(lahy - muh - nahyt)
Main Origins:
Australia, USA, UK, China, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany, Austria, India, and Russia.

What is Limonite?

raw limonite on a gray background

Limonite is one of the three principal iron ores, alongside Hematite and Magnetite. It is a secondary stone that is formed by the weathering of other iron-bearing minerals. Because of this, Limonite commonly forms as a pseudomorph (a secondary mineral resulting from the process of replacing the form of an original mineral) with a variable composition. 

Commonly occurring in bogs and near streams, Limonite often colors soils and surfaces of rock and can be found in intriguing botryoidal shapes. It is usually light brown to orange in color but can be darker or lighter. Iridescent Limonite specimens have been discovered, with the ore showcasing a range of colors. 

Limonite has been used since prehistoric times for its pigment, with the ore found in Neolithic pictographs and cave paintings. The use of Limonite for pigment is found throughout history, and it is still used in paints today. When heated, Limonite can be turned into powder to create orange and brown hues. 

Limonite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

A soothing and grounding Earth stone, Limonite connects to the lower three chakras. When opening up the Root Chakra, Limonite boosts our sense of security and connection with the Earth. Its vibrations harmonize with the Sacral Chakra to amplify creativity and the Solar Plexus Chakra to bring courage and confidence into our lives.

Limonite gains its powers from the elements of Earth and Fire, and we can use it to appeal to these elements to bring healing and transformation into our lives. As it contains a balance of Fire and Earth, Limonite promotes slow and steady change, allowing us to move forward with our goals. The subtle shift it promotes allows us to grow and develop without dramatic or unsettling change occurring.

Did you know Limonite connects with the planet Earth? All crystals have a ruling planet, and as the Earth rules Limonite, it is a fantastic stone to use to develop our relationship with Mother Nature. We can use Limonite when meditating in nature, allowing our souls to connect with the spirits of the Earth. 

As Limonite connects us with Mother Nature, it provides us with the strength and courage to overcome negative thoughts and stay grounded and safe in the world. By enhancing our soul’s connection with the Earth, Limonite roots us to the ground and allows the vibrations of the Earth to cleanse our aura and spirit. 

Did you know that Limonite holds a numerical vibration of 7? In numerology, the number 7 connects with spiritual awareness and wisdom. You can use Limonite to develop this side of yourself. By meditation with Limonite, you are able to understand your spiritual path and tap into your inner wisdom and intuition.

Limonite Healing Properties and Benefits

Inner Child Healing

  • Because it promotes feelings of safety and security, Limonite is a great stone to work with when healing your inner child. Inner child healing allows us to address childhood trauma and promote  and fun in the adult world. 
  • Charge your Limonite with soothing incense, such as patchouli and lavender. Then keep it near you when you do inner child healing work, such as journaling or meditation

Stress Relief

  • Limonite is a soothing crystal, with its purifying vibrations releasing stress within you to promote happiness and peace
  • Charge your Limonite with positive affirmations of tranquility. Then place it in your living room to release stress around and within you. 


  • Used in artwork and pictographs for centuries, Limonite is a fantastic stone to boost creativity and self-expression. Furthermore, it also opens up our Sacral Chakra, which governs creativity. 
  • Charge your Limonite with sunlight, leaving it in the sun for 5 minutes. Then keep it near you when writing, painting, or making music. 

Mental Clarity

  • Limonite boosts mental clarity by helping us overcome negative thoughts and gain insight into the truth
  • Charge your Limonite with incense, as the element of Air boosts mental clarity. Then meditate with it to help you see the truth in a situation.  

Positive Change

  • Gaining its powers from the elements of Earth and Fire, Limonite enhances slow and steady positive change in your life. 
  • Charge your Limonite with a candle, as the element of Fire boosts transformation. Then hold it while you set intentions for the changes you wish to make. 

Limonite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A person is holding a burning sage


  • Limonite is connected to the planet Earth, making it a fantastic grounding stone. 
  • Charge your Limonite with soil, leaving it submerged for 12 hours. Then place it on your Root Chakra while doing grounding visualizations. 


  • Limonite is a stone of protection, with its energy shielding your aura and home from negativity and psychic attacks. 
  • Charge your Limonite with a Clear Quartz wand. Then place it near your front door to protect your home. 

Aura Cleansing

  • The powerful vibrations of Limonite flow through your aura and unblock any negative energy. When using it for aura cleansing, Limonite helps us to feel connected with ourselves and safe in who we are. 
  • Charge your Limonite with sage smoke. Then hold it while you visualize white light flowing out of the stone and through your auric field. 

Spiritual Enlightenment

  • Limonite boosts our spiritual awareness, allowing us to gain insight into our spiritual path and receive guidance from higher realms of existence. 
  • Charge your Limonite with sounds, such as a singing bowl. Then hold it while meditating and exploring your subconsciousness. 


  • Limonite helps us feel at one with ourselves and the universe, with its energy promoting unity and peace. 
  • Charge your Limonite under the light of the full moon. Then hold it while centering yourself or praying to spirit guides. 

Side Effects of Limonite

  • Uncomfortable Emotions: Limonite cleanses your aura and soul, which may cause dormant emotions to appear. This may be uncomfortable to experience. 
  • Intense Spiritual Messages: As Limonite opens our soul up to spiritual awareness and wisdom, we may receive intense spiritual messages when using it. 
  • Uncomfortable Realizations: When using Limonite for trauma and inner child healing, we may find ourselves faced with uncomfortable truths about our past. It is important to know that this is necessary, as it allows us to move on from the pain. 

Limonite Meaning: What Does Limonite Symbolize?

a growth young plant on a natural green background

The meaning of Limonite is “growth.”

Limonite provides growth and change in all areas of our lives. Holding the powers of Earth and Fire, Limonite allows us to move forward with feelings of security and power. It reminds us of our own strengths and how we can create the future we dream of. 

Because it is found in soil and rocks across the globe and has many pseudomorphs, Limonite also symbolizes the power of Earth. Its energy connects us with Mother Nature and promotes awareness of how we must live in harmony with all forms of life on Earth. 

Types of Limonite Crystals

  • Common Limonite: Common Limonite is a light brown to orange rock. Use this variety to connect with Mother Nature and promote feelings of grounding and stability. 
  • Dark Brown Limonite: This variety of Limonite is a dark brown stone. Use Dark Brown Limonite for protection. 
  • Yellow Limonite: Yellow Limonite is lighter than the common variety, found in a yellow-orange shade. Use this variety to open up the Solar Plexus Chakra and gain confidence and strength. 
  • Bean Ore: Bean Ore refers to brown Limonite specimens that grow in lenticular, circular shapes. This variety is great for stress relief and promotes peace and tranquility. 
  • Chromium-Bearing Limonite: This variety of Limonite has Chromium within the stone and is perfect for promoting understanding and mental clarity. 
  • Gold-Bearing Limonite: This variety of Limonite contains Gold and is an orange rock with Gold veins visible within. Use Gold-Bearing Limonite for spiritual awakening and progression. 
  • Stilpnosiderite: Stilpnosiderite is a black-brown resinous variety of Limonite. Use this variety to clean your auric field. 
  • Golden Healer: Golden Healer refers to a mix of Limonite and Quartz, with the inclusions of Limonite giving the Quartz a stunning golden glow. Use a Golden Healer crystal to overcome negative thoughts and behavior and embrace a positive way of living. 
  • Prophecy Stone: A Prophecy Stone is a mix of Limonite and Hematite that is a pseudomorph of Marcasite and Pyrite. Black in color, use a Prophecy Stone to boost your spiritual awareness and transform into your higher self. 
  • Limonite with Calcite: This variety appears as an orange-brown Limonite rock with white Calcite crystals growing within. Use Limonite with Calcite for cleansing and renewal. 
  • Limonite with Malachite: Limonite with Malachite appears as an orange Limonite stone with stunning green inclusions of Malachite marking the rock. This variety is perfect for trauma and inner child healing.
  • Iridescent Limonite: This intriguing variety of Limonite displays metallic rainbow colors. Iridescent Limonite cleanses chakras and the aura.

How to Cleanse Limonite?

moonlight reflection on water

  • Moonlight: Place your Limonite outside on the night of the full moon. Leave it there overnight. 
  • Soil: Bury your Limonite in soil, leaving it submerged for 12 hours. 
  • Positive Affirmations: Hold your Limonite while repeating positive affirmations of cleansing. 

Questions and Answers

What is Limonite Also Known As?

Limonite is also known as Brown Hematite, Bog Iron, Bog Ore, and Brown Umber.

What is Limonite Used For?

Limonite has been used for centuries for pigmentation and paint. It is also used for its fantastic spiritual properties, promoting gentle change, inner peace, and mental clarity.

What Mineral is Limonite?

Limonite is an Iron Ore mineral.

What is Made From Limonite?

Limonite is used to make yellow, orange, and brown paint because of its vibrant color.

What is the Meaning of Limonite Ore?

The meaning of Limonite Ore is growth. It helps us make positive changes in our lives and boosts spiritual awareness.

How Rare is Limonite?

Limonite is a fairly common mineral that is found worldwide.

Does Limonite Contain Gold?

Limonite does not always contain Gold, but there have been some specimens found that have Gold inclusions within.

Is Limonite Magnetic?

Limonite becomes magnetic when heated because of its iron content.

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