrolite is often white, colorless, or brown, and it can also be shades of olive green, brown to yellow, and has a vitreous, fibrous, or dull surface appearance.

It is found within igneous rock, particularly with Basalt. According to modern records, the first specimens of Gyrolite were documented in 1851 on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Since then, beautiful samples of this rare crystal have been found in various locations.

On a metaphysical level, this crystal has much to offer. Gyrolite has a refreshing energy that can allow you to integrate and see life from a higher-self perspective. It is also a stone that facilitates connection with spiritual beings, non-linear time, and the Akashic Records.

Note: This mineral should be handled carefully as it is low on the Mohs hardness scale and has a brittle tenacity and perfect cleavage. This means it is easily damaged. 

Gyrolite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The metaphysical properties and benefits of Gyrolite are guided and energized by its ruling chakras, planet, element, and numerical vibration. Looking into each of these aspects will help us gain a deeper understanding of the energy of Gyrolite.

The main chakras linked to Gyrolite are the Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye, and Crown. It will also affect other chakras, depending on the minerals that it forms in combination with. Gyrolite energizes us from the top down, so divine life force is channeled through the activation of the Crown Chakra. 

It moves through us, energizing and balancing with most focus on the Third Eye, offering intuition and increased higher perception; the Heart, the embodiment of divine love for yourself and all beings; and the Solar Plexus, the embodiment of strength and confidence.

The ruling planet of Gyrolite is Mercury, which has an energizing effect. Gyrolite resonates with the aspects of mercurial energy that lead to constant new possibilities, a refreshed perspective leading to positive shifts in perspective, and physical changes.

The Storm element, which is actually a combination of all four elements (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire) is associated with this crystal. Gyrolite reflects the Storm element in its properties of letting go of the old, fully embracing the new, and the balance of creation and destruction that are essential in the circle of life.

Gyrolite resonates with the number 3. Some of the energetic properties and themes of this number include harmony, growth, and connecting with spirit beings (including angels, ascended masters, ancestors, and nature spirits). 

Gyrolite Healing Properties and Benefits

Refreshed Energy

  • Gyrolite opens and stimulates your connection to the infinite spiritual source of energy. It refreshes energy on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
  • Take three deep breaths and bring presence to your Gyrolite crystal. Set your intention verbally or within to be energized with divine energy. 

Clarity and Epiphanies

  • Gyrolite guides us to a higher state of consciousness, allowing us to perceive and experience life from a higher perspective. This increases clarity on all levels, profound realizations, and divine inspiration.
  • Place your Gyrolite nearby or hold it gently and chant the Crown and Third Eye Chakra seed mantra AUM at least three times.

Connecting the Physical and Spiritual

  • The activation of higher chakras, combined with the movement of this energy to the Heart and Solar Plexus, make Gyrolite effective for channeling spiritual wisdom or divine healing energy to be embodied in your physical expression, power, focus, and action.
  • Sit with your crystal and visualize its energy as an orb of light that grows beyond the physical Gyrolite sphere and encompasses your entire being. Then visualize this orb of light shrinking toward your Crown Chakra and then moving down to the Solar Plexus.

Feeling Light and Free

  • The clarity, refreshed energy, and higher perspective that Gyrolite’s benefits guide us to, especially after deep healing, the experience of feeling lighter and freer on all levels. 
  • Set an intention for this crystal to attune you to a vibration of freedom and ease. Practice meditation daily with your Gyrolite crystal nearby or while carefully holding it.

Rhythm and Flow

  • The physical form and structure of Gyrolite (repetitive spheres in varied sizes and combinations or repeated layers that form each sphere) imbue this stone with the benefit of improving rhythm. It is also a great stone for encouraging a creative flow state.
  • Affirm your intention to use Gyrolite for this purpose and keep this crystal near when you are learning or expressing yourself through music, dance, or any other activity that is linked to a flowing state of consciousness.

Gyrolite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

An Angel Statue that is kneeling

Karmic Healing

  • Gyrolite can guide through the processes of healing trauma and debt from past actions or lifetimes. It allows us to access a higher perspective and gain wisdom from the past in the present moment.
  • Keep a piece with Gyrolite near while you engage in practices to integrate and release karma, such as acceptance, intentional forgiveness, higher perspective reflection, and deep meditation.

Connecting with Angel and Spirit Guides

  • As Gyrolite has higher vibrational energy, it can help you to connect with your spirit guides and channel angelic, galactic, or higher-dimensional spiritual beings.
  • Set a clear intention to attune to Gyrolite and connect with benevolent spiritual beings. Keep the crystal near while engaging in prayer, channeling, visualization, or meditation.

Creating Your Reality

  • Gyrolite is a stone that will empower you to intentionally manifest your physical circumstances in alignment with your spiritual awareness and freedom. 
  • Make sure your Gyrolite crystal is nearby and connect with it while engaging in intentional manifestation practices, such as writing or speaking affirmations, visualization, or emotional attunement.

Enhances Other Crystals

  • Gyrolite does not hold on to lower vibrations that it is exposed to; it is largely self-cleansing. Gyrolite’s properties allow it to amplify or enhance the energetic effects of the crystals. It can also be used to cleanse other crystals.
  • You can place Gyrolite touching or gently resting on any other crystal to cleanse it energetically. Try connecting with a piece of Gyrolite that naturally formed in combination with another mineral to feel the power of other crystals.

Connecting to Ancient Life

  • Gyrolite is a crystal of totality. It profoundly connects us spiritually beyond time and space. Gyrolite can allow us to access the Akashic Records and the knowledge of ancient life, connecting with the past in the present.
  • This is a crystal ally to keep near when studying, reflecting, channeling, visualizing, or meditating on the ancestors of your life and surroundings.

Side Effects of Gyrolite

  • Seemingly Sudden Changes: Gyrolite has a refreshing energy that will rapidly lead you to align with your highest path. You may find you make big decisions or changes arise quite suddenly when working with this crystal.
  • Karmic Experiences: Being a stone of karmic healing and past life connection, Gyrolite will likely bring some of your karmic experience to the surface for review, integration, and release.

Gyrolite Meaning: What does Gyrolite Symbolize?

Hands protecting a paper cut people on a green grass background

The meaning of this crystal is “flowing life force.” 

The name of this crystal was inspired by the Greek word “Guros,” meaning circle. It alludes to Gyrolite being round. The circular or spherical shape symbolizes wholeness, connection, the self, the infinite, unity, and limitlessness.

The most common color of Gyrolite is white or colorless, and as it is translucent or transparent, these characteristics symbolize purity and clarity. Gyrolite encourages a full-on embodiment of higher self-awareness and guides us to a clear connection to pure life force energy.

The growth pattern of the layering within each sphere or the repetition of Gyrolite spheres within a single formation can symbolize rhythm. This crystal is said to improve or help you learn skills that involve rhythm, such as music and dance. 

Types of Gyrolite

  • White Gyrolite: Colorless to pure white or light creme white spheres of Gyrolite, often in various-sized balls clustered together or scattered along the surface of a matrix. White Gyrolite is excellent for connecting with angels and spirit guides.
  • Green Gyrolite: Deep forest to pale green Gyrolite spheres in different sizes along a matrix or clustered together and interspersed with other minerals. Green Gyrolite elevates you to a higher, lighter, and fully connected state of consciousness.
  • Pale Olive Green Gyrolite: Spherical Gyrolite formations can form as light olive green to white-tinged green. Pale Green Gyrolite strengthens the connection between the physical and the spiritual.
  • Tan Gyrolite: Mid-brown to light yellowish-brown (tan) Gyrolite nodules varying in size. Tan Gyrolite can assist in karmic or past life healing, helping you embody your highest present reality.
  • Gray Gyrolite: An extra rare coloration of Gyrolite, Gray Gyrolite is a variety that helps with integration on all levels.
  • Gyrolite on Quartz: White, green, tan, or gray Gyrolite forms together with clustered Quartz (most often Clear or White Quartz in druzy formation). Gyrolite combined with Quartz is a powerful, energetic combination. It helps bring a deep sense of wholeness into your life.
  • Gyrolite on Druze: Druze crystals are a coating or layer of fine crystals on a rock surface within a rock cavity or vein. Gyrolite forms on a layer of Quartz or Prehnite Druze crystals. This formation of Gyrolite has an amplifying and supportive effect. 
  • Gyrolite-Laumontite: All colors and sizes of Gyrolite spheres form with colorless, white to lighter pink, gray, yellow, or golden brown Laumontite crystals. Together, these minerals are physically fragile but will help you channel pure life force energy.
  • Gyrolite on Calcite: Colorless to creamy white or brown Calcite crystals often form a matrix for white, green, or tan Gyrolite spheres. Gyrolite on Calcite amplifies your connection or awareness of higher consciousness.
  • Apophyllite on Gyrolite: White, colorless, light green, pink, yellow, brown, or purple Apophyllite crystals formed together with Gyrolite spheres. This mineral combination helps regulate and raise your energy levels.
  • Gyrolite with Okenite: Fluffy or fine and hair-like radiating clusters of white or white tinged with yellow or blue Okenite often form together with Gyrolite. Gyrolite with Okenite will stimulate your higher chakras.
  • Gyrolite with Prehnite: Colorless, white, gray, yellow, or yellow-green Prehnite with Gyrolite can form as a druzy in which Gyrolite spheres are seen or interspersed with Gyrolite and other minerals such as Apophyllite. Gyrolite with Prehnite is good for releasing fear and living in a more connected and heart-centered way.
  • Gyrolite on Phillipsite: Gyrolite spheres of all varieties form on or with Phillipsite, a white, reddish, pink, light yellow, or colorless Zeolite. Gyrolite on Phillipsite will guide you through detox and healing to help you see, experience, and act from your higher-self perspective.
  • Gyrolite-Anaclime: Colorless, white to gray, pink, green, or yellow, Anaclime crystals can form together with Gyrolite in any of its typical colorations. Gyrolite-Anaclime radiates the energy of clarity, wholeness, connection, and contentment.

How to Cleanse Gyrolite?

A raw kyanite crystal on the sand

  • Smoke: Create cleansing smoke using an incense or smudge bundle and circle the smoke around your Gyrolite stone three times in a clockwise direction.
  • Selenite or Kyanite: Place your Gyrolite touching a piece of Selenite, Kyanite, or any other self-cleansing crystal for 3 minutes.
  • Moonlight: Place your crystal out under the moonlight at any stage of the lunar cycle for 3 hours to cleanse and charge. Please do not leave it outside under extreme weather conditions or anywhere that can get wet.


What is the Chemical Composition of Gyrolite?

Gyrolite is a sodium calcium silicate hydrate mineral that has the chemical formula: NaCa16Si23AlO60(OH)8 · 14H2O.

Is Gyrolite Rare?

Yes, Gyrolite is considered rare. The rarest colors of Gyrolite are the green and gray varieties. 

What is Gyrolite Used for?

Gyrolite can be created synthetically, and it is being studied as a mineral that could clean heavy metals from water. In nature, it forms fascinating specimens appreciated by geologists, mineral collectors, and crystal enthusiasts. It is also used for its metaphysical and healing benefits.

What Crystals Form with Gyrolite?

Crystals such as Quartz, Prehnite, Apophyllite, Calcite, Phillipsite, and many other minerals, especially Zeolites, form together with Gyrolite.

Can Gyrolite Be in the Sun?

No. Due to its lower hardness and fragile nature, we recommend that Gyrolite be predominantly kept away from sunlight, especially direct sunlight.

Can Gyrolite Be in Water?

No. Gyrolite is a soft and brittle crystal that should not be exposed to water. It commonly forms in combination with other soft and even soluble minerals, so seriously keep Gyrolite away from water.

How Do You Care for a Gyrolite Crystal?

Care for your delicate and precious Gyrolite crystal by storing it properly in a padded or lined box. Keep it away from dust and dirt because it cannot be exposed to water, and its texture and formations can make it tricky to clean. Keep Gyrolite away from sunlight and, of course, handle it with care.

Gryolite Interaction

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