Petoskey Stone

(PEH-toh-skee stone)
Main Origins:
Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New York, and Canada.

What is Petoskey Stone?

fall leaves with heart shaped petoskey stones

Petoskey Stone is a form of fossilized Coral primarily found in and around the US state of Michigan. Fossil forms of this Coral are found in other locations, but usually, only specimens originating from Michigan and surrounding areas are referred to as Petoskey Stones.

Hexagonaria Percarinata was a six-sided rugose Coral (Horn) present during ancient times. It is even older than the dinosaurs as it has been dated to exist during the Devonian Period when the area that is now known as Michigan was covered by a shallow tropical sea.

The fossilized Coral specimens known as Petoskey Stones are composed of relatively soft calcite crystals. They can be found abundantly along the shoreline of Lake Michigan and also picked up in the gravels of surrounding areas. The intricate patterns and earthy tones of stones are quite stunning when polished or wetted.

From a crystal healing perspective, the energy of Petoskey Stone is linked to the past in the present. Its patterning and symbolism within its form and name, as well as its metaphysical properties, help us better understand the many benefits of this unique crystal. 

Petoskey Stone Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The metaphysical properties and benefits of the Petoskey Stone can be understood by looking into the significance of its ruling element, chakras, planet, and numerical vibrations.

Petoskey Stone is ruled by all the elements – Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Space. This results in its vibration affects balance, harmony, and peace. It helps to bring a feeling of contentment as all elemental energies are present in balance.

The ruling chakras of this crystal are the Solar Plexus, Third Eye, and Crown. This means that Petoskey Stone’s energy will strengthen our sense of identity and motivation but with a strong consideration of our innate and non-linear connection to the collective and earth.

The planets that rule Petoskey Stone are Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn contributes a mature and grounding vibration, which helps us to create structure and take responsibility in order to overcome challenges. Jupiter encourages expanding awareness, knowledge, and confidence to move past limitations. 

The numerical vibrations associated with Petoskey Stone are 6 and 8. 6 is a reminder to tend to the balance, giving attention to both the physical and spiritual aspects of life. It is a number of harmony, simplicity, stability, trust, and grace.

8 is linked to inner wisdom, personal power, free will, and self-discipline. It reminds us of the law of cause and effect, to learn from the past and take full responsibility for our actions.

Petoskey Stone Healing Properties and Benefits

 Releasing Fear and Shame

  • The energy of this stone activates willpower and confidence as well as a higher spiritual perspective of all situations, which is helpful for understanding and releasing fear and shame. 
  • Hold your Petoskey Stone at the level of each chakra, starting at the Root and moving up to each chakra. Envision light from your crystal moving into and liberating your energy within each power center.

 Mood Balancing

  • Petoskey Stone is great for emotional awareness, integrating and healing painful or stagnant emotions, thoughts, and perspectives. This effect makes it a good stone for mental health and regulating moodiness.
  • Hold your Petoskey Stone and practice 10 to 15 of deep, slow breathwork. Set your intention for the mood you would love to experience and breathe while fully allowing all the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that arise to be acknowledged as you breathe.


  • As this crystal works to help us release fear, strengthen willpower, and embrace a higher perspective, these Petoskey Stone properties allow us to make decisions with trust and conviction.
  • Hold your crystal and repeat these powerful affirmations before you think about or finalize a big decision, “I trust myself, I trust the divine life within all of life, I am clear and easily make decisions from my highest perspective.”

 Peaceful Patience

  • The ancient energy of this stone radiates peace and patience. Working with this stone can help us to be more patient and enjoy a peaceful state.
  • Keeping this stone near you and connecting with its energy during meditation is the perfect way to align with the peaceful and patient vibrations.

 Skeletal Health

  • Petoskey Stone is the fossilized skeleton of a Coral. On a physical level, Coral is used for bone health, and it is effective on a subtle level for this purpose as well.
  • To attune to the energetic healing benefit of skeletal health, hold your Petoskey Stone, close your eyes, and feel as well as visualize fortifying light radiating from the stone in intricate woven patterns. See this light move into your bones and slowly weave over your entire skeletal system (or a specific bone that needs healing).

Petoskey Stone Spiritual Properties and Benefits

meditation with fire

Deepens Meditation

  • Petoskey Stone is the perfect ally for deepening your meditation. It can help you to enter a meditative state where you can access spiritual experiences of unity and deep insights as it works to activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.
  • Meditated daily for at least 8 minutes or more while holding or wearing a piece of Petoskey Stone. You may feel the effects immediately but definitely will access a deeper meditation state after consistently attuning to this crystal energy and dedicating to this practice 


  • This stone clarifies clairvoyant abilities and the ability to channel non-physical streams of consciousness. It can be used to connect with various benevolent beings and archetypes but is especially useful for connecting with and communicating with your ancestors.
  • Hold your Petoskey Stone as you set your intention for channeling and practice your resonant form of channeling (e.g., writing, visualization, speaking aloud, or making art).

Nonlinear Awareness

  • The ancient presence of this stone will live on to the future; it offers the spiritual insight of the nonlinear nature of time. On an energetic level, we have access to the past, future, and present in the now simply with our focus.
  • Keep your stone near and take a few deep breaths to connect with the ancient and present energy of this crystal in preparation for practices such as inner child healing, past life exploration, and intentional manifestation.

 Third Eye Balance

  • Unlike many stones that activate the Third Eye Chakra, Petoskey Stone also balances the higher chakras. It helps us to find the connection between the spiritual and the physical and make use of our insights from all realms and timelines within the present.
  • Lay down and place a piece of Petoskey Stone on your Third Eye and practice meditation or breathing for 8 minutes to allow the vibration of this crystal to balance an overactive Third Eye Chakra.

Protection From Bad Spirits

  • Petoskey Stone is a powerful talisman to keep for protection from tricksters or malicious spirits. The unified and wise energy of this stone helps to create a discerning, energetic field that shields us from non-physical and physically hosted evil spirits.
  • It is great to wear as jewelry daily and to keep near when delving into an exploration of the spiritual realms through practices including meditation, psychedelics, or astral projects

Side Effects of Petoskey Stone

  • Generational trauma healing: As this stone allows for exploration of the past in the present and connection with ancestors, part of the healing journey of working with this stone can include discovering, accepting, and healing traumas that have been inherited.
  • Unearthing fears: For the Petoskey Stone to help us release deep fears and shame, it may first bring to light the thoughts and emotions that create these fears as part of the process of integrating and releasing them.

Petoskey Stone Meaning: What Does Petoskey Stone Symbolize?

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The meaning of the Petoskey Stone is “ancient knowledge within.” 

Some symbolism of this stone can be found within its name origin, or rather the Indigenous American story attached to it. It is named after the city of Petoskey in Michigan, where it is commonly found.

Petoskey is said to have been named after the son of a chief. The English version of the name was Petosegay, which translates to “rays of sun” or “rising sun.” The small radiating lines around each hexagon shape can also seem reminiscent of sunbeams.

Another symbolic aspect is the presence of repeated hexagons, a six-sided shape. The hexagon is a sacred shape, as it is found within the flower of life, a sacred geometric blueprint of creation and nature that has been identified and worked with since ancient times. 

The hexagon is also associated with united and balanced masculine and feminine energy, as well as harmony, cooperation, and strength.

The patterns and shapes formed by the skeleton of the fossilized Coral also look eye-like, symbolically linking to Petoskey Stone’s benefits for opening the Third Eye and aiding in higher perception.

The last symbolic aspect of the Petoskey Stone that we will unpack is the symbolism of Coral, the creature, or, rather, unified colonies that are the reason this stone exists. Coral symbolizes ancient life, unity, strength, and inner beauty.

Types of Petoskey Stone

  • Petoskey Stone with Quartz: Lighter brown, cream, or gray to white Petoskey Stone, made up of calcite and displaying the intricately patterned hexagonal cell shapes can include a vein or sections of Quartz running through the specimen. Quartz amplifies all the healing and spiritual effects of Petoskey Stone.
  • Petoskey Stone with Pyrite: Petoskey Stone, with its distinct hexagonaria Coral skeleton patterning, can be included with metallic Pyrite. This variety of Petoskey Stone is excellent for calling in confidence, success, and abundance on all levels.
  • Grayish Petoskey Stone: Lighter gray crystal filled with characteristic black eye shapes and surrounded by thin radiating lines within whitish hexagonal outlines. Grayish Petoskey Stone offers many of this crystal’s benefits, including a strong balancing effect.
  • Brown Petoskey Stone: Light warm brown to mid-deep brown crystal with patterns of darker brown eyes, surrounded by light cream, radiating lines around the eyes, each outlined by an intricately scalloped lighter creme hexagon. Brown Petoskey Stone is profoundly healing on emotional and physical levels.
  • White Petoskey Stone: An extremely lightly pigmented, almost white but not pure white, variety of Petoskey Stone. These specimens are unique and are great for boosting skeletal health.
  • Yellow Petoskey Stone: A Petoskey Stone with a warm yellow tone or sections of yellow within it. Yellow Petoskey has a focus on activating the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Orange Petoskey Stone: Petoskey Stone that displays deep orange, orange-red, orange-brown, or yellow-orange colorations. This variety has the additional benefit of activating all the lower chakras.
  • Pink Petoskey Stone: Petoskey Stones that display sections of pink or are completely tinged pink are known as Pink Pet Petoskey Stones, and they are rare and coveted. Pink Petoskey crystals are great for connecting and sending love to past, present, and future timelines.
  • Cross Section Petoskey Stone: Specimens that display a cross-section view of the fossilized rugose Coral where the elongated and sectioned tube-like structures of the Coral offers all the benefits of common Petoskey Stone specimens, including deeper meditation and non-linear time awareness..

How to Cleanse Petoskey Stone?

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  • Affirmations: Direct cleansing energy with the power of your words. Hold your stone and repeat the affirmation, “I fully cleanse this crystal now with the power of my intention and divine connection,” or any similar crystal cleansing affirmation.
  • Selenite: Place your Petoskey Stones on top of or touching a Selenite crystal for 6 to 8 hours to cleanse it energetically.
  • Incense: Light up an incense stick or herbal smudge bundle, then circle this cleansing smoke around your Petoskey Stone 6 to 8 times to cleanse it.

Question and Answer

What is Petoskey Stone?

Petoskey Stone is a fossilized Coral, hexagonaria percarinata. It is the state stone of Michigan.

What are the Benefits of Petoskey Stone?

Petoskey Stone has many healing and spiritual properties. This stone is helpful for healing emotional imbalance, mental health, skeletal health, releasing fear, and encouraging patience and decisiveness.

How is Petoskey Stone Polished?

As it is a soft stone and often found naturally tumbled by water, it can be polished using silicon carbide wet sandpaper. Start with 220 grits, then 400, and finish with 600 grit. Wet the stone between sanding to examine it properly. When all scratches are removed, you can polish your stone with polishing powder or compound.

What is the Petoskey Stone Made of?

Petoskey Stone is made of the fossilized skeleton of hexagonaria percarinata Coral. It is primarily made of calcite but can have other mineral inclusions, such as Quartz or Pyrite.

Where is the Petoskey Stone Found?

Petoskey Stone is primarily found along the shorelines and gravels in Michigan as well as surrounding states.

Can Petoskey Stone Be in the Water?

No. Although it is often found in and near water (where it is constantly weathered), it is not advised to expose your stone to water for extended periods, especially once it has been polished, as water can degrade the polish of this soft stone.

Can Petoskey Stone be in Sunlight?

No, It is not advised to leave your polished Petoskey Stone in full sunlight for long periods, as this may result in faded coloration.

How Old is Petoskey Stone?

Petoskey Stones are estimated to be around 350 million years old.

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