Frosterly Marble

(frawst - er - lee mahr - buhl)
Main Origins:
Frosterley Village in England.

What is Frosterley Marble?

A Frosterley Marble Necklace on a wood. Source: Etsy | CrystalCaveCo
Source: Etsy | CrystalCaveCo

Frosterley Marble is a fine Black Limestone containing fossilized prehistoric and now-extinct coral skeletons. The intricate details of the white-to-pale gry coral stand out beautifully within the dark limestone matrix. 

The type of Coral predominant within the Frosterley Marble is called Dibunophyllum Bipartitum and dates from the Carboniferous period around 325 million years ago. Frosterley Marble may also contain fossils of shell fragments, algae, brachiopods, crinoids, bryozoans, and tree fragments.

It is called Marble because of its visual appearance and not because it is real Marble (which is Limestone that has undergone metamorphism). It is a limestone deposit that preserves the remains of an ancient tropical ocean bed in what we now know as the village of Frosterley, Durham County, in Northern England.

Frosterley Marble has been held in high regard since the Middle Ages, seen as a popular material used in cathedral architecture. It is a fairly new mineral to be used for intentional crystal healing. It is also called Vatican Stone in metaphysical communities.

The energy of this stone is naturally powerful and encourages dedication and balancing and peaceful perspectives. Frosterley Marble properties also help us access knowledge beyond the physical.

Frosterley Marble Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The metaphysical properties of Frosterley Marble include the energetics of black Limestone, as this makes up masses of the stone. Frosterley Marble’s benefits include nurturing, protection, good health, and acknowledgment of life’s dark or hidden aspects.

This is combined with the metaphysical properties of coral, which are grounding, supportive, and strengthening. As the composition of this mineral is from the ocean, the soothing or invigorating, slightly unpredictable, and mysterious nature of the sea is also reflected within Frosterley Marble’s vibration.

The ruling element of this stone is Water. It cleanses and expands our perception while simultaneously bringing awareness of even more mystery, which is part of the dual nature and energetic play of this fossiliferous stone.

Frosterley Marble’s ruling chakras are the Root Chakra and the Universal Chakra, and its celestial body is the Moon, which emphasizes nature’s cycles and the balance of light and dark. Root resonance grounds and focuses on earth.

This is balanced by the Universal Chakra energy that weaves together universal spiritual experiences, including the experience of united masculine and feminine, creative flow, and the bigger picture perspective that clarifies our inextricable interconnection with nature, each other, and spiritual forces.

The resonant numerical vibration of Frosterley Marble is 8, which according to numerology, is a number of power, balance, peace, and wisdom. It is a number that signifies the uninhibited flow of life force energy.

Frosterley Marble Healing Properties and Benefits

Deep Healing Support

  • The wise and nurturing energy of Frosterley Marble is supportive and beneficial during physical, mental, and spiritual healing processes.
  • Intentionally tune into the energy of your Frosterley Marble stone by holding it with full presence and breathing deeply and slowly for 8 minutes.

Balanced Perception

  • Frosterley Marble can help us see situations in black and white but also in a more nuanced way that balances intuition and logic. It brings healing and peace to the mind and heart, allowing for clear perception.
  • Hold your piece of Frosterley Marble and repeat affirmations for balance and clarity, such as,” I am clear in my thoughts and emotions, I am balanced, I am logical and intuitive.”

Ancestral Connection and Healing

  • The ancient energy of Frosterley Marble is useful for connecting with your ancestors. It can be used to enhance your connection and also facilitate ancestral healing.
  • Use Frosterley Marble within an intentional altar or ritual designed to connect with your ancestors.

Improved Health and Wellbeing

  • As Frosterley Marble encourages balance and connection on both a physical and an energetic level, it has the effect of improving health and wellness in general.
  • To activate the energy of Frosterley Marble within your body, it is suggested that you create a detailed health-related gratitude list while holding your crystal. Repeat this practice daily.

Finding Solutions

  • Frosterley Marble is a stone of patience and trust. It promotes balance, clarity, increased perception of knowledge, energetic support, and the ability to perceive that there is a bigger interconnected picture. It is a useful stone to work with when you are seeking a solution.
  • Attune to the vibration of Frosterley Marble through daily meditation with this stone to tap into a state that is helpful for realizing the solutions to the situations you are experiencing.

Frosterley Marble Spiritual Properties and Benefits

a Lady meditating at the lake

Deep Meditation

  • Frosterley Marble has a peaceful energy that helps us connect deeply to the Earth and a state of interconnection and oneness in the present. This vibration allows for deeper states of meditation.
  • To use Frosterley Marble for this purpose, hold or wear your stone during meditation.

Prayer Stone

  • Also called Vatican Stone, this crystal has a tangible and energetic connection to grand spaces of spiritual connection and prayer. Frosterley Marble can help you to engage deeply in prayer and to trust that what is in alignment with you is yours.
  • Hold your Frosterley Marble piece and connect with the energy of the stone before relaxing, connecting, and fully engaging in any type of prayer. 

Access Ancient Knowledge

  • Frosterley Marble is known to improve access, reception, and channeling of ancient knowledge held within the Earth’s elements and physical and nonphysical beings.
  • Use this stone to access ancient knowledge by intentionally meditating with it, followed by practices such as channeled writing, art, or any form of expression that holds information.

Sense of Sacredness

  • The beauty and intricacy of Frosterley Marble represent the energy of this stone, which pulls our attention into a state of experiencing the sacredness, divinity, and perfection in all experiences.
  • Activate your energy in this way by holding your Frosterley Marble and taking a few minutes to fully appreciate the intricate details of any object, person, or situation. 


  • Frosterley Marble increases awareness of the interconnected cycles of nature and the necessity of all elements, including light and dark. It helps with perceiving and embodying the interconnection of all things.
  • Hold a piece of Frosterley Marble and contemplate the lives of the coral, millions of years, environmental conditions, life, and death that led to the formation of this beautiful stone. Connect with the stone in your hands that offers knowledge of the interconnection and balance of life.

Side Effects of Frosterley Marble

  • Shadow work: As Frosterley Marble clarifies, our awareness of both dark and light aspects of life, it, therefore, is a stone that can initiate shadow work when this is necessary to bring you into balance. 
  • Enhanced psychic abilities: The effects of Frosterley Marble make it an excellent stone for channeling, downloading, improving, or awakening forgotten psychic abilities. This may catch you off guard if you need to be made aware of these natural abilities.

Frosterley Marble Meaning: What Does Frosterley Marble Symbolize?

Stack of stones that are balanced near the beach

The meaning of Frosterley Marble is Balance.

Frosterley Marble holds a symbolism and energy of ancient life and knowledge. The prehistoric creatures are entombed in minerals and sediment in a way that visually and energetically activates our awareness of the ages, natural cycles, and the intelligence of nature.

The meaning of this mineral can also be linked to the concept of duality. This is manifested in Frosterley Marble’s physical appearance, which presents a stark contrast between dark Limestone and light fossil skeletons.

The nature of this mineral, the meanings of duality, and the ability to perceive opposites also extend to themes such as fragility and strength, death and immortality, and the bigger picture and ripple effects that include all of life on Earth.

Frosterley Marble also became a symbol of the appreciation of the power and beauty of God’s creations on Earth. It was, and still is, featured within chapels from the Middle Ages onward, used to form columns, flooring, sacrament cups, and engraved sculptures. 

Types of Frosterley Marble

  • Raw Frosterley Marble: Raw Frosterley Marble is unpolished and exhibits irregular edges. It comprises fine-textured dark gray to black Limestone with many light gray to white fossil inclusions. Raw Frosterley Marble is excellent for deep healing, ancestral connection, and general health.
  • Tumbled Frosterley Marble: In smooth polished Frosterley Marble pieces, the details of the light gray to white fossils are clarified, and the black Limestone appears darker and glossier. Tumbled Frosterley marble helps to balance our perception and clarify how everything is interconnected.

How To Cleanse Frosterley Marble?

The moonlight shines over the trees to the body of water

  • Moonlight – As the ruling element of Frosterley Marble is the Moon, exposing your crystal to a few hours of either full Moon or new moon is highly effective for cleansing and charging this stone.
  • Selenite – Place your Frosterley Marble together with a larger piece of Selenite crystal for 5 to 8 hours to cleanse your stone using Selenite’s self-cleansing and clearing effects.
  • Water – Although Frosterley Marble is low on the hardness scale and should not be exposed to Water for an extended period, placing your stone into a stream or vessel of pure Water for just a few seconds will cleanse it fully.

Questions and Answers

What is Frosterley Marble?

Frosterley Marble, found in the village of Frosterley in Northern England, is a type of Black Limestone that contains a large number of fossilized coral skeletons.

What is the History of Frosterley Marble?

Frosterley Marble is an ancient fossil-rich stone that contains remains dating from 325 million years ago. It has been mined for centuries. The first written mention of the stone was in 1183.

What are the Properties of Frosterley Marble?

Frosterley Marble’s properties include balancing on all levels. It is a useful stone for deepening meditation and prayer. It can increase clarity by expanding our perception to include a bigger-picture perspective. 

How Many People Live in Frosterley?

According to a population census conducted in 2021, 573 people live in Frosterley Village, County Durham, Northern England.

What are the Fossils in Frosterley Marble?

The fossils found in Frosterley Marble are predominantly coral skeletons of the extinct Dibunophyllum Bipartitum. Frosterley Marble may also contain fossils of shell fragments, algae, brachiopods, crinoids, bryozoans, and tree fragments.

Is Frosterley Marble Real Marble?

No, it is not a real Marble. Marble is Limestone transformed through metamorphic pressures, heat, and aqueous solutions. Frosterley Marble is Black Limestone, which is a sedimentary rock and it has fossils within it.

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