(ih - rith - rahyt)
Main Origins:
Australia, Austria, Mexico, the UK, the US, Germany, France, Morocco, Canada, Chile, and the Czech Republic.

What is Erythrite?

A close up image of an Erythrite crystal

Caution: This crystal composition contains arsenic. It is something to be aware of when handling this stone, as arsenic exposure can cause poisonous reactions.

Erythrite is a delicate transparent or translucent mineral, most commonly formed in magenta, red, or rosy pink colors, and may also be peach or gray. It is often found in combination with other minerals.

It is considered a secondary mineral found within Cobalt deposits and used as an indicator mineral. Its presence can indicate that Cobalt, Nickel, and Natural Silver are near.

This mineral generally displays a variety of crystal formation habits, such as acicula (fine needle-shaped crystals), prismatic, tabular, divergent (structures radiating from a center point but not in stellar forms), or different combinations of the above. 

This mineral is soft and rich in water. Well formed Erythrite crystals are tiny, generally 0.7 cm to 1.2cm. It is elegant and energetically nurturing. 

Erythrite encourages heart-based and collaborative thinking and actions. It has an air of kindness and is divinely inspiring. 

Erythrite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The metaphysical properties of Erythrite are energized by the relevant chakras, planets, elements, and deities that rule this mineral. Some of Erythrite’s benefits are determined by its feng shui directions and numerical vibrations.

The chakras connected to Erythrite are the Root, Heart, and Crown. They lead to this crystal moving energy through the entire body with a focus on these energy centers.

The Root Chakra brings our attention to earthly matters, the embodiment of balance and stability in the physical. It brings a deep sense of belonging and connection to planet Earth and all beings on Earth. This Root Chakra activation facilitated by Erythrite helps to focus your attention on well-being.

The Heart Chakra helps to deepen compassion and kindness. It guides you to care for yourself, your direct community, nature, and the collective.

This heart-centered perspective is further encouraged by the energy of the activated Crown Chakra. It connects us to divine inspiration and an infinite spiritual energy source, imbuing us with grace and guiding our actions and impact on the world.

The planets that rule this crystal are Venus and Earth. Venus contributes a loving, harmonious, wise, graceful, and pleasurable vibration. Earth offers a nurturing, mothering, grounding, sensory, natural, and co-creative energy 

Earth is also a ruling element of Erythrite, so this crystal is strongly connected to nature, manifestation, and focusing on the experiences of this planet. 

The other ruling element of Erythrite is Fire, which allows for passion, spiritual energy, warmth, and rapid transformation. 

There are a few ruling deities of Erythrite, but the two we will discuss are Vesta and Quan Yin. Vesta keeps the heart fire alive and nurtures and nourishes the home. She also denotes purity, wholeness, and family.

Quan Yin is a Bodhisattva of compassion. She contributes to the immensely loving presence of  Erythrite. Quan Yin’s energy is about being of service, intentional acts of kindness, and being able to extend love to all beings, including, and way beyond yourself.

The best Feng Shui directions to place these stones are in the South or Southwest. The South will have a positive impact on your embodiment of integrity and how you are received by others. The Southwest benefits include an open mind and heart, as well as improved relations.

Lastly, the numerical vibrations that resonate with Erythrite are the master number 11 and the number 2. 11 is a sign of divine guidance, encouragement, and inspiration and 2 is a number of harmony, connection, and kindness.

Erythrite Healing Properties and Benefits

Self-Love and Kindness

  • Erythrite has an innately loving presence. It guides us to experience and embody self-love and to start by being kind and authentic within. It is the first stage to resonate with this vibration of love and kindness to naturally share it with others.
  • Intentionally work with Erythrite crystal for this purpose by creating a daily practice with your stone where you take time to create gratitude lists surrounding yourself and different topics. At the end of your practice, hold your stone and feel strong grateful emotions.


  • Erythrite stone brings our focus to two aspects of consideration, mentally contemplating and considering on a deeper level, as well as considering ourselves, people, and the earth in our actions. 
  • Use Erythrite when taking time to contemplate with an open heart and mind. Hold this crystal while writing, visualizing or simply following your thoughts presently. Considering your current motivations, methods, and impacts, as well as visualizing the best-case scenario.

Finding the Root Causes

  • This is a useful crystal to work with when seeking to find the root causes of health issues, feelings, patterns, or situations. Erythrite encourages us to find the truth of a matter and deal with whatever is found with compassion and careful consideration.
  • Place your Erythrite crystal at the base of your spine and meditate. Feel the energy of the earth channel through your crystal, and enter your body through your Root Chakra. This activation will help you to notice and act upon the intuitive messages and signs that reveal a root cause.

Facilitating Community

  • Erythrite crystal takes us on a journey inward and then guides us to show up in whatever way we are meant to serve or lead in the various communities that we are a part of.
  • Practice metta or the loving-kindness meditation while holding your Erythrite crystal. After meditating hold your stone and intentionally contemplate how you can truly be of service to your community. 


  • This is a useful stone to work with when seeking a solution to a particular issue or guidance on your life path in general. Erythrite guides us through inner work, contemplation of multidimensional perspectives, and the physical embodiment to implement solutions. It can also help with finding a middle ground.
  • Attune to the energy of Erythrite for this purpose by holding your stone and practicing deep breathwork for at least 11 minutes. This practice will raise your vibration and bring you clarity and inspiration for resolution.

Erythrite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

The sun is shining over the land

Divine Inspiration

  • Erythrite activates and balances the Crown Chakra, which opens us to divine inspiration as well as access to spiritual guidance and wisdom. Erythrite also helps us to express and put into action this divine inspiration.
  • Hold your Erythrite crystal while repeatedly chanting or listening to the Crown Chakra seed mantra AUM. The frequency of this mantra will help you concentrate and the sound vibration will bring you into resonance with cosmic or divine consciousness.

Comprehending Multiple Perspectives

  • This stone is known to help expand our perception and open-mindedness. Erythrite encourages us to view life from a  multidimensional level of awareness. It also helps us to comprehend many perspectives on a single situation.
  • The most effective way to work with Erythrite to expand your perception is to regularly practice deep meditation with this crystal.

Compassion and Empathy

  • As Erythrite works on the Heart Chakra, it helps us to embody a state of being where we are naturally more compassionate and empathetic to ourselves and all living beings that surround us.
  • Activate this Erythrite benefit by focusing on your Heart Chakra and repeating the following affirmation: I am becoming more compassionate, I am considerate, I speak kindly to myself and about myself, I speak kindly to people and about people, I am forgiving and loving, I am nonjudgmental, I express and embody my care in all the ways that I can.

Creating a Safe Energy Space

  • Another one of Erythrite’s spiritual properties is the attuning of an energetic space, bringing a feeling of safety on all levels. Healers or counselors can use it for this purpose. It  can be used in spaces for meetings, general daily interactions, or even intimate moments
  • To create a loving, considerate, and connective energy space, set up a crystal grid in the center of the room, building, or area. Include one Erythrite crystal surrounded by Clear Quartz crystals pointing outward in your grid design.

Co-Creation and Conscious Collaboration

  • Due to a combination of the benefits and activations offered by Erythrite, it is great for encouraging harmonious and conscious co-creation or collaboration.
  • To activate Erythrite for this purpose use the crystal grid method mentioned above and set your intention for harmonious co-creation. You can engage in a group meditation with an Erythite at the center of a circle or between two people and attune to this crystal energy together

Side Effects of Erythrite

  • Overwhelming Empathy: Overuse of this crystal or if you are already an empath and use Erythrite, it can lead to overwhelming empathy. In this case, program your crystal with the specific intention of balancing this side effect.
  • People pleasing: Working with Erythrite inconsistently may lead to an imbalanced effect of people pleasing. Work with this crystal consistently over an extended period to delve into the journey of personal consideration combined with a conscious and balanced consideration of others.

Erythrite Meaning: What Does Erythrite Symbolize?

A woman is standing on the sea

The meaning of Erythrite is graceful consideration.

French mineralogist and geologist François Sulpice Beaudant discovered Erythrite in 1832 in Saxton, Germany. He named it as he was inspired by its stunning coloration, from the root Greek word Erythros, meaning red.

The dominant color energy of Erythrite is red or magenta, symbolic of nurturing, warmth, feminine energy, intimacy, lifeblood, passion, attention, stimulation, and courage. The pink color energy of Erythrite symbolizes gentleness, friendship, peace, compassion, care, and optimism. 

The physical nature of this crystal is very delicate, intricate, and often small. It is attractive and has a graceful, grounding, heart-centered, and spiritually connected energy that contributes to the symbolic meaning and Erythrite properties.

Types of Erythrite

  • Common Erythrite: Erythrite crystal is more common as powdery masses or aggregates. It is usually rosy pink, peach, or bright magenta and forms with other cobalt-associated minerals. It encourages compassion, community, and kindness. 
  • Rare Erythrite: Delicate and small but well-formed slender prismatic, tabular, or radiating fine needle-like Erythrite crystals are rare. They can be red, magenta, pink, purple, peach, or colorless. Rare Erythrite connects us to divine inspiration and heart-based diplomatic actions.
  • Annabergite-Erythrite: Light apple green, green, light gray to white Annabergite is the Nickel analog of Erythrite. This crystal stimulates inner wisdom and intuition, helping us discover creative solutions.
  • Erythrite-Hornesite: Hornesite is white or colorless when light passes through it. Hornesite is the magnesium analog and can form as part of a solid solution series with Annabergite and Erythrite. It is a crystal that brings physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity.
  • Erythrite-Köttigite: Kottigite is the Zinc analog of Erythrite. It is colorless, red, brown, pale blue-gray, or green-gray. It can form with magenta red, rose pink, or peach Erythrite. Kottegite is great for connecting to your intuition and the natural world.
  • Erythrite-Parasymplesite: Light-green, green black, or deep blue Parasymplesite is the Iron analog of Erythrite. Erytrite-Parasymplesite crystals encourage heart-based communication. 
  • Erythrite-Ferrisymplesite: This is an oxidized Iron analog of Erythrite. It is usually dark brown, amber brown, yellow-brown, or yellow and inspires confidence and belief in yourself and other people.
  • Erythrite with Skutterudite: Dark to bright magenta Erythrite formed on silvery gray, tin white, or tarnished gray Skutterudite matrix. It radiates optimism and increases magnetism and charisma.
  • Erythrite with Quartz: Dark red or pink Erythrite crystals can form with Quartz, often clear or white and sometimes combined with other minerals. Quartz amplifies the naturally loving energy of Erythrite.
  • Erythrite in Calcite: Erythrite formed with cobalt-rich calcite that is usually pastel pink, light lavender to white. Erythrite in calcite is peaceful, supportive, and nurturing.
  • Erythrite with Malachite: Magenta, red, pink, or purple Erythrite formed together with dark green, bright green, teal-green, and pastel green Malachite. This combination is perfect for healing and moving well past any emotional pain within your heart and mind.
  • Erythrite with Conichalcite: Red Erythrite forms with bright green, pistachio green, or yellow-green Conichalcite. Erythrite with Conichalcite encourages spiritual growth within ourselves and the world.
  • Erythrite with Azurite: Erythrite can form interspersed with deep azure to darker blue Azurite crystals. This combination is for mental and emotional clarity and is a great help when contemplating issues to find solutions.
  • Erythrite with Pyrite: Yellow-gold to metallic-gray Pyrite can form together with Erythrite within a calcite matrix. Erythrite with Pyrite is powerful for increasing your confidence in engaging with others and encouraging abundance for your community.

How To Cleanse Erythrite?

A person is holding a selenite crystal under the sunlight

  • Moonlight Moonlight is well suited for cleansing this soft and easily damaged stone. Set your intention for crystal cleansing and place your Erythrite under the night sky around a full or new moon for a minimum of an hour.
  • Selenite or Clear Quartz – Place your Erythrite crystal touching your Selenite or Clear Quartz programmed for crystal cleansing. Place them together for 2 hours or more for an energy cleanse.
  • Smoke – As one of the ruling elements of Erythrite is Fire, smoke is a great way to cleanse this crystal. Light a herbal smudge bundle or incense stick, and circle the smoke around your crystal clockwise.

Questions and Answers

What is the Meaning of the Mineral Erythrite?

The meaning of Erythrite is graceful consideration. This mineral encourages a kind and loving approach to life that considers you and all beings.

What is the Composition of Erythrite?

The composition of Erythrite is hydrated Cobalt arsenate, it has the chemical formula Co3(AsO4)2.8H2O.

What Mineral Group is Erythrite in?

Erythrite is in the Vivianite mineral group.

Where is Erythrite Found?

Erythrite is found in Australia, Austria, Mexico, the UK, the US, Germany, France, Morocco, Canada, Chile, and the Czech Republic.

What is Erythrite Used for?

Erythrite is used as an indicator mineral for Cobalt, Nickel, and Natural Silver. It is also used for its energetic healing benefits.

What Minerals Form a Solid Solution Chain with Erythrite?

Annabergite, Hornesite, Kottegite, and Parasymplesite can form a solid solution chain with Erythrite.

What Does Erythrite Indicate?

Erythrite is an indicator of the presence of Cobalt, Nickel, and Natural Silver.

Interactions with Erythrite

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