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Ruby is one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry, with the stone having been prized for centuries for its beautiful red hues. It is one of the cardinal gems, which is an ancient term referring to five stones that were seen as the most precious. 

However, other red gemstones are often mistaken for Rubies. In fact, the Black Prince’s Ruby on the British State Crown is actually a Red Spinel. The rich, red shade of a Ruby can be found in other gemstones, with many having similar metaphysical properties. 

So, what are the most common Ruby-like gemstones? Do they have the same metaphysical properties?

Getting to Know the Basics of Ruby 

Before diving into the different gemstones like Ruby, let’s look at Ruby and its physical and metaphysical properties. The amazing crystal has been held in high esteem in cultures throughout history, with the Ancient Greeks believing it represented power and strength

Ruby is an incredibly durable stone with a Mohs rating of 9. It is a red crystal with hues of pink and purple found within. Its color is caused by traces of the element chromium, and its bright, radiant glow is rarely found in other gemstones. Ruby is a clear, transparent stone with small inclusions visible with a microscope. 

This wonderful gemstone has a range of fantastic metaphysical properties. It opens up the Heart and Root Chakras, bringing balance and safety to emotions. We can use Ruby for manifestation, with its vibrations helping us send our intentions into the world. Ruby boosts passion, sexuality, romance, and personal power. 

A graphic table of basic traits of Ruby

11 Red Gemstones That Look Like Ruby

Now we know the basics of Ruby, we can go through the gemstones that look like Ruby and figure out how to tell the stones apart. These crystals usually share the same stunning red color as a Ruby but have distinguishable physical and spiritual differences. 

Red Spinel

A raw spinel crystal on a dark background

Throughout history, Red Spinel has been called Ruby because of its translucent red color. It wasn’t until the late 18th Century when scientific advancement discovered that Red Spinel was a different mineral. Although both gemstones gain their color from chromium, they have different chemical compositions. 

Red Spinel is a lighter color than Ruby with an orange glow. It also has fewer inclusions than Rubies. 

Like Ruby, Red Spinel is ruled by the element of Fire and the Sun. However, it connects with all the chakras, not just the Root and Heart. Because of this, Red Spinel is a fantastic stone to use for chakra alignment. It also works to strengthen your aura, boosting spiritual power and awakening. 


Rubellite on a dark background

Rubellite is the dark pink or red variety of Tourmaline, with its coloring caused by traces of manganese. Like Rubies, Rubellites are transparent stones with vivid coloring. However, there are some physical differences that will help you distinguish between the two stones. 

Firstly, Rubellite stones tend to be pinkish, whereas Ruby’s color is intensely red. Furthermore, they have different inclusions that are visible under a microscope. The inclusions of a Ruby tend to be thin and needle-like, whereas the inclusions found in a Rubellite stone are fluid and create a weblike pattern. 

There are a few metaphysical traits that Ruby and Rubellite share. Both work with the Heart and Root Chakra to revitalize passion and heal emotions. However, Rubellite has calmer energy, promoting peace and compassion in the lives of those who work with it. This is because Rubellite gains its powers from the element of Water, whereas Ruby gains its power from the element of Fire. Opt for Rubellite if you need to calm your emotions and balance your feelings. 

Red Aventurine

7 pieces of polished Red Aventurine in different sizes placed on top of a magazine
Image Source: Flickr | Annabel Tan

Red Aventurine is a variety of Quartz with inclusions of other minerals that gives it a shimmery appearance. It is a dark red, opaque stone that does not have the transparent glow of a Ruby. Red Aventurine has a Mohs rating of 7, making it a weaker crystal than Ruby. 

Regarding their metaphysical properties, there are some striking similarities between Red Aventurine and Ruby. Both stones work to clear and unblock the Root Chakra, providing stability and grounding. They are also both ruled by the element of Fire, which boosts our personal power and ability to make changes. However, Red Aventurine is a strongly protective stone that you can wear to reflect negative energy and psychic attacks. 

Pyrope Garnet

Pyrope Garnet on a black granite

Pyrope Garnet is a dark red stone that combines Almandine and Pyrope. It has a similar transparent red color to Ruby but is slightly duller and darker. Furthermore, it is rare to find inclusions of other minerals in a Pyrope Garnet. On the other hand, Rubies have distinct needle-like inclusions that you can see under a microscope. 

Ruby and Pyrope Garnet are ruled by the element of Fire and connect with the Root Chakra. These two crystals enhance passion and power and can be used for manifestation. However, Pyrope Garnet is a better stone to boost positive change and action.

Red Zircon

A gloved hand holding a polished teardrop shaped Red Zircon
Image Source: Etsy | Sayma

Red Zircon is a gemstone in deep purple hues and bright red shades. Usually transparent, Red Zircon is often confused with Ruby because of its intense colors. However, Red Zircon is generally a darker color and rarely has inclusions. 

With a rating of 7.5, it ranks lower on the Mohs scale. Red Zircon also has a strong fire effect, meaning that it splits white light to create a sparkly effect. 

Regarding metaphysical properties, both Red Zircon and Ruby are ruled by the element of Fire. They also both work with the Heart and Root Chakras. However, Red Zircon also connects with the Sacral Chakra, which governs creativity and sexuality

Red Zircon is ruled by the planet Venus, making it the perfect stone for setting intentions of love, romance, and material goods. 

Pink Sapphire

Faceted Onion shaped Pink sapphire beads on a string of wire with tussle on the end
Image Source: Flickr | The Gem Gals

Pink Sapphire is an incredibly similar stone to Ruby, as it shares its same chemical makeup. Both crystals are varieties of the mineral corundum, with their colors caused by chromium. 

Interestingly, Pink Sapphires are often referred to as Rubies, with the distinction between the two gemstones only arising in the 20th Century. In the US, a color saturation must be met for a gemstone to be called a Ruby, with Pink Sapphires classed as their own stone. Like Rubies, Pink Sapphires are translucent gemstones with visible inclusions within. The distinction between them is color: Pink Sapphires are pink.

Like Ruby, Pink Sapphire connects with the Heart Chakra. They both allow us to overcome pain, understand our emotions, and spread love into the world. However, Pink Sapphire is ruled by the element of Water, whereas Fire rules Ruby. This means that Pink Sapphire is a fantastic stone to use to heighten your intuition and explore your subconscious.

Red Diamond

a hand holding 11 pieces of round shaped Red Diamond on a concrete background
Image Source: Etsy | Zafar Ahmed

Red Diamond is an extremely rare gemstone, with very few Red Diamonds having been found. They have a deep red hue, similar to Rubies. However, Rubies tend to be brighter and have more inclusions within the crystal. 

Both Red Diamonds and Rubies open up the Root Chakra to enhance feelings of safety and security. They are both said to attract abundance into the lives of those who wear them. 

One key difference regarding their spiritual attributes is their ruling planets. All Diamonds are ruled by Venus, making them powerful stones for manifesting. 

Cherry Red Rhodochrosite

Cherry Red Rhodochrosite on a dark matrix
Image Source: Flickr | Bill Carroll

Cherry Red Rhodochrosite is a vibrant red gemstone with its color caused by iron oxide. When comparing it with Ruby, we can see some apparent differences between the two gems. Cherry Red Rhodochrosite is usually an opaque stone with a low Mohs rating of 3.5, making it a much softer crystal than Ruby. 

Like Ruby, Cherry Red Rhodochrosite opens up the Heart and Root Chakras. However, it also connects with the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras. Because its energy opens and heals the Crown Chakra, we can use Cherry Red Rhodochrosite to communicate with our guardian angels and spirit guides. 

Cherry Red Rhodochrosite gains its powers from both the elements of Earth and Fire, providing a tranquil balance to your passion and energy. 

Ruby Zoisite

8 pieces of polished oval shaped Ruby Zoisite placed on the ground
Image Source: Etsy | Anju

Ruby Zoisite, or Anyolite, is a natural mix of Zoisite and Ruby. This combination creates a stunning stone of greens and reds, with inclusions of red Ruby crystals encapsulated within green Zoisite. It is an opaque stone that ranks at 7 on the Mohs scale. 

Because it contains pure Ruby, Ruby Zoisite shares many of the same healing properties as Ruby. Both stones connect with the Heart and Root Chakras. However, the energy of the Zoisite in the stone means that it also works with the Crown Chakra to boost meditation, spiritual growth, and astral traveling. 

Ruby Fuchsite

Polished irregular shaped Ruby Fuchsite on a light pink background
Image Source: Etsy | Mind Body Nirvana

Another beautiful mix of green and red, Ruby Fuchsite is a naturally occurring gem of green Fuchsite and Red Ruby. The bright green Fuchsite makes up the majority of the stone, with small inclusions of Ruby visible within. Because it is mainly Fuchsite, this crystal is softer than Ruby, with a Mohs rating of 3. 

Ruby Fuchsite is a powerful Heart Chakra stone that promotes unity and compassion. Like Rubies, it allows you to overcome emotional wounds and accept the love that surrounds you. 

One main metaphysical difference between Ruby Fuchsite and Ruby is their planetary associations. Ruby is ruled by Mars, whereas Mercury rules Ruby Fuchsite. As Mercury rules communication and wisdom, Ruby Fuchsite is excellent for promoting honest and constructive conversations. 

Synthetic Ruby

Round shaped Synthetic Ruby on a gray background
Image Source: Flickr | James St. John

Synthetic Rubies are gemstones made in a lab with the same chemical makeup as natural Rubies. They have a vivid red color and a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale. Because they are manufactured, Synthetic Rubies tend to have a higher clarity than natural Rubies. They also have fewer inclusions, meaning you can usually tell the difference between an artificial and natural ruby using a microscope. 

Because of their color and composition, Synthetic Rubies share the same metaphysical properties as their natural counterpart. 


What Crystal is Similar to Ruby?

Red Spinel, Rubellite, Pyrope Garnet, and Red Aventurine are crystals with similar physical and metaphysical properties to Ruby. 

What Can Be Mistaken for Ruby?

There are a lot of translucent red stones, such as Red Spinel and Rubellite, that can be mistaken for Ruby. However, there are ways you can tell these stones apart. 

How Can You Tell if it’s a Garnet or Ruby?

Rubies tend to have a more vibrant red shade than Garnet crystals, which have a darker hue. Rubies also have more inclusions within the stone that can be seen under a microscope. 

Who Shouldn’t Wear Ruby?

Those born with the zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini should not wear Ruby. Ruby is ruled by the planet Mars, which is an enemy of Mercury. Mercury rules the signs Virgo and Gemini, meaning that there is an astrological conflict. 

Try These Ruby Alternatives Today!

If you are a fan of the power and look of a Ruby, these Ruby-like gemstones hold similar metaphysical properties with their own unique strengths. Which Ruby alternative is your favorite? 

a graphic table of Ruby alternatives

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