(doh - luh - mahyt)
Main Origins:
Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, China, South Africa, Austria, Switzerland, the USA, Spain, Czech Republic, England, and Australia.

What is Dolomite?

rough dolomite stone on granite platform

Dolomite is a rock-forming mineral that is the primary mineral in a range of stones, such as Dolomitic Marble and Dolostone. Depending on the inclusions of other minerals, Dolomite can appear in various colors, such as pink, tan, and white. 

It is usually found in clusters of small rhombohedral crystals and often has other crystals within the structure, such as Pyrite, Fluorite, and Quartz. When other crystals are amongst Dolomite, their spiritual qualities are given a boost.

Dolomite is a fantastic stone that boosts good vibes and dispels any negativity. Its soothing vibrations balance emotions and promote comfort, relaxation, and grounding. 

Dolomite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Dolomite connects with all the chakras, bringing harmony and balance to these seven points of energy. By creating a flow between all the chakras, Dolomite simultaneously grounds us while allowing us to explore our spiritual connections. We can work with this amazing crystal to help us create a rounded and balanced attitude in life. 

Did you know that Dolomite also works with two secondary chakras? It harmonizes the Earth Star and the Soul Star Chakras. The Earth Star Chakra allows us to connect with Mother Nature, whereas the Soul Star Chakra governs our spiritual life. 

We can work with Dolomite to explore our Soul Star Chakra. It helps us uncover the truth about past lives and our true purpose in life. By connecting with our Soul Star Chakra, we can discover who we are.

Dolomite gains its powers from the planet Venus, which governs our sensual side and our emotions. By using Dolomite to connect with Venus, we can bring peace and enlightenment to our feelings. 

Did you know that Dolomite has the numerical vibration 3? All crystals have a numerical vibration that contains unique energy. The number 3 represents the mind, body, and soul, and we can work with Dolomite to bring balance to these three aspects of ourselves.

Dolomite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Dolomite boosts positive feelings of the self and brings you courage and strength
  • After charging your Dolomite with positive affirmations, wear it around your neck for courage. 


  • Because of its soothing vibrations that uplift emotions, you can use Dolomite to enhance patience and understanding. 
  • Charge your Dolomite with sage. Then wear it as a ring on your dominant hand to provide you with calming patience


  • Dolomite boosts your ability to nurture yourself and those in your life. By using it to connect with the planet Venus, we can enhance our caring and supportive nature. 
  • Charge your Dolomite stone with incense. Then place it in your living room or bedroom to bring nurturing and caring vibes. 


  • Because Dolomite helps us connect with our emotions, we can use it to boost creativity and self-expression. 
  • Charge your Dolomite stone with a candle. Then place it near you when you are expressing yourself creatively. 

Sleep Health

  • This calming crystal is a fantastic stone to enhance your sleep health. If you have insomnia, bad dreams, or disturbed sleep, turn to Dolomite to help you. 
  • Place a Dolomite crystal on your bedside table to ease your sleep troubles. 

Dolomite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A psychic reading a person hands

Psychic Protection

  • Dolomite is a fantastic protective stone, dispelling any negative energy or psychic attacks. 
  • After charging your Dolomite crystal with sage, wear it as a necklace for psychic protection. 

Lucid Dreaming

  • Because it works with the Third Eye Chakra, Dolomite opens the mind to lucid dreaming
  • Charge your Dolomite crystal with the light of the Full Moon. Then place it under your pillow when you want to practice lucid dreaming. 


  • Dolomite gains its powers from the element of Earth, which governs material goods and the home. This means that it is a brilliant manifestation crystal. 
  • Hold your Dolomite crystal while visualizing your goals and setting intentions. You can also repeat manifestation mantras.

Spiritual Guidance

  • By opening up the Crown Chakra and connecting to the universal truth, we can use Dolomite for spiritual guidance. 
  • Charge your Dolomite stone with chanting. Then hold it in your hands when praying to spirit guides and meditating. 

Chakra Healing

  • Dolomite connects with all seven primary Chakras, meaning we can use it to heal and balance them. 
  • Hold your Dolomite crystal on your Crown Chakra and visualize a glowing light passing through each chakra, creating a flow of energy. 

Dolomite Side Effects

  • Overwhelming Spiritual Messages: Because Dolomite connects with the Soul Star Chakra, we will sometimes receive spiritual messages that are difficult to understand when working with it.
  • Submissiveness: Dolomite brings forth patience and kindness, which means we may not stand up for ourselves when wearing it. If you lack assertiveness and courage, try not to wear your Dolomite crystal and opt for other uses. 
  • Discomfort: Dolomite is ruled by Venus, which is an enemy planet of the Sun. This means those with the zodiac sign Leo may find it a difficult crystal to work with. 

Dolomite Meaning: What does Dolomite Symbolize?

Female sleeping comfortably on her bed

The meaning of Dolomite is comfort

This amazing crystal brings comfort and kindness into your life, with its soothing vibrations boosting positivity and tranquility. Turn to Dolomite when you need to focus on self-care and goodwill. 

The word Dolomite is derived from the name of the French geologist Déodat de Dolomieu. He was the first to describe the mineral Dolomite during a trip to the Italian Alps. The mountain range of the Dolomites is also named after him. 

Types of Dolomite

  • True Dolomite: True Dolomite appears as a white cluster of crystals. This variety is excellent for bringing peace and harmony into your life. 
  • Cuprian Dolomite: This variety of Dolomite gains its lime green color from its inclusions of Cuprite. Use Cuprian Dolomite to boost your creativity and self-expression. 
  • Ferroan Dolomite: Gaining its pink and brown hues from Ferrous Iron, Ferroan Dolomite is a fantastic grounding stone that connects your spirit with the Earth Star Chakra. 
  • Cobaltoan Dolomite: Cobaltoan Dolomite comes in shades of pink and purple and can be used to boost your relationship with yourself and those you care for. 
  • Manganoan Dolomite: This variety of Dolomite appears pink because of its inclusions of Manganese. Use Manganoan Dolomite to enhance the nurturing and caring energy in your life. 
  • Ankerite: This white-gray variety of the stone contains Iron and Manganese. Ankerite is a great stone to use for spiritual guidance. 
  • Kutnohorite: Kutnohorite is a rare light pink variety of Dolomite that appears as layers of long crystal structures. Use this variety to connect with spirit guides. 
  • Minrecordite Dolomite: This variety of Dolomite appears colorless or white and is perfect for opening up the higher Chakras.
  • Caymanite: Caymanite is an earthy orange-red variety that appears with black and white banding. Use Caymanite for manifestation and setting intentions. 
  • Brown Dolomite: Appearing in a red-brown shade, this variety of Dolomite is great for grounding and centering. 
  • Blue Dolomite: Appearing as a cluster of light blue stones, Blue Dolomite opens the Throat Chakra and allows us to speak our truth. 
  • Red Dolomite: A beautiful, rich red variety, Red Dolomite is often polished into tumble stones. This variety is great for boosting feelings of safety and security by connecting with the Root Chakra. 
  • Kona Dolomite: This intriguing variety is fossilized algae and appears in red, black, and white shades. Use a Kona Dolomite to boost your connection with Mother Nature.
  • Wave Dolomite: Also known as Rolling Hills Dolomite, this variety is mined in Mexico and appears with caramel, red, and brown bands. Use a Wave Dolomite for courage and strength. 
  • Chalcopyrite Dolomite: This variety contains a mix of white Dolomite crystals with small Chalcopyrite inclusions. Use Chalcopyrite Dolomite to connect with higher realms of existence and gain universal knowledge. 
  • Pyrite Dolomite: Appearing as a mix of yellow Dolomite crystals and Golden Pyrite stones, this variety is perfect for manifesting abundance. 
  • Marcasite Dolomite: Marcasite Dolomite contains a mix of white or pink Dolomite crystals with small inclusions of Marcasite. Use this variety for focus and clarity.
  • Dolomite with Fluorite: This variety has a Dolomite structure as a base with large, blue Fluorite crystal growths. Use Dolomite with Fluorite to enhance spiritual awakening and growth. 
  • Dolomitic Marble: Dolomitic Marble is a rock that contains Dolomite. Appearing in white, yellow, and red shades, this variety is great for psychic protection.

How to Cleanse Dolomite?

Woman holding selenite crystals while bathing in the sunlight at the beach

  • Sunlight: Place your Dolomite stone out in the sunshine for ten minutes. 
  • Moonlight: Place your Dolomite stone on your windowsill or outside on the night of the Full Moon overnight. 
  • Herbs: Create a mixture of cleansing herbs, such as sage and rosemary. Then put the mixture and your Dolomite stone in a small jar and leave it for 12 hours.

Questions and Answers

Can Dolomite go in water?

Yes, Dolomite can go in water for short periods of time.

Is Dolomite safe in the sun?

Yes, Dolomite is safe in the sun.

Can Dolomite go in salt water?

Yes, Dolomite can go in salt water for short periods of time.

How do you take care of Dolomite stone?

Clean your Dolomite stone with a soft, soapy cloth. Keep it out of direct sunlight and intense heat when storing. 

What crystals to pair with Dolomite?

Dolomite can be paired with a range of crystals, depending on what healing you need. To boost grounding and protection, pair Dolomite with Obsidian or Hematite. If you wish to boost the feelings of tenderness and care within the stone, pair your Dolomite with Rose Quartz. 

What crystals grow in Dolomite?

There is a range of different crystals that grow in Dolomite, such as Pyrite, Quartz, and Fluorite.

Is Dolomite safe to the touch?

Yes, Dolomite is safe to touch.

What’s the rarest type of Dolomite?

There are a few rare types of Dolomite, which are Kutnohorite and Ankerite.

What is the price of Dolomite gemstone?

Dolomite gemstones are pretty affordable, ranging from $0.02 to $0.30 per carat.

Is Dolomite stronger than Quartz?

No, Quartz is much stronger than Dolomite, with a MOHS rating of 7. Dolomite, on the other hand, has a MOHS rating of 4.

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