Brown Jasper

(broun jas - per)
Main Origins:
India, Egypt, Madagascar, Australia, Russia, South America, North America, and Indonesia.

What is Brown Jasper?

A Brown Jasper on a black reflective background

Brown Jasper was an important crystal of the ancient world, known to have been widely used by Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans. Today, it is sometimes overshadowed by other types of Jasper, but it is still a truly powerful and useful crystal.

This crystal is a common form of Jasper that has a microcrystalline Quartz structure, which is made up of Chalcedony, Agate, and other mineral inclusions that create interesting patterns and colors within some varieties of Brown Jasper.

The vibration of Brown Jasper deeply resonates with Mother Earth. It is a grounding, protective, and nurturing stone. This simple yet elegant crystal offers steady and constant energetic support.

Brown Jasper Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Brown Jasper’s metaphysical properties and benefits can be associated with various ruling elements, including deities, chakras, cosmic vibrations, and more linked to this crystal.

Brown Jasper is primarily resonant with the Root Chakra, which is part of why this crystal has such a strong grounding effect. It connects us to Mother Earth and allows us to experience a strong feeling of belonging and safety on Earth and in our physical bodies. 

Some Goddesses associated with Brown Jasper properties are Gaia, the Greek Goddess of Earth; Terra, the Roman Mother Earth; and Prithvi/Bhumi, the Eastern Deva of Earth. The energy of these Goddesses further imbues Brown Jasper stone with life’s creative and nurturing vibrations.

The ruling element of this crystal is Earth, and this is clearly a big focus of the energy of this stone. Brown Jasper helps us to connect with Earth in both physical and spiritual dimensions, offering deeply supportive, healing, and fertile energy.

The numerical or cosmic vibration of Brown Jasper is 6, which is associated with nurturing, healing, being grateful, and finding stability. These traits are encompassed within Brown Jasper’s benefits.

Brown Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Brown Jasper has a consistently steady vibration that is re-energizing. It brings us into a deeper connection with Earth, which revitalizes our physical and spiritual bodies.
  • Infuse Brown Jasper with water by placing your Brown Jasper stone in clean water for 15 to 30 minutes. 


  • The earthing or grounding effects of Brown Jasper are super powerful. This crystal activates and energizes the Root Chakra, rooting us into acceptance, gratitude, and a deeper connection to being a physical being on Earth.
  • Activate this stone to ground or earth your energy by holding your Brown Jasper crystal and meditating on a natural earth surface.


  • Brown Jasper is deeply nurturing. It harnesses the generously nurturing vibration of nature and the maternal/feminine energy of the Earth Goddesses that are connected to this stone.
  • Charge up Brown Jasper’s nurturing energy by placing your stones under the light of the Full Moon


  • This earth-energized crystal encourages us to find stability in life, stabilizing our physical health and well-being, and encouraging us to find stability in how we care for ourselves and the environment 
  • To harness the energy of stability, hold your Brown Jasper crystal daily while practicing intentional breathwork and meditation.

Environmental Stress Support

  • When the environment is imbalanced, it translates to stress for those within the environment. Brown Jasper’s grounding and reenergizing nature makes it supportive during times of environmental stress.
  • To activate Brown Jasper energy for environmental stress support, you can hold the crystal and repeat positive, healing Earth affirmations or delve into visualizing the Earth in optimal balance.

Brown Jasper Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A person is reading a book while holding a teacup


  • The vibration of Brown Jasper can lead us to experience how we are part of nature and deepen meditation, leading to greater access to ancient wisdom innate in the Earth and our bodies. 
  • To cleanse and charge Brown Jasper for access and embodiment of greater wisdom, hold this crystal while meditating in nature.

Feminine and Masculine Energy Balance

  • The nurturing and stable energies offered by Brown Jasper balance our masculine and feminine, physical and spiritual energies.
  • Hold or wear a piece of Brown Jasper crystals while practicing alternate nostril pranayama breathing to energize masculine and feminine energies.

Deepened Meditation Practice

  • Brown Jasper can help with deepening meditation practice, as it has a steady and focused energy. It brings to light the connection between the physical and spiritual.
  • Activate Brown Jasper for deeper meditation practice by setting and affirming clear intentions while holding the crystal. 

Earth Healing

  • The earthly resonance of Brown Jasper makes it a powerful stone for collective Earth healing practices, such as light work, reiki energy work, and visualization of a healed earth.
  • Prepare your Brown Jasper for an Earth healing session by placing it on or under the soil to cleanse and charge the energy of the crystal.

Presence and Gratitude

  • Brown Jasper’s grounding vibration can bring our attention to the present moment. The cosmic vibration of this crystal is the guidance to practice gratitude for the present.
  • Charge your crystal for this benefit by meditating, speaking, or writing out a gratitude list while holding or wearing Brown Jasper.

Brown Jasper Side Effects

There are no known side effects for Brown Jasper. One needs to work with this crystal for an extended period to fully attune to the energy of this crystal. It is slow working but has long-lasting positive effects.

Brown Jasper Meaning: What does Brown Jasper symbolize?

The meaning of Brown Jasper is grounding

Brown Jasper symbolizes and facilitates a deep connection to Earth and all the physical and metaphysical benefits that come with this connection. This stone connects us with the wisdom and energy of Mother Earth.

Brown Jasper was used by Native Americans as a stone to communicate with spirits and call in rain. It also widely symbolizes protection and good luck.

In our modern context, Brown Jasper has come to symbolize ecological awareness and connection, deepening sensitivity, a sense of belonging, and our responsibility to our home planet.

Types of Brown Jaspers

  • Buff Brown Jasper: An ochre brown shade of Jasper, it has a consistently nurturing and supportive energy.
  • Red-Brown Jasper: This Jasper type is a redder shade of brown and is a useful stone for the Root Chakra.
  • Mottled Brown Jasper: With smears and spots of a combination of different shades of brown, Mottled Brown Jasper is a stone that encourages connection to the land and elements.
  • Mocha Brown Jasper: A variety of light cream and darker shades of brown swirled together, this stone is also called Cappuccino Jasper and has a connecting and energizing vibration. 
  • Black Brown Jasper: A combination of black and brown colors, Black Brown Jasper has a powerful protective energy.
  • Golden Brown Jasper: A combination of dark and golden brown, often appearing as veining or swirling patterns, this stone revitalizes, connects, and balances both our physical and spiritual experiences.
  • Pink Brown Jasper: This type of Brown Jasper can contain light dusty pinks, ivory, and various shades of brown, but predominantly darker brown. This stone has a deeply healing vibration. 
  • Red Brown Jasper: Featuring a combination of red and brown areas within the stone, Red Brown Jasper is a stone of sustained energy and connection. 
  • Orange-Brown Jasper: This Jasper is a shade of brown that is almost orange, similar to a burnt orange color. It is a crystal that can help us feel at home on Earth and within our physical bodies.
  • Tiger Jasper: Also known as Banded Brown Jasper, this stone has stripes of alternating colors or very dark brown and vivid ochre brown. Tiger Jasper has a physically and spiritually protective and strengthening energy.
  • Dendritic Brown Jasper: An ochreous brown stone with black and dark brown dendrite or branch-like patterning, it is a stone with a deep connection to the natural world.
  • Brown Snowflake Jasper: A dark brown or black stone with gray, light brown, and ivory-colored snowflake patterns, Brown Snowflake Jasper has a balancing and grounding energy.
  • Mookaite Jasper: Mookaite Jasper can include yellow, red, brown, purple, cream, and white colors as contrasting sections of color within the crystal. It is a stone of deepened presence and physical connection.
  • Picture Jasper: Containing layers of sepia and neutral brown colors of various shades in a representative landscape pattern, the vibration of this crystal helps us to feel at home on Earth.
  • Leopardskin Jasper: Brown, orange, yellow, green, red, pink, white, and black, forming spotted patterns in a variety of shades and tones, Leopardskin Jasper is a fiercely protective crystal.
  • Polychrome Jasper: Including eye patterns, curves, bands, and sections in a variety of colors, including pastel hues of reds, browns, grays, and blues, it is a physically and spiritually energizing stone.
  • Orbicular Jasper: Spherical shapes that vary in size and can be made up of layers that can include red, brown, white, gray, black, green, orange, yellow, and other neutral tones, Orbicular Jasper improves physical health and energy levels. 
  • Brecciated Jasper: Including veins and fragments of brown within the predominantly red stone, this is a supportive stone for healing from trauma.
  • Ocean Jasper: With intricate patterning, including orbs and swirls in colors including brown, white, green, blue, black, gray, red, pink, yellow, and orange, Ocean Jasper strengthens our connection with the cycles of nature.
  • Brownstripe Jasper: This type of Jasper has alternating light and dark brown stripes. It is a crystal that has a down-to-earth energy that is balancing and healing.
  • Bronzite Jasper: A deep brown stone that has golden flecks swirled throughout, it is a stone that is energizing for the lower chakras.
  • Shiva Lingam: A light gray or tan stone with larger stripes or sections in shades of warm and red-brown, this is a stone that activates and balances masculine energy.

How to Cleanse Brown Jasper?

Incense sticks that are burning on a big pot

  • Soil – Bury your Brown Jasper crystals under a shallow layer of soil and leave it for a few hours to be cleansed by transformative Earth energy.
  • Fire – Hold your Brown Jasper with intention near the flames of a wood fire or even near candlelight for it to be cleansed by the transmutative energy of Fire.
  • Smoke – Bathe your Brown Jasper in the smoke of natural botanical incense. The smudge smoke from the sacred plants will cleanse your crystal.


What type of rock is Brown Jasper?

Brown Jasper is a form of microcrystalline Quartz that is also considered Chalcedony.

What does Brown Jasper mean?

Brown Jasper stone means connection with Earth, grounding, nurturing, stability, and fertile energy.

Can Brown Jasper go in the water?

Yes, Brown Jasper can go into the water for a reasonable period of time, as it is on the upper end of the Mohs hardness scale.

How to tell a real Brown Jasper from a fake?

Test a real Jasper with a scratch test using a knife or piece of glass. Real Jasper will not scratch, as it is up to a 7 on the hardness scale. You can also use a cloth with acetone and rub the stone to test if dyes have been used.

Is Brown Jasper safe in the sun?

No, it is not recommended to place Brown Jasper in the Sun, especially for an extended period of time, as this can discolor the stone.

How to identify a real Brown Jasper?

To identify real Brown Jasper, feel the stone’s texture. It should have a waxy surface feel. Look out for the typical Jasper coloration and patterns. You can also conduct a scratch test to test the hardness.

How to take care of a Brown Jasper?

Care for Brown Jasper by keeping it out of the sun for extended periods. You can wash your stone in water to cleanse it physically and energetically.

Who shouldn’t wear Brown Jasper?

Brown Jasper is a friendly and stable stone that can be worn by most people. Only discontinue wearing Brown Jasper if you feel adverse effects, although there are as yet no known side effects.

Where is Brown Jasper found?

Brown Jasper is found all over the world, including India, Egypt, Madagascar, Australia, Russia, South America, North America, and Indonesia.

Is Brown Jasper worth any money?

Depending on the type of Brown Jasper, it is generally worth $1 to $5 per carat.

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