Main Origins:
Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia, and Congo.

What is Bort?

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Bort is a crystal that tends to be less well-known, but its distinct characteristics make it unique. When you look at a piece of Bort, you’ll notice that it lacks the sparkle and shine we often associate with crystals. Instead, Bort typically appears opaque and has a dull, earthy color.

Its texture can be described as rough, almost like fine-grained sandpaper. The patterns on Bort are often irregular and lack the smooth lines and symmetry seen in other crystals.

This gem is primarily composed of carbon, just like graphite and Diamonds. 

This crystal is formed under immense pressure and heat deep within the Earth’s crust. Bort’s unique composition gives it the hardness to cut glass, but its visual appearance is far from the dazzling sparkle of a Diamond.

Its history is quite intriguing. It has been used for centuries in various ways. In ancient times, it was an abrasive material for cutting and polishing other stones and metals. Its rough texture made it ideal for these tasks. Over time, it found its place in industry, contributing to the creation of various tools and machinery.

For crystal enthusiasts and collectors, Bort holds a special place. They appreciate it for its uniqueness and the stark contrast it presents to more traditionally beautiful crystals. 

Industrial uses, like cutting and shaping gemstones, make Bort valuable to collectors.

Did you know: In the past, it was used as a secret ingredient in specific recipes for making glass, enhancing its sparkle. This little-known fact ties Bort to the world of art and craftsmanship, showing its versatility.

Bort Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Bort comes in a range of colors, but some of the most common are gray, black, and multicolor variations. Gray Bort is associated with grounding and stability, while Black Bort signifies protection and absorbing negative energies. Multicolor Bort embodies adaptability, reflecting its ability to take on various energies as needed.

It resonates with several chakras, making it a versatile crystal for energy alignment. It can help balance the Root Chakra, enhancing feelings of security, and the Sacral Chakra, boosting creativity. 

This crystal also influences the Solar Plexus, promoting self-confidence, and the Heart Chakra, fostering emotional healing. The Crown Chakra connects to higher consciousness, while the Throat and Third Eye Chakras aid communication and intuition, respectively.

The ruling element of Bort is Earth. This connects it with the energy of grounding, stability, and a deep connection to the Earth. In feng shui, placing Bort in the Center of your home promotes balance. When you position it in the East, it attracts good health and family harmony.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, governs Bort. This influence gives Bort a gentle and nurturing energy, emphasizing self-love and relationship harmony. It encourages you to appreciate the beauty in the world.

This gem is associated with Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, and Amaterasu, the Japanese Sun Goddess. Thor’s presence infuses Bort with protective qualities, shielding you from harm. Amaterasu’s energy brings warmth, creativity, and enlightenment, guiding you toward a brighter path in life.

It resonates with the numerical vibrations of 1 and 33. The number 1 signifies new beginnings and leadership, making Bort a crystal for initiating positive change. The powerful energy of 33, a master number, enhances your spiritual awareness, promoting healing and selflessness.

Bort Healing Properties & Benefits

 Mind Power and Memory

  • Bort’s benefits include boosted mind power and memory through its link to the Third Eye Chakra. The multicolor energy enhances mental clarity, while Venus, the ruling planet, adds a nurturing aspect.
  • Hold it during meditation to unlock your mental potential.


  • This gem bolsters immunity by supporting the Solar Plexus Chakra. The grounding gray color energy imparts strength, and the Earth element enhances physical well-being. 
  • Visualize it as a protective shield surrounding you, guarding against illness and negative energies.


  • The connection between Bort and the Root Chakra gives it a calming effect. Black and brown color energies add to its stabilizing properties. The Earth element’s influence keeps you firmly grounded. 
  • Place it under your pillow to promote peaceful sleep.


  • By focusing on the Sacral Chakra and its multicolored energy, Bort helps people become more resilient. The influence of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, adds a protective aspect.
  • Meditate with it and imagine yourself surrounded by its energy, like a shield.

Self-Love and Harmony

  • It promotes self-love and harmony through its connection to the Heart Chakra and the gentle influence of Venus. Its multicolor energy encourages adaptability, which is vital for maintaining inner peace. 
  • Wear it as a pendant, or keep it near your heart area.

Bort Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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Psychic Protection

  • Bort provides psychic protection by resonating with the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing intuitive abilities. Its multicolor energy promotes adaptability and openness. 
  • Carry it as an amulet or meditate to create a protective energy shield.


  • This gem amplifies by connecting with various chakras and color energies. It intensifies the qualities of other crystals, helping them work more effectively. 
  • Place it beside other crystals or your chosen spiritual tools.


  • It supports grounding by linking to the Root Chakra and the Earth element. It helps anchor you in the present moment. 
  • Carry it with you throughout the day, especially during hectic or stressful times. 


  • Encourages transformation by working with the Heart Chakra, fostering emotional growth and healing. Its ruling God, Amaterasu, adds an aspect of enlightenment.
  • Meditate with it and envision a metamorphosis within yourself, letting go of what no longer serves you.

Higher Consciousness

  • By harmonizing with the Crown Chakra and the ethereal energy of cosmic awareness, Bort brings you into a state of heightened awareness. This elevates your spiritual insights and understanding. 
  • Set an intention to receive divine guidance and insight, allowing it to expand your cosmic awareness.

Side Effects of Bort

  • Stubbornness: Bort may induce stubbornness in some individuals. To avoid this, maintain open-mindedness and practice flexibility in your thoughts and actions.
  • Clouded Judgment: This gem can lead to clouded judgment at times. Take a deep breath, think about the situation, and talk to someone you respect for guidance.
  • Isolation: Isolation tendencies may arise as a side effect of Bort. Avoid this by socializing, spending time with loved ones, and communicating your feelings.
  • Domineering Behavior: This might trigger absolute behavior in some cases. Practice active listening, empathy, and considering other people’s perspectives in decision-making and interactions to reduce this.

Bort Meaning: What does Bort symbolize?


Metaphorically, Bort symbolizeshidden potential” and the “strength that lies within simplicity.”

The main metaphysical benefit of Bort is its ability to enhance mental clarity and grounding, promoting balance and stability.

Bort goes by several alternative names, such as “Uncut Diamond” or “Industrial Diamond,” reflecting its use in various industries.

Traditionally, Bort was seen as a humble and practical crystal used in cutting and polishing. In the modern context, it represents a deeper understanding of hidden beauty and strength in simplicity.

Bort pairs well with Sapphire to amplify intentions and Granite to foster self-love and emotional healing. These combinations offer a balanced and nurturing energy.

Interesting Fact: Historically, it was considered a less valuable Diamond due to its lack of sparkle, but it played a crucial role in various industries. It showcases the hidden beauty and usefulness within. People mostly knew Bort for its industrial applications, often overlooking its potential for personal growth and transformation.

Types of Bort Crystals

  • Common Bort: Exhibits a neutral grayish color, and its versatility makes it valuable for everyday use. It grounds and stabilizes, improving mental clarity and emotional equilibrium.
  • Black Bort: Possesses a deep, dark color, symbolizing protection and grounding. Its use is often associated with shielding against negative energies and fostering a sense of security.
  • Gray Bort: This type is well-known for its earthy and stable appearance. It helps individuals find balance and resilience while navigating life’s challenges, promoting strength and steadfastness.
  • Yellow Bort: The optimistic and lively qualities of its sunny yellow color are noticeable. It’s frequently used to boost self-confidence, stimulate creativity, and enhance one’s self-worth.
  • Peach Bort: Showcases a gentle and soothing peach color. It is appreciated for promoting emotional healing and fostering a sense of harmony and calm.
  • Greenish Bort: Combines the grounding qualities of Bort with a touch of nature’s energy. It encourages adaptability and growth, helping individuals navigate change with ease.
  • Silver Bort: Shimmers with a unique, silvery hue, symbolizing adaptability and change. It’s often utilized to boost intuition, improve communication, and aid in transformation.
  • Orange Bort: This gem’s warm and vibrant color represents enthusiasm and joy. It increases vitality, stimulates creativity, and enhances one’s passion for life.
  • Ballas Bort: Characterized by its radial pattern and brown color, it carries an energizing and balancing effect, promoting harmony in one’s life and surroundings.
  • Stewartite Bort: Due to its deep dark gray color, it protects against bad energy and external influences.
  • Twin Bort: With its unique structure and colors like gray, brown, and Earthy tones, it signifies unity and companionship, making it a great gemstone for peaceful relationships.
  • Bort with Garnet: Bort, combined with Garnet, exhibits a dynamic energy with red and brown colors. This combo promotes courage, passion, and strength while supporting transformation and enhancing one’s vitality.
  • Bort with Peridotite: Showcasing a vibrant green color promotes growth, abundance, and prosperity in various aspects of life.
  • Framesite or South African Bort: Its brilliance and transparency aid decision-making by enhancing intuition and clarity of cognition.
  • Kimberlite and Bort: Their combination of gray and black provides grounding and transformational energy. It fosters inner growth and aids in connecting with one’s true self.
  • Bort and Diamond: Bort with Diamonds in colors like gray symbolizes ultimate strength and brilliance, strengthening inner and exterior attractiveness, intentions, and personal power.

How to Cleanse Bort?

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  • Sunlight: Place it in direct sunlight for a few hours. The Sun’s energy will clear its impurities and refresh its natural properties.
  • Fire: Purify Bort by passing it through flames, letting the Fire’s transformative energy cleanse and revitalize it.
  • Meditation: Meditate with Bort by holding it in your hands, focusing on your intentions, and visualizing negative energies dissolving, leaving the crystal pure and revitalized.

Questions and Answers

How is Bort Formed?

Bort is formed deep within the Earth’s mantle, subjected to extreme heat and pressure, just like Diamonds.

Is Bort a Type of Diamond?

Yes. Bort is an uncut and unpolished form of Diamond.

How Do You Take Care of Bort?

To care for Bort, store it in a soft pouch, wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it, and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals.

What Stones Go Well with Bort?

Stones like Sapphire and Granite complement Bort’s energy and can be used together for various intentions.

What is the Difference Between Bort and Carbonado (Black Diamond)?

Bort, a low-quality industrial Diamond, originates deep in the Earth under extreme pressure and temperature. Carbonado, also known as a “Black Diamond,” is a type of Diamond that is entirely black or dark gray in color. Its formation is still not entirely understood, but it is believed to have originated in outer space and arrived on Earth via meteorites.

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