London Blue Topaz

(luhn - duhn bloo toh - paz)
Main Origins:
Brazil, Pakistan, India, Namibia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the USA, Thailand, Mozambique, Cambodia, Romania, and Russia.

What is London Blue Topaz?

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London Blue Topaz is the darkest and most expensive variety of treated Blue Topaz. Colorless Topaz is heated and irradiated to create a permanent color change. The treatment results in medium blue to dark blue Topaz crystals of exceptional clarity.

The shades of London Blue Topaz are not found naturally, but these stones are created from natural crystals that are treated. Naturally occurring untreated Blue Topaz is extremely rare and is always much lighter in color.

London Blue Topaz is a birthstone for December. It is a popular stone for engagement rings and also a great gift for a 4th wedding anniversary

The energy of this crystal is clear, fast-acting, and dedicated. Wearing London Blue Topaz will have a lasting impact. It brings peace and stability but is also opulent and highly energetic.

London Blue Topaz Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The ruling chakras, elements, planets, deities, Feng Shui direction, and numerical vibration all contribute to the metaphysical properties and benefits of London Blue Topaz.

This stone is primarily associated with the Throat Chakra as well as the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. It activates the Throat Chakra, strengthening confidence, self-expression, clarity, and loving communication.

Blue-green gems also resonate with the Heart Chakra, bringing compassion, open-heartedness, emotional healing, and transformation. The Third Eye and Crown Chakras link this stone to activated intuition, mental clarity, wisdom, and communication extending beyond time and physicality.

The ruling elements of this stone are Water, Air, and Wind. These natural elements empower this crystal to effect necessary purification and transformation of patterns, beliefs, emotions, and connections. 

London Blue Topaz’s ruling planets of Saturn and Jupiter guide the energy of this crystal toward themes including good luck, discipline, ambition, abundance, expansion, and growth.

The numerical vibration of London Blue Topaz is 3. Energetically, this number is about self-expression, communication, expansion, inner wisdom, inner peace, optimism, enthusiasm, and loyalty.

London Blue Topaz Healing Properties and Benefits

Focus and Dedication

  • The energetic frequency of a London Blue Topaz crystal can help you strengthen your ability to focus and concentrate. It can help you to be more dedicated to whatever is truly important.
  • Include a daily practice of at least 30 minutes of focus on your breath, attuning to the energy of London Blue Topaz, and training your mind to focus. 

Mental Clarity

  • The impressive clarity of most London Blue Topaz gemstones represents the clarifying effect that this gem has on your mind. It refines how you communicate within yourself. It purifies negative mental patterns.
  • Activate your London Blue Topaz for mental clarity by holding this crystal and chanting the mantra AUM 3 times or more.

Improved Communication

  • London Blue Topaz properties will bring ease to all levels of communication. This includes inner communication, verbal communication, telepathic communication, and spiritual communication. It can improve the demeanor, impact, and influence of your communication. 
  • Get or make a London Blue Topaz necklace to be worn around the height of your Throat Chakra. Activate your stone each time you notice it with the affirmation: I am clear and connected.

Healing Negative Beliefs and Patterns

  • A deep healing benefit of this gem is its energetic guidance and encouragement to let go of any outdated beliefs, patterns, and ways of relating or perceiving.
  • Practice deep cleansing breathwork and meditation while holding your London Blue Topaz.

Increased Strength and Stamina

  • Topaz has been used as a gem for increasing overall strength since Ancient times. London Blue Topaz is no exception.
  • Simply wearing a Blue Topaz stone daily, allows you to naturally receive this upgrade on an energetic level. This energy will guide you to create a physical reality of fully energized strength and vitality. 

London Blue Topaz Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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Lasting Love and Connection

  • London Blue Topaz’s benefits include supporting an open heart, dedication to love, and deeper connections, guiding your communication to be more loving, considerate, and truthful.
  • Hold your London Blue Topaz and practice Metta or loving-kindness meditation. Intentionally radiate love and positive blessings to yourself, a specific person, a specific situation, or the collective.

Ancestral Communication

  • Blue Topaz in its completely natural form, was used by indigenous African tribes to connect with and communicate with ancestors. London Blue Topaz can be used to communicate on a spiritual level, to heal, and to gain wisdom from ancestral connections.
  • Include London Blue Topaz at the center of a small altar that you create to honor your ancestors or any spiritual being, deities, or archetypes that you feel drawn to connect with.


  • London Blue Topaz activates intuitive wisdom and helps you form deeper connections with yourself, others, and life. It leads to you gaining wisdom from different beings and elements, encouraging you to communicate and access spiritual wisdom.
  • Practice at least 30 minutes of silent meditation daily while holding or wearing a darker Blue Topaz stone. Enter into a state of full presence and dedication to becoming knowledgeable on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.


  • London Blue Topaz has an aura of opulence and appreciation. It is a powerful stone for increasing prosperity in terms of material comfort, pleasures, appreciated and shared excess, and nourishing experiences.
  • Activate the affluent energy of London Blue Topaz by repeating the following affirmations: I enjoy my financial freedom and feeling content, I share my abundance with my loved ones, I contribute my prosperity to things that are authentically important to me, I appreciate the many blessings in my life including…

Magical Protection

  • London Blue Topaz has strong cleansing and protective energy. It is great for neutralizing the effects of ill intentions. It is a magically protective gem, shielding its wearer from non-beneficial physical, mental, and emotional states,
  • Activate and wear a piece of London Blue Topaz jewelry for this purpose by repeating an affirmation, such as, “I fully trust in Divine order and protection.”

Side Effects of London Blue Topaz

  • Tiredness: For an initial period of working with this crystal, you may experience tiredness. Your physical body calls for due rest to integrate the many intense upgrades initiated by London Blue Topaz, including improving strength on all levels and communication on all levels. 
  • Shadow Work: London Blue Topaz helps to deeply heal outdated beliefs, patterns, and even ancestral wounds. You will be led through self-reflective shadow work. It can be intense and confronting, but it is part of returning to light and gaining clarity.

London Blue Topaz Meaning: What Does London Blue Topaz Symbolize?

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The meaning of London Blue Topaz is loyalty

This crystal will help you to stay focused and dedicated to what is close to your heart. London Blue Topaz symbolizes alignment with lasting love, peace, and abundance.

The name London Blue Topaz is said to be inspired by the city that is home to one of the largest Blue Topaz. The Ostro Stone, discovered by British explorer Max Ostro in 1960, is an astounding 9,381 carat. Blue Topaz has become associated with London, and it is a popular stone in this city.

Its name also influences its symbolism, connecting it to the city of London, which can be associated with loyalty, pride, and confidence. It is considered one of the richest cities in the world, and Londoners say it is now a multicultural city that embraces self-expression. 

Topaz was used by certain African tribes to connect and communicate with ancestral spirits. Blue Topaz, which aids in communication on all levels, can still be used for this purpose today.

London Blue Topaz symbolizes connection to your family and encourages you to maintain clear communication with your loved ones. including those who are still on Earth and those who have passed.

A unique power attributed to Blue Topaz is that it can break spells or curses. It can also help you heal from repetitive cycles within yourself, your life, and your relationships. London Blue Topaz offers protection from negative energy.

Types of London Blue Topaz

  • London Blue Topaz: London Blue Topaz is a medium-blue to dark-blue variety of Blue Topaz which is created by irradiating and heating natural Colorless Topaz. It retains the metaphysical properties of Colorless Topaz with an increased focus on Blue Topaz benefits, such as loyalty and improved communication.
  • London Ink Blue Topaz: London Blue Topaz which is referred to as ink blue, is usually the darkest Blue Topaz on the market. It is a blue that looks like it has a drop of dark gray or black added to it. It is used for protection from dark energies.
  • London Navy Blue Topaz: This crystal is a slightly lighter version of ink blue. It is also good for protection from negativity and activating your intuition.
  • London Blue-Gray Topaz: Very similar to Ink Blue Topaz, but it has a bit more of a gray or steel color mixed with the dark blue of this crystal. Its metaphysical effects include transformation and healing of negative belief systems.
  • London Blue-Green Topaz: A medium-blue to dark-blue Topaz. It is a shade of blue that has a minute tinge of green to it. London Blue-Green Topaz benefits include loving communication and increased prosperity.

Did you know the slight variations of London Blue Topaz colors are because of variations displayed in the natural colorless Topaz that these blue gems are created from? Differences in the treatment process can also lead to slightly varied coloration.

How To Cleanse London Blue Topaz

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  • Water: Although London Blue Topaz is high in hardness, it is recommended to be in the water for a limited time due to its perfect cleavage. Place your Topaz in a vessel filled with pure water for 3 minutes to cleanse your crystal.
  • Selenite: Selenite is a self-cleansing stone that can be easily used to cleanse London Blue Topaz. Place your Topaz touching a piece of Selenite for 3 hours or more.
  • Positive Affirmations: Cleanse your London Blue Topaz using the power of affirmations. Hold your crystal and repeat the affirmation: I cleanse this crystal now using the energetic power of words and intention.

Questions and Answers

Is London Blue Topaz Real?

Yes, London Blue Topaz is the treated version of a naturally colorless Topaz crystal. It is irradiated and heat-treated to achieve a deep blue coloration and fine clarity.

What is Special About London Blue Topaz?

London Blue Topaz is special because of its dark inky blue to blue-green or gray-green coloration, as well as for its range of powerful healing benefits and spiritual properties.

How Do I Know If My Blue Topaz is Real?

Real Blue Topaz has high clarity, is cool to the touch, and has no air bubbles. It also differs in chemical composition and hardness from common imitation materials, such as Quartz, glass, and resin. Test your crystal, rubbing it with a wooly cloth to see if it will conduct static electricity.

Who Can Wear London Blue Topaz?

Although it is better suited to specific zodiac signs. London Blue Topaz can be worn by anyone who resonates with its energy and benefits. If you seek to heal deeply, love deeply, improve your communication, and increase your prosperity, this is a crystal for you.

Which Zodiac Signs Can Wear London Blue Topaz?

London Blue Topaz is best suited to be worn by Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Pisces zodiac signs.

Is London Blue Topaz a Lucky Stone?

Yes, London Blue Topaz is a lucky stone, as it increases love, loyalty, and prosperity. It will bring you good fortune and luck when you dedicate yourself to working with and appreciating this crystal.

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