Green Jasper

(grin jas - per)
Main Origins:
Madagascar, Brazil, India, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Venezuela, USA, Egypt, India, Uruguay, Indonesia, and South Africa.

What is Green Jasper?

Tumbled different kinds of green Jasper crystals

Green Jasper is a variety of microcrystalline Quartz that can be considered a form of opaque Chalcedony, combined with the mineral iron silicate which gives this crystal a green pigment. 

The consciousness of Mother Earth and nature is connected to the energy of Green Jasper. This type of Jasper stone has been appreciated since ancient times for its natural beauty and physical and metaphysical properties.

Green Jasper has a stable and harmonious vibration that can support us to restore the natural balance in our lives and on earth. It is also protective and deeply nurturing, as are all Jasper stones.

Did you know Green Jasper is also called the Rain Bringer Stone and was used for this purpose? In ancient Egypt, Green Jasper was associated with healing properties, and Americans used it for protection. 

Green Jasper Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Green Jasper’s metaphysical properties are deeply connected to the nurturing vibration of Mother Earth. Among others, the Greek goddess Gaia is associated with Green Jasper, she is a primordial elemental deity of the earth.

 This is a stone mainly associated with the Root and Heart Chakra, attracting grounding, balance, universal connection, and harmony. 

Green jasper varieties also include the color energies that activate and balance the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, giving a full energetic, and balancing effect.

It is ruled by the planet Venus which is the planet of the divine feminine, love, wisdom, and creativity. Green Jasper has a Cosmic vibration of 6 which is a number that also represents Venus and resonates with love and nurturing.

Green jasper also has the master number cosmic vibration of 55 which is a number that resonates with positive change and a reminder of the unconditional love and support of the Divine. 

Green jasper benefits are also due to the ruling elements of water and earth. The earth element is grounding and nurturing. The water element is strongly associated with the feminine, fertility, and renewal

All types of Green Jasper stones have a harmonious, stable, and calming vibration. This stone can relax and support our nervous system but also energize us physically and spiritually.

Green Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Green Jasper energy is deeply grounding which encourages our connection to the healing energy of Earth. It helps you become fearless, confident, and energetic.
  • Charge your stone nature by placing it on the earth or under a natural water source, then meditate with your Green Jasper crystal to attune to its grounding energy.


  • All types of Jasper have a consistent nurturing quality. Green Jasper crystal energy is reassuring, accepting, and loving.
  • Activate your Green Jasper crystal with sound vibration 639Hz by using a singing bowl or recorded frequency music. Use it within your self-care rituals or gift Green Jasper to someone who needs this nurturing energy. 

Balancing and Harmonizing

  • Green Jasper is useful for healing energy imbalances that manifest as obsession, overindulgence, and addiction. It works to detox and re-energize the body, mind, and spirit, which brings us into harmony.
  • Set a crystal grid using pieces of Green Jasper in your home or meditation space. Meditate and keep the stone with you to attune to the balancing and harmonizing vibrations.

Emotional Support

  • Green Jasper healing properties can give us the energy to release emotional loops and negative thoughts that affect our detrimental emotional health. The nurturing energy of this stone also holds a loving space for all emotions.
  • Activate Green Jasper by holding the stone and taking a few deep, slow breaths, and reciting positive emotion affirmations.

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Childbirth

  • The energy and benefits of Green Jasper are supportive of feminine energy, and it is associated with spring and fertility, making this a supportive stone to work with during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Place your Green Jasper in the moonlight to charge and activate the crystal for its benefits for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and childhood.

Green Jasper Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Heart chakra symbol on a dark background


  • Green Jasper strengthens our connection to the energy of the natural world that gives us abundance that is sustaining. This stone encourages prosperity and abundance.
  • Activate this stone for abundance by setting intentions or repeating affirmations surrounding abundance while holding a piece of Green Jasper. 

Ancient Earth Knowledge

  • Green Jasper crystal, especially the varieties that include fossil elements, connects us with the knowledge of earth elements and ancient times.
  • Green Jasper stone can be buried overnight under the soil to charge up in preparation for doing energy healing work connecting with earth and ancestors.

Spiritual Renewal and Growth

  • Green Jasper is associated with the energy of spring. It supports us in times of growth. It draws experiences to us that revitalize our energy allowing for a new understanding level.
  • Charge and connect with Green Jasper through daily meditation, visualization, and breathwork while holding a piece of this stone.

Root Chakra Activation

  • Green Jasper crystals energize the Root Chakra, which is our energy center of survival and safety. When active and balanced, we live with a sense of true belonging and abundance on earth.
  • Recite Root Chakra affirmations or chant the seed mantra LAM to charge up Green Jasper crystal for Root Chakra activation meditation 

Heart Chakra Balance

  • The Heart Chakra is associated with Green Jasper. This stone opens and balances the loving, compassionate energy that flows to and from this energy center.
  • Visualize green and pink light cleaning and charging your Green Jasper stone. You can set a Heart Chakra altar or wear a piece of Green Jasper that sits by your Heart Chakra area.

Green Jasper Side Effects

  • Green Jasper has no known side effects. This crystal offers a steady vibration that is gentle and pervasive. It is a slow-acting yet effective stone.

Green Jasper Meaning: What does Green Jasper symbolize?

Plant seeds that are growing in different paces

The meaning of Green Jasper is growth.

Green Jasper has been part of human history across many cultures and civilizations. It has been found carved into artifacts, such as the Ancient Egyptian scarab beetle.

Green Jasper benefits include protective and strengthening qualities. Some of our ancestors even utilized this stone for protection from venomous creatures and as a powerful protective stone for children.

Considered to be a feminine stone, the energy of Green Jasper can symbolize the states of nurturing, budding, and blooming. This energy can support and align our energy as we change and grow.

Types of Green Jasper

  • Red-Green Jasper: This variety has a color combination of darker red and light or dark green, offering the properties of both Green and Red Jasper. It is a great balancing stone for relationships.
  • Blue-Green Jasper:  This stone is blue mixed with green, resulting in the light and dark turquoise shade of this Jasper crystal. It is beneficial for both the Throat and Heart Chakra.
  • Black-Green Jasper or Kambaba Jasper:  This is a type of fossilized algae with swirled-together patterns of black and darker sage green. Kambaba Jasper is a stone for integrating and exploring the past.
  • White Green Jasper: White Green Jasper is a stone that includes patches of white and Green Jasper. It is a beneficial stone for health and well-being.
  • Evergreen Jasper: Evergreen Jasper is a dark forest green stone, sometimes with small white or light green inclusions. Like all Green Jaspers, it is an excellent stone for the Heart Chakra.
  • Milky Green Jasper: Milky Green Jasper has green mixed well with white, which results in a light yet bright green opaque stone. It has a similar energy to White Green Jasper, benefiting health and well-being. 
  • Peridot Jasper: This Jasper is predominantly white with a sprinkling of light green. It is a form of serpentine crystal that is a powerful protective stone.
  • Olive Green Jasper: As the name suggests, this stone is a solid olive-green color. Olive Green Jasper has grounding and heart-opening properties. 
  • Purple Green Jasper: Purple and dark purple combined with dark greens in a pattern of swirls and orbs, Purple Green Jasper is a stone that enhances our connection to the physical and spiritual.
  • Yellow Green Jasper: This stone includes a variety of shades of yellow and green combined that has a nurturing and uplifting energy.
  • Brown Stripe Green Jasper: This Jasper displays a bright turquoise-green with dark brown stripes and swirls throughout the stone. It is great for strengthening our connection to Earth.
  • Banded Green Jasper: This crystal has alternating bands of different tones, shades, and hues of green. As it is a form of Green Jasper, it has an energy that is nurturing and prosperous.
  • Chrysoprase Green Jasper: Chrysoprase Green Jasper is a bright and light green color, usually in one solid color. It has been used since ancient times and is considered to be a stone that resonates with Venus’s energy. 
  • Bronzite with Green Jasper: Green Jasper is combined with Bronzite, which is metallic brown and gold. This stone is deeply grounding, as both Green Jasper and Bronzite offer this effect. 
  • Green Hair Jasper: A stone that forms in various shades of green with darker hair-like fibers forming a streaked pattern, it is a stone of nature, harmony, and connection.
  • Rainforest Jasper: A green volcanic stone with white, brown, and red swirled and dotted within the stone. This is a stone for the Heart Chakra and is deeply connected with nature.

How To Cleanse Green Jasper?

Person using his hand to get water from wooden pipe

  • Soil – Cleanse and recharge Green Jasper by burying it under the soil or placing it on the soil in a shaded area. The earth absorbs the stagnant energy into fresh potential.
  • Smudging – Green Jasper crystals can be cleansed using smoke from a herbal smudge stick. Simply bathe your crystal in herbal smoke to cleanse the energy of the stone.
  • Water – Use water to cleanse your Green Jasper stones. It is safe for most Jasper varieties to be in the water for a reasonable period, as they are on the upper end of the hardness scale.

Questions and Answers

Is Green Jasper rare?

Yes. Even though it is found all around the world, Green Jasper is considered to be rare. Some types of Green Jasper that are single-colored or varieties, such as Kambaba Jasper, are even rare.

Can Green Jasper go in the water?

Yes, Green Jasper is on the upper side of the Mohs hardness scale, so it is generally safe to go in the water. That being said, do not immerse it in water for a long period.

Is Green Jasper safe in the sun?

No, Green Jasper should not be left in the sun. The sun can cause fading and changes to the color of these stones.

Can Green Jasper go in salt water?

No, Green Jasper should not go in salt water. Salt may be too harsh and abrasive, causing damage to your Green Jasper crystals.

Why is my Green Jasper changing color?

Green Jasper may change color when exposed to sunlight or high heat for extended periods.

How to identify Green Jasper?

To identify Green Jasper, can check if the green stone is opaque. Research and compare the coloration and patterning of the varieties of Green Jasper that you are seeking to identify. You can also get the hardness of the crystal tested.

What crystal pairs well with Green Jasper?

Crystals that pair well with Green Jasper include Green Jade, Moss Agate, and Bloodstone.

How do you clean Green Jasper stone?

Use a soft brush and sponge with a small quantity of non-abrasive soap in water to clean your Green Jasper stones. Do not immerse the crystals for a long time.

Is Green Jasper expensive?

No, Green Jasper is generally moderately priced. Depending on the specific varieties of Green Jasper, the quality and cut of the crystal can be between 1$ to 5$ per carat.

Interactions with Green Jasper

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