Main Origins:
Tanzania, Austria, and Kenya.

What is Anyolite?

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Anyolite, commonly known as Ruby Zoisite, is a gem with gorgeous colors, patterns, and texture. Deep green Zoisite and rich ruby-red Corundum create a striking color combination in Anyolite. 

The beauty of this crystal is enhanced when it is smooth and polished. Anyolite cabochons and jewelry have a design that looks like a painter’s brush strokes. 

Anyolite gets its rich green color from Zoisite, which is a calcium-aluminum silicate. Its bright red hues come from Corundum, which is mostly aluminum oxide. When these two rocks come together, the colors of the crystal are highly attractive.

In the 1950s, Anyolite was first found in Tanzania. The word “Anyolite” comes from “anyoli,” which means “green” in Masai. Gem lovers and fans worldwide became interested in this fantastic stone after it was found, and it has since become popular in jewelry.

Crystal lovers are drawn to the beauty and energy of Anyolite. Many people think it heals the heart center and makes love, peace, and strength stronger. The green and red contrast is unique and hard to find, so collectors are drawn to it.

Did you know Anyolite is associated with a unique myth that ties it to the animal kingdom? In African custom, the Ruby part of Anyolite stands for the power of animal life, while the Zoisite part stands for the power of the ground. Wearing or carrying Anyolite helps you feel more connected to nature and animals, promoting peace in the animal world.

Anyolite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Anyolite’s green color stands for growth, new life, and peace. The ruby-red of Anyolite stands for passion, energy, and courage. It increases the Root Chakra’s energy, making you feel more grounded and stable.

It primarily connects with the Root Chakra for stability and grounding, the Solar Plexus Chakra for self-confidence, the Throat Chakra for improved communication, the Third Eye Chakra for intuition, and the Crown Chakra for spiritual connection. 

This multi-chakra alignment makes Anyolite a powerful gemstone for holistic growth, inner balance, and spiritual awakening.

Anyolite is an Air element. This airy connection removes stagnant energy and refreshes any space. Anyolite in the South, Southeast, Northeast, or Southwest brings harmony and peace to feng shui. 

Mars controls Anyolite, which is hot and forceful. This gives Anyolite courage and strength, making it an excellent companion for trying times.

Gaia, Bhumi, and Isis are the main Gods who rule over Anyolite, with Gaia being the most important. Gaia is the Earth’s nurturing and supportive energy, which works well with Anyolite’s ability to promote growth, healing, and unity.

The numbers 2, 5, 7, and 11 are significant to Anyolite’s vibrations. These numbers show that you are two-sided, flexible, intuitive, and have spiritual understanding. When you work with Anyolite, you can use these vibes to help you grow as a person and become more spiritually aware.

Anyolite Healing Properties & Benefits


  • One of Anyolite’s benefits is helping people be more independent by making them feel strong on their own.
  • Hold the crystal in your dominant hand to use this effect and repeatedly say self-reliance mantras. This will charge the crystal with your unwavering faith in your abilities.


  • Bringing peace by balancing the forces inside and outside of you are Anyolite’s properties.
  • Meditate with the crystal to make this effect stronger and envision a beautiful life. After the Anyolite gets your wishes, put it in a prominent place in your home to bring peace.


  • People think that Anyolite makes people more fertile by encouraging the force of growth.
  • Make a crystal grid with Anyolite in the middle, surrounding it with Rose Quartz and Moonstone. Put the grid in your bedroom and think about being fertile.


  • Anyolite gets people motivated by giving them more energy and excitement.
  • Wear Anyolite jewelry or a tumbled stone to benefit from this. Hold the crystal, imagine success, and create a clear goal to stay motivated before starting a task.

Courage and Confidence

  • Some of Anyolite’s metaphysical properties are giving confidence and bravery by bringing you back to the present.
  • To experience this, do the “Anyolite Grounding Technique:” close your eyes, take deep breaths, and imagine Anyolite’s energy connecting you to the Earth, boosting courage and confidence.

Anyolite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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Spirit Contact

  • Anyolite helps you connect with spirits by strengthening your intuition and connection to higher worlds.
  • To use this effect, put the crystal on your Third Eye Chakra while you meditate and think about how you want to connect with spiritual beings.

 Psychic Awareness and Gifts 

  • Making psychic awareness and skills stronger by opening the Third Eye Chakra is one of Anyolite’s properties.
  • Putting Anyolite on your forehead and meditating on your psychic skills will help them grow. Imagine yourself getting clear and vivid intuitive thoughts.

Soul Memory and Records

  • One of Anyolite’s healing properties is to connect to your spiritual essence and record memories from your mind.
  • Use the “Soul Record Activation:” close your eyes and ask to see the knowledge of your soul. Believe the ideas that come to you when you meditate or dream.

Energy Amplification 

  • Boosting energy by bringing together the waves of the chakras is also one of Anyolite’s benefits.
  • Make a crystal pattern with Anyolite at your Crown Chakra and other crystals on your other chakras to boost your energy. Set your goal to improve your energy.

Aura Cleansing

  • Anyolite cleanses auras by taking in bad energy and changing it into something else.
  • Run Anyolite over your body to clean your aura, and imagine it pulling out all the bad energy. After that, clean the crystal to keep it working well.

Side Effects of Anyolite

  • Disturbing Visions: Anyolite can cause disturbing visuals during meditation. You can avoid this by grounding yourself with Hematite or Black Tourmaline.
  • Blind Positivity: Overusing Anyolite may result in an idealistic, too-happy mindset. Balance it with Smoky Quartz to keep anchored in reality.
  • Feeling of Loss: Long-term use of Anyolite can lead to dependence. You can avoid this by doing mindfulness activities, like deep breathing occasionally.

Anyolite Meaning: What Does Anyolite Symbolize?

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Anyolite is a stone that represents the “union of heart and passion.”

The main metaphysical benefit of Anyolite is that it helps mental healing and balance. This makes it a useful crystal for people who want to heal old wounds and find strength within themselves.

Anyolite is also called “Ruby Zoisite” because it comprises the rocks Ruby and Zoisite. 

Traditionally, Anyolite has represented the reconciliation of opposites. But in modern times, it denotes the combination of emotional and physical well-being, combining love and vitality.

Rose Quartz works well with Anyolite to help heal the heart. It also works well with Hematite to help keep you grounded when you’re doing emotional work.

Interestingly, Anyolite was considered a stone of fertility and vitality in old folklore. Shamans and healers used it to improve both bodily and spiritual health. Many people still use Anyolite because it has peaceful energies and can heal mental wounds.

Types of Anyolite Crystals

  • Common Anyolite: It has a combination of green Zoisite and ruby-red Corundum helping to heal emotions and bring people together.
  • Pink Anyolite: Its soft pink color signifies love and mental healing. It encourages self-compassion and nurturing energy.
  • Green Anyolite: It resembles the color of nature’s green hues and brings balance to the Heart Chakra. It helps love, kindness, and harmony grow.
  • White Anyolite: This type gives off a pure white hue and clears energy that helps spiritual growth. It makes it easier to connect to higher places.
  • Black Anyolite: This variety, with its deep black hue, exudes grounding energy, anchoring emotions and providing protection and stability.
  • Magenta Anyolite: Radiating a vibrant magenta color, this crystal combines the energies of love and desire, making it a potent healer for matters of the heart.
  • Brown Anyolite: With earthy brown tones, this crystal imparts a sense of stability and balance, aiding individuals in coping with life’s challenges and feeling grounded.
  • Blue Anyolite: Featuring soothing blue shades, this crystal promotes mental healing by alleviating stress and anxiety, facilitating relaxation and peace of mind.
  • Pale Green Anyolite: Its soft green color is in tune with the Heart Chakra. It helps with mental healing, inner peace, and personal growth. 
  • Yellow Anyolite: Its sunny color energizes the spirit and makes people more optimistic. It also helps mental healing, boosts self-confidence, and warms the heart.
  • Olive-Green Anyolite: Combining green and earthy tones brings growth and grounding forces together. This helps you feel emotionally stable, full of life, and deeply connected to nature.
  • Green-Black Anyolite: The combination of grounding black and heart-centered green gives mental stability, growth, and balance.
  • Red Anyolite: With its fiery red colors, it embodies courage and vitality, grounding these energies for emotional strength, resilience, and drive.
  • Cracked or Fractured Anyolite: Despite their imperfections, these stones, which can come in colors like green and red, possess healing qualities and serve as a reminder of inner strength and resilience.
  • Spotted Anyolite: Showcasing a harmonious blend of green and red colors, spotted Anyolite symbolizes self-acceptance and uniqueness, emphasizing the beauty of diversity.
  • Tanzanian Anyolite: Linked to the rich cultural diversity of Tanzania, this crystal, found in various colors, such as green and red, is believed to harness natural forces for emotional healing and personal growth.
  • Anyolite with Tschermakite: Combining the inherent healing properties of Anyolite with the amplifying energies of Tschermakite, this crystal, available in different colors like green and red, aids in mental healing, spiritual growth, and inner strength.
  • Anyolite with Amphibole: These crystals, found in a variety of colors, such as green and red, help people connect to their spirit guides and higher realms, promoting spiritual growth, insight, and a profound link to the divine.

How to Cleanse Anyolite?

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  • Moonlight: Place Anyolite under a full moon for a night to re-energize, eliminate any bad energy, and bring back its healing powers.
  • Earth: Bury Anyolite in natural dirt for a day to ground and cleanse its energy and connect it to the Earth’s regenerative forces.
  • Sage: Pass Anyolite through sage smoke, which will cleanse and refresh its energy and prepare it for use.

Question and Answer

Can Anyolite Crystals Get Wet?

Yes, Anyolite crystals can handle being exposed to water to some extent, but it’s best to avoid prolonged contact to prevent damage or loss of shine.

Are Anyolites Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Anyolite is generally safe in the sun. Short exposure won’t harm it. However, avoid leaving it in direct sunlight for extended periods, as it could lead to color fading or damage. 

How Can You Tell if Anyolite is Real?

Real Ruby Zoisite will have a unique combination of red Ruby crystals and green Zoisite crystals. Authenticity can be checked through reliable sources and, if necessary, through gemological tests.

How Do You Take Care of Anyolites?

Store Anyolite in a soft cloth or bag to keep it from getting scratched, and keep it away from too strong chemicals. Use a soft, damp cloth to clean them if you need to.

Is Anyolite Expensive?

No, Anyolite is not expensive. It is generally considered a relatively affordable gemstone, with prices ranging from $10 to $100 or more per carat depending on quality and size.

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