Zebra Jasper

(zee - bruh jas - per)
Main Origins:
Mexico, India, Russia, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, USA, and Africa.

What is Zebra Jasper?

A zebra stone on an agate crystal
Source: Flickr | Carol VanHook

Zebra Jasper is a beautiful and unique stone that is known for its black and white stripes. It is a variety of the well-known gemstone, Jasper, and a type of Chalcedony mineral that is formed from silica-rich sedimentary rocks.

This stone is scientifically known as Zebra Marble and is primarily found in Africa, India, Russia, and Brazil, with the African variants being the most sought-after due to their striking appearance. 

It is formed over millions of years through sedimentation, where layers of fine-grained Quartz and other minerals are compressed and heated under intense pressure, resulting in its characteristic striped appearance.

Zebra Jasper Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Zebra Jasper is connected to the master number 11. The number 11 represents balance, duality, and spiritual awakening. The contrasting hues of Zebra Jasper perfectly embody the essence of the number 11, illustrating the harmonization of opposing forces in life. 

The stone’s metaphysical properties, such as grounding, stress relief, and promoting creativity, align with the higher vibrations of the number 11, encouraging personal growth and realizing your true potential.

Its primary color energies are black, white, and gray, representing protection, purity, and neutrality. They also indicate Root and Crown chakras. Working with Zebra Jasper enhances focus and motivation, making it great if you struggle with staying on task and committed.

In feng shui, Zebra Jasper connects to the Center and Northeast, representing balance, spiritual growth, and wisdom. 

By placing Zebra Jasper in these areas of your home, you can deepen your understanding of yourself and others while promoting a sense of equilibrium and stability.

With Zebra Jasper, Mars, the planet of courage, passion, and drive, inspires motivation and determination. Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, stimulates creative thinking and problem-solving. Saturn promotes the stabilizing effects of Zebra Jasper.

Zebra Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Zebra Jasper’s contrasting bands stimulate determination and goal-setting. 
  • To harness its energy, keep it close during meditation or wear it as jewelry.

Hard Work

  • This stone’s grounding properties encourage persistence and focus.
  • Place it on your work desk or carry it with you after charging it with sunlight to stay diligent.


  • Zebra Jasper promotes mental and physical stamina.
  • Hold it in your hand during exercise or wear it as a pendant for a boost of energy.

Survival Skills

  • The stone’s connection to Earth enhances adaptability and resilience.
  • Carry a Zebra Jasper charged with fire energy with you during outdoor adventures or when facing challenging situations.

Emotional Balance

  • Zebra Jasper helps stabilize emotions and reduce stress.
  • Meditate with the stone or place it under your pillow for a more balanced emotional state.

Zebra Jasper Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A person basking in nature


  • Zebra Jasper enhances intuitive abilities by grounding and connecting one to Earth’s wisdom.
  • Hold the stone while meditating or place it on your Third Eye Chakra to deepen your intuition.


  • This stone fosters a sense of wonder and openness to the unexpected.
  • Keep Zebra Jasper in your pocket or wear it as a pendant after charging it with incense sticks to invite miraculous events into your life.


  • Zebra Jasper’s energy helps transform dreams into reality by encouraging focus and determination.
  • Place the stone in the center of your manifestation grid after programming it by placing it near a singing bowl and playing with the bowl.


  • As a grounding stone, Zebra Jasper offers protective energy against negative influences. It is a powerful protective talisman that deflects and absorbs harmful energy.
  • Carry it with you or bury it in the four corners of your home or entrance to create a shield of protection.

Spiritual Growth

  • Zebra Jasper supports personal evolution by encouraging self-reflection and inner exploration. This stone also awakens you to the spiritual world and its elements.
  • Meditate with the stone or place it on your altar to foster spiritual development.

Zebra Jasper Side Effects

  • Overstimulation: Zebra Jasper’s energy sometimes leads to restlessness or agitation in sensitive individuals. It’s important to balance its use with rest periods.
  • Emotionally Overwhelming: As the stone encourages self-reflection, it can inadvertently bring up unresolved emotions. Use it intentionally and practice self-care.
  • Resistance to Change: For those unprepared to embrace personal growth, Zebra Jasper’s influence may lead to resistance or reluctance in accepting necessary changes or new perspectives, potentially causing internal conflict.

Zebra Jasper Meaning: What Does Zebra Jasper Symbolize?

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The meaning of Zebra Jasper is “Survival Through Transformation.”

The striking appearance of Zebra Jasper is not only visually stimulating but also serves as a source of inspiration and creative energy. The gemstone’s unique pattern ignites your imagination and passion, inviting you to explore new ideas and artistic pursuits.

Zebra Jasper’s pattern is also symbolic of the transformative journey you undertake as you grow and evolve. The alternating bands represent life’s ebb and flow and the various phases we experience throughout our personal development.

This stone encourages you to face challenges head-on, motivating you to overcome obstacles and embrace change. By working with Zebra Jasper, you can more readily tap into your innate strength and resilience, allowing you to persevere and thrive during the transition.

Its representation of balance, connection to the Earth, transformative properties, and creative influence provide a wealth of benefits for those who work with it. 

As you incorporate Zebra Jasper into your life, allow its energy to guide and support your journey toward personal growth, creative expression, balance, and self-discovery.

Types of Zebra Jaspers

  • Common Zebra Jasper: Zebra Jasper is a striking black and white gemstone that promotes balance and harmony, offering grounding and motivational energies.
  • Black and White Zebra Jasper: This is a black and white variety of Zebra Jasper known for its bold contrasting pattern. This stone symbolizes equilibrium between opposing forces and encourages self-reflection.
  • Brown Zebra Jasper: Brown Zebra Jasper is a brown-colored stone. With its earthy hues, this variety fosters a connection to nature, promoting stability and grounding during times of change.
  • Black Zebra Jasper: Black Zebra Jasper is a black stone. Deeply grounding, this stone instills a sense of inner strength and resilience, making it an excellent companion during challenging times.
  • Orange Zebra Jasper: Orange Zebra Jasper is an orange stone. This vibrant variety enhances creativity, passion, and motivation, helping to manifest one’s goals and dreams.
  • Blue Zebra Jasper: A blue stone with calming shades, Blue Zebra Jasper promotes inner peace and clarity, helping to release stress and anxiety.
  • Gray Zebra Jasper: Gray Zebra Jasper is a gray stone. This neutral-toned gemstone encourages balance, promoting emotional stability and grounding in times of uncertainty.
  • Green Zebra Jasper: A green stone, this earthy variety fosters growth, and renewal, connecting one to the healing energies of nature.
  • Purple Zebra Jasper or Purple Zebra Stone: Purple Zebra Jasper, also known as Purple Zebra stone, is a purple-colored stone that is a symbol of spiritual transformation. This stone enhances intuition and encourages self-discovery.
  • Yellow Zebra Jasper: Yellow Zebra Jasper, a yellow stone, is an uplifting variety that brings joy and optimism, promoting self-confidence and empowering one to overcome obstacles.
  • Egyptian Zebra Jasper: Egyptian Zebra Jasper is a gray and black stone. With ancient roots, this stone embodies the wisdom and strength of the past, offering guidance for the present.
  • Rainbow Zebra Jasper: Rainbow Zebra Jasper is a multi-colored gemstone that symbolizes unity and interconnectedness, encouraging acceptance and harmony within oneself and others.
  • Pink Zebra Jasper: Pink Zebra Jasper is a pink-colored stone. This gentle variety promotes self-love and compassion, nurturing emotional well-being.
  • Red Zebra Jasper: Red Zebra Jasper has red, white, and brown zebra-like patterns. With its fiery hues, this stone ignites passion and determination, empowering one to face challenges with courage.
  • Beige and Brown Zebra Jasper: Beige and Brown Zebra Jasper is an earth-toned gemstone that enhances grounding and stability, connecting one to the nurturing energies of Mother Earth.

How To Cleanse Zebra Jasper?

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  • Moonlight – Place Zebra Jasper under the moonlight, preferably during a Full Moon, and leave it overnight to absorb the Moon’s cleansing and purifying energies.
  • Clear Quartz Wand – Hold a Clear Quartz wand over your Zebra Jasper and move it in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion to cleanse and dispel any negative energies from the stone.
  • Soil – Bury Zebra Jasper in the soil outside and leave overnight to clear any density and anchor into the Earth’s energies.

Questions and Answers

What type of rock is Zebra Jasper?

Zebra Jasper is a variety of microcrystalline Quartz, specifically a sedimentary rock composed of Chalcedony and Quartz.

Is Zebra Jasper a marble?

Zebra Jasper is not marble; it is a microcrystalline quartz-based sedimentary rock.

Can Zebra Jasper go in the water?

Yes, Zebra Jasper can be submerged in water for short periods without damage, but prolonged exposure may cause surface changes.

How to tell a real Zebra Jasper from a fake?

To identify real Zebra Jasper, examine its distinct zebra-like patterns, hardness, and cold-to-the-touch feel compared to plastic or resin imitations.

Is Zebra Jasper safe in the Sun?

Zebra Jasper is safe to expose to sunlight, but prolonged exposure may cause its colors to fade.

Can Zebra Jasper go in salt water?

While Zebra Jasper can be submerged in saltwater briefly; prolonged exposure may cause surface damage.

How to identify a real Zebra Jasper?

Authentic Zebra Jasper exhibits distinct zebra-like patterns, a cold-to-the-touch feel, and a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.

Is Zebra Jasper toxic?

Zebra Jasper is generally safe and non-toxic, but washing your hands after handling any crystal is always advisable.

Who shouldn’t wear Zebra Jasper?

Individuals sensitive to grounding energies or prone to being emotionally overwhelmed may need to use Zebra Jasper with caution and balance.

Is Zebra Jasper expensive?

Zebra Jasper is affordable compared to other gemstones, and cost between $2 to $5 per carat.

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