Eye Agate

(eye ag-it)
Main Origins:
Uruguay, India, the United Kingdom, Madagascar, Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and Panama, and the United States.

What is Eye Agate?

Eye Agate is considered a captivating crystal that displays a fantastic earthy tone. The physical color of this stone ranges from subtle browns to rich greens, which creates an enchanting play of hues. 

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This crystal is primarily composed of silica and is known to belong to the Chalcedony family. Its patterns result from the gradual formation of mineral layers that deposit over time. This has become a sought-after stone due to its hardness and durability. 

Historically, Eye Agate has been used since ancient civilizations. This stone was cherished for centuries, with artifacts dating to Ancient Mesopotamia and Greece. The crystal symbolizes protection, wisdom, and connection. 

Did you know Eye Agate has a myth associated with it? The crystal was believed to have been created from the eyes of the mythical God Argus, who possessed a hundred eyes scattered across the Earth by Hera. The eyes by Argus transformed into the patterns we now see in Eye Agate. 

Eye Agate Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

The crystal displays a spectrum of colors that possess unique Eye Agate metaphysical properties. The yellow hues in this crystal symbolize joy and clarity, while the deep black shades signify grounding energy. Additionally, the brown tone of this stone is associated with Earth energy, which fosters a sense of balance. 

When it comes to chakras, Eye Agate is in tune with the Root Chakra, which is about balance and stability. The stone can boost self-esteem and confidence in the Solar Plexus and help with intuition and mental insight in the Third Eye. The Sacral, Throat, and Crown chakras are also linked to feelings, talking to others, and spirituality.

Earth is the ruling element of Eye Agate, which connects the stone to stability and growth. According to feng shui, you should put your crystal in the Northeast or North of your space to help balance and settle your energies.  

Eye Agate is Mercury-ruled, infusing the crystal with intellectual energy. Their association enhances communication skills and adaptability. Regarding ruling Gods, Shiva is linked to this Eye and offers spiritual transformation and protection. 

This crystal vibrates with the number 33, enabling it to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The said vibration amplifies the stone’s energy for self-discovery and higher consciousness.

Eye Agate Healing Properties & Benefits

Concentration and Clarity

  • Eye Agate can ground your scattered energies, allowing your mind to focus and enhance concentration. 
  • Boost your concentration by holding the crystal in your dominant hand as you sit quietly. Focus on visualizing your goals and let the crystal guide your thoughts. 

 Trauma Healing 

  • One of Eye Agate’s benefits is that it can transform negative energy into positive ones, encouraging trauma healing. This crystal restores your emotional balance and promotes a sense of security. 
  • To activate this crystal power, lay down comfortably and place your crystal on your Heart Chakra. Imagine the stone removing your pain and encouraging your heart to heal.

 Strength and Courage

  • The crystal can stabilize your energy and provide a foundation for inner strength and courage. It can offer resilience in challenging times, helping you confidently face tough adversity.
  • Carry your crystal as a daily talisman and state affirmations like, “I am strong, and I am capable of overcoming this challenge.”

 Communication Skills

  • Eye Agate can harmonize the energy in your Throat Chakra, further supporting honest and open communication. It encourages you to express yourself with clarity and authenticity. 
  • Wear the Agate as a pendant and keep it near the Throat Chakra. Practice good listening during conversation and let the crystal enhance your communication skills. 

 Self-Love & Acceptance

  • A crystal that fosters self-love and acceptance? Eye Agate promotes emotional healing and acts as a guide for embracing one’s emotions and moving forward. 
  • To enable the crystal for self-love and acceptance, place your crystal in a glass of water under moonlight. Drink the infused water and allow its energy to cover your emotional well-being. 

Eye Agate Spiritual Properties & Benefits

 Spiritual Awakening

  • The crystal facilitates spiritual awakening by enhancing intuition and insight. It guides you toward a deeper understanding of your spiritual path. 
  • Hold the Eye Agate as you close your eyes and imagine a light connecting you to higher realms. Don’t forget to affirm your intention for spiritual growth. 


  • Have you ever wondered about a crystal that acts as a bodyguard? Eye Agate shields you against negativity and psychic attacks. It creates a protective barrier around your aura. 
  • Place the crystal under running water for a few minutes and visualize impurities being washed away. Then imagine the stone building a protective shield for you. 


  • This crystal empowers your ability to manifest as it amplifies your intentions in reality. It helps you turn your dreams into tangible achievements. 
  • Hold the crystal in your dominant hand, focus on your goals, and imagine that you have already achieved them. Speak your intentions aloud, infusing the crystal with the energy of manifestation. 

 Angelic Contact

  • Eye Agate raises your spiritual vibrations, making you close to angelic contact. It offers harmonious communication with celestial beings. 
  • Place your crystal on a white cloth under the moonlight as you invoke the presence of angels. Meditate and feel gratitude to invite angelic energies to surround you. 

 Karmic Healing 

  • One of the healing properties of Eye Agate is that it aids in karmic healing, helping you release past negative patterns. Using this crystal will foster inner growth and healing. 
  • Hold the Eye Agate over your Heart Chakra and visualize a golden light cleansing and releasing karmic imprints. Affirm your commitment to breaking old patterns.

Side Effects of Eye Agate

  • Dependency: Using Eye Agate may encourage overdependence on the stone. Use your crystal as a supporting tool, not a sole solution. 
  • Excessive Introspection: Overthinking may be the result of prolonged crystal introspection. Know your balance by engaging in external activities and maintaining a healthy social life. 
  • Radical Decisions: Impulsive choices can be due to improper use of the crystal. Ensure rationality by hearing and seeking advice from friends and mentors before making small or big decisions. 

Eye Agate Meaning: What Does Eye Agate Symbolize?


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Eye Agate means “stone of perception.”

The Eye Agate’s metaphysical properties and benefits are thought to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra. This encourages an increased sense of perception and spiritual awareness. 

Other alternative names for Eye Agate are “Shiva Agate” or “Third Eye Agate.” 

Traditionally, this crystal has been linked with protection and removing negative energies. In modern practices, Eye Agate is linked to mindfulness and meditation. 

Eye Agate is best paired with Amethyst and Labradorite. These pairings complement spiritual properties and enhance the crystal’s intuitive aspects. 

Ancient civilizations believed that having and wearing Eye Agate would offer a protective gaze against the “evil eye.” Using the stone will shield you from any negative influences and help you journey toward self-discovery. 

Types of Eye Agate Crystals

  • Common Eye Agate: This type of Agate features a harmonious blend of earthy hues and is known to ground and stabilize. It is renowned for fostering a sense of balance and well-being in its wearer. 
  • Double Eye Agate: This crystal is known to enhance perception and insight by possessing a yellow-orange hue with dual ocular patterns. Make this your talisman to enable you to have a deeper connection with your inner vision. 
  • Cyclops Eye Agate: This crystal has tones ranging from earthy browns to vibrant reds, with hints of orange and golden accents. It has the power to sharpen your concentration. 
  • Lace Eye Agate: Soft pastels with translucent whites are what make this crystal distinct. This is known to symbolize elegance and grace. 
  • Superior Eye Agate: The hues present in this stone are browns, royal purples, and hints of gold. These tones promote self-confidence and unlock your inner potential. 
  • Bullseye Agate: The deep color of the burgundy of this crystal is believed to help you navigate challenges with clear vision. 
  • Bird’s Eye Agate: It has the following composition of colors: warm browns, soft greens, and hints of blue or gray. This type of Agate increases your sense of awareness and perspective. 
  • Botswana Eye Agate: This crystal often exhibits soft pinks, subtle grays, and earthy brown hues that are known to calm its wearer. 
  • Orbicular Eye Agate: It often displays sandy beige and warm brown colors that ground and connect you with the vastness of the universe. 
  • Green Eye Agate: Featuring green tones, this type of Eye Agate signifies growth and renewal. It is known to nurture your spirit and nature’s connection. 
  • Pink Eye Agate: This crystal radiates soft, rosy tones that symbolize love and compassion. Be sure to embrace the crystal’s heart-opening qualities to help you empathize and be close to those around you. 
  • Blue Eye Agate: The calming blue hues of this crystal signify tranquility and ease in maintaining a serene outlook on life. 
  • Orange Eye Agate: Infused with warm, vibrant orange hues, this type of Agate is known to shield you against negativity. 

How to Cleanse Eye Agate?

Soil in farmer's hand

  • Soil: Bury your Agate in moist soil overnight and allow Earth’s energy to purify the stone. Allow the renewal of crystal vibrations for enhanced spiritual clarity. 
  • Sage: Pass a smoking sage around your Eye Agate to clear its negative energies. Let the cleansing smoke refresh the stone’s aura for increased positivity. 
  • Meditation: Use an Eye Agate during your focused meditation then channel your intention and visualize energy purification. Let the stone restore its natural harmony for a more revitalized experience.

Question and Answer

How Do Eye Agates Form?

This crystal is formed through a natural process of banding volcanic or sedimentary rocks. A mineral-rich solution seeps into cavities over time, creating distinctive eye-like patterns. 

What is the Benefit of Shiva Eye Agate?

Shiva Eye Agate is known to bring about spiritual awakening and inner transformation in its wearer. The energy present in the stone enhances intuition, promotes insight, and provides protection. 

Can Eye Agate Get Wet?

Yes, Eye Agate can get wet without damaging the stone. Yet, you must still avoid prolonged exposure to water and dry it immediately to prevent potential damage or discoloration.

Are Eye Agates Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Eye Agate is safe in the sun. However, extreme exposure to the sun over time may cause the color to fade or change. It is advised to store the crystal away from direct sunlight when not in use. 

How Can You Tell if Eye Agate is Real?

Genuine Eye Agate often exhibits patterns and colors. Be mindful of concentric rings, vibrant hues, and unique eye patterns. Real ones feel cool to touch and display translucency when held against the light. 

Interactions with Eye Agate

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