(broh - shahn - tahyt)
Main Origins:
France, Russia, Chile, Mexico, France, DR Congo, Morocco, Namibia, Spain, Australia, Spain, and the United States.

What is Brochantite?

Bronchatite on black background
Image Source: Facebook | Kristallipesa

Brochantite is a beautiful green gemstone, like a forest or a field full of life. Its needle-like shape comes from the long, thin prisms that make up its structure. Looking at these crystals closely, you can see they have a velvety and shiny structure. 

This crystal is mostly copper sulfate hydroxide with small amounts of other metals. This makes it a valuable addition to mineral collections, and its bright green color makes it interesting for geological study.

In the 1800s, Brochantite was found by the French mineralogist A. J. M. Brochant de Villiers, with whom its name came from. This gem is from France, but people have found it in Chile, the US, and the DRC. Mineralogy and geological research have helped form its past and show how the Earth works.

Crystal collectors like Brochantite because of how it looks and how it is made. Its bright green color represents the beauty of nature and is often compared to the lush surroundings of our world. This stone is rare and beautiful; thus, collectors appreciate it.

Did you know that Brochantite is thought to have healing properties? People believe that this gem has energetic properties that help with mental balance and inner harmony. It is believed to relax and let go of bad feelings.

Brochantite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Most Brochantite is green or blue. Green means peace, new life, and moving forward. Through the Heart Chakra, it brings about mental balance and kindness. The color blue is a sign of intuition, connection, and peace. 

Brochantite is linked to the Heart Chakra, which is in the center of the chest. This chakra is in charge of love, kindness, and mental well-being. It can open up and balance the Heart Chakra, letting go of mental blocks and making it easier to feel calm and connected.

This Earth element represents stability, growth, and roots. Brochantite in the Southwest or Northeast improves connections, friendships, and self-development in feng shui. Venus promotes love and connection, which matches Brochantite’s heart-centeredness.

Quan-Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of Kindness, and Anubis, the Egyptian God of Change, are the Gods who rule Brochantite, offering empathy and heart-healing powers. Connecting with these Gods enhances the benefits of Brochantite.

The numerical vibration of Brochantite is 5, representing change, flexibility, and versatility. People are urged to try new things and explore. This frequency fits how Brochantite changes people, making them more flexible and open-hearted.

Brochantite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • One of Brochantite’s benefits is helping people get pregnant by balancing the body’s energy flow, especially in the reproductive system.
  • To make this impact stronger, put Brochantite on a windowsill during a full moon so that its energy can soak up the moon’s healing light.

Inner Healing

  • Helping people heal from the inside out by removing mental blocks and encouraging self-reflection is one of Brochantite’s healing properties.
  • Hold Brochantite in your non-dominant hand and take slow, deep breaths to get this advantage.

Enthusiasm and Energy

  • Brochantite gives you energy and excitement by reviving your spirit and making you more optimistic.
  • Put Brochantite under running water for a few minutes to clean its energy and bring out this quality.

Communication Skills

  • It helps with speech by opening the Throat Chakra and making it easier to say what you mean.
  • For this benefit, say affirmations that focus on good communication, like: “I express myself clearly and confidently.” This exercise can help you talk to people naturally.

Love and Relationships

  • Some of Brochantite’s properties are helping with love and relationships by aligning the Heart Chakra and balancing emotions.  
  • Put Brochantite in water under the sun for a few hours to make a crystal elixir. Sip it and think about loving yourself and having good relationships.

Brochantite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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  • This crystal helps you be more intuitive by linking the Heart and Third Eye Chakras. It helps you understand your inner knowledge better.
  • Brochantite can help you be more intuitive if you meditate with it by putting it on your Third Eye Chakra. It focuses on how energy flows between your heart and mind.


  • Brochantite’s metaphysical properties are cleaning the spirit by taking in bad energies and making it easier to let go of emotions.
  • To use its ability to clean, put Brochantite in a bowl of sea salt overnight. This will make a sacred space.


  • Brochantite helps spiritual development by bringing the chakras into balance and widening awareness.
  • Hold Brochantite in your hands and set the desire to connect with higher realms of awareness. This will start the awakening process.


  • Helping transformative trips by making it easier to let go of old habits and open up to new ones is one of Brochantite’s benefits.
  • Place Brochantite in direct moonlight to give it lunar energy and start a change process.


  • Brochantite helps you get more money by putting your energy in tune with the rhythms of money and success.
  • Make a wealth grid with Brochantite in the middle and Green Aventurine and Citrine crystals around it to bring in more money.

Side Effects of Brochantite

  • Miscommunications: Due to increased sensitivity, there may be miscommunications. To keep this from happening, speak slowly and make sure your words are clear.
  • Overexcitement: If you have a lot of energy, you might get overexcited. Use Brochantite with calming crystals, like Amethyst, to find balance or learn how to settle yourself.
  • Isolation: Thinking about yourself too much can make you feel lonely. Do social things, communicate with loved ones, and spend time alone to avoid this.

Brochantite Meaning: What Does Brochantite Symbolize?

a woman sitting on the grass doing meditation

Brochantite stands for “growth, renewal, and mental balance.”

The French mineralogist A. J. M. Brochant de Villiers was one of the first people to study the crystal, so he gave it its name. Brochantite was first found in France, in copper-rich deposits in the Chessy-les-Mines area.

Brochantite is also called “Brochantit” in German and “Brochantita” in Spanish.

Traditionally, Brochantite has been linked to mental healing and change. In current times, it shows how emotions, intuition, and growth are all connected.

This crystal goes well with stones that focus on the heart, like Rose Quartz, and stones that help you feel grounded, like Hematite. This mix helps bring mental healing and stability into balance.

An interesting fact: Ancient Egyptians thought that Brochantite could help and protect people on their way to the future. 

Throughout history, people have loved it for its bright green color and what they thought was its ability to improve mental and emotional health.

Types of Brochantite

  • Common Brochantite: Vibrant green hues assist in emotional healing and boost intuition.
  • Teal Brochantite: A fusion of green and blue enhances communication and balances emotions.
  • Green Brochantite: Lush green symbolizes growth and restores emotional harmony.
  • Olive-Green Brochantite: This earthy shade offers grounding during shifting times.
  • Dark Green Brochantite: A forest-like green essence aids inner growth and stability.
  • Gray Brochantite: Silvery-gray shades beckon a serene introspection, invoking the quiet of twilight.
  • Brochantite Needles: In hues of deep forest green, these long, slender formations sharpen mental clarity and aid communication.
  • Black Brochantite: Deep black grounds one’s spirit, banishing negativity and fostering transformation.
  • White Brochantite: Pure hues heighten spiritual connectivity and enhance meditation.
  • Red Brochantite: Fiery red ignites passion and amplifies energy levels.
  • Brown Brochantite: Earthy undertones promote mental healing and grounding.
  • Wagon Wheel Brochantite: Varied greens symbolize change, facilitating the release of old patterns.
  • Black and Green Brochantite: Swirling dark and fresh greens strike a balance between emotions and introspective power, reminiscent of a woodland canopy.
  • Druzy Brochantite: Glistening green sparkles foster intuition and herald renewal.
  • Satiny Brochantite: Smooth green hues champion emotional harmony and eloquent communication.
  • Blue-Green Brochantite: Blending shades of cerulean and emerald, these colors promote heart-centered dialogue and overall well-being.
  • Brochantite Tufts: Vibrant grassy green shade radiates collective strength and facilitates emotional growth.
  • Acicular Brochantite: Needle-like green formations foster clarity in communication and decisions.
  • Brochantite Sprays and Balls: Vibrant greens invigorate energy and spur transformative thoughts.
  • Brochantite-Malachite: Varied greens wrap the spirit in emotional healing and protective vibes.
  • Brochantite-Azurite: Green-blue synergy fosters a dance between intuition and emotional mending.
  • Brochantite-Heterogenite: The fusion of mossy green and deep black serves as a guide in the maze of personal growth complexities.
  • Brochantite-Hemimorphite: Blue-green amalgamation encourages emotional equilibrium and self-discovery.
  • Brochantite-Cyanotrichite: Bright hues serve as a beacon for emotional healing and inspired creativity.
  • Brochantite-Langite: Green-blue medley instills mental balance and inner tranquility.
  • Brochantite-Goethite: Brown-green hues intertwine to foster mental restoration and an earthly bond.
  • Brochantite-Chrysocolla: Serene shades steer emotions with authenticity and truth.
  • Brochantite-Aurichalcite: Coppery-green fusion balances emotions with a splash of personal power.
  • Brochantite-Powellite: Yellow-green duo shines a light on self-expression and emotional recovery.
  • Brochantite-Fluorite: Green meets purple, bridging heartfelt communication and spiritual realms.
  • Brochantite-Cuprite: Red-brown hues nurture the heart, dispelling fears and emotional barricades.
  • Brochantite-Covellite: Indigo meets green, broadening intuitive horizons and psychic connections.
  • Brochantite-Dioptase: Radiant green tones set the stage for heart conversations and healing past wounds.
  • Brochantite-Chalcocite: Green-black hues craft a balance between emotions and growth’s journey.
  • Brochantite-Bornite: Combining deep green with hints of iridescence, this stone invites a journey of self-discovery and emotional transparency.
  • Brochantite-Atacamite: Blue-green blend guides inner growth with a touch of heightened consciousness.
  • Brochantite-Shattuckite: Blue-green harmony fosters fluid communication and spiritual revelations.
  • Brochantite-Linarite: Harmonizing hues soothe the soul, fostering emotional wellness and self-tunement.
  • Brochantite with Spangolite: Blue-green alchemy amplifies intuitive prowess and emotional tranquility.
  • Brochantite on Dolomite: Green and white dance together, orchestrating a symphony between heart and mind.
  • Brochantite with Botallackite: Turquoise and green combine, channeling healing vibes and insightful clarity.

How To Cleanse Brochantite?

A full moon above the mountain

  • Moonlight: Leave Brochantite in the moonlight overnight to cleanse its energies. See the bad things disappear and say you want to start over.
  • Candle: Pass Brochantite through the light of a white candle as you think about cleansing and letting go of bad energy.
  • Selenite Wand: Selenite’s cleansing energy can be used to revive Brochantite’s vibrations by gently passing a wand over the crystal.

Questions and Answers

Is Brochantite Rare?

Yes, Brochantite is rare. It is usually only found in small amounts in certain copper-rich mineral sources.

How is Brochantite Formed?

Brochantite is made when water and oxygen react with copper minerals in copper ore layers. This is called oxidation.

Can Brochantites Get Wet?

Yes, but it’s best to keep the crystal out of water for long periods to keep it from changing its shape or look.

Are Brochantites Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Brochantites are usually safe in the sun, but their bright color may fade if they are out in the sun for a long time.

How to Identify Brochantite?

Brochantite is easy to identify because of its bright green color. It often forms needle-like crystals or crystals that cover copper-rich rocks.

How Do You Take Care of Brochantites?

Brochantites should be kept in soft bags so they don’t scratch each other. Use a soft brush and a light water solution to clean gently. Don’t use strong chemicals. Stay out of the direct heat.

Is Brochantite Expensive?

The price of Brochantite depends on how big, good, and rare it is. It can be inexpensive or more expensive for bigger, better-quality pieces.

What Stones Go Well with Brochantite?

Brochantite works well with Rose Quartz for mental healing, Amethyst for getting clear, and Hematite for getting grounded.

Interactions with Brochantite

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