Best Crystals for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

  1. Healing Crystals for Capricorn
  2. Grounding Crystals for Capricorn
  3. Protection Crystals for Capricorn
  4. Good Luck Crystals for Capricorn
  5. Bad Crystal for Capricorn
  6. Crystal for Capricorn Full Moon
  7. Crystal for Capricorn New Moon
  8. Crystal for Capricorn Sun
  9. Crystal for Capricorn Rising
  10. Crystal for Capricorn and Aquarius cusp

If you are a Capricorn, the best crystals empower you, give you the ability to take charge of situations, and allow others to respect your position and authority.

The most commonly known Capricorn birthstones are Garnet and Ruby because they increase your confidence and willingness to commit, along with attracting the resources you need to manifest your life goals.

There are many more crystals that can help ground you, protect you, are bad for you, or bring you good luck, and knowing how crystals impact your zodiac sign will help you to always use the right crystals at the right time! 

Capricorns are some of the most ambitious, hardworking, and motivated people out there!

Symbolized by the mountain goat, Capricorns are known to be hardy people who are willing to push through any difficulties or obstacles to reach their goals and dreams. As a Capricorn, you can have a business and profit-focused mindset, working hard to ensure you acquire the status you have set out to achieve.

Being a perfectionist with the ability to create structures within humanity that result in economic growth and profit, Capricorn is the zodiac sign associated with business, industry, and authority.

The biggest challenge you face is gaining the respect and power needed to manifest your business or personal goals. Your strength is being highly resourceful and able to navigate any business situation, but your need to constantly prove yourself to others can drain you, leaving you with a negative and pessimistic attitude when others do not show you the respect you deserve.

Being overly focused on targets and goals can also leave little time to relax and play, causing you to become a workaholic with no time for the pleasures in life.

Using crystals to bring a sense of power and authority to your expressions is a beneficial way to get others to recognize your ability to bring changes to current systems that can lead to more growth and profit. Often, you can have more insight than those in charge, and when others can see how greatly your ideas can contribute to an organization, you can soon gain a position of authority and leadership.

The best crystals for Capricorn are crystals that allow you to bring balance to your life by allowing you to focus on your ambitions and your family.

In addition, crystals that allow you to spend time contemplating the spiritual aspects of life and become more aware of your more sentimental and gentle side are also beneficial. 

Healing Crystals for Capricorn

The best healing crystals for Capricorn are crystals that aid you in reaching your goals by giving you power, strength, and authority while simultaneously reminding you of the importance of love, family, connecting with yourself, and living in the moment.

Crystals that connect you with your higher purpose and goal are essential, as directing your focused energy towards something meaningful in your life is more beneficial than aimlessly wandering.


almandine garnet on white background

Garnet is the stone of commitment, and as the Capricorn birthstone, it will bring you a great sense of duty and perseverance toward what you set out to do. Garnet helps you keep your eye on the prize and allows you to aim higher than you have before, giving you a great deal of devotion toward yourself, others, and your purpose.

Bringing balance to your mind and emotions, Garnet dispels any energy that can cause stagnance and disrupt your ability to manifest your goals and connect with your true self.


ruby crystal on white background

A potent stimulator of the heart chakra, Ruby connects you with and allows you to attain your ultimate values. Ruby brings the wearer wealth, knowledge, confidence, and emotional awareness.

Improving your ability to remain level-headed in challenging situations, Ruby is one of the best crystals for a Capricorn woman and man, as it allows you to navigate difficulties with confidence and a level head. Known to bring stability to your economic status, Ruby can help you gain the resources you need to pursue your ambitions.

Grounding Crystals for Capricorn

Capricorns can often undergo great tests, and you need strength and courage to push through the trying times. Only those that can persevere are capable of greatness, and crystals that give you the determination you need to climb mountains and reach the top are the best grounding crystals for Capricorn.

Crystals that help you stay ahead of your busy schedule and make time for yourself and your family will help you remain grounded and achieve what you have set out for yourself. 


Raspite on a white background
Image Source: | Robert-Lavinsky

Raspite allows the wearer to take life less seriously. When stuck in tricky situations on your path to success, Raspite can help you reflect and reorganize to develop new strategies for events to turn out in your favor. As a stone that discourages dishonesty, Raspite helps you remain truthful, honest, and noble in situations where what you are dealing with can test your values and character.


quartzite chunk on a white background

Quartzite brings the wearer renewed insight and clarity that helps them get out of a cycle or rut that is detrimental to their growth and progress. Known to be a powerful teacher of life lessons, Quartzite opens your eyes to the limitations in your way and shows you which responsibilities are present in your life that drain your time and energy and do not aid your growth.

Known to be a stone that instills confidence in the wearer, Quartzite allows you to cooperate with influential people and keep a level head in all situations.

Protection Crystals for Capricorn

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma, discipline, time, and wisdom, Capricorns can become preoccupied with the serious side of life, forgetting that life is not all about hard work and responsibilities. Life can throw many hard knocks your way.

Using protection crystals for Capricorn can help you put up the shields necessary to protect you from becoming overwhelmed or falling into negative emotional states.

The best protection crystals for a Capricorn male or female give insight into challenging situations and the ability to respond with wisdom, clarity, and insight.


Northupite boosts your insight and consciousness, allowing you to process each event and situation you face with awareness, clarity, and higher wisdom. Giving you the ability to apply your inner potential to what you are dealing with, Northupite is a great manifestation stone for Capricorn.

Giving you the ability to tune into the energies of each day and situation, Northupite helps you react appropriately and intelligently in every situation you face. 


Mimetite on a white background

Mimetite is one of the best crystals for a Capricorn female and male. It can minimize the overbearing effect and influence of life’s overwhelming responsibilities, making it more tolerable to deal with.

Mimetite allows you to identify the strengths in others and to see how those who excel operate, which will enable you to adapt and adjust your coping mechanisms and strategies to be more efficient. Mimetite is one of the best crystals to use if you wish to communicate more authoritatively and more impactfully.   

Good Luck Crystals for Capricorn

The best good luck crystals for Capricorn are crystals that allow you to take responsibility and charge of your happiness and will enable you to manifest and create your reality.

As dealing with your duties and responsibilities can be boring sometimes, gemstones that bring a sense of wonder and amazement to your everyday experience can benefit you greatly. Crystals that keep your sense of dedication, ambition, and determination high are some of the best good luck Capricorn crystals! 


A Matlockite crystal on a white background
Image Source: | Robert Lavinsky

Giving you the ability to take control and lead any situation, Matlockite helps unlock your highest potential as a Capricorn. A powerful gemstone to attract opportunities into your life and open the doors to greatness, Matlockite puts you on the path toward your ultimate success. If you are a more reserved, shy Capricorn, Matlockite can help you come out of your shell and show the world your true potential. 


Erythrite stone on a white background

Erythrite incorporates a sense of compassion and care into how you express your personal power, allowing you to lead with love in your heart. Allowing you to see all the possibilities available to you, along with the paths you can take to success, Erythrite opens your eyes to what the best course of action is to take in challenging situations. Giving you the ability to see what needs to occur for emotional and spiritual healing to take place, Erythrite brings the awareness you need to get out of negative patterns.

Bad Crystal for Capricorn

Crystals that cause you to deviate from your path and forget about your ambitions and goals are the worst crystals for Capricorn. The crystals that overstimulate your feelings can be beneficial but needs to be used sparingly.

As a Capricorn, your emotions are usually well controlled, but some gemstones might throw your emotions out of balance, causing you to lose sight and focus. 


Gehlenite is a crystal best used to increase your awareness of your emotional body if you have been experiencing blockages and the inability to feel or express your emotions. Although Gehlenite can be beneficial, you must use it in moderation if you are a Capricorn.

It can overstimulate the need to isolate yourself and go on intense, emotionally reflective journeys, which can delay your ability to reach success and accomplish your goals.

Crystal for Capricorn Full Moon

The Capricorn Full Moon occurs during Cancer season (June 21 – July 22), when the Moon is in Capricorn, and the Sun is in the opposite sign of Capricorn, the zodiac sign Cancer.

A Capricorn Full Moon brings a new professional opportunity or the determination, energy, and focus you need to complete a project. Giving you a solid ability to manifest your goals and make plans to get things going, the Capricorn Full Moon opens your eyes to all that is impractical and eliminates procrastination in your life. 


A Fourmarierite crystal on a white background
Image Source: | Robert Lavinsky

Giving you the ability to be more precise and meticulous, Fourmarierite ensures that you reach the highest level of perfection in all that you do and should be one of your go-to crystals for a Full Moon in Capricorn.

As it allows you to have strength, tolerance, and patience in all that you do, Fourmarierite is one of the best crystals for a Capricorn Moon, as it enables you to manifest your goals with the very best outcomes you could’ve hoped for. 

Crystal for Capricorn New Moon

The Capricorn New Moon occurs during Capricorn season (December 21 to January 19), when the Sun and the Moon come together in the zodiac sign, Capricorn. 

A Capricorn New Moon brings an opportunity to change your old habits and patterns to allow for increased productivity and progress to occur. There is no use having an ambition or goal, but you approach it the same way each time and expecting different results. The best crystals for the New Moon in Capricorn are crystals that allow you to break old habits and form new beneficial ways to work toward what you have set out for yourself.


galena chunk on a white background

A powerful stone to release self-limiting ideas and patterns, Galena can be used to alter your perception into one that will make you more confident, able, and productive.

Galena shows you your shadow self, makes you aware of your negative inclinations and allows you to do the self-work and self-reflection needed to bring light to the negative and darkness within you. Once you can bring light to what keeps you stuck, fulfilling your dreams and passions will be much more possible.

Crystal for Capricorn Sun

Crystals that reduce chaos, disruption, and disorganization in your life are the best crystals for a Capricorn sun. As you need stability and the right environment to focus, gemstones that bring order to the chaos around you and allow you to incorporate your ability to reason and act objectively are some of the best Capricorn crystals.

You can have many overwhelming responsibilities throughout your life, so you need a crystal that can help you manage life’s demands without becoming overburdened. 


Purple Fluorite on a white background

As one of the most stabilizing crystals, Fluorite allows you to create the conditions needed in your life for you to reach ultimate physical perfection. Wearing Fluorite will allow you to never miss another opportunity for growth and expansion by identifying the value and resourcefulness in all you encounter.

Eliminating all that causes disorder in your life, Fluorite is a highly purifying crystal that prepares your aura to be ready to embark on and deal with great things.

Crystal for Capricorn Rising

The best crystals for Capricorn rising are crystals that bring total alignment of the chakras and energetic body for you to function at your highest possible potential. As a Capricorn rising, you identify strongly with your professional persona and need all the help you can get to set the best possible impression on others. Enhancing your determination to succeed is vital, as when you are motivated, the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless. 


malachite on a white background

Known as the “stone of transformation,” Malachite helps you adapt your responses when dealing with changing and challenging situations. Malachite creates an unobstructed path for you to follow and reach your goals, giving you clear insight into the steps you need to take to reach the desired result.

Bringing you the ability to accept responsibility for your actions, Malachite helps you be a highly reliable person with the ability to achieve anything you set your heart to.

Crystal for Capricorn and Aquarius cusp

If you were born on the Capricorn and Aquarius cusp, you were likely born around January 19th or 20th. However, it is impossible to be born with your Sun in Aquarius and Capricorn. Therefore, if you use a birth chart calculator with your accurate birth time, you will note that the Sun will either be at 29 degrees capricorn or 0 degrees Aquarius, known as a “cusp.” 


4 pieces of Garnet chunk on a white background

The best crystal for the Capricorn Aquarius cusp is the January birthstone Garnet. Both Capricorn and Aquarius are zodiac signs with high ambitions and goals, and they need help transmuting their higher thoughts into physical reality.

Garnet brings you confidence when embarking on an endeavor and aids self-understanding and self-discovery to actualize and become aware of your highest potential.

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