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Main Origins:
Chile, Mexico, Australia, Austria, Iran, Greece, the United States, Italy, Japan, Russia, Attacama, Germany, Namibia, Spain, France, Ireland, and Morocco.

What is Adamite?

An adamite crystal on a black background

Adamant, Zinc Arsenate, and Arsenate Stone are variations of the same stone – Adamite. It’s a secondary mineral found in zinc and copper deposits with trace minerals of arsenic, calcium, uranium, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese. 

Adamite shows a variety of colors with a resin-like texture.

Did you know Adamite with trace uranium fluoresces in green color under UV light? It’s mostly translucent or transparent with weak pleochroism. It shows a white or pale green streak when scratched on ceramic surfaces. 

Adamite is traditionally associated with positivity, energy, knowledge, harmony, divination, and good fortune. Most experts say bonding with it gives you a fresh perspective on your reality. 

Adamite is a poisonous crystal that must be handled with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), including gloves, masks, and goggles. Avoid letting it come into contact with salt, as it can release poisonous arsenic smoke. 

Fun Fact: Adamite crystal forms in radial aggregates, rosettes, druzy, and spray-like shapes.

Adamite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Adamant crystal is mainly associated with the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakras. They help you with health, universal connection, luck, and love. 

As there are different colors of Adamite, it also opens other chakras like Root, Sacral, Throat, and Crown. These chakras help with courage, inner fire, communication, and spiritual awakening. 

Adamite healing crystal also opens the Higher Heart and Earth Star Chakras, which are responsible for prosperity and protection.

The planetary energies of Mercury and Pluto rule this healing mineral, so it’s best for intelligence and energy for Leo and Cancer signs.  

Did you know Adamite is associated with three elements – Fire, Wind, and Earth? It’s good for purifying, manifesting, and amplifying energies. They’re best kept in the south and the east feng shui directions at home or in your bedroom. 

A major part of Zinc Arsenate stones’ powers come from the Celtic Goddess of Fertility, Cerrunos; the Vedic God of Sky, Varuna; the Japanese Creation God, Izanagi; the Hindu God of Fire, Agni; and the Hindu God of Destruction, Shiva.

This stone of positivity and joy vibrates to the cosmic energy of numbers 8 and 9, associated with abundance and new beginnings. 

Adamite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Dark-colored Adamite crystals work like a charm by increasing energy and vitality by alleviating underlying mental and physical ailments. 
  • Make a DIY crystal elixir without direct infusion and consume the water to heal yourself from within.

Intelligence and Problem-Solving

  • Bonding with the healing energies of Adamant opens your mind and improves brain skills. You’ll find it good for mental fog, anxiety, and distractions, especially in complex calculations. 
  • Program Adamite under sunlight for five minutes and keep it on your desk or table for intelligence and problem-solving.

Peace and Harmony

  • Did you know Adamite is often called the Stone of Joy? It’s also good for positivity, dissolving hatred, and respect at home.
  • The best way to program Adamite for harmony is by burying it overnight under three inches of soil. This will reset the stone and its innate healing properties by using Earth Mother’s powers.

Pain Management

  • Adamite clears blockages in the body. It harmonizes organ functions and accelerates the work of medicines.
  • Hold your Adamant crystal in front of a candle flame for a minute or two at a safe distance. Visualize the fire and crystal energies and meditate on them, washing away your pain. 


  • When you bond with Adamant, it also eliminates negative self-talk and toxic company. As a result, your confidence, emotional balance, self-respect, and creativity shoot up. 
  • Boost your self-esteem by carrying Adamite in your left-side pocket. Don’t forget to charge it with positive affirmations before carrying it with you.  

Adamite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A person holding a crystal ball


  • Did you know Adamite is good for clairvoyance and intuition? It reveals your past karma and spiritual destiny.
  • To use Adamant crystal for divination, hold it in your palms (with protective equipment) and stare into it. Don’t forget to let your mind wander during the crystal gazing ritual.

Astral Projection

  • With Purple Adamite crystals, you can jump into different consciousness while projecting your subtle body astrally. They connect your physical body to other realms and beings.
  • Sit on your bed and meditate with Adamite to astral project or shift your reality. You can chant mantras or DIY affirmations to amplify energies along the way. 

Amplifying Energies

  • Did you know Adamite is good for amplifying energies? It can enhance the positivity and energies of other crystals. 
  • You can program the Adamant crystal close to a Tibetan singing bowl while playing it for this. 

Good Fortune and Luck

  • Because Adamite improves creativity and vitality, it also paves the way to success and luck. Pick golden, yellow, and lime-green varieties for these Adamite benefits.
  • You can set up a crystal grid with Adamite in the center or as way stones to attract good luck, success, and fortune into your life. 

Spiritual Connection and Protection

  • Did you know Adamite can repel negative energies, hexes, and curses? It connects your spirit to higher realms and guardian angels to protect and surround you.

Adamite Side Effects

  • Overwhelming or draining: Adamant stones can make you too excited or fatigued from their grounding properties.

Adamite Meaning: What does Adamite Symbolize?

woman enjoying life and enjoying the nature

The meaning of Adamite is joy. 

Adamant crystal is traditionally associated with innocence, energy, intelligence, universal connection, harmony, and enthusiasm. It was discovered in the 19th century.

In the new age, Adamite is widely used for communication skills, mental fog, anxiety, support, spirit contact, and psychic abilities, like clairvoyance.

Did you know Adamite clusters are popular for purifying energies in new homes? If you can get your hands on a fan-like specimen, it will help you with divination, intuition, protection, and multi-dimensional travel. 

Fun Fact: Adamite comes from its discoverer, Gilbert Joseph Adam, the French mineralogist.

Types of Adamite

  • Common Adamite: Adamant is commonly seen in pale green and yellow colors, with or without druzy crystals. They’re great for good luck, universal connection, and physical healing. 
  • Manganoan Adamite: Commonly seen in red and pink, this Adamant variety gets its color from Manganese and may be found with Rhodochrosite, Quartz, and Calcite. Use it for grounding, courage, and stability. 
  • Purple Adamite: This is an Adamant variety with purple, white, brown, and yellow hues. They’re great for opening the Crown Chakra, bringing wisdom and openness.
  • Black Adamite: Purple Adamites sometimes form with balls of cryptomelane in Mapimi, Mexico. It’s great for passion, fertility, and protection.
  • Cuproadamite or Cuprite Adamite: When Adamite contains Copper, apart from Zinc, it shows mainly green. Other colors, like red, brown, and orange, may be visible, too. It’s great for passion and fertility.
  • Pure Adamite: The colorless variety of Adamite may have white or green tones and is often found on dark orange or brown matrices. They’re great for purification.
  • White Adamite: A translucent crystal mainly in pale white hues, White Adamite appears with crystals, like Selenite and Calcite. They’re great for purification, amplification, and manifestation.
  • Yellow Adamite: Seen mostly with yellow or greenish-yellow druzy crystals on its surface, this stone gets its color from Sulfur in the structure. They’re great for good health and luck. 
  • Limonitic Adamite: This Adamant variety appears in yellow or black Adamite on brown Limonite crystals. Use them for psychic protection and grounding. 
  • Green Adamite: Showing dark green and olive-green shades, this type of Adamant may be prismatic, tabular, druzy, spray-like, or botryoidal. They’re excellent for harmony, prosperity, and inner peace. 
  • Blue Adamite: This variety of Adamant has a light yet bright sky-blue tone in druzy, radial, spherical, and botryoidal shapes. They’re excellent for confidence, communication skills, and honesty. 
  • Silver Adamite: When silver metal particles are found in Adamite, they show multiple colors with silver tones. Use it to connect with the Moon’s Goddess energies. 
  • Duftite Adamite: Green Duftite forms on White Adamite, creating a high-vibration stone. It’s a good natural crystal combination for psychic abilities, divination, and fortune. 
  • Splaying Adamite: When white or yellow crystals appear in a spray shape, they’re prefixed with splaying. This variety is an amplifier stone that helps with manifestation, healing, and good fortune.
  • Goethite on Adamite: This is an intriguing variety of Adamite showing crystals in colors of white, black, red, yellow, orange, green, and gray. Use it for cleansing and charging multiple chakras.
  • Pyrite with Adamite: Rainbow Pyrite rarely forms with Adamite in brown, tan, and dull orange color stones. Use them for psychic protection and safety.
  • Adamite with Galena: If your Adamite shows multiple colors, like gray, blue, orange, black, brown, and red, it might be a formation with Galena. They’re great for emotional balance and physical healing. 
  • Adamite with Smithsonite: Often forming clusters, yellow and off-white Adamant crystals form with brown and red Smithsonite. Use this natural crystal combination for fertility, renewal, and spirit connection.

How to Cleanse Adamite?

Lighted candles on a table

  • Fire: Holding the Adamant crystal for a few seconds before a lit candle will cleanse negativity with the power of the God of Fire, Agni. 
  • Soil: You can bury the crystal under three inches of soil overnight or for a week to cleanse the negative energies absorbed by Adamite.
  • Clear Quartz Wand: Circle the Clear Quartz Wand thrice over Adamite to reset its energies once your intention is manifested or its job is done. 

Questions and Answers

Is Adamite a gemstone?

Adamite is a mineral that’s not cut into gem-like pieces. You can use it with PPE in its native or rough form.

Is Adamite rare?

Yes, Adamant is a relatively rare crystal found in zinc and copper deposits.

Is Adamite safe in the water?

No, Adamite is not safe in the water for short or long periods due to its low Mohs hardness of 3.5 to 4.5 and arsenic composition. If your crystal comes into contact with water, dry it ASAP with gloves.

Can Adamite go in the sun?

Yes, Adamite can go in the sun for a short period, but not over five minutes. Prolonged exposure can damage the crystal.

Is Adamite dangerous or toxic to the touch?

Yes, Adamite is poisonous because it contains Arsenic. Please use protective gloves and equipment when handling it.

How to identify real Adamite?

The color variations in Adamite are good for distinguishing real stones from fakes. They’re also never opaque and always let in some light. Adamite crystals feel cold to the touch, hard as a copper penny, and aren’t usually cut into gems.

Is Adamite UV reactive?

Yes, Adamite crystal is UV reactive, showing a fluorescence of green when it bears uranium ions.

Where do the best quality Adamite crystals come from?

The best quality Adamite minerals come from the Ojuela mine in Mapimi, Mexico.

Is Adamite radioactive?

No, Adamite is not a radioactive stone.

What is the rarest type of Adamite?

The rarest type of Adamite is the faceted variety.

Interactions with Adamite

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