(nik - uh - lahyt)
Main Origins:
Canada, Australia, the USA, Austria, Germany, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, Slovakia, Iran, France, and Morocco.

What is Niccolite?

A Nickeline (Niccolite) on a whitish background. Source: Flickr | James St. John
Source: Flickr | James St. John

Its faint copper-red to silver-white color resembles polished metal. Crystals are dense and granular or enormous. Niccolite may also have a fascinating interlocking pattern of crystalline grains.

Niccolite is a nickel arsenide. Its main components are nickel (Ni) and arsenic (As), with quantities of cobalt (Co) and sulfur (S). The crystal’s unusual composition gives it a high melting point and magnetic capabilities. Niccolite is a rich nickel ore due to its high nickel concentration.

It was found in mid-18th-century Saxony, Germany. It was misidentified because of its metallic appearance and characteristics. Henri Sainte-Claire Deville correctly identified Niccolite as a mineral species in 1843. Mineralogists and collectors have researched and admired it since.

Did you know Niccolite has metaphysical properties that can help people? It promotes self-awareness, personal growth, and resilience. Niccolite stimulates creativity and intuition, helping people connect with their inner wisdom. It may help people overcome challenges and make great changes.

Niccolite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Niccolite has red and silver energy. Red is a sign of emotion, energy, and strength, while silver is a sign of introspection, insight, and the energy of a woman. These color energies boost vitality, intuition, and equilibrium in Niccolite.

The Solar Plexus Chakra in the abdomen is linked to Niccolite. This chakra controls self-esteem, confidence, and power. Balanced, it empowers, strengthens, and focuses. Niccolite’s Solar Plexus Chakra link boosts self-confidence, assertiveness, and identity.

Niccolite rules Metal and Earth. Metal signifies strength, clarity, and efficiency, while Earth represents stability, grounding, and nutrition. Niccolite in the North, West, or Northwest improves energy flow, stability, and abundance, according to Feng Shui.

Mars and Pluto rule Niccolite. Pluto stands for change, growth, and personal power, while Mars stands for energy, action, and bravery. These planets give Niccolite dynamic and transforming powers. It enables people to act, overcome difficulties, and change.

Hephaestus, Niccolite’s governing God, represents creativity, strength, and transformation. Yoruba Orisha Shango symbolizes thunder, force, and masculinity. Freyja, the Norse Goddess of Love and Fertility, is passionate, beautiful, and abundant. These presiding Gods give Niccolite creativity, power, and abundance.

Niccolite connects with the number 5, which means freedom, adaptability, and change. Niccolite has unique traits that help spiritual growth and change. It is a stone of adventure, personal growth, and flexibility. Its number vibration of 5 enhances these qualities.

Niccolite Healing Properties and Benefits

Mental Clarity 

  • Niccolite promotes mental clarity by enhancing focus, concentration, and cognitive abilities
  • To program or activate Niccolite for this purpose, hold the crystal and set the intention for mental clarity. Visualize a clear and focused mind while allowing the energy of Niccolite to enhance your mental capabilities.

Growth and Success 

  • It helps people grow and succeed by making them more self-confident, determined, and able to reach their goals.
  • Hold the crystal and set an intention for growth and success to activate it. While absorbing Niccolite’s power, imagine yourself succeeding.


  • Niccolite stimulates creativity by opening the channels of inspiration and fostering innovative thinking. 
  • To use Niccolite, keep it close while doing creative things like painting, writing, or coming up with ideas. Its energy can help you be more artistic and think outside the box, which can lead to unique and imaginative results.

Strength and Power 

  • It boosts self-confidence, courage, and resiliency. It helps people overcome obstacles and find their strength. 
  • Program Niccolite by holding it and wishing for strength and power. While absorbing Niccolite’s force, imagine yourself strong and capable.

Enhancing Intuition

  • Niccolite amplifies intuition, allowing for deeper insights and heightened awareness.
  • Create a crystal grid using Niccolite and other supportive crystals. Arrange them in a pattern that resonates with your intention, such as enhancing intuition.

Niccolite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A couple walking in a dream land

Grounding and Safety

  • Niccolite grounds and stabilizes. It grounds one’s energy and creates a sense of safety. 
  • Hold the crystal and set the intention for grounding and safety to activate Niccolite. Imagine roots growing from your body into the Earth, linking you to its stable, nourishing energy.

Clairvoyance and Intuition

  • It promotes clairvoyance and intuition, providing greater spiritual perception. It awakens the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing psychic powers and spiritual vision. 
  • To program Niccolite, hold it and wish for enhanced clairvoyance and intuition. Visualize Niccolite energy accessing the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing your intuition.

Spirit Contact

  • They connect spirits and higher awareness. It helps communicate with spirit guides, ancestors, and heavenly beings. 
  • Hold Niccolite and set the intention for clear and direct spirit contact to program or charge it for spirit contact. Hold Niccolite in a sacred area to connect with your guides or the divine.

Expanding Consciousness

  • With the help of Niccolite, one can achieve heightened levels of awareness and insight, opening the door to more profound spiritual experiences. 
  • Create a Niccolite crystal elixir. For several hours or overnight, infuse the crystal in pure water.

Soul Connection and Alignment

  • Niccolite enhances spirituality and self-expression. It connects you to your higher self and the divine will, helping you integrate your spirituality into daily life. 
  • Find a quiet space and hold Niccolite in your hand or place it on your Heart Chakra. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Set the intention to align with your soul’s purpose and divine essence.

Niccolite Side Effects

  • Blind Positivity: Negative feelings and events can be blocked out by using nicotinic acid, which can lead to blind optimism. Avoid this by staying balanced and processing all emotions.
  • Horoscopic Conflicts: Niccolite’s energy may irritate some zodiac signs. Trust your instincts and pick stones that match your zodiac sign to avoid this.
  • Dizziness or Headache: Due to its high energy, Niccolite may cause dizziness or headaches. Hydrate and use grounding stones with Niccolite to balance energy.

Niccolite Meaning: What Does Niccolite Symbolize?

A tree portraying seasonal change from Winter to Spring.

Niccolite meaning is “resilience and personal transformation.”

The name “Niccolite” is derived from the German word “Kupfernickel,” meaning “copper demon,” as it was first found in Saxony, Germany.

Niccolite is also known by alternative names, including “ickeline, Breithauptite, and Copper Nickel.

Traditionally, people have believed that Niccolite might shield them from negative energy and psychic assaults. Nowadays, people believe that this stone can help them develop their intuition, sense of self, and consciousness.

Crystals like Labradorite, Amethyst, and Moldavite, all of which encourage personal development and change, complement Niccolite nicely.

Did you know Niccolite is an arsenic sulfide mineral? Nickel arsenide makes it silver with a bronze-yellow tarnish.

Types of Niccolite

  • Common Niccolite: It’s mild copper-red to silver-white. It helps people develop self-awareness and inner power.
  • Hexagonal Niccolite: Hexagonal Niccolite is red, silver, and green. It enhances intuition and psychic powers, making it popular for spiritual guidance and insight.
  • Reniform Niccolite: Reniform Niccolite is kidney-shaped and metallic. It’s silver to copper-red. It helps people feel comfortable and secure by grounding and protecting them.
  • Gold Niccolite: Gold in color, and plenty of it, it possesses magical properties that boost one’s fortune, self-esteem, and authority.
  • Brown Niccolite: Brown Niccolite can range from a light brown to a nearly black chocolate color. It stabilizes and roots you in the present, helping you make sound decisions and feel safe.
  • Red Niccolite: A unique red color crystal invites passion, feeling alive, and strength. It is thought to energize and inspire people to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.
  • Blue Niccolite: Serene blue color of Niccolite signifies calmness, while promoting effective communication and harmony. 
  • Gray Niccolite: With its neutral and balanced gray color, Niccolite instills wisdom and stability. It aids in balancing challenging situations and supports making wise decisions with a calm and thoughtful approach.
  • Green Niccolite: Vibrant green color of Niccolite signifies growth, healing, and abundance. It is deeply connected to nature, promoting harmony, regeneration, and prosperity in one’s life.
  • Pink Niccolite: Gentle pink hue of Niccolite symbolizes love, kindness, and emotional healing. It facilitates heart healing and self-acceptance, allowing for the cultivation of love and compassion toward oneself and others.
  • Purple Niccolite: Mystical purple color of Niccolite represents spiritual awakening, insight, and psychic powers. It assists in connecting with higher realms and deepening one’s spiritual journey, unlocking hidden wisdom and enhancing psychic abilities.
  • Black Niccolite: Black color of Niccolite acts as a shield, with grounding and anchoring energies. It aids in transformation by blocking negativity and supporting the release of old habits, allowing for personal growth and positive change.
  • Orange Niccolite: Vibrant orange color of Niccolite sparks excitement, inventiveness, and passion. It inspires self-expression, encourages embracing uniqueness, and ignites enthusiasm for creative endeavors.
  • Cobalt Niccolite: Blue-metallic shade of Cobalt Niccolite enhances communication, creativity, and healing energies. It aids in effective expression, boosts creative thinking, and supports the healing process.
  • Nickeline with Silver: Silver and metallic combination of Nickeline with Silver enhances intuition, psychic powers, emotional balance, and harmonious relationships. 
  • Niccolite-Annabergite: With metallic and pastel green tones, it restores physical and emotional balance. It promotes wellness and mind-body-spirit harmony.
  • Niccolite with Barite: Combining Niccolite’s metallic colors with Barite’s white or transparent color clarifies and purifies energy fields. It cleanses spiritually, clears energy, and sharpens the mind.
  • Niccolite with Arsenopyrite: Metallic and silver-gray, it grounds and transforms, helping spiritual seekers overcome barriers. It builds resilience, inner strength, and progress.
  • Niccolite with Calcite: Combining Niccolite’s metallic tones with Calcite’s white, yellow, and orange tints boosts intuition and energy. This combination enhances decision-making, clarity of thought, and energy flow within and without.
  • Niccolite with Bismuth: Combining the metallic shades of Niccolite with Bismuth, this combination fosters intuition, emotional balance, and harmonious relationships. It promotes spiritual growth, assists in emotional healing, and supports the development of a deep sense of inner harmony and peace.
  • Niccolite with Rammelsbergite: Silver-gray or black, this combination helps one connect with higher realms and evolve spiritually. It helps people see their spiritual path.
  • Niccolite with Gersdorffite: Its metallic and silver-gray to grayish-black tones boost self-confidence, power, and spirituality. It helps people recognize their strengths, gain confidence, and realize their potential.
  • Niccolite with Dolomite: Dolomite’s white, pink, or gray tints complement Niccolite’s glittering colors. This combination calms and balances. It promotes self-care, self-healing, and a supportive environment.
  • Niccolite with Skutterudite: With metallic and silver-gray or grayish-white tones, Niccolite with Skutterudite enhances psychic abilities and encourages heightened awareness. It enhances intuitive talents, deepens insights, and opens spiritual consciousness.
  • Niccolite with Pyrrhotite: With metallic bronze or brownish colors, this mixture grounds, vitalizes, and transforms. It aids goal-setting, motivation, and life direction.
  • Niccolite with Safflorite: Blending Safflorite’s silver-gray to grayish-black tints with Niccolite’s metallic hues, this combination offers spiritual protection and supports spiritual change. It assists in creating a shield against negative energies, facilitating spiritual growth, and promoting positive transformations on the spiritual path.
  • Niccolite with Millerite: Millerite’s silver or gray tones complement Niccolite’s shiny colors. This combination boosts spiritual awareness, protection, and energetic purification. It enhances spirituality, higher guidance, and energetic cleaning.
  • Niccolite with Breithauptite: Millerite’s silver or gray tones with Niccolite’s sparkling colors produce a lovely stone. It helps people connect with higher guidance, erase energetic obstacles, and improve their spiritual connection.

How To Cleanse Niccolite?

A person is shoveling the soil

  • Soil: To clean Niccolite using soil, bury the crystal in natural soil for a day. This lets Earth’s energy take away any bad or still energy from the crystal.
  • Incense: You can clean Niccolite by passing it through the smoke of sacred herbs like sage or palo santo. This helps to purify and release negative energy.
  • Meditation: Take Niccolite in your hands, shut your eyes, and picture a flow of pure white light surrounding the crystal. This will clean and brighten its energy.

Question and Answer

Is Niccolite a Gemstone?

No, Niccolite is not a gemstone. It is a mineral that primarily consists of the compound nickel arsenide (NiAs).

How Does Niccolite Get Its Metallic Luster?

Niccolite obtains its metallic luster naturally due to its composition and structure.

Can Niccolites Get Wet?

Yes, Niccolites can get wet without being damaged. However, it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to water to maintain their condition.

Is Niccolite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Niccolite is generally safe in the sun. It’s a good idea to avoid being in the sun for too long, though, to keep your things from losing color or getting damaged.

How Can You Tell If Niccolite is Real?

To check if Niccolite is real, you can do different tests, like looking at how it looks and feels, doing a streak test, or asking a gem expert for help.

Is Niccolite the Same as Pyrrhotite?

No, Niccolite and Pyrrhotite are not the same mineral. They have different chemical compositions and physical properties.

How Do You Take Care of Niccolites?

Store Niccolites in a cool, dry place away from other gemstones. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives when cleaning them.

Is Niccolite Expensive?

The price of Niccolite varies depending on factors, such as quality, size, and rarity. However, compared to some other gemstones, Niccolite is generally considered less expensive.

What Stones Go Well with Niccolites?

Clear Quartz and Amethyst are two stones that go well with Niccolites. Clear Quartz enhances the energy of other stones and complements the metallic hues of Niccolite, while Amethyst provides a striking contrast to the silver-white or bronze color of Niccolite, creating an aesthetically pleasing combination.

Is Niccolite Safe to Touch?

Yes, Niccolite is okay to touch and won’t harm you. It’s a good idea to wash your hands before and after touching any gemstone to keep them clean and stop oils or dirt from getting on them.

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