(puh - loo - sahyt)
Main Origins:
Italy, Afghanistan, India, Japan, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Australia, China, the UK, Mozambique, Argentina, Madagascar, Poland, the United States, Myanmar, Sweden, South Africa, Morocco, Finland, and Ethiopia.

What is Pollucite?

Different cuts of Pollucite crystal on a greyish background. Source: Etsy | TheGlobalStone
Source: Etsy | TheGlobalStone

Pollucite crystals are usually colorless or white and glassy. They are clear and give off a soft light. It has a cubic or isometric crystal structure that is symmetrical and well-ordered. It’s silky and oily. Parallel grooves or striations in Pollucite crystals are also attractive.

Most of the elements in Pollucite are aluminum, cesium, silicon, and oxygen. It is a Zeolite mineral that is part of the Silicate group. Zeolites with holes can take in and let go of molecules. Pollucite is good at catching Cesium, which makes it useful for storing and using radioactive waste in the nuclear industry.

In 1846, Gerhard vom Rath found Pollucite. It was named “Pollux” after the Greek goddess of gemstones because it was found on the island of Elba in Italy. Pollucite is common in Canada, the US, Russia, and Brazil. 

Crystal collectors like Pollucite because it’s rare and different from other crystals. Mineral collectors love how pretty it is. It takes in and stores cesium, which is important to the nuclear industry. 

Did you know that there is an interesting myth about Pollucite? People thought that talismans made of Pollucite made them stronger, faster, and better at sports. This mythical connection, which is not supported by science, makes Pollucite seem even more like a magical crystal.

Pollucite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The pure, white energy of Pollucite is a sign of spiritual growth. It helps people become more spiritually aware and feel connected to higher realms. Pollucite’s clear or white energy makes it easier to communicate and find one’s true purpose.

The Crown Chakra is in charge of Pollucite. The spiritual center of the head is the Crown Chakra. Pollucite balances and opens up the Crown Chakra, which helps with spiritual growth, connection to the divine, and awareness.

Pollucite is mainly made up of Ether or Light. Feng Shui says it should be in the Center or Entrance. Light is a symbol of enlightenment, clarity, and higher wisdom, while Ether is a symbol of the spiritual and intangible. Pollucite works with the element to bring more spiritual light, clarity, and awareness.

The Moon rules this crystal. The Moon symbolizes feelings, intuition, and the unconscious mind. With Moon energy, Pollucite helps with intuition, psychic abilities, and emotional healing

Zeus, the Greek God of Power, Wisdom, and Safety, runs Pollucite. The Egyptian Sun God, Ra, stands for life, light, and the divine mind. Odin is a Norse God who stands for knowledge, change, and spiritual guidance. These Gods give people who use Pollucite protection, wisdom, light, and direction.

The numerical vibration for this crystal is 5. In numerology, 5 stands for change, flexibility, freedom, and growth. Pollucite can help people accept change, adjust, and open their minds to new ideas. It helps people grow, find themselves, and express themselves.

Pollucite Healing Properties and Benefits

Deep Healing and Peace

  • Pollucite’s healing properties are breaking up emotional blocks. It calms the mind to help with deep healing and peace. 
  • Place Pollucite near your heart or on your meditation altar and think about healing to program it.

Courage and Energy

  • This crystal makes people brave and bold. It makes your mind, body, and spirit feel better.
  • To program it, carry it or wear it as jewelry to get courage and strength.


  • One of Pollucite’s benefits is boosting the reproductive system’s energy and balance. It could make it easier to get pregnant.
  • To make Pollucite work for fertility, put the crystal on or near the lower abdomen or the area where you make babies.


  • This crystal motivates through purpose, focus, and determination. It helps you set goals, stop putting things off, and stay committed.
  • To activate Pollucite, keep the crystal in a visible place, like your workspace or study area, so that its motivating power stays with you.

Stress Relief

  • One of Pollucite’s benefits is calming the mind, nerves, and body, making it easier to deal with stress. It calms you down and takes away stress.
  • To use Pollucite to relieve stress, hold the crystal and tell yourself that you want to let go of stress and find inner calm.

Pollucite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A psychic holding two tarot cards at the table

Psychic Powers

  • Pollucite opens and activates the Third Eye Chakra, which makes you more intuitive and helps you connect with higher realms. This boosts your psychic abilities.
  • To program it, imagine the crystal as a bridge connecting you to higher realms and strengthening your intuition.


  • One of Pollucite’s metaphysical properties is protecting you from bad energies and psychic attacks. It keeps the boundaries of energy with a light barrier.
  • Hold Pollucite and visualize a protective shield to activate it.

Divination and Dreamwork

  • Pollucite’s properties are to enhance intuition and help dreamers see more clearly.
  • Keep the crystal near your tools for divination or under your pillow to make its effects stronger when you use them or when you dream.

Cosmic Travel

  • One of Pollucite’s metaphysical properties is expanding your mind and letting you explore your astral self and space. It aids spiritual and out-of-body travel.
  • To program or activate Pollucite for cosmic travel, you need to meditate or practice astral projection and focus on going through this portal.  

Spiritual Clarity

  • Pollucite removes mental fog, inspires new ideas, and helps people understand their spiritual path. It aligns actions with spirituality.
  • You can meditate with the crystal or put it on your Third Eye Chakra to help you see and understand spiritual things better.

Side Effects of Pollucite

  • Drowsy during Detox: Pollucite’s detoxifying properties may make you sleepy, so ensure you get enough rest and drink enough water while detoxing.
  • Overexcited: Pair Pollucite with grounding crystals, like Hematite or Black Tourmaline, to keep yourself from getting too excited.
  • Superiority: Keep your humility and think about yourself to avoid feeling better than others because of Pollucite.

Pollucite Meaning: What Does Pollucite Symbolize?

A White Rose placed on a white silky textile

Pollucite represents “Purity and Spiritual Clarity.”

The name “Pollucite” comes from the Greek Goddess “Pollux.” It was first found in Elba, Italy, which has a lot of gems.

Cesium Zeolite and Cesium Aluminum Silicate are other names for Pollucite.

Traditionally, Pollucite has been considered a stone of spiritual connection and enlightenment. In modern times, it is known for being able to boost psychic abilities, help spiritual growth, and heal emotional wounds.

Pollucite goes well with other high-vibration crystals, like Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, and Celestite, because they boost its metaphysical properties and spiritual energy.

One interesting thing about Pollucite is that it binds to cesium well, which makes it useful for keeping radioactive waste in place. People in the past thought that Pollucite talismans gave them strength, agility, and success in sports.

Types of Pollucite

  • Common Pollucite: This Pollucite, which is either colorless or white, helps with psychic abilities and spiritual growth.
  • Botryoidal Pollucite: It is usually colorless or white and has rough, round shapes. People think that it can calm and balance emotions.
  • Cream Pollucite: This crystal exhibits a creamy white color reminiscent of freshly churned butter. It is known for its significant role in emotional healing and promoting a sense of inner peace.
  • Brown Pollucite: As the name suggests, Brown Pollucite has a warm earthy brown color. It has an uncanny ability to keep individuals grounded and closely connected to Earth’s energy during spiritual practices.
  • White Pollucite: This variety is uniquely pure white, symbolizing cleanliness and clarity. Its energy resonates with purity, clarity, and divine connection, making it an ideal crystal for meditation and spiritual exploration.
  • Etched Pollucite: Exhibiting a soft cream to white hue, this uniquely etched crystal is said to aid in clearing energy blockages and enhancing spiritual growth.
  • Orange Pollucite: A bright orange crystal that is thought to increase creativity, joy, and enthusiasm, it is an inspiring and uplifting crystal.
  • Snowflake Pollucite: It is a white crystal that looks like snowflakes. It is a soothing stone because it is pure, clear, and calm.
  • Pollucite with Fluorapatite: Combining the cream to white Pollucite with Fluorapatite, which often occurs in green, blue, or purple hues, this blend promotes spiritual insight, intuition, and clarity.
  • Pollucite Rosette: Typically ranging from cream to white, this rosette-shaped cluster of crystals is known for amplifying energy, making it a prime choice for meditation and spiritual practices.
  • Pollucite with Muscovite, Microcline, and Montebrasite: In this mix, the cream-white Pollucite combines with Muscovite’s silver-gray, Microcline’s white or pale yellow, and Montebrasite’s white or light yellow hues, creating a multicolored blend that improves communication, emotional wellbeing, and spirituality.
  • Pollucite with Petalite or Castorite: Combining the cream-white Pollucite with colorless to pink Petalite or colorless to yellowish Castorite creates a mixture that enhances spiritual clarity, psychic abilities, and connections to higher realms.
  • Pollucite with Lepidolite: Combining the cream to white Pollucite with the lilac or rose-violet of Lepidolite creates a soothing blend that facilitates emotional healing, stress relief, and spiritual balance, providing a calming effect.
  • Pollucite with Tourmaline: Tourmaline’s color varies widely, but when combined with cream to white Pollucite, this combination helps clear the mind, maintain grounding, and offer protection, balancing the body and mind.
  • Pollucite with Quartz: The blend of cream to white Pollucite and Clear Quartz amplifies the purifying attributes of Pollucite, thereby enhancing psychic abilities, goals, and spiritual strength.
  • Pollucite with Rubellite: Combining the cream to white Pollucite with the vivid pink to red Rubellite energizes the heart-centered qualities of Pollucite.
  • Pollucite with Kunzite: This combination brings together the cream to white color of Pollucite and the pale pink to lilac hue of Kunzite. This blend offers high-vibrational energies that promote emotional healing, self-love, and spiritual growth. 
  • Pollucite with Elbaite: This combination mixes the cream to white color of Pollucite with Elbaite, which varies from colorless to green, blue, or yellow. It supports spiritual growth and transformation, enhancing spiritual insight, emotional balance, and energetic protection.
  • Pollucite with Analcime: The mix of cream to white Pollucite with the typically white or colorless Analcime heals emotions, calms the spirit, and removes emotional blocks, fostering peace.
  • Pollucite with Cleavelandite: A blend of the cream to white Pollucite and the white to colorless Cleavelandite from Albite fosters spiritual growth, mental clarity, and communication with higher realms.
  • Pollucite with Aquamarine: This combination merges the cream to white Pollucite with the light blue to green of Aquamarine. It promotes intuition, clarity, and emotional healing and encourages open communication and self-expression.
  • Synthetic Pollucite: Created in labs, this crystal mimics the cream to white color of natural Pollucite and is utilized for bolstering psychic abilities and fostering spiritual development.

How To Cleanse Pollucite?

A person is holding a selenite crystal under the sunlight

  • Selenite Wand: When Selenite is gently moved over Pollucite, its cleansing energy cleans the crystal.
  • Incense: Use sage or palo santo incense and pass the Pollucite through the smoke to clean its energy and get rid of any bad energies.
  • Soil: Bury Pollucite in natural soil or leave it on the ground for it to absorb and change negative energies.

Questions and Answers

Can Pollucites Get Wet?

Yes, Pollucites can get wet, but getting too wet can hurt their shape and look.

Are Pollucites Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Pollucite is safe to leave out in the sun, but direct sunlight can fade or break the crystal. Limit how much sun they get to protect them.

How Can You Tell if Pollucite is Real?

Check Pollucite’s color, shape, and crystal structure to make sure it is real. If you need to, check with an expert or a trusted source.

Is Pollucite Expensive?

Yes, Pollucite can be considered expensive due to its rarity and demand. It can range from about $50 to several hundred dollars per piece for larger, higher quality specimens.

What is the Difference Between Pollucite and Herkimer Diamond?

Pollucite isn’t the same as Herkimer Diamond. Pollucite is a cesium aluminum silicate, and Herkimer Diamond is double-terminated Quartz. The structure, chemical makeup, and way the crystals form are all different.

How Do You Take Care of Pollucite?

Pollucite should be kept dry and out of the sun. They won’t get hurt if you wrap or store them in a soft cloth or protected container. Use a soft cloth or brush to get rid of dust and dirt.

Interactions with Pollucite

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