Strawberry Quartz

(straw-ber-ry kwawrts)
Main Origins:
Mexico, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa.

What is Strawberry Quartz?

Strawberry Quartz on a black reflective background

As the name suggests, Strawberry Quartz is a captivating gemstone that releases a distinct aura and vibes of love and vitality. 

This crystal’s pinkish-red hue mirrors a strawberry in a lush garden. It was discovered in the 1970s and is believed to have originated through a combination of natural forces that create a fusion with mineral elements. 

It is a marvel of nature with a unique inner glow associated with love and passion.  Strawberry Quartz is loved by many because it increases feelings of love, brings in good luck, and helps people feel closer to themselves and others. 

To crystal enthusiasts and collectors, this stone is highly sought after. Its unique aesthetic, combined with its metaphysical attributes, make it a cherished addition to any collection. People often use it for emotional healing, grounding, and enhancing feelings of love and understanding.

Discover the magnificent world of Strawberry Quartz. Learn how its positive energy can help bring love, passion, and harmony into your life.

Strawberry Quartz Metaphysical Properties And Benefits

Most of the time, shades of pink and red are used to describe Strawberry Quartz. This stone is linked to the Heart Chakra and the planet of love, Venus, making it a crystal that works on matters of the heart and self-love.

Strawberry Quartz’s metaphysical properties include emotional healing. It helps to resolve past traumas and release emotional blockages. 

Aligned with Earth, Fire, Storm, and Spirit, it resonates with grounding stability, passionate creativity, transformative change, and spiritual enlightenment. In feng shui, placing this crystal in your space’s South, Northeast, or Center areas can promote harmony, growth, and well-being.

Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, and Radha, the Hindu Goddess of Devotion, are among the ruling Gods associated with this stone. Their energy enhances love, relationships, and self-acceptance. 

The ability of Strawberry Quartz to help the mind grow and increase insight is linked to the number 3, while the number 5 is associated with transformation and good change. 

Strawberry Quartz Healing Properties And Benefits


  • Strawberry Quartz’s properties help clear mental fog and ground scattered thoughts, thus increasing your productivity.
  • Hold the crystal in your hand while you close your eyes to unleash the power of this crystal for focus. Setting an intention to sharpen your focus and avoid distractions is essential. 


  • One of Strawberry Quartz’s benefits is boosting your immune system. This gemstone helps promote overall health and vitality by cleansing and revitalizing the body.
  • Place the crystal near the body part you want to support and assist. Do this while you visualize the stone’s energy enhancing your immune system. 

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

  • Strawberry Quartz’s healing properties include stimulating problem-solving skills. This crystal enhances your critical reasoning skills and manages your mind to create solutions to challenges. 
  • You can use the crystal’s power to think critically if you hold it while asking for an answer to a specific problem.  


  • A crystal that encourages balance in relationships and environments. Using Strawberry Quartz contributes to a peaceful atmosphere in a room. 
  • It is helpful to place the crystal in the room where you wish for harmony and balance. You can also use this crystal while meditating and envisioning good relationships. 

Passion and Fertility

  • Since Strawberry Quartz’s meaning involves passion, one can use this crystal for enhancing fertility and balancing the circadian rhythm. 
  • You can place the Strawberry Quartz under the moonlight overnight. Set your intention for passion and fertility before bathing the crystal in the light of the moon.

Strawberry Quartz Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Karmic Healing

  • This crystal promotes self-love and forgiveness by resonating with the Heart Chakra. 
  • Hold the Strawberry Quartz in your hands, take a few deep breaths, and affirm, “I let go of all karmic patterns that are no longer serving me. I am ready for emotional healing.”


  • This gemstone transforms by enhancing one’s personal growth and encouraging positive change. 
  • Use this stone during meditation by allowing its energy to transform and support you in your journey to change for the better. 

Good Fortune

  • Strawberry Quartz is believed to radiate positive vibrations and manifest the energy of abundance that attracts good fortune and opportunities into one’s life.
  • To charge the crystal for good fortune, place it under the moonlight or sunlight and set your intention to attract abundance into your life. 


  • The Strawberry Quartz crystal can increase your capacity for manifesting your desires and dreams. It aligns the mind and heart with one’s intentions. 
  • Write down your goals on paper, place the crystal on top of it, and imagine your intentions coming to life.

Astral Travel and Shifting

  • Astral travel is better supported by Strawberry Quartz, connecting you with higher realms and enhancing your spiritual awareness. 
  • You can activate this effect by holding the crystal during meditation. Consider stating your intention to travel to the heavenly realm before you practice doing so.

Side Effects of Strawberry Quartz

  • Self-Obsession: This stone can make one self-centered and overly focused on oneself. To avoid this, practice mindfulness and show some empathy toward others. 
  • Isolation: If you’re experiencing a sense of isolation, consider expanding your social interactions. Engaging in community activities or fostering new friendships can help reduce feelings of loneliness.
  • Difficulty in Letting Go: Due to the stone’s focus on healing old memories, it might be hard to let go of the past. If you feel stuck in the past, getting help from people you care about can be very helpful.

Strawberry Quartz Meaning: What Does Strawberry Quartz Symbolize?

Strawberry Quartz meaning is “Heart Healer.”

In traditional beliefs, Strawberry Quartz enhances feelings of love, passion, compassion, and self-understanding. It promotes harmonious relationships and a sense of individual unity. 

This crystal derived its name from its reddish-pink hue, resembling a strawberry fruit. The pink shade that makes the crystal unique is due to the presence of iron oxide.

Known by several names, Strawberry Quartz is often referred to as “Scarlet Quartz” or “Red Fire Quartz.” These alternative names highlight the stone’s fiery undertones, symbolic of its transformative and healing properties.

Pairing Strawberry Quartz with other crystals, like Rose Quartz or Amethyst, can enhance its healing properties. Rose Quartz, the Stone of Unconditional Love, and Amethyst, known for its calming energy, together with Strawberry Quartz, create a powerful trifecta for emotional healing and self-love.

Did you know that some people believe Strawberry Quartz can help one find their soulmate or twin flame, as it vibrates at the frequency of love and harmony? This is because the crystal is thought to enhance one’s ability to express love and positive emotions, which can in turn attract people who resonate with these same energies.

Types of Strawberry Quartz

  • Common Strawberry Quartz: Featuring a pinkish-red hue, it is mainly associated with promoting harmony and connections in relationships. 
  • Pink Strawberry Quartz: A pink type of Strawberry Quartz known to soothe and calm, it is used as a stress reliever while fostering love and compassion.   
  • Red Strawberry Quartz: It exhibits a deep red color that symbolizes strength and vitality. This is a valuable crystal that signifies motivation and grounding. 
  • Spotted or Mottled Strawberry Quartz: Unique due to its spots of mottled patterns with a pinkish-red base, it is a stone that brings joy into one’s life. 
  • Double Terminated (DT) Strawberry Quartz: Known for having points on both ends, this type of Strawberry Quartz facilitates balance and good interpersonal relationships. 
  • Peach Strawberry Quartz: It is cherished due to its gentle peachy hue, which signifies tranquility and emotional healing. 
  • Maroon Strawberry Quartz: Manifesting a darker red color, this gemstone represents resilience and inner strength. 
  • Brown Strawberry Quartz: As the name suggests, this stone exhibits a brownish-red hue, making it an earth-ruled stone that grounds energies. 
  • Frosted Strawberry Quartz: Characterized by a frosty pink hue, this stone gets its appearance from the high levels of Piemontite present. This crystal provides a protective shield against negativity for its wearer.
  • Purple Strawberry Quartz: An intriguing blend of pale pink and light purple, this unique variant combines the energies of Strawberry Quartz and Amethyst, offering a harmonious mix of love and spiritual wisdom.
  • Strawberry Quartz Pyramidal: This pyramid-shaped version of Strawberry Quartz is a vibrant pink, and its form amplifies the crystal’s energy, enhancing focus and manifestation of abilities.
  • Druzy Strawberry Quartz: This sparkling gemstone presents a dazzling display of tiny crystals on its surface, promoting creativity and positivity. Its colors range from a pale pink to a rich, berry-like hue.
  • Strawberry Quartz with Hematite: Silver-gray metallic sheen of Hematite lends an earthy contrast to the soft pink Strawberry Quartz, imparting grounding and protective qualities to its wearer.
  • Strawberry Quartz with Rutiles: Clear or golden “needles” of rutile embedded within the soft pink Strawberry Quartz symbolize growth and change.
  • Strawberry Quartz Geode: Hollow rock filled with an array of tiny pink crystals combines the healing properties of Strawberry Quartz and harmonizes energy.
  • Strawberry Quartz with Muscovite (Alurgite): Adding a shimmering effect to the pink Strawberry Quartz, Muscovite stimulates the mind and promotes positivity.
  • Strawberry Aventurine (with Mica-Aventurescent): The reflective qualities of mica give this rosy-red crystal a distinctive shine. This crystal is believed to bring luck and opportunities.

How To Cleanse Strawberry Quartz?

  • Soil: Bury your Strawberry Quartz in soil for a day, then gently rinse it with water to cleanse its energy. 
  • Moonlight: Recharge and cleanse your crystal by placing it under the moonlight overnight 
  • Incense: Purify and refresh your Strawberry Quartz by passing it through the smoke of your lighted incense.

Questions and Answers

What is the Benefit of Strawberry Quartz Stone?

Strawberry Quartz’s benefits include promoting feelings of love, compassion, and inner peace. It opens the Heart Chakra and enhances one’s emotional well-being.

What Does Strawberry Quartz Symbolize?

This crystal symbolizes love, joy, and healing. It represents affection and a sense of warmth.

Who Should Wear Strawberry Quartz?

Anyone. But it is suitable for those seeking love, comfort, and emotional healing.

Is Strawberry Quartz Rare?

Yes, Strawberry Quartz is rare due to its unique reddish-pink hue and limited natural occurrences.

Can Strawberry Quartzs Get Wet?

Yes, this crystal is safe in water, but avoid using harsh chemicals or soaking it for a long period.

Are Strawberry Quartz Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Strawberry Quartz is safe in the sun, but prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the crystal’s color to fade.

How Can You Tell if Strawberry Quartz is Real?

You may check for its distinct pink-red color and the presence of tiny natural inclusions found in the crystal. It is also advised to look for reputable stores to ensure authenticity.

What is the Energy of Strawberry Quartz?

Gentle and loving energies are embedded in Strawberry Quartz. It amplifies the feelings of love, joy, and inner peace and helps open the Heart Chakra.

Is Strawberry Quartz the Same as Aventurine?

No, because they differ in content. Strawberry Quartz is reddish pink and contains iron oxide, while Aventurine is usually green and has fuchsite, mica, or hematite. 

How Do You Take Care of Strawberry Quartz?

It is best to cleanse your crystal with mild soap and water. Properly store your crystal in a soft cloth and make sure to wrap it in a padded container during transport to avoid possible damage.

Is Strawberry Quartz Expensive?

Yes, it is quite expensive due to its rarity and uniqueness. The cost of the stone may vary depending on size, quality, and market demands.

What Stones Go Well With Strawberry Quartz?

It goes well with Rose Quartz and Amethyst.

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