Blue Quartz

(bloo kwarts)
Main Origins:
Spain, Russia, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, India, DR Congo, Italy, Switzerland, Tanzania, Malawi, the United States, the UK, Sweden, Austria, Namibia, Madagascar, Venezuela, China, and France.

What is Blue Quartz?

polished blue quartz on dark background

Beautiful Blue Quartz is a rare gemstone. It exhibits a calming shade of blue that looks like the sky on a clear day. The hues of Blue Quartz range from pale to deep sky blue.

A chemical compound present in this gemstone is silicon dioxide. This Quartz often displays a smooth, polished, and elegant appearance.

Historically, Blue Quartz has been widely used and appreciated due to its appealing and calming properties. Blue Quartz’s benefits include soothing the mind, making it a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts.

Did you know that Blue Quartz was connected to water deities that brought good fortune to sailors? In Ancient Rome, sailors often utilized Blue Quartz amulets to ensure safe voyages. This historical connection has added to the crystal’s significance throughout the ages.

Blue Quartz Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Blue Quartz is a mesmerizing crystal known to resonate with the energies of blue and white. The blue represents communication and self-expression, while the white showcases purity and clarity.

The Throat Chakra is the primary chakra associated with Blue Quartz. This alignment empowers you to express yourself with confidence. This gem affects the Third Eye Chakra, which enables intuition, inner wisdom, and mental clarity.

In addition, the calming energy of the crystal extends to the Heart and Crown Chakras. Emotional stability and balance go to the Solar Plexus Chakra. Resonating with a sense of security is the Root Chakra, while the Sacral Chakra relates to creativity and relationships.

Regarding ruling elements, Blue Quartz has an affinity with Air and Water. This elemental property promotes the balancing of emotions. In feng shui, placing your crystal in the West or South areas enhances harmonious relationships and creativity.

As the ruling planet, Mercury boosts mental acuity, improving intellectual pursuits. Turning to the Verdict God, Athena amplifies the crystal’s power to encourage strategic thinking. 

Working with Blue Quartz can invoke Tara‘s qualities, such as compassion and healing. The ruling gods, Bragi and Saraswati, are connected with creativity, artistic expression, and knowledge. 

The vibrations of Blue Quartz are 4 and 8, which means stability, wealth, and change. 

Blue Quartz Healing Properties & Benefits

Communication Skills

  • Blue Quartz enhances communication skills and understanding by opening and balancing the Throat Chakra. 
  • Hold it in your dominant hand and focus your intention for improved communication. You may visualize a blue light surrounding you as you harness the benefit. 


  • This stone promotes a sense of calm, boosting your immunity and the body’s natural defenses.
  • Place the crystal above your chest and imagine it creating a protective shield around you. 


  • Stimulate Blue Quartz’s properties in creativity and problem-solving by activating the Third Eye Chakra. 
  • Meditate with your gemstone and place it on your forehead as you envision a flow of ideas through you. 

 Emotional Release 

  • This crystal aids emotional release as it soothes emotional concerns and processing.
  • Immerse it in a water bowl with essential oil and gently bathe your crystal. Allow yourself to visualize emotional struggles being washed away.

Inner Peace

  • One of the Blue Quartz’s benefits includes fostering your inner peace. This is evident as the crystal harmonizes and calms your energy.
  • Create a peaceful meditation space with candles and soft music to access inner peace. Place your crystal on your heart and let it calm your energy as you meditate.

Blue Quartz Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Woman doing intuition meditation hand gesturesCosmic Consciousness 

  • Blue Quartz facilitates a deep connection to the cosmos. This happens as your crystal enhances cosmic consciousness.
  • Hold the Quartz under the moonlight during a clear night to activate your crystal for cosmic connection. Then focus on the crystal absorption of celestial energies. 


  • This gem’s metaphysical properties include clearing mental clutter and stimulating intuition
  • Meditate with your crystal by placing it on your Third Eye Chakra. Envision your crystal as a bridge to your inner knowing. 

 Angelic Contact

  • A crystal that attracts angelic beings? Blue Quartz emits soothing, high-vibrational energy that encourages divine contact. 
  • Connect with the angels by holding it as you silently state your intention to communicate with the angels. Be sure to meditate in a quiet and peaceful space. 

Auric Shielding 

  • Blue Quartz is a protective shield as it buffers against negative energies. It ensures your aura remains solid and resilient.
  • Visualize a radiant blue light from the Blue Quartz and envelope your whole aura with a protective barrier. 


  • Attract wealth and enhance self-confidence as you use it. Using this crystal will lead to opportunities and financial growth. 
  • Place the crystal in a prosperous corner of your home or the Southeast area and visualize your financial goals while holding it.

Side Effects of Blue Quartz

  • Overthinking: This stone may result in excessive worrying and mental stress. To aid in this, relax through mindfulness meditation. 
  • Burnout: Prolonged exposure and usage of Blue Quartz can drain your energy and motivation. Take breaks and practice self-care to avoid this. 
  • Excessive Daydreaming: It can trigger excessive daydreaming that causes distractions. Stay focused by setting clear goals and timers for your tasks to avoid daydreaming tendencies. 

Blue Quartz Meaning: What Does Blue Quartz Symbolize?

A woman clasping her hands as a sign of her inner peace

Blue Quartz means tranquility, inner peace, and emotional balance. 

The Blue Quartz benefit primarily enhances communication and self-expression. This crystal acts as a gentle amplifier of energy, which fosters a sense of serenity and understanding. Traditionally, Blue Quartz has been associated with tranquility, a crystal that relieves stress. 

You can combine your Blue Quartz with Blue Apatite and Biggs Jasper. These pairings enhance the crystal’s calming properties and ability to purify energy. Optional functionality of your crystal can be achieved through these pairings. 

Blue Quartz was believed to have been used in decision-making by ancient civilizations. Utilizing this crystal helps leaders make explicit and informed choices. What does Blue Quartz symbolize? This gemstone serves as a symbol of wisdom and inner clarity. 

Types of Blue Quartz

  • Common Blue Quartz: This crystal features a serene azure hue that brings calm and clarity to its users’ minds. 
  • Pale Blue Quartz: Light blue, baby blue, and aqua are associated with this type. Its calming, clear tones are a charming complement to any scene.
  • Druzy Blue Quartz: This Quartz amplifies positive vibrations and spiritual growth by showing a deep blue hue on its surface. 
  • Dumortierite: It stimulates mental clarity by displaying deep blue tones with white streaks.
  • Siberian Quartz: By having an icy blue shade, it enhances intuition and psychic abilities. 
  • Angel Aura Quartz: This crystal’s colors range from pale blue and silver to violet and pink. It promotes a feeling of serenity and spiritual elevation. 
  • Star Blue Quartz: Typically showcases a dark blue color of the night sky. It inspires hope and a sense of wonder. 
  • Smoke Blue Quartz or Blue Moon Quartz: Its smoky blue appearance aligns with transformation and protection. Utilizing this crystal helps you release old habits and enhances inner strength. 
  • Elestial Blue Quartz: The blue hue present in this stone may vary from pale to deep blue. This type encourages personal transformation and emotional healing. 
  • Etched Blue Quartz: Often ranging from pale blue to deeper hues with intricate patterns. It symbolizes how you embrace life’s imperfections. 
  • Dipyramidal Blue Quartz: Generally, this crystal comes in the shade of pale to medium or deep blue. It is known to enhance your focus and mental clarity. 
  • Double Terminated Blue Quartz: It has crystal points at both ends that feature a blue color that ranges from pale to deeper shades. This crystal balances energy flow. 
  • Spotted Blue Quartz: A crystal that exhibits speckles of blue on a white background. This type of crystal promotes creativity and fresh ideas. 
  • Cubic Blue Quartz: Pale blue to medium or deep blue hue cubic shape is how you described this crystal. A gemstone of stability and harmony. 
  • Sceptered Blue Quartz: Scattered blue coloration ranging from pale to medium or deep blue hues are the features of this crystal. What does this Blue Quartz type symbolize? It is considered as a symbol of authority and empowerment. 
  • Stalagmites Blue Quartz: Resembling stalagmites in a cave with a coloration ranging from pale to deep blue. This Quartz fosters emotional balance and stability. 
  • Blue Quartz with Talc and Magnesite: This features white or grayish Talc Magnesite inclusion in your crystal. They are thought to enhance self-acceptance and self-love. 
  • Blue Quartz with Stibnite: Blue coloration with dark gray to blackish Stibnite inclusions create the gemstone contrast. Use this crystal to promote spiritual awareness. 
  • Blue Quartz with Aerinite: You described this stone using blue-green Aerinite inclusions. This is believed to amplify intuition and insights, enabling users to make informed decisions. 
  • Blue Quartz in Turgite: They have brownish-red streaks inclusions and are known to stabilize emotion. 
  • Blue Quartz on Baryte: Appears as Blue Quartz with white or creamy Baryte coloration. The gemstone pairing facilitates clear expression of thoughts and emotions. 
  • Blue Quartz in Triphylite: Exhibits a pinkish to purplish Triphylite inclusions. This crystal pairing stimulates personal growth. 
  • Blue Quartz with Tourmaline: Features Blue Quartz with Black Tourmaline hues that protect users from negativities. 
  • Blue Quartz with Blue Chalcedony: Often consists of light blue to pale blue Chalcedony, this crystal helps you resolve conflicts. 
  • Blue Quartz in Mica Schist: It has silver-gray Mica inclusions over your Blue Quartz. When used, this crystal helps you overcome life’s challenges. 
  • Blue Quartz with Microcline: With greenish Microline inclusions and coloration above your primary Blue Quartz crystal. This crystal combination encourages you to be creative. 
  • Blue Quartz with Pyrite: Golden crystal with a mixture of blue and metallic gold or brassy colors. A renowned crystal for financial manifestation and success.
  • Blue Quartz with Rutile: This crystal is generally golden-brown to reddish-brown. It is a valuable tool for spiritual growth and transformation.
  • Blue Quartz with Calcite: Features Blue Quartz with white or translucent Calcite inclusions. Promotes mental clarity and boosts decision-making skills.
  • Blue Quartz with Rhyolite: Combining these stones emphasizes brown, green, or reddish inclusions. A pairing that enhances emotional healing and balance.
  • Blue Quartz with Chrysocolla: They generally blend blue and green hues. It is known to promote emotional expression and past trauma healing.
  • Blue Quartz with Dolomite: This combination often results in blue, white, or pink colors. It is a gemstone of self-worth, self-love, and inner peace.
  • Blue Quartz with Riebeckite: Showcases a contrasting blue and black hue. This crystal enables you to express yourself clearly.
  • Blue Quartz with Magnesio-Riebeckite: It mixes blue and dark colors. This crystal is believed to promote mental clarity.

How to Cleanse Blue Quartz?

woman doing ritual using three lighted candles placed on the floor

  • Meditation: Hold it as you breathe deeply and imagine its energy cleansing your mind and spirit. 
  • Candle: Use a candle flame to gently pass your crystal in the smoke, having an intention for cleansing and renewal. 
  • Moonlight: Place it under moonlight overnight, let it absorb nature’s energy, and refresh the stone’s spiritual properties. 

Questions and Answers

Is Blue Quartz Natural?

Yes, it is a natural crystal that forms naturally in the Earth’s crust. 

Is Blue Quartz the Same as Dumortierite Quartz?

No, because they only have a similar blue color but possess distinct minerals. Blue Quartz contains rutile, while Dumortierite Quartz contains Dumortierite minerals. 

Can Blue Quartz Get Wet?

Yes, it can get wet. It is considered a durable mineral that won’t be affected by water. 

Is Blue Quartz Safe in the Sun?

Yes, this crystal is generally safe in the sun. Yet, avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is advisable to prevent crystal discoloration.

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