Main Origins:
Japan, New Zealand, the United States, Taiwan, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Chile, Namibia, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, Ecuador, Sweden, Ukraine, the Philippines, Russia, Italy, France, Ethiopia, and Spain.

What is Wairakite?

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Wairakite crystals have unusual features. They might be translucent white or colorless crystals. The smooth, glassy quality of this gem makes it shiny and polished. Streaks or etchings on Wairakite crystals enhance their appearance.

This mineral is a zeolite. Zeolites contain silicon, oxygen, aluminum, and calcium. In volcanic conditions, they occur in rock holes or fractures. It can take and release water molecules because of the way its crystals are structured. This makes it useful in industrial settings.

This crystal has a short history compared to others. It was discovered in New Zealand’s Wairakei geothermal field, thus its name. Wairakite crystals develop when hot volcanic fluids are mixed with the rocks.

Wairakite intrigues crystal connoisseurs. Its translucent, glassy appearance attracts them. Rare and formed by geological processes, these crystals are coveted. 

Did you know Wairakite has metaphysical properties? Some say this crystal boosts intuition and spirituality. It may promote inner tranquility and better consciousness. 

Wairakite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Wairakite is a crystal that is associated with several color energies. Clear Wairakite represents purity and clarity of thought, while white Wairakite symbolizes spiritual awakening and purification. Gray Wairakite is believed to enhance stability and balance in life. Yellow Wairakite is associated with optimism and intellectual stimulation. 

Red Wairakite represents passion and vitality, while black Wairakite is believed to provide protection and grounding. Maroon Wairakite symbolizes strength and determination. Lastly, brown Wairakite is associated with stability and connection to the Earth.

It connects to the Root Chakra, which grounds and connects to Earth energy. Wairakite activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, which boosts self-confidence. This crystal is linked to the Crown Chakra, the greatest spiritual and consciousness energy point.

The ruling element of Wairakite is Earth. This element represents stability, grounding, and nourishment. In Feng Shui, placing Wairakite in the Southeast or East areas of your home or workspace can enhance the Earth element’s energy. This promotes a sense of stability and grounding in those spaces.

The planet Earth also rules Wairakite. It resonates with Earth’s energies and anchoring. Stability, practicality, and nurturing are Earth qualities.

In terms of ruling Gods, Wairakite is associated with several deities. Hestia is the Goddess of Home and Hearth, and Wairakite advantages can give one’s home stability and comfort. King Zeus symbolizes power and authority. The Hindu God of Thunder and Rain is Indra. It can cleanse negative energies and rejuvenate them. 

Hera, the Queen of Gods, represents marriage and family, and Wairakite can improve relationships. Finally, Demeter is the Fertility and Agriculture Goddess. Wairakite can help you connect to Earth’s loving energy.

In numerical vibration, Wairakite resonates with the number 7. This numerical vibration represents spirituality, intuition, and inner wisdom. It is associated with introspection and seeking higher truths. The number 7 is linked to Wairakite, which can help with mental growth and make you more intuitive.

Wairakite Healing Properties & Benefits


  • Connecting with the Crown Chakra to get rid of evil and cleanse energy, Wairakite helps the body detox. The Wairakite in it helps clear your mind and cleanse your spirit, which releases toxins.
  • To harness Wairakite for detoxification, practice a meditation technique. Hold Wairakite in your hand, and focus on your breath. Visualize a radiant light enveloping and cleansing your mind, body, and spirit.

Moving On

  • Wairakite helps you move on by connecting with your Solar Plexus Chakra and promoting internal growth and change. Its properties help people heal emotionally by letting go of the past and welcoming new starts.
  • To utilize Wairakite for moving on, choose a Wairakite pendant and wear it close to your Solar Plexus Chakra, located above your navel.

Clarity and Focus 

  • Enhancing clarity and focus, Wairakite’s connection to the Crown Chakra clears mental fog and promotes a sharper mind. Its properties deepen spiritual awareness and improve concentration.
  • To enhance clarity and focus with Wairakite, incorporate it into your yoga practice. Hold Wairakite during poses that require balance and concentration. Set the intention to improve mental clarity and focus. 

Intelligence and Decisiveness 

  • Wairakite stimulates the mind and helps people make decisions by connecting with Earth’s forces. Grounding in nature, it enhances stability, logical thinking, and inner wisdom.
  • To use Wairakite for intelligence and decisiveness, hold a crystal wand made of Wairakite. Gently touch it to your temples while focusing on the desired outcome. This technique facilitates the flow of energy from Wairakite into your mind.

Willpower and Confidence

  • Strengthening willpower and confidence, Wairakite draws upon the energy of the Goddess Demeter. Its properties foster inner strength, determination, and self-assurance, encouraging individuals to overcome challenges.
  • To harness Wairakite for willpower and confidence, try the elixir technique. Create a Wairakite elixir by placing the crystal in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, drink the water to boost your willpower and confidence.

Wairakite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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  • To facilitate enlightenment, Wairakite connects with the energy of the Goddess Hera. It promotes spiritual growth, inner wisdom, and divine connection.
  • Embrace enlightenment by using the spell jar technique. Write your intention for spiritual growth, place it in a jar with Wairakite and keep it in a sacred space.

Cosmic and Angelic Contact

  • Wairakite enables cosmic and angelic contact through its clear and pure energy, bridging the physical and spiritual realms.
  • Wairakite can be the focus of an altar for celestial and divine contact. Sit at the altar, quiet your mind, and visualize connecting with cosmic and heavenly forces.

Karmic Healing 

  • By aligning with the energy of the Goddess Indra, Wairakite supports karmic healing. It aids in the release of past patterns and promotes forgiveness and balance. 
  • Utilize the affirmation technique. Hold Wairakite, and affirm statements, such as, “I release and heal past karmic wounds,” embracing a journey of healing and growth. 

Higher Consciousness and Intuition

  • Resonating with Earth energies, this stone grounds spiritual awareness and deepens intuition.
  • Explore higher realms with the sage technique. Pass Wairakite through sage smoke or hold it near a smudge stick. Set your intentions to expand consciousness and strengthen intuition. 


  • To purify the mind and aura, Wairakite connects with the Crown Chakra, removing negativity and enhancing mental clarity. 
  • Employ the salt technique. Place Wairakite on a bed of salt or cleanse it with a saltwater solution, allowing it to recharge and support your purification journey.

Side Effects of Wairakite

  • Paranoia: Excessive use of Wairakite may cause feelings of paranoia and an intense and irrational distrust of others. To alleviate this, limit crystal use and seek grounding through nature or meditation. 
  • Insomnia: Using Wairakite excessively can lead to insomnia and difficulty falling or staying asleep. To prevent this, establish a calming bedtime routine and avoid using Wairakite close to bedtime.
  • Detachment from Material Reality: If you use Wairakite too much, you might feel detached from material reality and the real world. Ground yourself by gardening, exercising, or being in nature.

Wairakite Meaning: What Does Wairakite Symbolize?

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Metaphorically, Wairakite symbolizes spiritual awakening and guides people to higher consciousness and wisdom. The metaphysical benefits of Wairakite include spiritual growth and inner transformation. Crystal users can connect with their higher selves, spiritual awareness, and divine wisdom.

Wairakite is also known by alternative names such as “Vugite” and “Mordenite.” These names refer to different variations or forms of the crystal, but they all share similar metaphysical properties.

Traditionally, Wairakite symbolizes spiritual purity, clarity, and divine connection. It is now considered a potent gemstone for intuition, meditation, and spiritual alignment.

Other crystals that promote spiritual growth and insight complement it. Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Labradorite combine well. Crystals enhance Wairakite’s spiritual characteristics and raise consciousness.

An interesting fact about Wairakite is that it is named after the Wairakei geothermal field in New Zealand, where it was first discovered. Wairakite was thought to have spiritual powers and use its natural resources to heal and transform.

Types of Wairakite

  • White Wairakite: In a calm white tint, White Wairakite connects you to higher realms during meditation. This stone is great for people who want to be pure and quiet, because its pure essence brings mental peace and understanding.
  • Clear Wairakite: This stone creates a stream of transparency that is as clear as glass and helps people have spiritual insights. It also boosts intuition and makes it easier to receive divine direction.
  • Gray Wairakite: Wairakite shows harmony and grounding with its light gray. This stone aids with negative energy release, emotional stability, and life balance.
  • Black and White Wairakite: Combines the energies of both colors, representing the balance between white and black. It offers protection while enhancing spiritual growth.
  • Frosted Wairakite: It has a smooth and cloudy appearance, symbolizing the gentle and calming energy that aids in emotional healing and stress relief.
  • Trapezohedron Wairakite: Trapezohedron Wairakite can be clear, white, or pale yellow, and its energy flow is improved, which helps with psychic alignment.
  • Fibrous Wairakite: Its white, gray, or light brown tint helps release energetic blockages and heal.
  • Multicolor Wairakite (Azerbaijan): Azerbaijani Wairakite has blue, green, and brown tones. Harmonious colors promote emotional equilibrium and creativity.
  • Shell Wairakite: Pinks, creams, and light browns suggest seashells in this jewel. It represents the divine feminine and caring energy.
  • Wairakite in Volcanite Matrix: The color of Wairakite in a volcanic matrix depends on the chemistry of the volcanic matrix. It can be black, gray, brown, or red.
  • Analcime-Wairakite Series: A series can exhibit colors, such as white, gray, or pale yellow. It is used for enhancing communication and harmonizing relationships.
  • Wairakite-Pyrite: This stone combination can display colors, like golden, metallic yellow, or brassy tones. It is believed to bring abundance, prosperity, and grounding energy.
  • Wairakite-Dmisteinbergite: Has colors ranging from white to gray or light brown and is used for spiritual protection, psychic development, and accessing higher realms.
  • Wairakite-Calcite: Showcases a combination of colors, such as white, clear, or various shades of yellow. It is known for its cleansing and purifying properties, aiding in energy clearing and emotional healing.
  • Wairakite-Epidote: With a combination that features colors, like green, yellow-green, or black, it is used to promote personal growth, manifestation, and healing from past traumas.
  • Wairakite-Quartz: This gem displays colors ranging from clear or white to various shades of gray or smoky brown. It amplifies the spiritual properties of both crystals and enhances intuition, clarity, and spiritual connection.
  • Wairakite-Okenite: Its combination can exhibit colors, such as white, creamy white, or pale peach. It is believed to facilitate spiritual awakening, channeling higher knowledge, and promoting compassion.
  • Wairakite-Heulandite: This stone can be white, pale pink, or peach, and it is used to heal emotions.

How to Cleanse Wairakite?

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  • Sunlight: To cleanse Wairakite, place it under the gentle rays of the sun. The sunlight’s energy will purify and renew the crystal’s positive vibrations.
  • Herbs: Cleanse Wairakite by gently waving it through the fragrant smoke of sacred incense, like sage or palo santo. The smoke will purify and refresh the crystal’s energy.
  • Clear Quartz: Use a Clear Quartz wand to cleanse Wairakite by lightly sweeping the wand over the crystal. The Clear Quartz will absorb any negative energy, leaving the Wairakite cleansed and revitalized.


How is Wairakite Formed?

Wairakite is made when minerals crystallize in volcanic areas, often with other minerals.

How Can You Tell if Wairakite is Real?

Authentic Wairakite can be identified by its specific crystal structure, physical properties, and characteristic appearance under magnification by a trained eye or using laboratory tests.

Who Should Wear Wairakite?

Wairakite can be worn by anyone who resonates with its energy and desires its spiritual properties, such as enhancing intuition, promoting clarity, and connecting with higher realms.

Is Wairakite Expensive?

The price of Wairakite can vary depending on factors such as size, quality, and rarity. It is generally considered affordable compared to some other gemstones.

Is Wairakite Radioactive?

No, Wairakite is not radioactive. It is a non-radioactive mineral and safe to handle.

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