16 Gemstones in Wyoming: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them

  1. All You Need to Know Rockhounding in Wyoming
  2. Best Wyoming Rockhounding Locations
  3. Top 16 Gemstones in Wyoming
  4. How to Do Rockhounding in Wyoming
  5. Find Wyoming Crystals and Start Using Them!

Hey, guess what? Wyoming isn’t just cowboys and national parks. Nope, it’s a gemstone hunter’s dreamland! Imagine stumbling upon a piece of Jade or Garnet while hiking through those rugged landscapes. 

So, how do you find these shiny treasures in Wyoming? What gemstones can be found in Wyoming? Where exactly should you start digging?

Wyoming’s everything from Jade in the Wind River Mountains to Garnets in the Leucite Hills. You might even find a Diamond if you’re super lucky. So, pack your shovel and your sense of adventure. Wyoming’s got some severe bling buried in its dirt.

Curious about digging up your treasure? Stick around, and I’ll show you how to strike gemstone gold in Wyoming!

All You Need to Know Rockhounding in Wyoming

graphic table about state information for Wyoming

Rockhounding in Wyoming has been around for ages. Native Americans were the original rockhounds, using Jade for tools and ceremonial purposes. As time went on during the Gold Rush, people started realizing that Wyoming was not rich in gold but in various gemstones.

Now, what makes Wyoming such a gem hotspot? Well, its geological history is like something out of a captivating Hollywood drama – of twists and turns. Think of ancient volcanic activity, glacial movements, and even meteor impacts. All these extraordinary events have left behind an array of minerals and gems. 

Imagine vast plains meeting mountains with rivers flowing through like ribbons. Don’t be surprised if you come across bison, elk or perhaps even catch the sight of a bald eagle keeping an eye on your digging endeavors.

Remember that the weather can be scorching hot in summer and cold in winter, so pack accordingly.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and discover some gems in Wyoming? 

Best Wyoming Rockhounding Locations

Before proceeding on your adventure, watch regular updates and rule changes, as they constantly change. 

Here, I will break down the best places to go hunting for gems in Wyoming.

A graphic design table Best Wyoming Rockhounding Locations

Top 16 Gemstones in Wyoming

Ready to go on a gem-hunting adventure in Wyoming? This state is like a candy store for gem lovers! 

Let’s dive into the top gemstones you can find, where to look, and how to dig them up.


Jade crystal on a white background

First up, we’ve got Jade, Wyoming’s state crystal. Head over to the Wind River Mountains, and you might strike Jade gold. Look for dark green or blackish rocks; that’s usually a good sign. 

A sturdy pickaxe and a keen eye are all you need. Jade comes in Nephrite and Jadeite varieties in Wyoming. Jade brings good luck and emotional balance.


Almandine Garnet from Adelaide Crystal on a white background. Image Source: Etsy.com | Mike Petrov - TheGlobalStone
Image Source: Etsy.com | Mike Petrov – TheGlobalStone

You’ll find these red beauties in the Leucite Hills. Keep an eye out for dark, reddish stones. A good shovel and a sieve will help you sort the Garnets from the dirt. 

Garnets in Wyoming are mainly of the Almandine variety. On the spiritual side, Garnets revitalize energy and bring serenity.


A Clear Quartz crystal on a white background

Quartz is another gem you can find in Wyoming. Look in the Black Hills area for these. They’re pretty easy to spot. Just look for clear, shiny crystals. Bring a shovel, chisel, and pickaxe.

Quartz comes in various forms, like Smoky, Rose, and Clear. Spiritually, Quartz is a master healer and amplifies energy.


Polished white agate on a white background

Agate is another gem you can find scattered around Wyoming. The best spots are usually around riverbeds and dry lake areas. You’ll need a good shovel. 

Agates come in various colors and patterns. They’re known for their calming energies and for helping you unearth various layers of life.


A diamond on a white background

Yes, you heard right—Diamonds! While rare, you can find them in the State Line Kimberlite District. If you want to embark on mining in Wyoming, look for volcanic pipes; that’s where they usually hang out. 

You’ll need some specialized equipment for this one, like a core drill. Diamonds don’t have varieties per se, but they’re the ultimate stone for love and clarity.


A white opal crystal on a white background

Opals can be found in Wyoming, especially around Sweetwater County. Look for areas with high silica content. Opals are pretty fragile, so be gentle when digging with your shovel. Spiritually, Opals enhance creativity and release inhibitions.


Blue Sapphire on a white background

Sapphires are also up for grabs in Wyoming. Head to the gravels of the Missouri River for these blue gems. You’ll need a sieve and a shovel for this one. In Wyoming, they are primarily of the blue variety. Sapphire invites wisdom and calming energies.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood on a white background

Okay, not a gemstone, but it’s still super cool! You can find Petrified Wood in the Blue Forest area. Look for wood-like textures but with a rock-hard feel. A good old shovel will do the trick.

Petrified Wood helps with grounding thoughts, emotions, and transformation.


A bloodstone crystal on a white background

Bloodstone is quite a discovery in Wyoming around the riverbeds and creeks. Keep an eye out for dark green stones with specks; that’s a clear sign. You’ll need a shovel and a sieve to get the job done. 

In Wyoming, the most found type of Bloodstone is Heliotrope. Bloodstone purifies the blood and has potent auric purifying properties.


blue moonstone on white background

If you venture into the mountain regions, keep an eye out for Moonstones. Look for stones with a silvery sheen. 

Finding these beauties will only require observation skills and a small pickaxe. Moonstone enhances intuition and promotes balance.


black tourmaline on a white background

Tourmaline can be found in mineral-rich areas. Keep an eye out for elongated crystals. A trusty pickaxe and chisel will aid in extracting these specimens. Both black and pink Tourmalines can be discovered here. 

Tourmaline is an excellent protection stone that repels the evil eye (mal de ojo) and returns harmful intentions to the sender.


A Blue Calcite crystal on a white background

Another gem worth exploring in Wyoming is Calcite within limestone formations. Seek out white crystals during your search.

A hammer and chisel should suffice for digging them up. 

Calcite can display orange, white, and even blue colors within Wyoming. It enhances positive energy and clarity of mind and facilitates spiritual growth and development.


purple fluorite on a white background

Wyoming is known for its abundant Fluorite in regions with limestone and granite formations. Keep an eye out for crystals that exhibit a wide range of colors.

All you’ll need is a shovel and a pickaxe to uncover these treasures. 

In Wyoming, Fluorite is predominantly found in shades of purple and green. It allows you to see realities previously unknown and helps with focus.


pyrite on a white background

In Wyoming’s mineral veins, you can come across Pyrite, commonly called “Fool’s Gold.” Seek out glistening crystals that resemble gold.

The required tools are a sturdy bag to gather discoveries and a trusty pickaxe. 

This classic variety of Pyrite with its gold appearance can be frequently spotted here. It possesses the power to attract wealth and prosperity.


Blue Chalcedony crystal on a white background

Another gemstone that can be unearthed in Wyoming is Chalcedony, around riverbeds and dry lake areas. Look out for stones with a waxy texture that allows light to pass through them.

To aid your search, equip yourself with a shovel and sieve. 

In Wyoming, Chalcedony presents itself in shades of blue, pink, and white. This stone has powerful soothing properties and restores balance.


A polished malachite crystal on a white background

Last but certainly not least is Malachite. This gemstone is found in parts of Wyoming where copper deposits are prevalent. Keep an eye out for stones with distinctive bands or patterns.

For this task, you will require a pickaxe and a metal detector. 

Malachite is renowned for its green hue and has limited variations. It is associated with the protection of the heart and the transformation of the emotional body.

How to Do Rockhounding in Wyoming

So, you’re pumped to start rockhounding in Wyoming? Awesome! Before you hit the dirt, let’s talk about the essentials, like tools, packing, laws, and some pro tips to make your gem-hunting trip a blast.

Tools and Gear You Need to Dig and Find Crystals in Wyoming

  • Pickaxe: Your best friend for breaking through hard rock.
  • Shovel: For digging in softer ground and moving dirt.
  • Sieve: To separate gems from dirt and gravel.
  • Chisel and Hammer: For more precise extraction.
  • Metal Detector: Optional but super useful for specific gems.
  • Sturdy Bag or Bucket: To carry your finds.
  • Gloves and Goggles: Safety first, folks!

How to Pack, Transport, and Cut Crystals You Find

  • Packing: Use bubble wrap or soft cloth to wrap individual stones.
  • Transport: A sturdy backpack or a plastic container with a lid is ideal.
  • Cutting: If you’re into lapidary, use a gemstone cutting machine. Always wear safety gear!
  • Safety Regulations and Mining Laws for Rockhounding in Wyoming
  • Permits: Some areas require permits, so check in advance.
  • No Trespassing: Always respect private property and no-dig zones.
  • Environmental Care: Leave no trace. Pack in what you pack out.
  • Safety Gear: Always wear gloves, goggles, and sturdy boots.

Tips for Rockhounding Like a Pro in Wyoming

  • Research: Know what gems are found where. The more you know, the better your chances.
  • Timing: Early morning or late afternoon is the best time to avoid the harsh sun.
  • Local Wisdom: Chat with local rockhounds or shop owners for insider tips.
  • Stay Hydrated: Wyoming can be hot. Bring plenty of water.
  • Be Patient: Gems won’t jump out at you. Take your time and enjoy the process.

Find Wyoming Crystals and Start Using Them!

All right, you’re all set to become a Wyoming rockhounding legend! From the tools you’ll need to the gems you can find and the laws you’ve gotta follow, you’re prepped and ready. Now, all that’s left is to get out there and start digging. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pickaxe, your sense of adventure, and maybe a buddy or two. Wyoming’s vast landscapes are calling, filled with hidden treasures just waiting for you to discover. Let’s turn you into a gem-finding pro!

A graphic design table Best Wyoming Rockhounding Locations

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