Satin Spar

(sat - n spahr)
Main Origins:
Mexico, USA, UK, Morocco, India, Greece, and Madagascar.

What is Satin Spar?

A satin spar crystal on a whitish background

Satin Spar is a fibrous variety of Gypsum which is often confused with Selenite because they share the same compound formula with a very similar appearance. Many Selenite specimens on the market are actually Satin Spar crystals, yet there are a few ways you can tell the difference. Satin Spar is fibrous and appears in a milky-white shade, whereas Selenite is a clear crystal. 

Did you know that Satin Spar will often display chatoyancy when polished? This means it will reflect a band of light in the stone, similar to a cat’s eye. An intriguing phenomenon, chatoyancy amplifies the energy in the crystal. 

Satin Spar is usually a colorless or white stone, but many specimens are found with impurities in the crystal that tinge it in different hues. Satin Spar specimens of light pink, orange, or yellow are intriguing additions to your crystal collection.

Satin Spar Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Satin Spar connects with the two higher chakras, working with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras to amplify spiritual understanding and universal connection. When using it to open up the Third Eye Chakra, Satin Spar boosts our intuition and our understanding of our true path in life. Satin Spar also opens up the Crown Chakra to enhance our connection with higher spirits, helping us gain guidance from angels and hear from departed souls. 

Did you know that the Moon rules Satin Spar? The Moon is a wonderful celestial object that helps us on our spiritual journey, providing us with illumination and understanding. When using Satin Spar for Moon rituals, we can connect with its powers to develop a deep connection to the universe and our own intuition. 

Satin Spar gains its powers from the element of Water, which boosts its impact on our emotions and subconsciousness. The element of Water rules wisdom and the hidden knowledge we have within us, and we can enhance these aspects of ourselves when using Satin Spar. As Water holds the energy of renewal and cleansing, Satin Spar also brings us opportunities for growth and change. 

The cleansing energy of Satin Spar means that we can use it to cleanse other stones by placing them in crystal grids. It is also a fantastic stone to use for cleansing our divination tools, as its vibrations unblock and clear any energy that may be stuck to our tarot cards or pendulums. Satin Star brings renewal and freshness into our lives, allowing us to leave negative energy behind us and embrace positivity

Did you know that Satin Spar holds a numerical vibration of 8? According to numerology, 8 brings us the energy of strength and balance. This means that we can use Satin Spar to enhance this energy in our lives, helping us find the inner power to bring about justice and fairness.

Satin Spar Healing Properties and Benefits

Peaceful Sleep

  • Satin Spar brings us gentle and calming vibrations and therefore helps us with our sleep. If you suffer from nightmares or insomnia, Satin Spar can assist you. 
  • Charge your Satin Spar with sounds, such as a singing bowl or tuning fork. Then place it on your bedside table to bring you a peaceful sleep. 

Letting Go

  • Because of its powerful cleansing energy, we can use Satin Spar to cleanse our minds and bodies of negativity and let go of bad habits that are not serving us. 
  • Charge your Satin Spar with positive affirmations of renewal and change. Then wear it as a necklace to keep its energy near you at all times. 

Personal Change

  • Satin Spar helps us to move forward on our path in life and stay focused on the changes we wish to see. 
  • Charge your Satin Spar with a candle, as the element of Fire brings us the energy of change and transformation. Then hold it in your hands while setting intentions of personal change and renewal. 


  • Connected to the Moon, Satin Spar can help us gain clarity on our truth and discover our soul’s mission. 
  • Charge your Satin Spar under the light of the full moon, leaving it out from dusk till dawn. Then hold it while you meditate on your path in life, asking the Moon to illuminate your truth. 

Inner Peace

  • Satin Spar is a peaceful stone that helps us find a place of calm when the modern world is overwhelming us. 
  • Charge your Satin Spar with relaxing incense, such as ylang-ylang or lavender. Then take a moment to hold it anytime you feel unsettled or disorientated.

Satin Spar Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A child is sleeping on the bed


  • Because its vibrations clear the energy around you, Satin Spar is a fantastic stone for protection. Having a Satin Spar crystal on you will protect you from energy vampires and narcissists.
  • Charge your Satin Spar with sage. Then wear it on your dominant hand to protect you from negative energy and psychic attacks. 

Aura Cleansing

  • Satin Spar cleanses your aura, helping you reconnect with yourself and feel centered. 
  • Hold your Satin Spar crystal while visualizing a glowing light surrounding you, with the light flowing through your aura. 

Dream Recall

  • Because it connects with the element of Water, which is associated with inner wisdom and the dream world, we can use Satin Spar to enhance dream recall and interpretation. 
  • After charging it with moonlight, place your Satin Spar crystal on your bedside table. When you wake up, hold the stone while reflecting on your dreams and journaling. 

Tarot Reading

  • Satin Spar heightens our intuition, making it a great crystal to work with when tarot reading. 
  • Charge your Satin Spar with incense. Then have it on your altar when you read tarot cards, holding it when you need clarification on a certain card. 

Connection With Spirits

  • As Satin Spar opens up the Crown Chakra, we can use it to connect with ancestor spirits, spirit guides, and guardian angels. 
  • Place your Satin Spar on your Crown Chakra when praying to spirits.

Side Effects of Satin Spar

  • Intense Spiritual Awakening: As Satin Spar opens up the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, you may go through an intense spiritual awakening when using it. 
  • Drowsiness: Satin Spar is a very calming crystal, which means you may feel sleepy or drowsy when overusing it. 
  • Dramatic Change: Satin Spar provides you with a total cleanse, removing negative energy and emotions from your soul and mind. This means you may experience dramatic changes when using it for the first time.

Satin Spar Meaning: What Does Satin Spar Symbolize?

A view of the sunrise at the mountains

The meaning of Satin Spar is “renewal.”

Satin Spar is a powerful stone of cleansing and renewal. Its vibrations remove negative energy from our aura and cleanse the chakras, providing us with feelings of rebirth. 

Satin Spar also symbolizes spiritual freedom and knowledge. Its energy awakens us to the truth regarding ourselves and the universe, helping us move forward on our spiritual path. Satin Spar illuminates our soul’s path, providing us with the knowledge we need to move forward and find fulfillment.

Types of Satin Spar

  • Common Satin Spar: Common Satin Spar is a silky-white, fibrous stone. Use a Common Satin Spar to cleanse your aura. 
  • Transparent Satin Spar: This variety of Satin Spar is see-through, with white lines visible within the crystal. Transparent Satin Spar is a fantastic variety to use for clarity and understanding. 
  • Pink Satin Spar: Pink Satin Spar is light pink in shade. Use Pink Satin Spar for inner peace and relaxation. 
  • Yellow Satin Spar: This variety of Satin Spar is a rich yellow stone, with its coloring caused by iron staining. Yellow Satin Spar holds uplifting energy that motivates you to bring personal change and growth into your life.
  • Orange Satin Spar: Orange Satin Spar has a beautiful peachy-orange color and often has white markings within the stone. Use Orange Satin Spar to bring protection, optimism, and positivity into your life. 
  • Gray Satin Spar: This variety of Satin Spar is a dark gray color. It is perfect for protection and spiritual growth. 
  • Parallel Satin Spar Gypsum: Parallel Satin Spar Gypsum refers to specimens of the stone that have distinct parallel crystal formations. This variety of Satin Spar is great for aura cleansing. 
  • Layered Satin Spar Gypsum: This variety of Satin Spar refers to specimens where the crystals have formed distinct layers. Use Layered Satin Spar Gypsum for dream recall. 
  • Fishtail Satin Spar Gypsum: Fishtail Satin Spar Gypsum has distinctive twinned crystals that grow outward. Use this variety to set intentions for personal change and growth.  
  • Satin Spar Gypsum with Yellow Selenite: This variety has inclusions of Yellow Selenite within the stone that creates a golden glow. Use Satin Spar Gypsum with Yellow Selenite to connect with spirit guides and guardian angels.

How To Cleanse Satin Spar?

An incense that is burning on a dark background

  • Incense: Light an incense stick and allow it to burn for a few moments. Then hold your Satin Spar in the smoke for 30 seconds. 
  • Sound: Hold your Satin Spar while chanting for three minutes. 
  • Crystal Grids: Place your Satin Spar in a crystal grid alongside Clear Quartz.

Questions and Answers

What Does Satin Spar Do?

Satin Spar enhances positive change and growth, bringing us the energy of renewal. Its vibrations cleanse our auras and protect us from negative energy. Because it gains its powers from the Moon, it is also a powerful stone to work with to develop our intuition and connect with our subconscious.

Where is Satin Spar Found in the World?

Satin Spar is found in many places worldwide, including Mexico, the USA, the UK, Morocco, India, Greece, and Madagascar.

What Type of Mineral is Satin Spar?

Satin Spar is a variety of the mineral Gypsum.

Can Satin Spar Go in the Water?

No, Satin Spar should not go in the water because it has a low Mohs rating of 2.

Can Satin Spar Go in the Sun?

No, Satin Spar should not go in the sun for prolonged periods as it is a fragile crystal with a low Mohs rating of 2.

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