Cherry Opal

(CHER-ee OH-pull)
Main Origins:
Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Australia, Portugal, Honduras, the United States, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Canada, South Africa, and the Czech Republic.

What is Cherry Opal?

tumbled cherry opal crystals

Cherry Opal is a variety of Opal in reddish-brown to orange hues, resembling the color of cherries. Depending on its colors, Cherry Opal may be a type of Common or Precious Opal, but it is mostly categorized as a type of Fire Opal. 

It’s a type of hydrated silicon dioxide also seen in bright orange, faint blue, and pastel pink hues. Some say it’s the orange and red variation of Mexican Fire Opal, so it is known as Cherry Red Opal, Fire Opal, Mexican Opal, and Mexican Cherry Opal. 

This type of Fire Opal usually exhibits botryoidal shapes but may also form reniform, spherical, and stalactitic formations in veins or crusts. It’s also found as pseudomorphs after minerals, fossils, bones, and shells.

Cherry Fire Opal varieties enhance your energy, passion, libido, and psychic powers. It is also used as an immunity, fertility, and karmic stone.

Cherry Opal Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Cherry Opal is usually seen in red, brown, orange, and pink hues, activating the Root, Sacral, Heart, and Earth Star Chakras. They’re responsible for Cherry Opal benefits like passion, fertility, peace, imagination, protection, and awakening. 

As this type of Fire Opal also exhibits many other colors, it’s linked to the Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Higher Heart, Solar Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. Activation of these leads to psychic powers, karmic healing, health, harmony, divination, and spiritual development. 

According to astrology, Mars governs Cherry Fire Opal, beckoning spiritual effects like desire, ambition, drive, and success. Hence, it’s good for signs like Leo, Aries, and Scorpio, as they’ll find confidence, creativity, patience, and emotional balance. 

The Fire element relates to this Opal, bringing wisdom, manifestation, and strength. Keep it in the South or Southeast to attract success, reputation, and wealth.

Mexican Cherry Opal resonates with the numerical vibrations of the numbers 1 and 4, representing leadership, stability, protection, karmic healing, and discipline. 

It’s also associated with the energies of Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess; Agni, the Hindu Fire God; Xiuhtecuhtli, the Aztec Fire God; Bragi, the Norse Poetry God; Apollo, the Greek Music God; and Ixchel, the Mayan Moon Goddess.

Cherry Opal Healing Properties & Benefits

Passion and Fertility

  • To rekindle your inner passion and remove blockages in your reproductive system, Cherry Opal varieties, like Red, Dark, and Orange, can help. 
  • Charge your Opal variation for libido and sexual energy by meditating with it under the setting sun. Finally, place it over the lower chakras. 

 Emotional Balance

  • If you experience mood swings, anxiety, or depression, Pink, Gray, and Matrix-type Cherry Opals can accelerate the work of medicines and positivity. 
  • You can clear mental, physical, and emotional discomforts by consuming a crystal elixir (made by indirect infusion) of the Cherry Red Opal of your choice.


  • Blood Red, Orange, and Black Cherry Opals boost your ambitions and activate your inner fire. It’s also a catalyst to the kundalini life force that activates personal growth and power.
  • Chant this affirmation to activate your confidence or willpower at any point, “I tap into my desires to manifest them by channeling determination and empowerment.” 


  • For those of you feeling stuck or experiencing writer’s block, different types of Cherry Opal in Orange, Golden, and Iridescent can help hugely. 
  • Light up your creativity juices by charging your stone with the Fire element energy. You can do this by holding it next to a flame for a few minutes. 

 Inspiration and Expression

  • Do you find it hard to express your opinions? Perhaps your inner voice is afraid or uninspired. In such cases, charge a Yellow, Fiery, Golden, Rust, or Iridescent Cherry Opal and keep it on your dominant side. 
  • Light a sage smudge stick and circle it over your crystal thrice to activate your Opal while meditating on your intentions. 

Cherry Opal Spiritual Properties & Benefits

psychic protectionPsychic Protection

  • If you want a psychic shield around you or your family, Cherry Opal variations of Brown, Black, and Oca Cherry Opal can be of significant help. 
  • Wrap your Opal in cloth and bury it three inches under the soil overnight. You can then carry it on you or place it near the entrance of your house for psychic protection. 

 Intuition and Clairsentience

  • Some healing stones activate dormant areas of your spirit and brain to activate psychic powers like intuition, premonition, and clairvoyance. Try Blood Red, Fiery, Black, or Iridescent Cherry Opal if that’s your goal. 
  • Sit under the moonlight while holding your Opal for a few minutes and gazing into it nonstop. This ritual is called scrying, and you can make the most of it by placing the Opal underneath your pillow after charging. 

 Karmic Cleansing 

  • Do you feel like bad luck or fear follows you everywhere you go? Brown and Dark varieties of Cherry Opal give access to the Akashic Records that remove the metaphysical challenges in your destiny, like karmic debts.
  • Make a crystal elixir of your Opal with indirect infusion and pour a few drops of the elixir into your bathtub. Finally, soak in the gem bath for 5 to 10 minutes to let the universe pave the way to karmic healing.

 Awakening and Development 

  • If you’re searching for enlightenment or spiritual development, get a hold of Pink, Golden, Oca Cherry, or Dark Cherry Fire Opal stone and meditate with it after charging. 
  • The best way to charge your Opal variety for spiritual awakening is by placing it next to a singing bowl and playing it. 

 Reality Shifting

  • Cherry Opal varieties, such as Orange, Golden, or Oca, can help you manifest your desired reality. 
  • Set up a crystal altar in the Southeast corner of your home or bedroom with your Opal in the center. Surround it with dry lotus, bay leaves, sage, and lavender. You can light a golden candle to activate the altar and manifest your intentions.

Side Effects of Cherry Opal

  • Fatigue: Some may feel burned out or exhausted after doing fertility rituals, especially if their chakras were cleared of significant blockages. You don’t need to do anything but rest in such a case. 
  • Astrological Issues: If the ruling planet linked to your birth chart clashes with the ruling planet of this Opal, you may face emotional side effects. Consult an astrologer before proceeding further.
  • Oversensitivity: Overusing this Opal variety can make you overexcited or overstimulated. In such cases, ground yourself with a Black Tourmaline before using the healing mineral again.

Cherry Opal Meaning: What Does Cherry Opal Symbolize?

girl speaking in front of a crowd depicting passion

The meaning of Cherry Opal is revitalizing passion.

It is also associated with boosting passion and libido. Many say bonding with Cherry Opal clears reproductive blockages in men and women. This Opal variety is widely used to tap into creativity, willpower, and psychic powers, like intuition. 

As a recently named Opal variety, you won’t find many legends or stories about this healing mineral. That said, Europeans considered Opals a lucky stone in the Middle Ages. 

Types of Cherry Opal Crystals

  • Red Cherry Opal: Cherry Opals are called Cherry Red Opals because this is their most common color. It’s a vibrant red hue that enhances fertility, passion, and determination. 
  • Bright or Blood Red Cherry Opal: This is a brighter variation of Cherry Red Opal than Cherry Red Opal. It intensifies passion, imagination, intuition, and divination.
  • Pink Cherry Opal: Exhibiting pastel pink and pale-yellow shades, this type of Cherry Color Opal brings love, empathy, and balance into your life. It’s also good for harmony and spiritual awakening.
  • Yellow Cherry Opal: This variation of Opal with cherry red hues exhibits pale to dull yellow hues, and they boost your inspiration, leadership, and inner strength.
  • Fiery Cherry Opal: Also known as Cherry Fire Opal, this variation shows intense red, gold, and orange shades. They are highly recommended for cultivating communication skills and self-expression, in addition to intuition. 
  • Brown Cherry Opal: Another common shade of Cherry Opals, this variety shows dark to pale brown hues. Use it to boost psychic protection, grounding, karmic cleansing, and patience. 
  • Orange Cherry Opal: This Cherry Opal variety is ideal for willpower, creativity, and reality-shifting. It shows more vibrant orange hues than any other variation. 
  • Golden Cherry Opal: A success magnet that also boosts your rate of making good decisions, this variation is also recommended for improving intelligence, inspiration, and psychic development. You can easily identify it from its golden flecks. 
  • Gray Cherry Opal: This is a rare type of Cherry Opal with a dull gray, white, and black hue. It’s a good stone to clear dilemmas and mind fog so you’ll feel tranquil, peaceful, and easy to let go of hurt, anger, and traumas. 
  • Green Cherry Opal: Cherry Opal with prominent green flashes inside it, this Opal helps you tap into your inner guidance, transformation, clairsentience, and fertility. 
  • Black Cherry Opal: Exhibiting a black base color, this type of Opal awakens your psychic powers, like willpower, intuition, and spiritual strength. It’s also good for creating a ring of psychic protection around you. 
  • Dark Cherry Opal: The darkest type of Cherry Opal that clears reproductive blockages to boost your fertility, this variation is also good for spiritual awakening. Bonding with it may also help you tap into advanced divination rituals.
  • Rust-Colored Cherry Opal: Also known as Rusted Cherry Opal, this variety shows dark or dull yellow hues interspersed with vibrant red or orange colors. It is highly recommended for expression, passion, and emotional intelligence.
  • Bicolor Cherry Opal: Many types of Cherry Fire Opals show bicolor variations of colors like Black-Red, Red-Green, and Orange-Black. Use this variety for aligning multiple chakras, spiritual development, and deep healing.
  • Iridescent Cherry Opal: This is a rare type of Opal recommended for manifestation, intuition, self-expression, and creativity. This variation might show a blue, pink, or maroon hue with iridescent flashes underneath.
  • Oca Cherry Opal: Ideal for spiritual guidance, self-discovery, reality-shifting, and psychic protection, Oca Cherry Opal has a resin-like appearance. It exhibits yellow, brown, red, black, or orange hues. 
  • Cherry Opal on Matrix: When your Cherry Opal looks like it’s peeking out of a beige or cream exterior, it’s known as Matrix Cherry Opal. Use this variation for grounding, emotional balance, and passion. 

How to Cleanse Cherry Opal?

A picture of sage, crystals, and a lit match

  • Smudging: Light a sage smudge stick and circle the sacred smoke over your Opal thrice while visualizing it ejecting negative vibrations. 
  • Candle: Hold your crystal next to a lit candle for a few minutes and meditate on your crystal getting reset with the Fire energy. 
  • Seed Mantra: Chant the bija mantra “RAM” linked to the Fire element while holding your Opal before your lips for a minute or two. Do it before and after rituals to cleanse it without anything else but your breath. 

Questions and Answers

Is Cherry Opal Safe?

Yes, Cherry Opal is safe to wear and touch with bare hands as it’s not toxic or dangerous to handle.

Can Cherry Opal Get Wet?

Yes, Cherry Opal can get wet, but prolonged exposure (such as soaking) may crack or damage its integrity.

How Can You Tell if Cherry Opal is Real?

The best way to tell if your Cherry Opal is real is by its white streak. You can also test its play of color, scratch, and density to confirm authenticity.

Interactions with Cherry Opal

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