Green Chlorite Quartz

(grin klawr - ahyt kwawrts)
Main Origins:
China, Mexico, USA, South Africa, and Russia.

What is Green Chlorite Quartz?

Green Chlorite Quartz on a wooden pedestal

Green Chlorite Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide with substantial inclusions of Green Chlorite, which includes iron, magnesium, and aluminum. 

It was formed over millions of years via Quartz growing around Chlorite minerals, encapsulating them within its crystalline structure and creating a distinctive green hue and cloudy patterns.

Eastern traditions historically recognized it as a stone embodying the universe’s life force. Some Ancient South American cultures associated it with the Earth Goddess, using it in rituals to promote fertility and growth.

Green Chlorite Quartz Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The adventurous and optimistic nature of Sagittarius connects super well with Green Chlorite Quartz. The stone’s grounding and transformative properties can help to balance Sagittarius’ fiery wanderlust, fostering inner wisdom, trust, and a connection with nature.

Green Chlorite Quartz’s primary chakra associations are with the Heart and Third Eye. The Heart Chakra, associated with love and compassion, harmonizes with the stone’s properties of fostering trust, gratitude, and healthy emotional balance. 

The Third Eye Chakra, representing intuition and inner wisdom, aligns with its purpose of awakening and connecting with spiritual guides.

Pachamama, the Earth Goddess, rules over Green Chlorite Quartz. As an energetic purifier, the stone embodies Pachamamma’s nurturing and life-giving aspects, fostering growth, hope, and optimism.

The stone’s colors – green, white, and clear – mirror the Earth’s energy and landscapes, reflecting the renewal and purity the Earth bestows.

Green Chlorite Quartz connects with the Earth as both its ruling planet and element. Working with Green Chlorite Quartz is great for clearing psychic tumors, releasing anger, and establishing healthy coping mechanisms.

Placed in the East direction, according to Feng Shui principles, Green Chlorite Quartz enhances health and the connection between family, nurturing a harmonious living environment. 

It vibrates to the number 9, which is associated with universal love, eternity, and faith.

Green Chlorite Quartz Healing Properties and Benefits

Energetic Purifier

  • Green Chlorite Quartz acts as an energetic purifier due to its grounding properties and connection with the Earth’s energy. 
  • Hold the stone while meditating, focusing on releasing negative energy to utilize its cleansing power.

Clears Psychic Tumors

  • Using Green Chlorite Quartz clears “psychic tumors,” symbolizing emotional burdens and negative thought patterns. It can help heal disease by letting you release the pent-up emotions that cause them.
  • Keep the stone close to you during stress or emotional unrest.

Connection With Spiritual Guides

  • Green Chlorite Quartz enhances your connection with spiritual guides by elevating your intuitive senses. This can help you gain important answers to questions you have been pondering for a long time.
  • Meditate with the stone, asking for guidance and openness to spiritual communication.

Wisdom and Inner Trust

  • Working with Green Chlorite Quartz promotes wisdom and inner trust by grounding you and encouraging introspection. 
  • Carry it with you, or wear it as jewelry to help you navigate difficult decisions and promote self-confidence.

Life Purpose Awakening

  • Green Chlorite Quartz awakens your life purpose by aligning you with your innate gifts and passions. It lets you see the path you must take to align with your highest calling.
  • Sleep with Green Chlorite Quartz under your pillow to merge your conscious and subconscious and help realize your true strengths and life purpose.

Green Chlorite Quartz Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman is walking in nature

Connection With Nature

  • Green Chlorite Quartz, with its grounding properties and earthly connection, fosters a deep connection with nature. 
  • Carry the stone during outdoor activities, or meditate in natural surroundings.

Releases Anger and Hate

  • Working with Green Chlorite Quartz’s soothing and purifying energy helps release negative emotions, like anger and hate, promoting emotional balance. 
  • Place the stone over your Heart Chakra during meditation to cleanse and rebalance emotional energies.

Hope and Optimism

  • Using this stone connects you to the revitalizing power of the Earth and imbues hope and optimism
  • Hold the stone while visualizing positive outcomes, or place it in living spaces to cultivate a hopeful atmosphere.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms

  • Working with Green Chlorite Quartz does wonders in establishing healthy coping mechanisms by grounding you and promoting emotional clarity. 
  • Carry the stone or wear it as jewelry during challenging periods, allowing its calming energy to guide your responses.

Fosters Trust and Gratitude

  • Green Chlorite Quartz’s heart-centered energy nurtures feelings of trust and gratitude.
  • Drink a Green Chlorite Quartz crystal elixir to rid your heart of hatred and invite feelings of gratefulness into your heart.

Side Effects of Green Chlorite Quartz

  • Energy Drain: Some people may feel drained after using Green Chlorite Quartz, as its purifying effects can be intense.
  • Emotional Release: The stone’s ability to release negative emotions can sometimes trigger an emotional outpouring, which might be unsettling initially.
  • Intense Dreaming: As the stone promotes connection with spiritual guides, it may result in vivid or intense dreams, which could be disconcerting for some.
  • Over Sensitivity: Green Chlorite Quartz’s intense energy might make some feel overwhelmed or overly sensitive to their surroundings.

Green Chlorite Quartz Meaning: What Does Green Chlorite Quartz Symbolize?

A woman clasping her hands as a sign of her inner peace

The meaning of Green Chlorite Quartz is “Inner Healing Equals Outer Harmony.” 

This gemstone symbolizes the life-giving energy of Earth captured within its form, guiding your journey toward healing and self-balancing. It acts as an anchor in personal transformation and helps unfold your innate potential for growth.

Green Chlorite Quartz promotes physical wellness and emotional clarity, helping you to let go of past traumas and negative energies. This gemstone illuminates the path toward self-healing and environmental connection, assisting you in navigating through life’s disruptions and dissonances.

Green Chlorite Quartz is used in meditation to cleanse and renew the spirit. The stone was used in rituals to attract abundance and prosperity, seen as blessings of the Earth Goddess herself.

Working with this stone establishes a profound connection with nature, allowing for a harmonious balance between body, mind, and spirit. Its calming green hue is a reminder of the verdant forests and meadows, signifying renewal, growth, and the cyclical nature of life.

Types of Green Chlorite Quartz

  • Common Green Chlorite Quartz: This variety is green and is used for purification and detoxification in crystal therapy and is associated with health and growth.
  • Lemon Green Chlorite Quartz: With a hint of yellow, this crystal clears negativity and improves mental clarity. It’s linked to joy and enlightenment.
  • Olive-Green Chlorite Quartz: This variety has a unique olive hue. It is popular in meditation for grounding and healing and aids spiritual development and connection to the Earth.
  • Dark Green Chlorite Quartz: The intense dark green color in this variety corresponds to profound emotional healing and is often used for protection.
  • White Green Chlorite Quartz: White patches give this stone a delicate appearance, making it a stone for peace and harmony. This is a great variety for promoting calmness and inner solitude.
  • Blue-Green Chlorite Quartz: The blue and green color combination of this variety promotes tranquility and enhances communication. It also invites spiritual wisdom and understanding.
  • Smoky Green Chlorite Quartz: A blend of Smoky Quartz and Green Chlorite Quartz that invites mental clarity and love, compassion, and understanding.
  • Clear Green Chlorite Quartz: This variety’s transparent green hue symbolizes clarity and truth and enhances personal growth. 
  • Golden Green Chlorite Quartz: This crystal’s golden tint invites prosperity and success, while it invites abundance and wealth.
  • Red or Maroon Green Chlorite Quartz: This Quartz, blending the colors of red or maroon with green invites vitality and life force.
  • Bicolor Green Chlorite Quartz: This bicolor variety displays two shades of green and is a great stone for releasing and reorganizing old emotional patterns and invites profound emotional healing.
  • Multicolor Green Chlorite Quartz: This crystal has a green base and displays flashes of different colors. It is utilized for multi-dimensional healing and invites acceptance toward diversity and wholeness.
  • Phantom Green Chlorite Quartz: Recognized by ghostly green inclusions, Phantom Green Chlorite Quartz is great for helping you connect the past and present, especially your past life, and invites awareness of past reincarnations.
  • Moss Green Chlorite Quartz: This variety has a moss-like appearance and relates to fertility and nature. It is used to draw luck and abundance. 
  • Single Terminated Green Chlorite Quartz: This singularly pointed Quartz aids in focusing energy and helps you with direction and purpose.
  • Green Chlorite Quartz Twins: These crystals have twin terminations. They enhance harmony and partnership while helping balance duality and invite unity.
  • Green Chlorite Quartz Clusters: These clusters promote collective energy and community by aiding cooperation and unity.
  • Brazilian Green Chlorite Quartz: Originating from Brazil, this crystal aids in the pursuit of wisdom and truth by enhancing your intellectual abilities and knowledge.

How To Cleanse Green Chlorite Quartz?

The moonlight shines over the trees to the body of water

  • Water: Hold your Green Chlorite Quartz under running water for a few minutes, allowing the natural water flow to wash away any negative energy.
  • Moonlight: Place your Green Chlorite Quartz in the moonlight for several hours. The natural light will rejuvenate the stone’s energy.
  • Smudging: Pass your Green Chlorite Quartz through sage smoke, which clears out any stored negative vibrations from the stone.

Questions and Answers

What are the Benefits of Green Quartz Stone?

The benefits of Green Quartz stone is emotional stability, balance, and positivity. The stone stimulates creativity, enhances perception, and aids in the transformation of negative energies into positive ones.

Is Green Quartz Worth Anything?

The worth and value of Green Quartz can vary greatly depending on factors like color intensity, clarity, size, and overall quality. Rare or high-quality pieces command higher prices. However, Green Quartz is usually affordable.

What Does Chlorite Do?

Chlorite cleanses the aura, aids in detoxification, and stimulates the immune system. Spiritually, it helps connect you with nature and facilitates personal growth and transformation.

Is Green Quartz Real?

Yes, Green Quartz is real and occurs naturally. It can result from natural radiation, inclusions of minerals like Chlorite or actinolite, or heat treatments on other types of Quartz.

Interactions with Green Chlorite Quartz

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