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What is Cryolite?

A Cryolite crystal on a dark background. Source: WikiMedia | Charlie Smith
Source: WikiMedia | Charlie Smith

Cryolite is composed of sodium, aluminum, and fluorine. Once abundant in Ivigtut, Greenland, where mining operations once thrived, the 19th and 20th century mining operations exterminated natural Cryolite completely, making Cryolite one of the rarest gemstones around.

Cryolite plays an integral part in the industry, particularly in aluminum extraction. Due to its lower melting point than aluminum oxide, Cryolite was indispensable in the Hall-Heroult production process, eventually leading to its depletion as an asset for producing aluminum.

According to Inuit legends, Cryolite used to be so abundant it would wash up on Greenland shorelines like fallen snow. It originated from Greenland’s Arctic Circle. Locals at that time thought it represented remnants from “The Frozen Light of the Midnight Sun.”

Cryolite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Gemini and Aquarius are widely recognized for their intellectual curiosity, communication skills, and capacity for initiating change. Cryolite mirrors these traits by supporting clarity of thought and speech, as well as acting as a catalyst in personal and collective evolution.

Gemini’s adaptability and thirst for knowledge enjoy Cryolite’s mental stimulating properties. Aquarius, being known for forward-thinking ideas, finds support in Cryolite’s transformational powers, helping bring their unique visions into tangible realities.

Cryolite resonates strongly with both the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, stimulating intuition while providing greater spiritual insight. This allows deeper perception beyond physical boundaries. 

Cryolite works well to unclog communication lines by opening up channels of honest dialogue that allow inner truths to emerge without fear or hesitation. For those struggling with their expression of ideas or emotions, Cryolite serves as a supportive ally.

Uranus governs innovation, revolution, and change, qualities aligned with Cryolite’s energy. Under Uranus’s influence, Cryolite becomes an invaluable tool of breakthrough and liberation, encouraging you to break free from old patterns and embrace change with open arms.

Number 5 represents adventure, freedom, and change, which connect with Cryolite’s properties. This allows Cryolite to assist in releasing old, stagnant energies while welcoming change. It lets you push limits and discover life’s adventurous side.

Cryolite Healing Properties and Benefits

Light body Awakening

  • Cryolite’s high vibrational energy facilitates light body awakening, a process of spiritual evolution where your physical and energetic bodies merge into a unified field of luminous energy. 
  • Use Cryolite during meditation by placing it on your Third Eye Chakra, intending to accelerate the awakening of your light body.


  • Using Cryolite encourages an expanded state of consciousness and enlightenment.
  • Use this crystal during reflective practices, like meditation or journaling, to explore deeper wisdom and understand your spiritual path.


  • Working with Cryolite can support spiritual ascension, raising your vibrational frequency to higher levels. 
  • Hold Cryolite in your hand or place it on your body during meditation to elevate your spirit toward ascension.

Angelic Connection

  • Cryolite opens channels to angelic realms, allowing for clearer communication with angelic entities. 
  • Use it during prayer or meditation, setting the intention to enhance your connection with the angelic realm. You can also place it on your nightstand to support divine connection through your dreams.

Spiritual Awakening

  • Using Cryolite can catalyze spiritual awakening, opening your consciousness to higher dimensions of existence. 
  • Carry Cryolite in your pocket, or place it under your pillow to encourage ongoing spiritual evolution and awareness.

Cryolite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Crystals are placed on the chakra points of a woman

Kundalini Activation

  • Cryolite aids in Kundalini activation, a process that awakens dormant spiritual energy at the base of the spine. 
  • Sit quietly with a piece of Cryolite at the base of your spine, focusing on the intention of awakening your Kundalini energy.

Light Healing

  • Cryolite is associated with light healing, helping to incorporate divine light into your aura to facilitate awakening.
  • Drink an indirectly infused crystal elixir to consume the energy of Cryolite’s sacred light.

Mind-Heart Connection

  • Using Cryolite strengthens the connection between heart and mind, encouraging unity and coherence between feelings and thoughts. 
  • Hold Cryolite over your Heart and Third Eye Chakras during meditation, focusing on creating a bridge of light between these two centers.


  • Working with Cryolite’s energy amplifies intentions and attracts your desires into reality. 
  • Hold Cryolite while visualizing your goals, allowing its energy to act as a magnifying glass for your intentions.

Authentic Expression

  • Associated with the Throat Chakra, Cryolite encourages authentic expression, helping you to speak your truth with confidence. 
  • Wear Cryolite as a necklace or carry it in your pocket, setting the intention to communicate your thoughts and feelings honestly.

Side Effects of Cryolite

  • Overstimulation: As a high-vibrational crystal, Cryolite could overstimulate your energy field, leading to restlessness or anxiety.
  • Energy Drain: Some might find the energy of Cryolite overwhelming, leading to fatigue or energy drain if not properly grounded.
  • Emotional Intensity: Because of its strong connection to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, Cryolite might intensify emotions or bring underlying issues to the surface.

Cryolite Meaning: What Does Cryolite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Cryolite is “Stone of Spiritual Transition.”

This rare stone represents the spiritual light that illuminates your path toward higher consciousness. It acts as a map to self-discovery and finding your uniqueness.

The word Cryolite derives from the Greek words “kryos and “lithos,” which translates to “frost” and “stone,” reflecting this crystal’s frosty appearance.

This crystal was long seen by Inuit communities living in Greenland as embodying a frozen light that shone throughout the wintertime. It helps clear away mental clutter, helping you more readily tap into inner wisdom and navigate life transitions with ease.

Types of Cryolite

  • Common Cryolite: Colorless to a white, Cryolite was historically used in aluminum extraction. It aids in spiritual transformation.
  • White Cryolite: This is the typical appearance of Cryolite which, due to its frosty, white hue, was named after the Greek words “kryos” and “lithos,” meaning “frost” and “stone.” This stone helps you connect with your inner light.
  • Black Cryolite: If Cryolite appears black, it’s likely due to impurities or weathering. Black Cryolite is great for protection and transformation.
  • Pink Cryolite: This variety occurs due to trace mineral inclusions. Pink Cryolite is excellent for promoting love and emotional healing.
  • Yellow Cryolite: Yellow Cryolite has the presence of sulfur or iron inclusions. This stone stimulates intellect and creativity.
  • Golden Cryolite: A stunning golden variety of Cryolite associated with wealth, success, and power.
  • Etched Cryolite: Etching refers to natural or man-made surface markings. Etched Cryolite holds ancient knowledge when it occurs due to natural processes.
  • Brown Cryolite: This variety of Cryolite, tinted brown due to inclusions or external factors, clears the mental clutter and promotes self-discovery.
  • Red Cryolite: Cryolite can appear red due to iron oxide staining. Red Cryolite brings vitality and passion.
  • Colorless Cryolite: This is Cryolite in its purest form, often used in industry for aluminum extraction. It’s associated with clarity and higher consciousness.
  • Cryolite with Chiolite: When Cryolite is found with Chiolite, there are purple inclusions and it helps with emotional regulation.
  • Cryolite with Feldspar: When Cryolite occurs with Brown Feldspar inclusions, it promotes creativity and authentic expression.
  • Cryolite with Fluorite: The presence of Fluorite adds some blue and purple color variations. Cryolite with Fluorite brings mental clarity and decision-making skills.
  • Cryolite with Quartz: Cryolite with Quartz inclusions displays clear shards and is great for energy balance and finding your destined path.
  • Cryolite with Topaz: Cryolite with Topaz inclusions can occur in yellow, blue, pink, and red and invites joy, generosity, and abundance.
  • Cryolite with Pacchnolite: Cryolite with clear Pachnolite inclusions is great for connecting with nature and giving you a green thumb!
  • Cryolite with Siderite: This combo exhibits the creamy white of Cryolite contrasted by Siderite’s brown hues. It has grounding energy and enhances determination. 
  • Cryolite with Galena: With Galena’s metallic gray luster, this variant aids in facing and overcoming your deepest fears.
  • Cryolite with Chalcopyrite: Chalcopyrite brings a rainbow of colors to this Cryolite variation. It enhances intuitive abilities and lets you live in the here and now.
  • Cryolite with Hydrokenoralstonite: This combination that includes Cryolite and Hydrokenoralstonite is very white and is used to manifest abundance and tap into your inner joy.
  • Cryolite with Cryolithionite: Another deep white combination, Cryolite with Cryolithionite clears negative thoughts from your mind.
  • Cryolite with Thomsenolite: With a combination of creamy white and colorless crystals, this variety helps with emotional healing and self-actualization.

How To Cleanse Cryolite?

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  • Smudging – You can cleanse Cryolite with sage or Palo Santo. Pass your crystal through the smoke several times to dispel any negative energy.
  • Sound – Use the sound of a singing bowl or tuned bells, allowing the resonance to cleanse and recharge the crystal.
  • Moonlight – Allow it to bask in the moonlight for a few hours.

Questions and Answers

What was Cryolite used for?

Cryolite was used in the extraction process of aluminum from its ore, bauxite. It was also used in the manufacture of glass and enamel, and as a pesticide for Colorado potato beetles.

Is Cryolite an Ore of Aluminum?

No, Cryolite is not an ore of aluminum, but it played a critical role in the extraction of aluminum from bauxite, which is the primary ore of aluminum.

What does Cryolite do in Aluminum Extraction?

In aluminum extraction, what Cryolite does is lower the melting point of aluminum oxide and increases its conductivity, which makes the electrolysis process more efficient.

Is Cryolite a Compound of Aluminum?

Cryolite is a compound that contains aluminum, along with sodium and fluorine.

What is Cryolite made of?

Cryolite is made of sodium, aluminum, and fluorine.

What are the Characteristics of Cryolite?

The characteristics of Cryolite is being a colorless to white mineral that can also appear in shades of brown or red due to impurities. It is transparent to translucent.

Why is it Called Cryolite?

The crystal is called Cryolite because the name Cryolite comes from the Greek words “kryos” meaning frost, and “lithos” meaning stone, due to its icy, frost-like appearance.

What is Aluminum Metal Prepared in Cryolite?

Aluminum metal prepared in Cryolite is the Hall-Héroult process of aluminum extraction. Aluminum oxide is dissolved in molten cryolite to form an electrolyte, and when an electric current is passed through this electrolyte, the aluminum ions are reduced to aluminum metal.

Why is Cryolite added to Aluminum?

Cryolite is added to aluminum oxide to reduce its melting point and increase its conductivity.

What is Aluminum made of?

Aluminum is a chemical element and is made of aluminum atoms.

Interactions with Cryolite

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