Bony Amber

(boh-nee am-ber)
Main Origins:
Russia, Dominican Republic, Poland, Germany, Mexico, Estonia, and Latvia

What is Bony Amber?

bony amber on white sand

Bony Amber is an extraordinary gemstone, given its unique properties and historical contribution. It is known as a copal and has translucent and distinct physical characteristics. 

The color of this stone can vary from pale yellow to deep orange or red-brown. This resembles the hues of honey, and its texture is smooth and glossy, exhibiting intricate patterns of swirls and bubbles. 

The main elements in Bony Amber are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It also has insects, plant materials, and slight vertebrate inclusions. Historically, the Mayans and Aztecs have used this gem for practical and ornamental purposes.

Did you know that Bony Amber is associated with ancient myths and legends? One myth suggests that the tears of the Greek Goddesses form Amber. Another myth states that this gemstone comes from solidified sun tears falling into the sea. 

Bony Amber Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

The color energies associated with Bony Amber are warm hues of yellow and orange. Yellow exhibits clarity, creativity, and confidence, while orange signifies joy and emotional balance.

As for the chakras, Bony Amber resonates with many chakras, including the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Crown. The Root grounds you to Earth, the Sacral boosts creativity, the Solar Plexus boosts confidence, and the Crown enlightens. 

Bony Amber’s ruling element, Fire, is connected to the energies of transformation, vitality, and passion. Placing this gem in the South or Southwest of your space can foster a sense of warmth and enthusiasm in your environment. 

This mesmerizing gemstone is believed to be influenced by the powerful energy of the Sun. The gemstone world views Bony Amber as a positive energy center, like the Sun is to our solar system. This radiant gemstone is thought to bring warmth, vitality, and clarity to those who embrace it. 

Bragi, the Norse God of Poetry and Music, is the primary ruling God associated with Bony Amber. Their connection enables users to be creative and enhance their artistic abilities. Meanwhile, other ruling Gods, such as Apollo, Osiris, Helios, Amaterasu, and Gaia, offer Bony Amber benefits to inspire, rebirth, and enlighten. 

The numbers 3 and 6 resonate in Bony Ambers. The number 3 embodies qualities of creativity, communication, and joy. Signifying balance, harmony, and healing is the numerical vibration 6. 

Bony Amber Healing Properties & Benefits

 Invigoration and Energy

  • Did you know that Bony Amber has ancient life energy? That’s the source of vitality and energy for the wearer. 
  • Hold it as you close your eyes and imagine a surge of energy flowing, revitalizing you from within. 

 Stress Relief 

  • The gem’s calming energy helps manage and reduce stress. This stone is known to soothe your mind and emotions. 
  • When meditating, place your Bony Amber on your forehead and imagine it absorbing your stress.


  • This stone helps you empathize by tuning into the emotions and experiences of others on a deeper level. 
  • Regularly carry your Amber with you and set your intention to enhance your empathic abilities. 


  • One of the Bony Amber’s healing properties includes clearing mental fog through thought alignment. 
  • Gently rub the stone between your palms and focus on your desire for mental clarity. Allow the energy to sharpen your thoughts. 


  • Bony Amber benefits include enhanced memory through brain stimulation and recall of information. 
  • Keep a small piece on your desk as you study or work. Periodically touch it while imagining it, allowing the stone to sharpen and improve your memory. 

Bony Amber Spiritual Properties & Benefits

confident man shadow transform into a muscular person


  • As the gem absorbs negative energies, it stimulates inner growth and embraces transformation. 
  • Hold it as you close your eyes and imagine the change you want. Allow the gemstone’s energy to flow within you and let it guide you to achieve transformation. 

Ancient Wisdom 

  • The fossilized resin in the stone connects you to the knowledge of the past. Using Bony Amber enables you to understand the history and culture deeply.
  • Place your gemstone in the moonlight overnight. As you hold it, meditate on the secrets of the ages and historical insights.

Fortune Telling

  • Bony Amber has been used in fortune-telling and divination because it can elevate your psychic senses. 
  • Hold it to your Third Eye as you visualize your question. Focus on the stone’s energy and trust your intuitive insights to find answers. 


  • This gemstone leaves you feeling spiritually cleansed and refreshed as it purifies your energy field. 
  • Place your gem in a bowl of sea salt overnight. Hold it after cleansing rituals, imagine impurities being washed away, and rinse with cold water. 

 Auric Protection 

  • One of the Bony Amber’s spiritual properties includes promoting a sense of security and well-being. This is true, as this gemstone forms a protective shield around your aura. 
  • Carry it daily, and visualize a glowing light shield surrounding you.

Side Effects of Bony Amber

  • Stubbornness: Using this stone may cause inflexibility in taking opinions and making decisions. To avoid this, practice active listening and flexibility.
  • Restlessness: Bony Amber may lead to being uneasy or uncomfortable. Try deep breathing and meditation techniques to restore calmness.
  • Over-Nostalgic: Utilizing this gem may trigger excessive nostalgia. Focus on the present and maintain a happy perspective to avoid this from happening.

Bony Amber Meaning: What Does Bony Amber Symbolize?

wisdom close up from a dictionary

Bony Amber means “preserving memories, experiences, and the passage of time.”

This stone is a reminder of the past and links to ancient wisdom and knowledge. Bony Amber’s metaphysical properties give its users enhanced memory and mental clarity. 

There are various alternative names for it, such as Fossilized and Ancient Amber or Amberized Bone. These names often reflect their unique composition and remains. 

You can combine your Bony Amber with crystals like Adularia and Amberoid. The pairings can amplify Bony Amber’s clarity-enhancing properties, emotional healing, and self-love. 

Bony Amber is not a crystal but a composite mineral from Amber and fossilized remains. During ancient times, Bony Amber was renowned for having magical and protective qualities. This stone can capture the essence of the past with its golden depths.

Types of Bony Amber Crystals

  • Common Bony Amber: With its warm, honey-like hue, this gem brings luck and protection to its wearer. 
  • Baltic Bony Amber: Given its deep amber color, it is found along the Baltic Sea. It is linked to healing properties and ancient wisdom. 
  • Reddish Bony Amber: Exhibiting a reddish tint, this type is associated with passion and creativity. 
  • Orangish Bony Amber: A gemstone that radiates a cheerful orange coloration and glow. This variety enhances creativity and enthusiasm. 
  • Whitish Bony Amber: As the name suggests, this stone is pale and almost white. Its wearer can achieve a sense of purity and clarity of thought. 
  • Pale Yellow Bony Amber: The pale yellow tones on this mineral enhance the feeling of serenity and balance. Using this gem calms the mind and soothes your soul. 
  • Golden Bony Amber: Showing golden brilliance and hue, this stone is connected to prosperity and abundance. 
  • Brownish Bony Amber: This stone’s earthy, brownish hue evokes a sense of grounding and stability. You can wear this stone to aid in finding your inner strength. 
  • Dense Bony Amber: This type of stone often displays a rich, deep amber or honey-like hue. It is a popular gem to use for meditation and spiritual practices. 
  • Opalescent Bony Amber: With a mesmerizing play of colors, like Opals, this Amber variety amplifies and enhances spiritual growth. 
  • Blue Bony Amber: Often exhibits a tranquil blue hue, this type symbolizes serenity and communication. 
  • Green Bony Amber: Displaying a green hue, this gem’s tone enhances your connection to nature and healing. Using it promotes a sense of renewal and vitality. 
  • Rainbow Bony Amber: It has an iridescent hue resembling a rainbow. This stone, when used, brings you harmony and balance. 
  • Smoky Bony Amber: Dark and mysterious hues and tones often describe this stone. This gemstone is used for protection and grounding. 
  • Cherry Bony Amber: Resembling the color of dark red ripe cherries, this gem is thought to exude warmth and vitality. 
  • Lemon Bony Amber: This stone is associated with joy and positivity, exhibiting a vibrant lemon-yellow hue. 
  • Oceanic Bony Amber: Imagine this stone’s aquatic blue-green shades. A gem that connects you with the soothing energy of the sea, providing calmness and tranquility. 
  • Pink Bony Amber: A pink-colored stone linked to heart matters promotes love and compassion. 
  • Aurora Bony Amber: This gem often displays various colors resembling the Northern Lights. It is a stone that symbolizes transformation and enlightenment. 
  • Lavender Bony Amber: Displaying a delicate lavender hue that promotes relaxation and stress relief. 
  • Honeycomb Bony Amber: Typically warm, golden honey-colored stone representing unity and cooperation. 
  • Mystic Bony Amber: As the name suggests, the color of this stone often ranges from dark brown to black. This is a gem that unlocks hidden potential and intuitive abilities. 
  • Flame Bony Amber: Displays red, orange, and yellow shades. This variety embodies transformation and the power to overcome life’s struggles.
  • Guardian Bony Amber: Soothing hues of greens, blues, and purples can be seen in this type. It is known to protect its users from negative energies and harm.
  • Musician’s Bony Amber: Bold and stimulating colors of purple, blue, and deep red represent this stone. This is a gem of creative inspiration that ignites talents.

How to Cleanse Bony Amber?

sun beams shining through a tree

  • Sunlight: Place Bony Amber in sunlight for a day and allow it to refresh and charge its energies. 
  • Fire: Pass it through gentle flames as you allow it to clear its vibrations. 
  • Meditation: Meditate as you hold the stone in your hand, and imagine it removing negativity and absorbing positivity. 

Questions and Answers

How is Bony Amber Formed?

Bony Amber is formed from the fossilized resin of ancient trees. It is said that, over a million years ago, Bony Amber was created because resin hardens and preserves plant and insect inclusions. 

Is Bony Amber the Same as Baltic Amber?

No, they are not the same. Bony Amber is a type of Amber, while Baltic Amber comes from the Baltic Sea region. They differ in characteristics and origins. 

Can Bony Amber Get Wet?

Yes, Bony Amber can get wet. Yet, it is advised to avoid prolonged exposure to water, as this may affect its appearance and clarity. 

Are Bony Amber Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Bony Amber is safe in the sun. Exposure to sunlight can enhance its beauty by making it more translucent and vibrant. 

How Can You Tell if Bony Amber is Real?

You can check if your Bony Amber is genuine by conducting float, appearance, and smell tests. Real Amber floats in the salt water, while fake ones won’t. You should check for imperfections, insects, and plant inclusions. Also, natural Amber gives off a faint pine resin smell when heated. 

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