Cat’s Eye Moonstone

(Kats ahy moon-stohn)
Main Origins:
India, Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, the United States, and Myanmar.

What is Cat's Eye Moonstone?

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Image Source: x Kalim Uddin

In appearance, Cat’s Eye Moonstone is milky-white or gray, like the Moon’s shine. Its chatoyancy effect—a mesmerizing ring of light that sweeps over the stone when rotated—makes it stand out. This phenomenon, reminiscent of a feline’s eye, adds a touch of mystery and allure to the gem.

It belongs to the Feldspar mineral group and is primarily composed of Orthoclase and Albite. The chatoyancy effect is a result of needle-like inclusions. It is typically composed of minerals like Rutile or Goethite, aligning themselves parallel to the crystal’s fibers. This alignment interacts with light, creating the striking cat’s eye effect.

This gem has been admired for centuries, with historical references tracing back to ancient civilizations. It was highly valued in India, where it was believed to bring good fortune and protection. Over time, its popularity spread globally, becoming a cherished gemstone in various cultures.

Crystal enthusiasts and collectors hold Cat’s Eye Moonstone in high regard for its unique charm and spiritual significance. Many believe it possesses mystical properties, promoting intuition, emotional balance, and protection. 

Did you know that, in Hindu mythology, Cat’s Eye Moonstone is often associated with the Goddess Chandra, the lunar deity? This gemstone can boost intuition and connect one to the divine feminine energy with the Moon Goddess’s blessings. 

Cat's Eye Moonstone Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

The delicate hues associated with this enchanting gem are silver and white, each carrying its distinct meaning. White symbolizes purity and clarity, offering a serene energy that resonates with inner peace. Silver embodies intuition and emotional balance, acting as a guide through the ebb and flow of emotions.

This crystal gently aligns chakras during energy center alignment. Rooted in stability, Cat’s Eye Moonstone finds its place in the Root Chakra, promoting a sense of security and grounding. It then ascends, touching the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, fostering creativity and personal power. 

Moving further, its energies extend to the Heart Chakra, promoting love and compassion. This gem also activates the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras for clear communication, intuition, and spiritual connection.

Cat’s Eye Moonstone gracefully aligns with the element of Water, flowing seamlessly with its fluid and adaptable nature. This captivating stone can boost emotional well-being and calmness in the South sector. The element of Water embodies fluidity and adaptability, mirroring the calming influence of Cat’s Eye Moonstone. 

This soft crystal, ruled by the peaceful Moon, resonates with feminine intuition and emotional harmony. The Moon, with its ever-changing phases, imparts a soothing influence, inviting us to embrace the ebb and flow of life.

Cat’s Eye Moonstone is loved worldwide and watched over by many Gods and Goddesses. Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Moon; Nyx, the Greek Goddess of the Night; Chandra, Selene, Coyolxauhqui, and Morpheus, the God of Dreams, protect this mysterious gem. 

In the language of numerology, it resonates with the vibrational frequencies of 4 and 5. The number 4, symbolizing stability and grounding, forms a sturdy foundation for those seeking balance in their lives. The dynamic energy of 5 introduces an element of change and adaptability, urging individuals to embrace transformation.

Cat's Eye Moonstone Healing Properties & Benefits


  • Cat’s Eye Moonstone’s association with Water and the Goddess Diana is thought to boost conception. The gentle energy of Water nurtures the essence of life, aligning with Diana’s protective and nurturing qualities.
  • Place it under a full moon to absorb the Goddess Diana’s energy. Repeat this process during the waxing moon for optimal results.

Compassion and Empathy

  • This crystal fosters compassion and empathy by resonating with the Solar Plexus Chakra and silver color energy. This combination enhances emotional intelligence and understanding, promoting a harmonious connection with others.
  • Wear it as a pendant near your Solar Plexus. Visualize a silver light surrounding you, creating a compassionate aura.


  • Cat’s Eye Moonstone’s benefits include stimulating intelligence through its association with the ruling planet, Moon and the Goddess Selene. The Moon’s influence enhances intuition and wisdom, while Selene’s guidance amplifies mental clarity.
  • Carry it in a pouch with Clear Quartz crystals. On a full moon, place the pouch on a windowsill to receive lunar energy. Use the stone to meditate on mental expansion.

Emotional Balance

  • This stone promotes emotional balance by aligning with the Throat Chakra and white color energy. This combination facilitates open communication and expression, creating a sense of inner harmony.
  • Practice mindful breathing while holding the stone, visualizing a calming white light enveloping your emotions.

Marital Bliss and Love

  • Cat’s Eye Moonstone’s relationship with the ruling planet, Moon, and Water symbolizes marital pleasure and love. The Moon’s glare heightens passionate sentiments, and the fluidity of Water represents the depth of one’s emotions.
  • Place it under your pillow or in the bedroom. During a crescent moon, hold the stone and visualize a loving, serene atmosphere in your relationship.

Cat's Eye Moonstone Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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  • Cat’s Eye Moonstone, with its enchanting play of light, opens the gateway to heightened intuition. The Moonstone’s silvery glow resonates with the lunar energy, empowering your intuitive senses.
  • Hold it to your forehead, visualize a stream of silver light entering your mind, and affirm your openness to intuitive guidance.

Lucid Dreaming

  • This gem is a mystical ally for lucid dreaming, creating a bridge between the waking and dream realms. Aligned with the Third Eye Chakra, its energy enhances dream recall and consciousness during sleep.
  • Before sleep, hold the Moonstone close and set an intention for lucid dreaming. Visualize a soft, silvery light enveloping your dreamscape.


  • Cat’s Eye Moonstone holds the power to manifest desires by aligning with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Its golden hues resonate with the Sun’s energy, infusing vitality into your intentions.
  • Place the Moonstone in sunlight. Visualize your goals being charged with solar energy to supercharge your manifestation efforts.

Angelic Contact

  • It serves as a celestial conduit, fostering angelic contact by aligning with the Heart Chakra. Its gentle energy creates a harmonious bridge between the earthly and heavenly realms.
  • Meditate with the Moonstone over your heart. Envision a bridge of light connecting you to angelic realms, inviting their presence into your space.

 Luck and Protection

  • Cat’s Eye Moonstone, a talisman of luck and protection, aligns with the Root Chakra. Seek guidance from earthly deities, like Selene, for added protection, keeping Cat’s Eye Moonstone close.
  • Hold it while repeating these affirmations, “I am surrounded by positive energy and protected from harm. Luck flows into my life effortlessly.”

Side Effects of Cat's Eye Moonstone

  • Disturbed Sleep: Cat’s Eye Moonstone may cause disturbed sleep, resulting in restless nights. To help, create a relaxing sleep routine with reading or music.
  • Gullibility: Experiencing heightened gullibility is a possible side effect of Cat’s Eye Moonstone. Stay grounded by seeking advice from trusted individuals and verifying information before believing it.
  • Oversensitivity: Oversensitivity may occur as a side effect, making one more emotionally reactive. Deep breathing and other mindfulness methods help you regain emotional balance.

Cat's Eye Moonstone Meaning: What Does Cat's Eye Moonstone Symbolize?

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Cat’s Eye Moonstone symbolizes “intuition and feminine energies.”

Its iridescent glow mirrors the phases of life, emphasizing the beauty of transitions and the importance of embracing change.

Crystal enthusiasts can connect with their inner wisdom through the Cat’s Eye Moonstone’s properties’ embrace. Putting this brilliant stone on your energy centers harmonizes your emotions and promotes calm.

Beyond its celestial title, this captivating crystal is known by alternative names, each echoing its mystique. Often called the “Sheen Moonstone” or “Cymophane,” these names hint at its mesmerizing play of light resembling the feline eye.

In ancient times, Cat’s Eye Moonstone was considered to protect nighttime travelers. In modern times, it symbolizes intuition and clarity, appealing to individuals seeking clarification in life’s ambiguities.

Pairing Cat’s Eye Moonstone with a calming Satin Spar boosts spiritual awareness and dance energy. It can also be used with grounding Labradorite to balance ethereal energy and promote stability.

According to legend, priestesses and seers used Cat’s Eye Moonstone jewelry during sacred rites. Those who tuned into the gem’s energies could gain prophetic visions and glimpses into the future.

Types of Cat's Eye Moonstone Crystals

  • White Cat’s Eye Moonstone: With its pristine white hue, this Moonstone is believed to bring clarity and calmness.
  • Blue Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Delicate in its blue tint, cherished for its soothing properties, and linked to feelings of tranquility, it is said to aid in emotional balance and communication.
  • Orange Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Radiating warmth with its vibrant orange hue, this type is associated with enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Gray Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Capturing the essence of subtle elegance in its gray shade, this variety is revered for its grounding influence. Embraced for its stabilizing properties, it is believed to provide a sense of balance and resilience.
  • Pink Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Infused with a gentle pink hue, this Moonstone is cherished for its associations with love and compassion.
  • Golden Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Glowing with a golden radiance, it is believed to symbolize success and abundance.
  • Brown or Smoky Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Its smoky brown tones give it a distinct identity, and its calming and protecting properties earn it great respect.
  • Cream Cat’s Eye Moonstone: It is thought to bring forth feelings of calm and serenity due to its creamy texture.
  • Yellow Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Radiating a cheerful yellow glow, this type is linked to positivity and joy.
  • Green Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Because of its revitalizing green color, it represents rebirth and expansion.
  • Blue-Green Cat’s Eye Moonstone: With its mesmerizing hues reminiscent of a tranquil lagoon, it is believed to enhance communication skills.
  • Olive-Green Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Embracing the earthy tones of an olive grove, this gem is associated with grounding energy.
  • Sunstone Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Its attractive golden or orange tone reflects the Sun’s warmth and brightness. This variety is believed to possess unique properties that boost vitality and confidence in those who embrace its energy.
  • Orthoclase Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Exudes the essence of moonlit elegance, and a mesmerizing silvery or bluish sheen often characterizes it. This variety boosts intuition and understanding.

How to Cleanse Cat's Eye Moonstone?

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  • Moonlight: Expose your Cat’s Eye Moonstone to moonlight overnight to refresh its energy. Place it where the gentle moonlight can directly touch and recharge the crystal’s positive vibrations.
  • Sage: Purify your Cat’s Eye Moonstone with the sacred smoke of sage. Pass it through the sage smoke to remove any negativity and refresh the crystal.
  • Selenite Wand: Gently stroke the crystal with a Selenite wand. Selenite’s pure energy will cleanse and revive the crystal, replenishing its inherent harmony and beneficial characteristics.

Questions and Answers

How is Cat's Eye Moonstone Formed?

Cat’s Eye Moonstone is made of orthoclase, a type of Feldspar, with microscopic, parallel-oriented fibers or needle-like inclusions that provide the “cat’s eye” look.

Can Cat's Eye Moonstone Get Wet?

Yes, Cat’s Eye Moonstone is generally safe in water. However, it’s recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to water to maintain its luster and integrity.

How Can You Tell if Cat's Eye Moonstone is Real?

Cat’s Eye Moonstones’ chatoyancy—a silky strip of light that travels across the stone when turned—is unique. Needle-like inclusions of minerals cause this effect, typically Rutile or Hematite. Hold the stone under a single, focused light source and observe the presence of a distinct, moving cat’s eye effect.

Who Should Wear a Cat's Eye Moonstone?

Cat’s Eye Moonstone is often recommended for individuals seeking protection, intuition enhancement, and good luck. It’s associated with the zodiac sign Cancer.

What Stones Go Well with Cat's Eye Moonstone?

Cat’s Eye Moonstone pairs well with other Feldspar minerals, such as Labradorite and Satin Spar. It also complements crystals like Mayanite and Isis Calcite.

Interactions with Cat's Eye Moonstone

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